P.J.Hindu Gymkhana Invitation Billiards Tournament 2016
Sitwala starts with a bang, hits 4 century breaks 10-Jan-2016

Mumbai, January 10: The reigning Asian Billiards champion Dhruv Sitwala of P.J. Hindu Gymkhana was in cracking form creating four century breaks to outplay Raghav Agrawal also of Hindu Gymkhana in an opening Group ‘A’ league match of the P.J. Hindu Gymkhana Invitation Billiards Tournament 2016, which commenced at the Gymkhana’s billiards hall on Sunday.
The southpaw cueist Sitwala, compiled breaks of 167, 118, 113 and an unfinished 135 break and a 78 break to complete a comprehensive 728-89 victory to start on a morale boosting note.

Another strong contender, Arun Agrawal of Matunga Gymkhana, who will be representing Maharashtra in the forthcoming National Championship, also made a terrific start by taming the challenge from Rovin D’Souza of Hindu Gyamkhana in a Group ‘G’ league match. Arun Agrawal produced three useful breaks of 89, 66 and 60 to defeat Rovin D'Souza by a score of 581-251. D’Souza managed to score just one break of 50 in the match.

Meanwhile, veteran billiards player and former World billiards runner-up Subhash Agrawal of Hindu Gymkhana, turned back the clock and with the help of a 50 points break managed to beat Raajeev Sharma of Malabar Hill Club by a close 355-320 scoreline.


Results – Group ‘A’: Ronnie Daruwalla (PJHG) bt Raghav Agrawal (PJHG) 324-323; Subhash Agrawal (PJHG) bt Raajeev Sharma (MHC) 355(50)-320; Dhruv Sitwala (PJHG) bt Raghav Agrawal (PJHG) 728(167,118,113, 135*,78)-89;
Group ‘F’: Nikhil Ghadge (MG) bt Lalit Jham (PCL) 341(52)-224; Nikhil Ghadge (MG) bt Sandeep Teli (PJHG) 423-264.
Group ‘G’: Arun Agrawal (MG) bt Rovin D'Souza (PJHG) 581(89,66,60)-215(50); Hasan Badami (IG) bt Shekhar Surve (SPG) 347-199; Abhishek Doshi (PJHG) bt Shekhar Surve (SPG) 354-211.