MG 6-Red Open Snooker Tournament'2023
Vinay, Vishal on a roll, storm to easy victories 03-Mar-2023
Vinay, Vishal on a roll, storm to easy victories Vishal Gehani

Mumbai, March 3: Vinay Swaminathan’s steady approach and potting confidently overcame Milind Divekar 3-0 (43-20, 63-8 and 35-6) in a best-of-5-frame third round match of the Matunga Gymkhana organized Rs 1.8 lakh 6-Red Open Snooker Tournament, conducted under the auspices of BSAM, and played at the gymkhana’s billiards hall on Friday. The tournament is being supported by Pidilite Industries Ltd, Nagee Cues and Himatlal Doshi.

Swaninathan’s best effort was a 33 point run in comfortably winning the second frame.

Meanwhile in a third round contest between seasoned cueists, Vishal Gehani blanked Shekhar Surve posting a 3-0 (41-21, 29-2 and 38-37) victory.

Mahadev Bhogle hardly encountered any hurdles as he smoothly sailed past Nitesh Bhatia winning in three straight frames at 3-0 (42-19, 37-27 and 36-5) in another third round match. Earlier, Bhogle stayed cool and composed against Jignesh Thakkar and managed to carve out a hard-fought 3-2 (36-4, 1-34, 25-38, 37-23 and 30-19) win in his second round match. Thakkar had constructed breaks of 30 and 22 points in the second and third frames, but still finished on a losing note.

Results - Round-3: Vishal Gehani bt Shekhar Surve 3-0 (41-21, 29-2, 38-37); Manoj Kasare bt Uves Khakhu 3-0 (51-27, 31-22, 41-17); Vinay Swaminathan bt Milind Divekar 3-0 (43-20, 63(33)-8, 35-6); Mahadev Bhogle bt Nitesh Bhatia 3-0 (42-19, 37-27, 36-5); Zubin Vajifdar bt Hatim Indorewala 3-1 (29-7, 29-32, 47-4, 44-38); Rushabh Jain by Santosh Mane 3-0 (45(27)-5, 37-35, 34-12).

Round-2: Mahadev Bhogle bt Jignesh Thakkar 3-2 (36-4, 1-34(30), 25-38(22), 37-23, 30-19).