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Criteria Set for State Selection Legs


Criteria Set for State Selection Legs:
The players who participated as Direct Entry in the National Championships 2019 but have failed to qualify as Direct entry for the National Championships 2020 will be accommodated in the main draw of the State Selection Legs 2019 which will decide the players who will represent the State in the National Championships going forward.However if the player decides to only play the State Selection Leg 2 directly then he will have to play the Qualifying rounds and will not be included in the Main Draw Of Selection Leg 2.

In addition the BSAM MC also agreed that the State Selection Legs In 2020 will only have the TOP 16 ranked players put into the main draw ( based upon ranking points earned in state selection leg 1 and leg 2 of the previous year that is 2019) plus any Direct Entry players who have failed to qualify for the subsequent Nationals as a Direct Entry