P.J.Hindu Gymkhana Invitation Billiards Tournament 2016
Sitwala dazzles with double century run of 267 13-Jan-2016

Mumbai, January 13: Hindu Gymkhana’s ace billiards player Dhruv Sitwala displayed another dazzling performance by creating another double century break during an impressive 550-226 win against Raajeev Sharma also from the same gymkhana in the 90-minute round-robin Group ‘A’ league match of the Rs 2 lakh prize-money P.J. Hindu Gymkhana Invitation Billiards Tournament 2016, and played at the Hindu Gyamkhana billiards hall. The reigning Asian billiards champ Sitwala made a break of 276, which is so far the best in the tournament and had earlier made a break of 233. With three wins, he is now assured of a place in the knockout (pre-quarter-final) round.

Meanwhile, veteran and former World Billiards runner-up Subhash Agrawal also from Hindu Gymkhana scored a third win by defeating club mate Ronnie Daruwalla by a very narrow 359-324 scorline to also stay in the race to qualify for the knockout round. Agrawal and Sitwala meet in the final group match and the outcome of the tie will decide who finishes first and second.
Ashok Shandilya (Railways), a former World Billiards champ, put up some decent routine play to score back to back wins against talented opponents Raj Khandwala (CCI) and Mahesh Jagdale (ECC) in the four-player Group ‘D’ league. Shandilya had breaks of 95, 84,79, 63 and 55 as he defeated Khandwala 659-199 and then made century breaks of 188 and 140 in routing Jagdale  530-139 and is through to the next round.

Results –

Group ‘A’: Raajeev Sharma (MHC) bt Raghav Agrawal (PJHG) 364-243; Subhash Agrawal (PJHG) bt Ronnie Daruwalla (PJHG) 359(58,51)-324; Dhruv Sitwala (PJHG) bt Raajeev Sharma (PJHG) 550(276,62)-226(57).
Group ‘B’: Farhad Tengra (ECC) bt Kirit Raiyaani (PJHG) 484(62,44,42)-200; Siddharth Parikh (PJHG) bt Kirit Raiyaani (PJHG) 466-236.
Group ‘C’: Chandu Kansodaria (MCF) bt Anurag Bagri (ECC) 402(73,55)-292; Jaiveer Dhingra (PJHG) bt Amit Sapru (PCL) 585(172,72,70,69)-176; Jaiveer Dhingra (PJHG) bt Manav Panchal (MHC) 593(107,75,71,60,51)-200.
Group ‘D’: Ashok Shandilya (RLY) bt Raj Khandwala (CCI) 659 (95,84,79,63,55)-199; Ashok Shandilya (RLY) bt Mahesh Jagdale (ECC) 530( 188,140)-139.
Group ‘F’: Rohan Jambusaria (MCF) bt Nikhil Ghadge (MG) 336(56)-324; Hitesh Kotwani (PJHG) bt Lalit Jham (PCL) 459(81)-248; Lalit Jham (PCL) bt Sandeep Teli (PJHG) 344-328.
Group ‘G’: Hasan Badami (IG) bt Abhishek Joshi (PJHG) 332(56)- 299(97).
Group ‘H’: Vignesh Sanghvi (Pune) bt Chetan Hemadi (PJHG) 289-262; Aditya Agrawal (PJHG) bt Rishabh Kumar (BG) 460(54)-312(50).