On Going


15-Jul-2017 to 20-Aug-2017

Venue :

PYC Hindu Gymkhanna,

766 Shivajinagar,

Bhandarkar Road,

Pune 411004.



15th - 16th July 2017
16th - 25th July 2017

Last Date of Entry
Entry Form
Entries Recieved
06 Jul 2017

Entry Fees

  • Rs.1,000/-


Winner   :  Rs. 30,000/-

Runner   :  Rs.  15,000/-

S. finalist each :  Rs.  7,500/-
Q. finalist each  : Rs.  3,500/-
Highest break :  Rs. 5,000/-


Match Format & Rules



1. The tournament will commence on 15th July 2017 and will be conducted in the BILIARDS ROOM of PYC Hindu Gymkhanna, 766 Shivajinagar, Bhandarkar Road, Pune 411004. However in order to complete the tournament in schedule time, some of the matches  will be conducted at other venues also, which will be duely notified.


2. Prize Money :

Winner   :        Rs. 30,000/-

Runner   :         Rs.  15,000/-

S. finalist each :        Rs.  7,500/-
Q. finalist each  :         Rs.  3,500/-
Highest break :  Rs. 5,000/-

Prize Money will be subject to TDS deduction and hence the PAN Numbers of the winning players will be essentially be required.

Prize money will be subject to TDS deduction at 30% for all Prize above Rs. 10000/-


3. The Format of the Tournament: All the matches will be played Best of 5 frames (Race to THREE FRAMES) upto finals, and final will be best of 7 frames. For all games there will be 2 calls of miss and 3rd  call of foul.


4. Dress Code: Only formal trousers will be allowed. Participants wearing any kind of jeans, Sports shoes, Chappals, Floaters, will not be allowed to play their match. Collared T-Shirts will be allowed. Dress code will be adhered to from the first match itself. There will be no concession even for the first match.


5. Entries must be accompanied by the Entry Fee. Entry fee is Rs.1,000/- Last date for Entry 6th july 2017. Late fee of Rs.500  for entrants entering after the scheduled cut off date will be charged. The Draw is restricted to 128. In case of excess entries , a qualifying round will be played by the players decided by the committee. The players who will not qualify will be paying Rs.500 only. The qualifying round will be of best of 3 frames. The schedule for qualifying round will be duly notified.
The tournament committee reserves the right to refuse any entry without assigning any reasons whatsoever.


6. The schedule of matches shall be strictly adhered to. Matches once arranged shall not be advanced or postponed without the consent of the Tournament Committee.


7.  In the event of participant failing to turn up on the scheduled start time but within 10 minutes will have to concede ONE frame, reporting between 10 to 20 minutes will have to concede TWO frames to the opponent and failing to report within 20 minutes of the scheduled start time of the match he/she shall be deemed to have given a walkover to opponent. In the event of both participants failing to turn up for their match, the match will be considered abandoned and cancelled without further rescheduling.


8. Matches will be scheduled from 10.00 hrs to 22.00 hrs.


9. The decision of the referee or in his absence by the marker will be final and binding on all teams.


10. Smoking, consumption of alcohol and bringing of eatables will not be permitted inside the Snooker Room. Mobile phones should be switched off before entering the billiard hall.


11. The tournament committee reserves the right to change or modifiy any of the rules during the course of the tournament.


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Tournament  committee:


Arun Barve         :      9822022498 

Salil deshpande       :  9822064230        

 Ashok Shetty       ;      8308268856

Vishal Malhotra       :  9822059235

Nimish Kulkarni :      9822121300 

Rajwardhan joshi    ;  9766108889

Yogesh Lohiya :          9822356330