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Yuva Sena BSAM 9-Ball Pool Maharashtra Open 2022

18-May-2022 to 22-May-2022

Venue :

P.J. Hindu Gymkhana
Netaji Subhas Road,

Marine Drive,

Mumbai - 400 002



Due to unforeseen situation the BSAM YUVA SENA 9 ball pool Maharashtra open stands postponed

Last Date of Entry
Entry Form
Entries Recieved
14 May 2022

Entry Fees

• Entry fee Rs. 1000/- (Draw limited to 256 players)

• Entry will be accepted on first come first paid basis.

• Entry to be sent  via email only (bsamah@gmail.com).
• Entry fee to be paid by a cheque or a bank transfer (no cash deposit).
Bank transfer/ Account transfer as per following detail (pl attach copy of the bank payment slip & Player name)
Account Name : Billiards & Snooker Association of Maharashtra
Bank: Union Bank of  India.

Saving Account                                
Bank account no: 319502010026769
Bank IFSC Code No: UBIN0531952
E-mail:  bsamah@gmail.com
• In case of a bank transfer, kindly email us the bank receipt for easy reconciliation.

• Players can pay jointly; but the names & cheque/bank receipt details must be shared via email.
• Entry fee to be paid on or before 4pm on the 14th of May 2022 (last date).

* Entry Should be sent with Mobile No. & Aadhar Card

* This tournament is for Maharashtra State Players only.

For entries:

Entries can be submitted to PJ Hindu Gymkhana to Mr.Sachin Mali at BSAM.
Contact :
Mr. Sachin mali : 9773568058




 Winner - Rs. 50,000/-

Runner Up - Rs. 30,000/-
Semi Finalists - Rs.15,000/- each
Quarter Finalists - Rs. 7500/- each
Pre Quarter Finalists - Rs.4000/- each
Round of 32  - Rs. 1000/- each

Match Format & Rules

Rules for YUVA SENA 9-BALL Pool Maharashtra Open, 2022


Format :  Alternate Break
Round of 256 Race to 5
Round of 128 Race to 5
Round of 64 Race to 7
Round of 32 Race to 7
Pre-Quarters Race to 9
Quarters Race to 9
Semi Finals Race to 9
Final Race to 11


Break : The Player who wins the string toss, will choose whether he would break or the opponent would break. There shall be alternate break of subsequent racks. 


Legal Break : The Cueball can be placed anywhere behind the “D-Line” for breaking the rack.

a) On the break , at least 3 balls have to touch the cushion (this rule will be applicable up to  the Round of 32).
b) On the break , at least 3 balls need to come inside the “D-Line” OR 2 balls need to come inside the “D-Line” if 1 ball is potted OR 1 ball needs to come inside the “D-Line” if 2 ball are potted (this rule will be applicable from Round of 32 till the Final ).


Push Out : It is the second shot of the rack, immediately after the break. If the break is Legal and no ball has been potted, the next player may choose to play a “Push Out” shot wherein he can just leave the cue ball or touch any other ball. But, after having played the Push Out shot, the opponent has the option to play from where the cue ball has stopped or may tell the opponent to PLAY AGAIN. (before playing the Push Out shot, the playing the shot has to inform the referee or marker CLEARLY that he is playing the Push Out shot, or else, it will be a foul ).


Foul : Incase of a foul, the cue ball can be placed anywhere on the table which is also termed as “ Ball In Hand “
Incase the cue ball also gets into the pocket after potting the 9-Ball, then the 9-Ball will be placed on its spot and the player will have the option of “ Ball In Hand “ and has to pot the 9-Ball.

3 consecutive fouls will result in loss of the rack. After 2 consecutive fouls Referee or Marker will warn the player that after the 3rd foul the frame or rack will awarded to his opponent.

Incase of playing any shot or while giving snooker, atleast one ball should touch the cushion or else, it will be a foul “ Ball In Hand “ . This rule will not be applicable in case of a Push Out shots.


Dress code :  No chappals or sandals will be allowed. 3/4th pants also wont be allowed. Dress code should be smart casuals Socks and shoes mandatory.

Players are requested to be present 30 minutes before their scheduled time of the match as displayed on the draws/schedule.

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