The Malabar Hill Maharashtra State Selection Tournament 2014-15
Organised by BSAM
27 October 2014

  • Venue

    Malabar Hill Club

    B.G.Kher Marg
    Malabar Hill , Mumbai - 400 006
    Phone - 23631636

  • Entry Fees

    Senior - Rs. 500/- Per Event

    Junior - Rs. 400/- Per Event

    Sub- Junior  - Rs. 250/- Per Event

    Women  :- Senior : Rs. 350/- Per Event

  • Description



     2014 - 15


      MSST 2014-15 WINNERS


    Highest Break


    Vishal Madan (CG) :: 124 (F) 103(SF) (Senior Billiards)


    MSST 2014-15


    Entries Received


    SUB JUNIOR BILLIARDS 27th - 28th October 2014 DRAW RESULT
    SUB JUNIOR SNOOKER 29th - 31st October 2014 DRAW RESULT
    JUNIOR BILLIARDS 27th - 29th October 2014 DRAW RESULT
    JUNIOR SNOOKER 31st october - 3rd November 2014 DRAW


    SENIOR BILLIARDS 3rd November - 8th November 2014 DRAW / MAIN / KNOCK-OUT RESULT 
    SENIOR SNOOKER 10th November 2014 - 19th November 2014 DRAW / MAIN  / KNOCK-OUT RESULT



    Malabar Hill Club Maharashtra State Selection

    Billiards & Snooker Tournament 2014

    Orgainsed by Billiards & Snooker Association of Maharashtra

    Hosted By Malabar Hill Club


    Panchal, Kulkarni



     Former India junior No. 2 Manav Panchal and Nimish Kulkarni of PYC, Pune emerged Maharashtra’s senior and junior snooker champions, respectively, in the Malabar Hill Club Maharashtra State Selection Billiards & Snooker Tournament. Kulkarni registered back-to-back 3-0 wins over city mate Suraj Rathi of Raasta Peth and Dhairya Bhandari of Juhu Vile Parle Gymkhana to emege Maharashtra No. 1, while Bhandari finished second. Earlier, Rathi rallied from 0-2 to beat Ali Asghar of Islam Gymkhana in a 3-2 thriller to finish third.  Panchal, also a former state junior champion, rallied from a 1-3 deficit to overcome Hasan Badami of CCI, who retained his runner-up spot. After winning the opening frame in the riveting best-of-seven championship round, Panchal, of the host club, initiated a brilliant recovery in the fifth frame with a timely break of 45 to change the script. He went on to win the next with another significant break of 38 that helped him draw level and force the decider. Panchal was well in control when he enjoyed a 22 point lead in the final frame until he squandered the advantage with a rash shot that led to a comedy of errors. As both cueists were under pressure in an intense battle for supremacy in a tight finish, Badami endured an unfortunate blue in-off before Panchal got a fluke pink to snatch the frame and match in a tantalizing reversal of fortunes.  “Hasan played well and put me under pressure especially in the second frame which I had in my grasp. But he took it away with a great clearance,” explained Panchal. “The pressures of playing the semi-finals in the morning as well as organizing the (three-week long) tournament almost took its toll.”    Earlier, Panchal and Badami recorded comfortable wins in the semi-finals. Panchal made the most of home conditions to score a 4-0 win over Mukund Bharadia of Kandivli that included a break of 51 in the third frame, while Maharashtra No. 2 Badami halted Anand Raghuvanshi of Pune with a 4-2 win after leading 3-1.  In the quarter-finals, Raghuvanshi edged past Gaurav Jaisinghani of Vashi with an exciting 4-3 win after trailing 0-2, moving up 3-2 after winning the fifth frame on the black and snatching a close decider.

    Results: Junior Snooker: Nimish Kulkarni (PYC, Pune) bt Dhairya Bhandari (JVPG) 59-14, 68-42, 59-16; Suraj Rathi bt Ali Asghar (Islam Gym) 17-52, 30-53, 49-46, 63-18, 57-44; Nimish Kulkarni (PYC, Pune) bt Suraj Rathi (Pune) 60-17, 87-1, 44-30. 

    Senior Snooker: Final: Manav Panchal bt Hasan Badami 64-29, 36-68, 53-61, 6-94, 66(45)-25, 53-24, 47-32. 

    Semi-finals: Manav Panchal (Malabar Hill Club) bt Mukund Bharadia (KVSC) 62-46, 56-35, 82(51)-0, 53-21; Hasan Badami (CCI) bt Anand Raghuvanshi (Pune) 73-14, 48-59, 55-42, 64-57, 17-50, 59-10. Quarter-finals: Anand Raghuvanshi (Pune) bt Gaurav Jaisinghani (Vashi) 40-72, 37-61, 61-14, 71-35, 54-53, 43-62, 68-59.

    Panchal, Bharadia in semis

    Badami survives scare

     Former India junior No. 2 Manav Panchal and little known Mukund Bharadia registered contrasting wins to advance to the senior snooker semi-finals, in the Malabar Hill Club Maharashtra State Selection Billiards & Snooker Tournament on Tuesday. Panchal, also a former junior state champion, made the most of home conditions to score back-to-back wins while halting Nishant Dossa of CCI with a 3-0 win in the pre-quarter-finals and easing past Nimish Kulkarni of PYC, Pune 4-0 in the quarter-finals.  Kandivli lad Bharadia, who eased into the last eight with fluent wins, for the first time in the competition, endured a strong challenge from the formidable Kunal Rokade of Thane who frittered away a 3-0 advantage in the best-of-seven frames quarter-finals.  Rokade was just a frame away from advancing to the last four when Bharadia changed the script with a spectacular recovery to win four frames in a row, in a dramatic reversal of fortunes.  Last year’s runner-up Hasan Badami survived a scare against little known Mayank Bhavsar who also squandered a 3-1 advantage.  Earlier, in the pre-quarter-finals, Nimish Kulkarni shocked V. ‘Raja’ Subramanian of Matunga Gymkhana, while Gaurav Jaisinghani rallied from 0-2 to upset Kartikeye Sharma in another 3-2 thriller.  

    Results: Senior Snooker: Quarter-finals: Manav Panchal (Malabar Hill Club) bt Nimish Kulkarni (PYC, Pune) 70-2, 60-27, 57-13, 59-32; Mukund Bharadia (KVSC) bt Kunal Rokade (Thane) 35-55, 25-59, 25-54, 53-19, 58-34, 71-42, 74-39; Hasan Badami (CCI) bt Mayank Bhavsar 62-38, 52-69, 36-48, 7-56, 69-0, 58-33, 64-33.

    Pre-quarter-finals: Anand Raghuvanshi (Pune) bt Manoj Gadgil (Pune) 100(54)-19, 59-24, 62-11; Kunal Rokade (Thane) bt Rohan Sahani (Khar Gym) 12-73, 75-45, 62-20, 50(41)-41; Mayank Bhavsar bt Taaha Khan (Pune) 37-57, 48-12, 58-55, 51-61, 59-47; Gaurav Jaisinghani (Vashi) bt Kartikeye Sharma (Vashi) 51-59, 25-58, 50-38, 53-44, 71-33; Mukund Bharadia bt Deepak Khubchandani (Khar Gym) 75-22, 73-21, 50-41; Nimish Kulkarni (PYC, Pune) bt V. Subramanian (Matunga Gym) 64-49, 60-15, 7-80, 55-18; Manav Panchal bt Nishant Dossa (CCI) 90-43, 53-25, 58-36; Hasan Badami (CCI) bt Ajinkya Yelve (Radio Cub) 52-33, 51-25, 71-31. 

    Dossa wins decider to qualify

    Abdur Rehman crashes out

     Nishant Dossa of CCI snatched a thrilling 3-2 win to storm into the senior snooker pre-quarter-finals, in the Malabar Hill Club Maharashtra State Selection Billiards & Snooker Tournament on Monday. Dossa, who led 2-0, lived dangerously as he faced a late challenge from a gallant Abhijeet Ranade of Pune before surging to a 61-51, 53-34, 17-63, 11-63, 61-11 win to qualify for the knock out from Group G along with topper Mayank Bhavsar.  Pune’s Nimish Kulkarni of PYC, who lost his opener, recorded a crucial win over Sanjiv Bijlani of Park Club to sneak in from Group B along with Kunal Rokade of Thane.  The significant loser was formidable Abdur Rehman of Islam Gymkhana who crashed in back-to-back defeats to Group E topper Gaurav Jaisinghani of Vashi and Taaha Khan of Pune, who both qualified.  Meanwhile, last year’s runner-up Hasan Badami of CCI and Pune’s Manoj Gadgil also entered the last 16.  

    Results: Senior Snooker: Group A: Hasan Badami bt Kiran Chheda 70(46)-0, 86(44)-5, 69-3; V. Subramanian bt Jigar Shah 56-34, 63-21, 71-50.

    Group B: Nimish Kulkarni bt Kunal Rokade 60-22, 18-65, 48-30, 71-10; Sanjiv Bijlani bt Neel Vithalani 4-42, 12-61, 56-3, 57-26, 66-50.

    Group C: Mukund Bharadia bt Manoj Gadgil 66-53, 13-52, 68-15, 20-56, 53-4.

    Group D: Manav Panchal bt Ajinkya Yelve 61-37, 79-49, 56-22; Ashwin Deshmukh bt Karan Thopte 57-24, 52-33, 9-64, 47-37.

    Group E: Gaurav Jaisinghani bt Abdur Rehman 41-61, 54-25, 57-21, 68-30; Taaha Khan bt Abdur Rehman 59-25, 10-54, 65-58, 71(52)-30.

    Group F: Anand Raghuvanshi bt Kartikeye Sharma 72-10, 54-31, 17-73, 62-60; Ibrahim Sheikh bt Vishal Gehani 62-73, 51-42, 59-8, 50-22; Anand Raghuvanshi bt Ibrahim Sheikh 48-31, 42-23, 36-52, 56-23.

    Group G: Nishant Dossa bt Chandu Kansodaria 66-30, 11-67, 58-37, 68-27; Mayank Bhavsar bt Chandu Kansodaria 70-34, 54-15, 64-72, 34-53, 74-7; Nishant Dossa bt Abhijeet Ranade 61-51, 53-34, 17-63, 11-63, 61-11.

    Group H: Rohan Sahani bt Deepak Khubchandani 69-16, 69-13, 51-84, 43-65, 74-70.

    Khubchandani snatches decider

    Pune’s Manoj Gadgil on a roll

     Deepak Khubchandani of Khar Gymkhana rallied from a 1-2 deficit to win a nail-biting decider, in the senior snooker elite main draw, in the Malabar Hill Club Maharashtra State Selection Billiards & Snooker Tournament on Sunday. Khubchandani, who won his opening Group H tie without much ado, faced a strong challenge from Pune’s Samar Khandelwal before snatching an exciting 59-67, 88-64, 48-62, 62-10, 65-52 win. Khubchandani dropped the opening frame on the black before forcing the decider and winning in a tight finish.  Khandelwal crashed to his second straight defeat in the group after losing his first match to Rohan Sahani who also has won two ties.  Qualifier Manoj Gadgil of Pune continued his winning streak with another thrilling win over Raajeev Sharma of the host club. Gadgil trailed 1-2 before initiating a late effort to win his Group C match 3-2.   Radio Club marker Ajinkya Yelve and Manav Panchal of Malabar Hill Club also registered two straight wins to enhance their hopes of qualifying for the knock out pre-quarter-finals from Group D.

    Results: Senior Snooker: Group A: V. Subramanian bt Kiran Chheda 53-24, 78-47, 62-47; Hasan Badami bt Jigar Shah 78-58, 79-40, 54-21. 

    Group B: Kunal Rokade bt Neel Vithalani 55-35, 72-27, 56-5; Nimish Kulkarni bt Sanjiv Bijlani 58-47, 74-53, 66-41. 

    Group C: Manoj Gadgil bt Raajeev Sharma 49-30, 38-60, 46-51, 75-55, 63-24; Mukund Bharadia bt Arun Kumar 64-40, 62-46, 59-27. 

    Group D: Ajinkya Yelve bt Karan Thopte 59-26, 53-10, 66-58; Manav Panchal bt Ashwin Deshmukh 72-31, 74-17, 43-53, 71-36; Manav Panchal bt Karan Thopte 51-18, 62-3, 66-11; Ajinkya Yelve bt Ashwin Deshmukh 53-33, 52-27, 34-61, 64-27.

    Group E: Taaha Khan bt Aakash Ramteke 59-1, 64-52, 23-71, 70-31.

    Group F: Kartikeye bt Ibrahim Sheikh 71-51, 75-71, 92-50.

    Group G: Mayank Bhavsar bt Abhijeet Ranade 76-56, 64-30, 31-62, 45-37. 

    Group H: Rohan Sahani bt Samar Khandelwal 75-47, 2-76, 73-46, 49-7; Deepak Khubchandani bt Rohit Sardeshmukh 55-15, 38-58, 52-18, 52-10; Rohan Sahani bt Rohit Sardeshmukh 59-25, 57-26, 58-20; Deepak Khubchandani bt Samar Khandelwal 59-67, 88-64, 48-62, 62-10, 65-52.

    Badami survives Raja scare

    Rokade wins decider

     Last year’s runner-up Hasan Badami of CCI survived an early scare before snatching a hard-fought win, in the senior snooker elite main draw, in the Malabar Hill Club Maharashtra State Selection Billiards & Snooker Tournament on Saturday. Badami rallied from a 1-2 deficit, after winning the opening frame, to overcome formidable V. ‘Raja’ Subramanian of Matunga Gymkhana who lost his way in the fourth frame and the decider, in the best-of-five Group A contest. In another match that went the distance, Kunal Rokade of Thane also rallied from 1-2 to beat Sanjiv Bijlani of Park Club. Rokade initiated a late burst to win the fourth frame and the decider in the Group B encounter. Qualifier Manoj Gadgil, Anand Raghuvanshi and Abhijeet Ranade of Pune won their opening group ties, while Abdur Rehman of Islam Gymkhana was a significant winner in Group E. 

    Results: Senior Snooker: Group A: Kiran Chheda bt Jigar Shah 62-34, 67-35, 56-15; Hasan Badami bt V. Subramanian 62-28, 37-53, 43-80, 51-10, 56-30.

    Group B: Neel Vithalani bt Nimish Kulkarni 68-29, 60-50, 55-39; Kunal Rokade bt Sanjiv Bijlani 34-65, 54-14, 42-55, 50-7, 55-22.

    Group C: Manoj Gadgil bt Arun Kumar 61-28, 56-46, 36-54, 52-39; Mukund Bharadia bt Raajeev Sharma 83-25, 66-13, 66-10.

    Group E: Gaurav Jaisinghani bt Taha Khan 74-61, 16-58, 57-44, 24-63, 74-60; Abdur Rehman bt Aakash Ramteke 55-40, 54-24, 56-55. 

    Group F: Anand Raghuvanshi bt Vishal Gehani 53-45, 89-41, 85-13. 

    Group G: Abhijeet Ranade bt Chandu Kansodaria 57-70, 59-48, 70-34, 104-9; Mayank Bhavsar bt Nishant Dossa 47-70, 56-14, 47-35, 12-72, 62-30.

    Yelve stuns Agrawal

    Pune cueists impress

     Radio Club marker Ajinkya Yelve shocked formidable Arun Agrawal en route to the senior snooker elite main draw, in the Malabar Hill Club Maharashtra State Selection Billiards & Snooker Tournament on Friday. Yelve endured a gruelling day as he won three back-to-back encounters on a rewarding day for the underdogs. Yelve kicked off his campaign when he overcame Islam Gymkhana marker Amit Jadhav 2-0 in the opening round before stunning Agrawal by the same margin in the second round for one of the biggest upsets in the competition. He later rallied from the loss of the opening frame to beat Divesh Gangwani of JVPG 30-60, 65-38, 73-40 in the final qualifying round.  Like Yelve, little known Manoj Gadgil of PYC, Pune also fashioned the other upset when he rallied from 0-1 to beat fancied Amit Sapru of Park Club in the second round. Gadgil also was rewarded for a hard day’s work when he won his opening round and stunned Nishad Chaughule of Kothrud, Pune 2-0 in the final qualifying round to enter the main draw. Gadgil’s impressive effort included a brilliant black ball finish to win the first frame against Chaughule.  Also advancing to the elite main draw were Pune trio Abhijeet Ranade, Samar Khandelwal and Nimish Kulkarni, Ibrahim Sheikh of MCF and Raajeev Sharma of Malabar Hill Club. 

    Results: Senior Snooker: Final Qualifying Rd: Manoj Gadgil bt Nishad Chaughule 52-45, 84-57; Abhijeet Ranade bt Abhishek Soparkar 54-10, 67-22; Ibrahim Sheikh bt Rajwardhan Joshi 64-36, 56-35; Raajeev Sharma bt Hardik Vyas 77-11, 75-12; Samar Khandelwal bt Anees Jumani 57-47, 57-19; Nimish Kulkarni bt Chandresh Shah 51-37, 46-55, 59-28; Ajinkya Yelve bt Divesh Gangwani 30-60, 65-38, 73-40.

    2nd Rd: Ajinkya Yelve bt Arun Agrawal 56-35, 52-12; Manoj Gadgil bt Amit Sapru 49-63, 68-17, 73-46; Nishad Chaughule bt Pratyush Somayajula 59-11, 70(44)-24; Chandresh Shah bt Pramod Pol 53-8, 70-31; Samar Khandelwal bt Poras Shah 60-49, 35-64, 57-15; Raajeev Sharma bt Harmehr Mago 57-20, 46-59, 55-22; Hardik Vyas bt Mithun Merchant 68-36, 54-18; Anees Jumani bt Amol Abdagiri 69-49, 67-66; Divesh Gangwani bt Kreishh Gurbaxani 56-20, 53-35; Nimish Kulkarni bt V. Doshi 26-37, 66-11, 76-38.

    1st Rd: Ajinkya Yelve bt Amit Jadhav 56-25, 56-36; Manoj Gadgil bt Ravindra Desai 43-21, 62-23; Pramod Pol bt Loukic Pathare 59-52, 15-47, 53-38; Poras Shah bt Vilas Upsham 55-34, 19-60, 57-24; Harmehr Mago bt Rohit Jadhav 47-39, 22-53, 72-46.

    Deshmukh stuns Sharma to qualify

     Ashwin Deshmukh of Dadar Club stunned Yogesh Sharma of Pune to advance to the elite senior snooker main draw, in the Malabar Hill Club Maharashtra State Selection Billiards & Snooker Tournament on Thursday. Deshmukh, who won the opening frame and dropped the second in the best-of-three fiinal qualifying round, snatched a tight decider for a surprise 62-43, 41-48, 55-35 win. In another surprise, Kiran Chheda upset fancied Mahadeo Bhogle 30-60, 77-51, 58-50 after rallying from the loss of the opening frame to clinch the decider on the pink. JVPG marker Bhogle frittered away an envious 40-point advantage in the second frame and a vital 10-point lead in the third.  The others who qualified for the main draw were Deepak Khubchandani of Khar Gymkhana, Vishal Gehani and Sanjiv Bijlani of Park Club, Kunal Rokade of Thane and Salil Deshpande of Pune.  The surprise casualty was formidable Ronnie Daruwala of PJ Hindu Gymkhana who went down in the second round.  

    Results: Senior Snooker: Final Qualifying Rd: Vishal Gehani bt Karan Thopte 69-20, 34-53, 65-40; Ashwin Deshmukh bt Yogesh Sharma 62-43, 41-48, 55-35; Deepak Khubchandani bt Mithil Shinde 60-45, 56-38; Kunal Rokade bt Yash Jain 51-22, 42-56, 58-37; Salil Deshpande bt Rohit Sardeshmukh 67-37, 63-34; Karthikeya Sharma bt Nikhil Saigal 49-58, 54-8, 65-43; Sanjiv Bijlani bt Rushank Masand 28-59, 61-54, 67-11; Kiran Chheda bt Mahadeo Bhogle 30-60, 77-51, 58-50.

    2nd Rd: Rohit Sardeshmukh bt Shyam Kotak 51-43, 23-55, 48-18; Nikhil Saigal bt Rahul Narang 56-24, 42-58, 57-27; Abhishek Soparkar bt Miraj Joshi 66-42, 65-24; Kiran Chheda bt Chintamani Jadhav 50-3, 38-51, 36-33; Sanjiv Bijlani bt Neville Razmi 50-22, 58-24; Karthikeya Sharma bt Vishal Malhotra 60-30, 48-8; Mahadeo Bhogle bt Kishore Laungani 66-42, 69-16; Abhijeet Ranade bt Ronnie Daruwala 63(41)-44, 46-38; Ibrahim Sheikh bt Keko Nicholson 66-31, 67-66; Rushank Masand bt Devesh Sharma 56-64, 69-40, 63-57; Rajwardhan Joshi bt Vishal Mehta 80-72, 59-39. 

    1st Rd: Rahul Narang bt Nikhil Sapre 57-31, 51-42; Ibrahim Sheikh bt Akash Asrani 58-43, 53-39; Kiran Chheda bt Karan Mangat 69-42, 50-11; Neville Razmi bt Rebanta Sahijwani 60-21, 61-19; Abhijeet Ranade bt Abhishek Doshi 30-47, 66-36, 56-25.

    Gehani, Rokade on course

     Vishal Gehani of Park Club and Kunal Rokade of Thane registered contrasting wins to move a step closer to qualifying for the elite senior snooker main draw, in the Malabar Hill Club Maharashtra State Selection Billiards & Snooker Tournament on Wednesday. Gehani endured an early challenge before fashioning an 89-80, 68-22 win over Pankaj Khatri, while Rokade eased past Luv Boricha of Dadar Club with a 2-0 win that included breaks of 33 in each of the frames.  Joining Gehani and Rokade in the final qualifying round was Mazagaon lad Yash Jain who rallied from the loss of the opening frame to upset formidable Pawan Kohli of Khar Gymkhana 2-1.  It also was a rewarding day for Pune cueists as Karan Thopte, Salil Deshpande and Yogesh Sharma moved up, along with Mithil Shinde of Thane and Deepak Khubchandani of Khar Gymkhana.  

    Results: Senior Snooker: 2nd Rd: Yash Jain bt Pawan Kohli 18-57, 50-42, 56-42; Salil Deshpande bt Hardik Mehta 39-45, 62-27, 53-19; Deepak Khubchandani bt Satyen Chhabria 61-23, 57-15; Karan Thopte bt Juneid Chilwan 53-54, 45-6, 55-16; Yogesh Sharma bt Rahil Patel 59-40, 43-55, 66-11; Kunal Rokade bt Luv Boricha 77(33)-25, 74(33)-23; Mithil Shinde bt Akhil Saiyed 35-61, 72-49, 58-45; Vishal Gehani bt Pankaj Khatri 89-80, 68-22; 

    1st Rd: Yash Jain bt Nikhil Sansare 63-55, 56-28; Satyen Chhabria bt Sanket Bapat 48-38, 26-54, 66-52; Rohit Sardeshmukh bt Tehkum Alim 76-38, 43-54, 72-31; Rahil Patel bt Ashit Pandya 56-50, 73-37; Pankaj Khatri bt Rahul Purecha 51-23, 64-23;

    Dossa enters main draw

     Nishant Dossa of CCI registered back-to-back wins to qualify for the elite senior snooker main draw, in the Malabar Hill Club Maharashtra State Selection Billiards & Snooker Tournament on Tuesday. Dossa, who earned a first round bye, eased past N. Thakkar in the second round before rallying from the loss of the opening frame to overcome Rohan Sakalkar of Pune 43-57, 82-61, 76-50 that ended in an exciting decider.  Among the others who made it were, Abdur Rehman of Islam Gymkhana, Taha Khan of Pune, V. ‘Raja’ Subramanian of Matunga Gymkhana, Mayank Bhavsar who upset Ishpreet Singh Chadha, Jigar Shah of JVPG and the in-form Chandu Kansodaria of MCF who stunned Jaiveer Dhingra of CCI. 

    Results: Senior Snooker: 3rd Rd: Abdur Rehman bt Abhishek Bora 63-20, 43-74, 59-3; V. Subramanian bt Hemant Patil 68-2, 57-28; Taha Khan bt Hitesh Kotwani 15-68, 56-43, 53-8; Mayank Bhavsar bt Ishpreet Singh Chadha 52-49, 54-45; Jigar Shah bt Sachin Kelkar 82(41)-44, 67-16; Chandu Kansodaria bt Jaiveer Dhingra 54-40, 13-55, 53-36; Mukund Bharadia bt Osama Khan 56-16, 70(40)-7; Rohan Sahani bt Vipul Shah 72-43, 68-43; Nishant Dossa bt Rohan Sakalkar 43-57, 82-61, 76-50.  

    2nd Rd: Hitesh Kotwani bt Vivek Nepali 78-43, 48-62, 64-24; Jigar Shah bt Aparajit Mittal 16-65, 58-33, 59-56; Ishpreet Singh Chadha bt Manan Shah 67-45, 77-14; Jaiveer Dhingra bt Kaustubh Kuvekar 59-38, 47-73, 62-53; Vipul Shah bt Sahil Khan 17-55, 62-34, 68-37; Rohan Sahani bt Rohit Pandloskar 69-27, 53-34; V. Subramanian bt Manjeet Singh 21-59, 74-18, 59-18; Chandu Kansodaria bt S. Mayure 53-15, 50-77, 71-36; Mukund Bharadia bt Rohan Fernandes 82(45)-11, 63-29; Rohan Sakalkar bt Sahil Badami 65-23, 59-17; Nishant Dossa bt N. Thakkar 67-19, 29-46, 37-9.

    1st Rd: Vipul Shah bt Arpit Shah 55-26, 40-48, 67-28; Rohan Fernandes bt Sagar Jain 59-20, 51-25; Manjeet Singh bt Kundan Singh 42-59, 61-49, 78-57.

    Agrawal retains State No. 1 crown

     Defending champion Arun Agrawal overcame surprise finalist Vishal Madan to retain the senior billiards title, in the Malabar Hill Club Maharashtra State Selection Billiards & Snooker Tournament. Agrawal, of Matunga Gymkhana, fashioned an exciting 150-103, 108-150, 150-119, 150-130 victory in the 150-up best-of-five frames championship round to help himself to his 12th state crown.  The seasoned Agrawal, who survived a quarter-final scare against MCF’s Chandu Kansodaria, fired significant breaks of 63 in the opening frame, 62 in the third and 77 in the fourth.  Chembur Gymkhana’s Madan, who rallied from 0-2 to shock former champion Rishabh Thakkar in the semi-finals, replied with a 52 in the opening frame and the competition’s highest of 124 in the second frame before going down fighting in a keen battle for supremacy.  Ishpreet Singh Chadha beat Thakkar 132-150, 150-100, 150(69)-85, 150-123, to finish third. Chadha’s effort included a break of 69 in the third frame. Meanwhile, Abdur Rehman and Jigar Shah were the significant winners in the senior snooker competition that got under way.

    Results: Senior Billiards: Final: Arun Agrawal (Matunga Gymkhana) bt Vishal Madan (Chembur Gymkhana) 150(63)-103(52), 108-150(124), 150(62)-119, 150(77)-130. 3rd/4th play-off: Ispreet Singh Chadha bt Rishabh Thakkar 132-150, 150-100, 150(69)-85, 150-123.

    Senior Snooker: Vivek Nepali bt S. Mundada 54-42, 16-58, 53-16; Manan Shah bt Azam Khan 55-26, 59-15; Abdur Rehman bt Anil Sagar 56-44, 70-27; Jigar Shah bt Dhairya Bhandari 79-42, 66-36; Taha Khan bt Amogh Bandichode 55-14, 51-11; Akash Ramteke bt Usmehr Bhasin 58-18, 74-25; Sachin Kelkar bt Mustafa Khozem 49-39, 73-59; Mayank Bhavsar bt Darshan Rawal 70-10, 41-50, 59-11.

    Agrawal, Madan escape to final

     Defending champion Arun Agrawal survived a scare en route to a senior billiards title clash with surprise finalist Vishal Madan who rallied to shock former champion Rishabh Thakkar, in the Malabar Hill Club Maharashtra State Selection Billiards & Snooker Tournament, on Saturday. Trailing 0-2 and staring at defeat against the in-form Thakkar in the 150-up best-of-five semi-finals, Madan changed the script with a spectacular recovery to snatch a nail-biting 130-150, 74-150, 150-99, 150-48, 150-121 win. Madan’s fortunes changed with a stunning break of 103 in the third frame in reply to Thakkar’s 99 in the opening frame. After forcing the decider, Madan fell behind once again at 45-89 before capitalizing on Thakkar’s missed opportunities to close in and take away the frame and match in a tight finish. Earlier, in the 100-up best-of-five frames quarter-finals, Agrawal also recovered from a 0-2 deficit to halt the winning streak of Chandu Kansodaria of MCF, Borivali with a 33-100, 91-100, 100-12, 100-50, 100-45 win. Agrawal utilised his vast experience to initiate the comeback that began with a break of 92 in the third and ended with an unfinished 55 in the decider.

    Results: Senior Billiards: Semi-finals: Arun Agrawal (Matunga Gymkhana) bt Ishpreet Singh Chadha (Khar Gym) 150-76, 150-13, 150-34; Vishal Madan (Chembur Gymkhana) bt Rishabh Thakkar (Khar Gymkhana) 130(99)-150, 74-150, 150(103)-99(58), 150-48, 150-121.

    Quarter-finals: Rishabh Thakkar (Khar Gym) bt Rohan Jambusaria (MCF) 100-94, 100-4, 14-100(94), 100-49; Arun Agrawal (Matunga Gym) bt Chandu Kansodaria (MCF) 33-100, 91-100, 100(92)-12, 100-50, 100(55unf)-45; Ishpreet Singh Chadha (Khar Gym) bt Hasan Badami (CCI) 100-52, 64-100, 100-48, 100-42; Vishal Madan (Chembur Gym) bt Manav Panchal (Malabar Hill Club) 100-67, 100(59)-24, 98-100, 100-55.

    Kansodaria fires 98 break

     Chandu Kansodaria of MCF, Borivali missed a century break by just two points before upsetting seasoned Chandresh Shah of PJ Hindu Gymkhana, to storm into the senior billiards quarter-finals, in the Malabar Hill Club Maharashtra State Selection Billiards & Snooker Tournament, on Friday. Kansodaria, who won all his three ties in the round robin and qualified as Group E topper, rallied from a 1-2 deficit to stun Shah after forcing the decider. Kansodaria fired the tournament’s highest break in the second frame and in the process eclipsed Vishal Madan’s 96.  Kansodaria set up a quarter-final with defending champion Arun Agrawal of Matunga Gymkhana who ousted Raajeev Sharma of the host club in an effort that included breaks of 68 and 50.  Also moving into the last eight were Hasan Badami of CCI, who hit a 62 break, Rohan Jambusaria of MCF, Manav Panchal of the host club, who ended Pune lad Nishad Chaughule’s winning streak, Khar Gymkhana duo Ishpreet Singh Chadha and Rishabh Thakkar and Vishal Madan of Chembur Gymkhana.  

    Results: Senior Billiards: Pre-Quarter-finals: Chandu Kansodaria (MCF) bt Chandresh Shah (PJ Hindu Gym) 73-100, 100(98)-5, 33-100, 100-79, 100-45; Rohan Jambusaria (MCF) bt Nikhil Saigal (Khar Gym) 58-100, 100-66, 63-100, 100-27, 100-78; Manav Panchal (Malabar Hill Club) bt Nishad Chaughule (PYC, Pune) 74-100, 100-89, 100-63, 100-99; Hasan Badami (CCI) bt Rishabh Kumar (Bombay Gym) 100(62)-99, 100-78, 100-69; Ishpreet Singh Chadha (Khar Gym) bt Kekoo Nicholson (CCI) 100-36, 100-76, 100-74; Vishal Madan (Chembur Gym) bt Farhad Tengra (Elphinstone CC) 100-22, 91-100, 65-100, 100-27, 100-82; Arun Agrawal (Matunga Gym) bt Raajeev Sharma (Malabar Hill Club) 100-62, 100(68)-40, 100(50)-51; Rishabh Thakkar (Khar Gym) bt Nishant Dossa (CCI) 100-74, 100-76, 86-100, 100-96.

    Nicholson, Panchal qualify

     Seasoned cueists Kekoo Nicholson and Manav Panchal registered impressive wins to qualify for the senior billiards knock out pre-quarter-finals, in the Malabar Hill Club Maharashtra State Selection Billiards & Snooker Tournament, on Thursday. CCI president Nicholson prevailed over Mithil Shinde of Thane 3-0 for his third win in as many ties, to top Group G without dropping a frame, while Panchal overcame Abhishek Bora by the same margin to finish second in the group.  Pune’s Nishad Chaughule, of PYC, who needed just one frame in his tie against Kishore Laungani of Khar Gymkhana, did much better with a 3-1 win to qualify from Group B.  The others who qualified were Rishabh Thakkar and Raajeev Sharma from Group D, Chandu Kansodaria and Nikhil Saigal from Group E, Vishal Madan and Ishpreet Singh Chadha from Group F and Rohan Jambusaria from Group H. Saigal snatched a crucial win over K.K. Bhatia of PJ Hindu Gymkhana in a tight contest, while Madan hit the day’s highest break of 62 in the opening frame, in his 3-0 win over Hitesh Kotwani.

    Results: Senior Billiards: Group B: Rishabh Kumar bt Chintamani Jadhav 100(60)-5, 100-45, 101-87(56); Nishad Chaughule bt Kishore Laungani 100-77, 91-100, 100-61, 100-92.

    Group C: Sanchit Gemawat bt Farhad Tengra 92-100, 100-72, 100-62, 83-100, 100-97; Farhad Tengra bt Sanjiv Bijlani 100-80, 72-100, 100-47, 100-62; Hasan Badami bt Sanchit Gemawat 100-67, 76(58)-100, 100-67, 100-58.

    Group D: Amit Sapru bt Shyam Kotak 100-75, 100-80, 29-100, 100(59)-55. 

    Group E: Nikhil Saigal bt K.K. Bhatia 101-92, 101-93, 100-98; Chandu Kansodaria bt Amit Joshi 9-102, 100-58, 100-95, 100-61.

    Group F: Vishal Madan bt Hitesh Kotwani 100(62)-22, 100-88, 101-96; Hitesh Kotwani bt Rajwardhan Joshi 100-95, 100-42, 35-100, 100-53; Ishpreet Singh Chadha bt Rajwardhan Joshi 100-35, 80-100, 100-42, 100-39.

    Group G: Kekoo Nicholson bt Mithil Shinde 100-99, 100-72, 100-46; Manav Panchal bt Abhishek Bora 100-57, 100-27, 100-54.

    Pune’s Chaughule wins a thriller

     Pune’s Nishad Chaughule fashioned a crucial come-from-behind win to enhance his hopes of qualifying for the senior billiards knock out, in the Malabar Hill Club Maharashtra State Selection Billiards & Snooker Tournament, on Wednesday. Making a comeback to the green baize after a four-year hiatus while into film production in the UK, Chaughule, of PYC, rallied from a 0-2 deficit to stun fancied Rishabh Kumar of Bombay Gymkhana in a thrilling 100-up best-of-five frames Group B encounter.  Chaughule, of Kothrud, will face Khar Gymkhana’s Kishore Laungani in his concluding tie where he needs to win one frame to qualify for the knock out pre-quarter-finals.  “This is my first tournament after returning from the UK,” revealed Chaughule, the proud recipient of this year’s student Oscar for the film Border Patrol, a dark comedy about two German border force cops who discover a dead body in the woods, which he produced as one of his final graduation films. “It is a good start which will help if I progress to the next phase. I should win that frame.”  Also escaping to victory was Khar Gymkhana’s Rishabh Thakkar who rallied from 1-2, after winning the opening frame in Group D, to overcome Amit Sapru in the decider, in another thriller.  The other cueists who also enhanced their hopes of making it to the last 16 were defending champion Arun Agrawal, Raajeev Sharma of the host club, who fired the day’s highest break of 89, Chandu Kansodaria and Rohan Jambusaria of MCF, Borivali and CCI president Kekoo Nicholson.

    Results: Senior Billiards: Group A: Arun Agrawal bt Sahil Khan 100-67, 100(87)-47, 100-82; Nishant Dossa bt Vishal Gehani 100-49, 100-65, 56-100, 100-96.                                        

    Group B: Nishad Chaughule bt Rishabh Kumar 99-101, 73-101, 100-64, 100-62, 100-71.

    Group C: Hasan Badami bt Farhad Tengra 51-100, 101-52, 100-77, 99-101, 100-74.

    Group D: Raajeev Sharma bt Shyam Kotak 100-97, 100(89)-9, 100(49)-35; Rishabh Thakkar bt Amit Sapru 100(52)-4, 25-100, 80-100, 100-95, 100-81.

    Group E: Chandu Kansodaria bt Nikhil Saigal 100-58, 100-58, 101-79; K.K. Bhatia bt Amit Joshi 100-94, 100-37, 100-76.

    Group G: Manav Panchal bt Mithil Shinde 100-35, 100-73, 100-83; Kekoo Nicholson bt Manav Panchal 100-40, 100-68, 100-91.

    Group H: Rohan Jambusaria bt Chandresh Shah 100(50)-39, 100-75, 51-100(56), 97-100; 100-88(59); Ronnie Daruwala bt Loukic Pathare 102-89, 100-68, 100-73; Rohan Jambusaria bt Ronnie Daruwala 100(57)-43, 100-43, 100-53; Chandresh Shah bt Loukic Pathare 100-68, 100-57, 52-100, 73-100, 100-60.

    Madan misses century break

    Qualifier Vishal Madan of Chembur Gymkhana missed a coveted century break by just four points before cruising to a facile win in the senior billiards round robin, in the Malabar Hill Club Maharashtra State Selection Billiards & Snooker Tournament on Tuesday. Madan romped to a 3-0 win over Rajwardhan Joshi in Group F in an impressive effort that included the 96 break in the second frame followed by a 40 in the third, in the 100-up, best-of-five match. Also winning his opening tie in Group F was Ishpreet Singh Chadha who beat Hitesh Kotwani 3-1.  As the seasoned cueists took centre stage, it was a day of significant breaks and close encounters with defending champion Arun Agrawal hitting a 59 in the third frame in his 3-0 win over Nishant Dossa of CCI in Group A. Khar Gymkhana’s Rishabh Thakkar, making a comeback to the green baize after a long hiatus, fired the day’s second highest break of 69 and added 41 while prevailing over Shyam Kotak of PJ Hindu Gymkhana 3-0 in Group D.  In matches that went the distance, Raajeev Sharma of the host club rallied from 1-2 to overcome Amit Sapru of Park Club in another Group D tie, while Chandu Kansodaria of MCF, Borivali, also rallied from 1-2 to beat K.K. Bhatia of PJ Hindu Gymkhana 3-2 in Group E.

    Results: Senior Billiards: Group A: Arun Agrawal bt Nishant Dossa 101-60, 101-90, 100(59)-7; Vishal Gehani bt Sahil Khan 74-101, 101-43, 102(54)-90, 102-20. 

    Group B: Rishabh Kumar bt Kishore Laungani 100-76, 100-64, 100-60; Nishad Chougule bt Chintamani Jadhav 100-89, 101-46, 100-43.

    Group C: Sanjiv Bijlani bt Sanchit Gemawat 100-35, 100-78, 100-55.

    Group D: Rishabh Thakkar bt Shyam Kotak 102-41, 100(69)-60, 100(41)-24; Raajeev Sharma bt Amit Sapru 98-100, 100-37, 48-100, 100-32, 100-77.

    Group E: Chandu Kansodaria bt K.K. Bhatia 100-15, 74-100, 87-100, 100-64, 100-68.

    Group F: Vishal Madan bt Rajwardhan Joshi 101-68, 100(96)-0, 100(40)-15; Ishpreet Singh Chadha bt Hitesh Kotwani 100-69, 100-48, 96-100, 100-65.

    Group G:   Kekoo Nicholson bt Abhishek Bora 101-53, 101-23, 101-41.

    Pune’s Nimish Kulkarni impresses

     Nimish Kulkarni of PYC, Pune registered an impressive win in his opening junior snooker semi-final round robin match, in the Malabar Hill Club Maharashtra State Selection Billiards & Snooker Tournament on Monday. As the competition resumed after Sunday’s break, Kulkarni, city mate Suraj Rathi and Mumbai lads Dhairya Bhandari and Ali Asghar won their quarter-finals to qualify for the round robin semi-finals. Kulkarni prevailed over Asghar 3-0 that included a significant break of 43 in the second frame in the best-of-five contest, while Bhandari overcame Rathi by the same margin. The last two rounds of the round robin will be played on November 18 and 19. Meanwhile, Rishabh Thakkar of Khar Gymkhana kicked off his return to the green baize after a long hiatus with a 2-0 win over Yash Rungta of Kandivli in the 100-up, best-of-three senior billiards. The other significant winners were Vishal Madan of Chembur Gymkhana, Nishad Chougule of Pune, Vishal Gehani of Park Club and Amit Joshi of MCF, Borivali. 

    Results: Jr. Snooker: Semi-final (Round Robin): Nimish Kulkarni bt Ali Asghar 60-20, 59(43)-10, 53-22; Dhairya Bhandari bt Suraj Rathi 56-23, 60-16, 64-20.

    Quarter-finals: Ali Asghar bt Chinmay Gawade 64-30, 64-21; Nimish Kulkarni bt Rushank Masand 54-32, 55-17; Suraj Rathi bt Kewal Mahadeshwar 57-38, 54-42; Dhairya Bhandari bt Kreishh Gurbaxani 61-31, 60-36.

    Senior Billiards: Vishal Madan bt Manan Shah 100-60, 101-49; Nishad Choughule bt Mahadev Bhogle 69-100, 101-50, 101-97; Vishal Gehani bt Sanket Bapat 51-101, 100-66, 100-32; Amit Joshi bt Nikhil Sapre 100-38, 100-69; Rishabh Thakkar bt Yash Rungta 100-28, 100-34.

    Chinmay, Nimish escape to victory

     Chinmay Gawade of Mumbai and Nimish Kulkarni of Pune registered exciting wins to storm into the junior snooker quarter-finals, in the Malabar Hill Club Maharashtra State Selection Billiards & Snooker Tournament on Saturday. Kulkarni, of PYC, rallied from the loss of the opening frame to stun Rohan Sahani 41-57, 71-37, 47-46 in a thrilling pre-quarter-final that ended in a black ball finish in the decider.  Gawade, a marker at Dadar Club playing in only his second competition, halted Arjun Raghani with a 56-48, 71-56 win that included an eventful second frame. With only the pink and black remaining, Gawade led 53-50 until an unfortunate pink in-off gave Raghani a 56-53 lead that enhanced the latter’s hopes of forcing the decider.  But Gawade’s fortunes changed with a fluke snooker that left Raghani struggling to wriggle out. Raghani conceded 12 crucial points that proved decisive for Gawade following a foul-and-miss on two occasions, before Gawade returned to pot the pink with a sigh of relief.  Dhairya Bhandari of Juhu Vile Parle Gymkhana completed an exciting day of close encounters when he rallied form 0-1 to prevail over Vaibhav Mehta 35-50, 62-19, 56-55 following an unfortunate black in-off by Mehta in a dramatic finish.  Sunday is a rest day and the competition will resume with the junior snooker quarter-finals where four players will qualify for the round robin semi-finals on Monday.  

    Results: Jr. Snooker: Pre-quarter-finals: Suraj Rathi bt Amol Abdagiri 2-0; Kewal Mahadeshwar bt Uday Shah 2-1; Dhairya Bhandari bt Vaibhav Mehta 2-1; Kreishh Gurbaxani bt Jash Shitalia 2-1; Chinmay Gawade bt Arjun Raghani 2-0; Nimish Kulkarni bt Rohan Sahani 2-1; Ali Asghar bt Taaha Khan 2-1; Rushank Masand bt Abdullah Kapadia 2-0.

    2nd Rd: Ali Asghar bt Rayaan Razmi 2-0; Rohan Sahani bt Vivek Nepali 2-0; Suraj Rathi bt Akshay Waghchoure 2-0; Nimish Kulkarni bt Amogh Bandichode 2-1; Kewal Mahadeshwar bt Smit Kataria 2-1; Chinmay Gawade bt Rajwardhan Joshi 2-0; Abdullah Kapadia bt Loukic Pathare 2-1. 

    1st Rd: Usmehr Singh bt Uday Shah 2-0; Arjun Raghani bt Sumehr Mago 2-1; Rushank Masand bt Harmehr Mago 2-1.

    Rathi is sub jr. snooker champ

     Suraj Rathi of Pune fashioned an exciting 3-2 victory to snatch the sub junior snooker crown, in the Malabar Hill Club Maharashtra State Selection Billiards & Snooker Tournament on Friday. Rathi, of Raasta Peth, rallied from the loss of the opening frame in the best-of-five championship round to overcome Rohan Sahani of Mumbai 78-62, 59-67, 59-55, 44-70, 58-38 for his first major title. Rathi, who sailed into the final without dropping a frame, survived a scare when he lost the second frame, won the nail-biting third by a whisker and dropped an eventful fourth after looking to be in control. Rathi, in his first year at Ness Wadia College, led 32-23 in the crucial fourth when his troubles began with a slew of foul-and-miss blemishes that allowed Sahani to surge to a 59-40 lead before being forced into the decider. But Rathi, who trains at Poona Club under mentor Vignesh Sanghvi, made amends in the decider and surged to a vital lead to take the frame and title away. “It was a tough contest,” said Rathi, whose family runs the popular portal “I brought myself under pressure in the fourth frame. Rohan played very well but it just was not his day.”  Rathi’s impressive effort overshadowed the shock defeat of Mumbai’s Nikhil Saigal in the junior snooker. Saigal, who won the junior billiards title the previous day, was tipped to win another crown but crashed 0-2 in the second round to Dhairya Bhandari of Juhu Vile Parle Gymkhana.

    Results: Sub Jr. Snooker: Final: Suraj Rathi bt Rohan Sahani 78-62, 59-67, 59-55, 44-70, 58-38. SF: Suraj Rathi bt Kewal Mahadeshwar 48-22, 63-22; Rohan Sahani bt Kreishh Gurbaxani 60-27, 19-58, 56-20.

    Jr. Snooker (2nd Rd): Dhairya Bhandari bt Nikhil Saigal 2-0; Vaibhav Mehta bt Sagar Jain 2-0; Jash Shitalia bt Mandar Gide 2-0; Kreishh Gurbaxani bt Ayush Shah 2-0; Amol Abdagiri bt Sahil Mohite 2-0.  

    1st Rd: Akshay Waghchoure bt Abdus Attarwala 2-0; Smit Kataria bt Areyenn Gurbaxani 2-0; Ali Asghar bt Rohit Pandloskar 2-0; Parimal Barot bt Ashish Parihar 2-1; Chinmay Gawade bt Sajid Khan 2-0; Vivek Nepali bt Pratik Nihalani 2-1; Amogh Bandichode bt Jatin Sadarangani 2-0; Abdullah Kapadia bt Dashveer Anand 2-0. 

    Pune’s Rathi in semis

     Suraj Rathi of Poona Club registered impressive back-to-back wins to storm into the sub junior snooker semi-finals, in the Malabar Hill Club Maharashtra State Selection Billiards & Snooker Tournament on Thursday. Rathi, who earned a first-round bye, kicked off a rewarding day when he prevailed over Sahil Badami in the pre-quarter-finals that included a significant break of 48, and Sahil Kakad in the quarter-finals, by identical 2-0 margins, in the best-of-three frames contests. Rathi set up a semi-final clash with Kewal Mahadeshwar of Central Railway Mechanical Institute who beat Harmehr Mago of Khar Gymkhana 2-1, while Kreishh Gurbaxani and Rohan Sahani will contest the other semi-final.  Earlier, Harmehr Mago also fired a significant break of 46 while overcoming Abdus Attarwala in the first round.

    Results: Sub Jr. Snooker: Quarter-finals: Rohan Sahani bt Arjun Raghani 2-0; Kewal Mahadeshwar bt Harmehr Mago 2-1; Suraj Rathi bt Sahil Kakad 2-0.

    PQF: Isaf Asjad bt Rayaan Razmi 2-1; Kreishh Gurbaxani bt Pranav Todi 2-0; Arjun Raghani bt Dashveer Anand 2-0; Rohan Sahani bt Sahil Mohite 2-0; Kewal Mahadeshwar bt Pratik Nihalani 2-0; Harmehr Mago bt Mandar Gide 2-0; Suraj Rathi bt Sahil Badami 2-0; Sahil Kakad bt Loukic Pathare 2-1.

    1st Rd: Isaf Asjad bt Usmeher Singh Bhasin 2-1; Pranav Todi bt Abdullah Kapadia 2-1; Dashveer Anand bt Krish Bajaj 2-0; Sahil Mohite bt Sumehr Mago 2-1; Pratik Nihalani bt Areyann Gurbaxani 2-0; Mandar Gide bt Krish Arora 2-1; Harmehr Mago bt Abdus Attarwala 2-0; Sahil Badami bt Eashan Bajaj 2-0.

    Jr. Snooker (1st Rd): Dhairya Bhandari bt Arpit Shah 2-1; Vaibhav Mehta bt Yash Jain 2-1; Ayush Shah bt Rishabh Panchamia 2-0; Sahil Mohite bt Sahil Kakad 2-1.

    Kreishh, Nikhil champs

     Twelve-year-old Kreishh Gurbaxani became the first sub junior billiards champion, while Nikhil Saigal emerged junior champion, in the Malabar Hill Club Maharashtra State Selection Billiards & Snooker Tournament on Wednesday. The Khar Gymkhana duo, who train under twice Asian snooker champion Yasin Merchant, dominated the competition against a talented pool of young, upcoming cueists of generation next and were rewarded for putting into practice what was preached by the master himself. Saigal, who finished third in the last edition, overcame last year’s runner-up Rajwardhan Joshi 362-275 in the 90-minute elite round robin, where Loukic Pathare finished third and Amol Abdagiri of Pune was fourth. Gurbaxani, of Jasudben M.L., overcame an edgy start when he kicked off his campaign with a narrow 140-134 win in a thrilling pre-quarter-final opener against Sahil Mohite of Elphinstone Cricket Club before cruising into the championship round where he triumphed over Suraj Rathi of Pune with a late burst for his maiden crown in a fledgling career.  Down by 30 points with barely four-and-a-half minutes remaining in the one hour time format competition, Gurbaxani relied on a timely break of 18 and added another five to trail by a solitary point at 133-134 with just 45 seconds remaining, before overcoming Mohite by seven points just before the beep.  Gurbaxani, son of Bollywood character actor Sanjay Gurbaxani, ignored the early scare before sailing past Sumehr Mago in the quarter-finals and Rayaan Razmi in the semi-finals. Razmi beat Sumehr’s sibling Harmehr to finish third.  “My opening match (against Mohite) was tough as I took time to adjust to the conditions,” explained Gurbaxani. “But, I enjoyed the competition. If you know the angles, billiards becomes easy. Thanks to Yasin Sir, I have improved remarkably in the past year especially in cue-ball control and positioning.”

    Results: Sub Jr. Billiards: Final: Kreishh Gurbaxani bt Suraj Rathi (Pune) 241-176. SF: Kreishh Gurbaxani bt Rayaan Razmi 246-146; Suraj Rathi bt Harmehr Mago 176-121. QF: Rayaan Razmi bt Abdullah Kapadia 183-85; Kreishh Gurbaxani bt Sumehr Mago 208-111; Harmehr Mago bt Kewal Mahadshwar 174-168; Suraj Rathi bt Loukic Pathare 200-180. PQF: Abdullah Kapadia bt U. Bhasin 163-104; Kreishh Gurbaxani bt Sahil Mohite 140-134; Sumehr Mago bt Rohan Sahani 137-127; Kewal Mahadshwar bt Pratik Nihalani 123-114; Harmehr Mago bt Krish Bajaj 172-146; Suraj Rathi bt Sahil Kakad 194-130.

    Jr. Billiards (Elite Round Robin): Nikhil Saigal bt Rajwardhan Joshi 362-275; Loukic Pathare bt Amol Abdagiri 307-246; Nikhil Saigal bt Loukic Pathare 357-255; Rajwardhan Joshi bt Amol Abdagiri 279-278; Nikhil Saigal bt Amol Abdagiri 419-217; Rajwardhan Joshi bt Loukic Pathare 381-237.


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