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Khar Gymkhana Presents CR Realty Western India Billiards & Snooker Championship 2024


Venue :

Yasin Merchant Snooker Room,

Khar Gymkhana
13th Road , Khar , 400 052

Last Date of Entry
Entry Form
Entries Recieved
18 Jul 2024

Entry Fees

Rules for giving one's Entry:
Entry fee for Junior Snooker  : ₹1000
Entry fee for Senior Billiards: ₹1500. Entry Fee for Senior Snooker  ₹2000
Players to send an email to bsamah@gmail.com giving their entry (Name, mobile no. & State
Name) along with a snapshot of the entry fee paid online ( bank details are on the Bsam website) OR sending a letter directly to Mr Sachin Mali along with the entry fee applicable.

Account Name : Billiards & Snooker Association of Maharashtra
Bank: Union Bank of  India. Saving Account
Bank account no: 319502010026769
Bank IFSC Code No: UBIN0531952
E-mail:  bsamah@gmail.com

Player registration is mandatory and ONLY those players who have finished all the formalities of Player Registration will be included in the draw. ( Details of the steps to follow for Player Registration is explained on the Bsam Website)



-     Senior Snooker  (Total Prize Money 8,00,000/-)

₹ 2,00,000 - Winner
₹ 1,20,000 - Runner Up
₹ 1,20,000 -  Semi Final  (60,000/- x 2)
₹ 1,00,000 - Quarters Final  (25,000/- x 4)
₹ 1,00,000 - Pre Quarter Final (12,500/- x 8)
₹ 80,000 – Top 32 : (5000 x 16)
₹ 64,000 - Qualifier  (2000 x 32)
₹ 5,000 - Highest Break  ( + 75 in the Qualifier Round )
₹ 11,000 - Highest Break (+100 in the Main Draw)
₹ 9,000 - Special Prize for Highest Break + 140

-     Senior Billiards  (Total Prize Money 3,00,000/-)

₹ 1,00,000 - Winner
₹ 50,000 - Runner Up
₹ 50,000 -  Semi Final  (25,000/- x 2)
₹ 50,000 - Quarters Final  (12,500/- x 4)
₹ 40,000 - Pre Quarter Final (5000/- x 8)
₹ 10,000 - Highest Break  + 300
₹ 40,000 - Special Prize for Highest Break + 1000

-     Junior Snooker  (Total Prize Money 1,00,000/-)

₹ 40,000 - Winner
₹ 20,000 - Runner Up
₹ 20000 -  Semi Final  (10,000/- x 2)
₹ 20,000 - Quarters Final  (5,000/- x 4)
₹ 5,000 – Special Prize for Highest Break + 75

Match Format & Rules

Senior Snooker

- Qualifying : 29th July - 8th August 2024

- Main Draw : 9th August - 18th August  2 024

Senior Billiards

- 10th August - 17th August 2024

Junior Snooker

- 16th August - 18th August 2024 


A)  Format Senior Billiards:
Upto Quarters-  90 minutes knock out basis. Baulk line rule will be applicable.

Rules for walkover:
If a player is more than 15 minutes late for the match it will be considered as walk over.
The Khar Gymkhana billiard room clock is the official time keeper.

Dress Code:
Upto Round of 16:  formal full sleeve shirt, Trousers, ankle length socks and formal shoes. Round of 16 onwards: formal full sleeve shirt, Trousers, ankle length socks, formal shoes and waist coat.

B)   Format Senior Snooker:

1.    Qualifying rounds will be a best of 7 frames
2.   Foul n Miss
Unlimited Foul n Miss rule is applicable (Qualifying & Main Draw). This means that the foul n miss rule is applicable until the opponent is out of the game.
- Foul and miss is applicable in all ball tie situation.
2. Snookers
Four snookers or more on the colour balls is considered as frame over – in the Qualifying
3. Final Decision
The Marker/Referee decision is final & binding on all players.
4. Late Penalty
Arriving late for a match has the following implications:
15 minutes late is 1 frame down
30 minutes late is 2 frames down
45 minutes late is considered as a walkover
It is advised to report at the venue 30 minutes prior to the scheduled match.
5. Dress Code
Qualifying rounds:  formal full sleeve shirt, Trousers, ankle length socks and formal shoes. Main Draw onwards: formal full sleeve shirt, Trousers, ankle length socks, formal shoes and waist coat.
6. Practice Shots
Maximum 10 practice shots are allowed on the allocated table before the match.


C)  Format Junior Snooker:

Best of 3 Frames knock out draw till the semi finals
Semi finals Best Of 5 Frames
Finals best of 7 frames

•         A player will have to hit the ball if he is snookered (this is mandatory).
•         If a player misses, it will be called a foul & miss and the player who has snookered him,
can ask the ball to be replaced. However, there will be a maximum of 3 foul and misses i.e. after
2 re-spots, the third miss will be considered as a foul ‘only’; after which player will have the
following options:
1.      Play from where the handball has come to rest
2.      Claim a free ball (if it is one)
3.      Ask the opponent to play again
4.      In case, while attempting to break a snooker and a free ball position comes into existence, there will still be a total of ONLY 3 fouls & a misses i.e. ONLY 2 re-spots. If the third shot to break the snooker fails then it will only be considered a foul. Unless, the player who has given the snooker gets a free ball, pots another ball & then gives a fresh snooker; will be entitled to a new set of foul & miss.
•         Please note that everyone must make a genuine attempt at removing snookers. After 2
attempts at removing snooker a player just cannot play the handball in any direction, which is obvious that he has not made an attempt to remove the snooker. In such a case, he will be penalized with a foul (due points will be given to the opponent) & can be asked to play the shot again (re spotting).
.          From the main draw there will be unlimited foul n miss.

Dress code:
Upto Round of 16:  formal full sleeve shirt, Trousers, ankle length socks and formal shoes. Round of 16 onwards: formal full sleeve shirt, Trousers, ankle length socks, formal shoes and waist coat.


Common rules during the entire tournament

1)   No tea or cigarette breaks are allowed in between the frames of a said match.
2)   No player can play his or her match under the influence of any intoxication. Chewing of tobacco is strictly prohibited in the arena and especially while playing the matches.
3)   The Arena is a silent zone; mobiles must be on silent mode at all times and talking on the mobile inside the arena is not allowed.
4)   The Khar Gymkhana Clock will be the official Time Keeper.
5)   In the interest of the tournament, the Tournament Committee reserves the right to change the match timings, schedule & the draw.


Tournament Committee

Siddharth Parikh

Abhishek Bajaj

Vishal Gehani

Manav Panchal

Janak Masand (KG)

Sparsh Pherwani (KG)