MG 6-Red Open Snooker Tournament'2023
Udhwani & Dedhia sail into round 3 21-Feb-2023
Udhwani & Dedhia sail into round 3 Amit Sapru

Mumbai, February 21: Kunal Udhwani was in prime form and potted confidently and sidelined Chintamani Jadhav racing to 3-0 (40-38, 28-26 and 33-12) victory in a second round best-of-5-frame match of the Matunga Gymkhana organized Rs 1.8 lakh 6-Red Open Snooker Tournament, conducted under the auspices of BSAM, and played at the gymkhana’s billiards hall on Sunday. The tournament is being supported by Pidilite Industries Ltd, Nagee Cues and Himatlal Doshi.

In another second round encounter, Alpesh Dedhia faced a stiff fight from Kersie Aga but managed to record a 3-1 (27-24, 25-17, 32-39 and 44-19) victory to advance to the third round.

In a first round encounter, Amit Sapru was in complete control and cruised to a straight frame victory against Sachin Merchande winning by a comfortable 3-0 (43-19, 31-04 and 33-17) frame score margin.

Meanwhile, Carl Serrao produced a remarkable late fight back as he came from behind to overcome Sanjay Gamre in five frames in their first round clash. Carl after winning the first frame, but Gamre managed to win the next two to wrest a 2-1 lead. But, Carl immediately lifted the level of his game and with clever tactical and safety play and without allowing his opponent to score a single, easily won the next two frames to clinch a 3-2 (34-14, 20-35, 2-31, 36-0 and 29-0) victory.

Results – Round-2: Kunal Udhwani bt Chintamani Jadhav 3-0 (40-38, 28-26, 33-12); Alpesh Dedhia bt Kersie Aga 3-1 (27-24, 25-17, 32-39, 44-19);

Round-1: Amit Sapru bt Sachin Merchande 3-0 (43-19, 31-04, 33-17); Zulfikar A. bt Pawan Tambe 3-0 (26-17, 56-28, 44-23); Percy Patel bt Ibrahim Shaikh 32-12, 48-28, 39-36); Carl Serrao bt Sanjay Gamre 3-2 (34-14, 20-35, 2-31, 36-0, 29-0);