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Khar Gymkhana Open Handicap Snooker Tournament 2018.

18-Aug-2018 to 02-Sep-2018

Venue :

Khar Gymkhana
13th Road , Khar , 400 052

Last Date of Entry
Entry Form
Entries Recieved
13 Aug 2018

Entry Fees

Rs :- 1000/-


18-Aug-2018 to 05-Sep-2018


Winner : 50000/-
Runner -Up: 25000/-
Semi-finalists (12500 x 2)  : 25000/-
Qtr finalists (8000 x 4) :  32000/- 
Pre Qtr Finalists (4500 x 8) : 36000/- 
Highest Break (5000 per category) : 15000/-

Players registration is mandatory for all participating in this event. 

Match Format & Rules

Rules and Regulations


The Tournament committee will review the handicaps after round 1 and then after round 3 wherever applicable.
The decision of the Tournament Committee will be final.


A player will have to hit the ball if he is snookered (this is mandatory).
If a player misses, it will be called a foul & miss and the player who has snookered him, can ask the ball to be replaced. However, there will be a maximum of 3 foul and misses i.e. after 2 re-spots, the third miss will be considered as a foul ‘only’; after which player will have the following options:
1) Play from where the handball has come to rest
2) Claim a free ball (if it is one)
3) Ask the opponent to play again

Rules for walk over:      
A person coming 5 mins late will loose one frame.      
A person coming 15 mins late will loose the match.      
The Khar Gymkhana Billiard room clock will be the official and final time keeper      

Format :
First 3 Rounds: Best of 5 frames
Quarter & Semi Finals :- Best of 7 Frames
Final  :- Best of 9 frames

Rules for Dress Code:      
All participants must wear a collared T shirt with Trousers / Normal Jeans (Not Torn) with socks and proper Shoes OR formal clothing for their matches i.e a formal shirt, formal trousers, socks and formal shoes. Any participant who does NOT adhere to the above dress code will NOT be permited to play their match.

Draws and Match Schedule:      
All the draws and the match schedules will be put up on the website www.bsam.in well in advance. The draws will also be put up at the Khar Gymkhana . All participants must check the website for their schedule match time and date well in advance. All participants must report for their match 15 minutes before their   scheduled time. No participant will be notified of their matches... they need to CHECK the same on the above website.Matches once scheduled will NOT be adjusted.      

Discipline and Decorum:      
All participants are requested to maintain decorum in the club premises. Any participant or their relative failing to do so will not be permitted to enter the club


Tournament Committee
Yasin Merchant
Rishabh Thakkar
Siddharth Parikh
Manav Panchal.

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