Maharashtra State Sub Junior,Junior,Ladies, Senior Snooker & Billiards selection leg 1 Championship 2019
Rayaan, Shahyan clinch number 1 & 2 rankings 10-Sep-2019
Rayaan Razmi (right) and Shahyan Razmi Rayaan Razmi (right) and Shahyan Razmi

Mumbai, September 10: The Razmi brothers, Rayaan and Shahyan, both of Radio Club finished as Maharashtra’s number one and number two junior ranked snooker players. The 17-year-old Rayaan, defended his title and retained the top position, as he produced some impressive performances to win all his three matches in the junior snooker semi-final round-robin league of the BSAM organized Maharashtra State Junior Snooker and Senior Snooker & Billiards Selection (leg 1) Championship – 2019, and played at the P.J. Hindu Gymkhana billiards room.
The 14-year-old Shahyan and Khar Gymkhana cueists Sparsh Pherwani and Sumehr Mago completed the league with one win and two defeats. However, Shahyan, with a better frame win/loss frame difference of minus one (frame won 6, frame lost 7) as compared to Sprash’s minus two (FW 5, FL 9) claimed the second position. Sumehr with a frame difference of minus three finished as the number four ranked player.
Rayaan, who was steady and consistent started with a close win against younger brother Shahyan by a 3-2 (15-62, 38-68, 66-18, 69-36 and 62-22) margin and then sidelined Sparsh 3-1 (90-01, 02-83, 66-33 and 81-36) for his second win. Rayaan maintained the winning momentum and signed off in style by constructing a break of 57 in the third frame to put it across Sumehr 3-0 (63-06, 59-28 and 69-42).
Shahyan’s lone success came when he recovered from the loss of the opening frame to get the better of Sumehr 3-1 (26-66, 70-25, 79-22 and 53-18) to clinch a decisive win. In the concluding match Shahyan lost 1-3 to Sparsh, who after two defeats, finally finished with a win. Sparsh had earlier lost 1-3 to club mate Sumehr in the first match.
Results – Semi-final round-robin league: Rayaan Razmi (Radio Club) beat Shahyan Razmi (Radio Club) 3-2 (15-62, 38-68, 66(48)-18, 69-36, 62-22);
Sumehr Mago (Khar Gymkhana) beat Sparsh Pherwani (Khar Gymkhana) 3-1 (65-03, 68-23, 00-78, 74-28);
Shahyan Razmi beat Sumehr Mago 3-1 (26-66, 70-25, 79-22, 53-18);
Rayaan Razmi beat Sparsh Pherwani 3-1 (90-01, 02-83(52), 66-33, 81-36);
Rayaan Razmi beat Sumehr Mago 3-0 (63-06, 59-28, 69(57)-42).
Sparsh Pherwani beat Shahyan Razmi 3-1 (60-71, 83-37, 68-10, 58-14).