The Zarine & Yazdi Daruvala Charitable Trust Mumbai Billiards League 2016
Novices, Bawajis win thrillers
Rishabh Thakkar Rishabh Thakkar

PG ‘The Novices’ and DPCG ‘Bawajis’ registered thrilling wins in the opening week of the BSAM-organised Zarine& Yazdi Daruvala Charitable Trust Mumbai Billiards League.


The Novices scored a nail-biting three-point 708-705 win over NSCI ‘Hell’s Angels’ in their home tie to avenge the away loss in Group G. After one of the state’s top juniors Rayaan Razmi and his father Neville Razmi lost the opening two ties in that order, Novices were forced to rely on veteran Belli Aga who snatched an exciting 200-195 win over NSCI’s Abhishek Bajaj in the concluding 200-up tie.


In another thriller, hosts Dadar Parsee Colony Gymkhana ‘Bawajis’ beat Garware ‘Giniicians’ 730-726 for a four-point home win and followed it with a convincing 696-501 away win in Group C, while Mumbai Port Trust ‘Sport Kings’ prevailed over Central Railway Mechanical Institute ‘Star Blue’ 656-626 in a tight Group D home encounter before losing their away match.

Former state champion Rishabh Thakkar of Khar Gymkhana ‘Wizards of Hazards’ fired 92 for the week’s highest break, followed by V. Subramanian’s 87, Yasin Merchant’s 86 and IBSF World Championship pre-quarter-finalist Aditya Agrawal’s 70.

The league features 31 teams that represent clubs and gymkhanas in Mumbai. Following the home and away ties, the knock out will be held at the Dadar Parsee Colony Gymkhana with the championship round slated for April 29.


Results (1st Week):

Group A: MCF ‘Dark Knights’ bt PCL ‘Beach Boys’ 764-719; Beach Boys bt Dark Knights 665-507; Catholic Gym ‘The Challengers’ bt JVPG ‘Jugglers’ 708-568; The Challengers bt Jugglers 704-670.


B: Chembur Gym ‘Gladiators’ bt MIG ‘Feathers’ 570-408; Feathers bt Gladiators 610-557; Khar Gym ‘Wizards of Hazards’ bt ECC ‘Elfie’s Elves’ 434-249; Wizards of Hazards bt Elfie’s Elves 492-408.


C: Khar Gym ‘Pockets Rockets’ bt Chembur Gym ‘Titans’ 677-500; Pockets Rockets bt Titans 760-701; DPCG ‘Bawajis’ bt Garware ‘Giniicians’ 730-726; Bawajis bt Giniicians 696-510.


D: MBPT ‘Sport Kings’ bt CRMI ‘Star Blue’ 656-626; Star Blue bt Sport Kings 752-694; Khar Gym ‘Challengers’ bt Garware ‘Masters’ 749-692; Challengers bt Masters 728-589.


E: SPG ‘Gentlemen’ bt CRMI ‘Rising Stars’ 742-624; Gentlemen bt Rising Stars 762-697; CCI ‘Billiards Boys’ bt MbPT ‘Reynolds Racers’ 681-591; Billiards Boys bt Reynolds Racers 658-558.


F: Matunga Gym ‘Nirmal-Anand’ bt Garware ‘Snooker Champs’ 587-412; Nirmal-Anand bt Snooker Champs 641-469; Islam Gym ‘Billiards Warriors’ bt WCG ‘Willingdon Wizards’ 782-697; Billiards Warriors bt WCG Wizards 739-638.


G: NSCI ‘Hell’s Angels’ bt PG ‘The Novices’ 585-357; The Novices bt Hell’s Angels 708-705; MCF ‘Tough Men’ bt NIA ‘Crushers’ 636-469; Tough Men bt Crushers 612-501.


H: Matunga Gym ‘Spartans’ bt Park Club ‘Beach Boys Also’ 596-444; Spartans bt Beach Boys Also 626-508.