“Shri. Kumar Khandelwal Snooker & Billiards Tournament 2014”
01 July 2014

  • Venue

    Deccan Gymkhana

    Talim Pavilion,
    759/2, Deccan Gymkhana
    Pune - 411 004

  • Entry Fees

    Rs. 700/-

  • Description


    Billiards Snooker
    Winner x 1 = 20,000 Winner x 1 = 36,000
    Runners Up x 1 = 10,000 Runners Up x 1 = 20,000
    Semi Finalist x 2 = 10,000 Semi Finalist x 2 = 20,000
    Quarter Finalist x 4 = 10,000 Quarter Finalist x 4 = ` 12,000
      Pre-Quarter Finalist x 8 = 12,000



     " Shri. Kumar Khandelwal Snooker & Billiards Tournament 2014" 
     Snooker & Billiards Entry Form Rules & Regulations



    Parekh, Badami in all-Mumbai final

    Pune, July 26: Billiards champion Siddharth Parekh placed himself in line for a green baize double when he stormed into the final of the snooker event in the Kumar Khandelwal Memorial Open Snooker tournament at the Deccan Gymkhana here on Saturday. Parekh will take on Hassan Badami in the all-Mumbai final after having triumphed in the billiards, which also saw Mumbai cueists fighting it out for the title. In the semifinals played on Saturday morning, Parekh defeated Shivam Arora of Bihar 4-2 in the best-of-7-frame match. Shivam, also a national player, rallied brilliantly in the third frame before bringing the match on level after winning the fourth. Parekh then went into overdrive compiling a break of 78 to take the fifth frame 78-0 and then cracked another impressive break of 80 to win the match 96-24, 67-25, 51-56, 39-78, 78-0, 85-7 in three hours. Badami needed less time than Parekh in dispatching off Johnson Narsidani of Gujarat 4-1. Narsidani won the first frame 66-47, but Badami returned more stronger to race through the next four frames to win the semifinal in 2 hours and 15 minutes. Badami won 47-66, 66-23, 67-60, 72-29, 63-45. Both Parekh and Badami were in the same team, Selvel, in the RWITC Inter Club Snooker Team Championship held early this month. The two had grabbed the title on July 4 and within 22 days Parekh and Badami will face-off for another title, albeit against each other.

     Results: Snooker (9-ball):

    Semifinals (best-of-7-frames):

    Hassan Badami (Mumbai) bt Johnson Narsidani (Gujarat) 4-1 (47-66, 66-23, 67-60, 72-29, 63-45)

    Siddharth Parekh (Mumbai) bt Shivam Arora (Bihar) 4-2 (96-24, 67-25, 51-56, 39-78, 78 (78)-0, 85 (80)-7.

    Shivam Arora in snooker quarterfinals

    Pune, July 23: Shivam Arora stormed into the quarterfinals of the Kumar Khandelwal Memorial Open Snooker tournament by winning all three Round of 16 group matches at the Deccan Gymkhana here on Wednesday. After scoring a win on Tuesday, Shivam played two group matches in the ‘best-of-7-frame’ contests and won both even as he was stretched to the distance by his opponents. It was hard work all the way for Shivam as he lost the opening frame in the first match against PYC Hindu Gymkhana’s Anand Raghuvanshi before clawing back into the game. He won 57-69, 65-58, 19-59, 90-5, 6-55, 94-0, 61-11. Later in the day, Shivam was up against Sameer Bidwai of Trick Shots and again he opened by losing the first frame. But then on the Bihar cueist found his bearings and dominated the green baize winning four frames on the trot with excellent half-century breaks of 62 and 89. Shivam defeated Bidwai 49-54, 44-37, 61-32, 67 (62)-16, 119 (89)-10. Billiard champion Siddharth Parekh continued with his march in the snooker event too winning his second group match beating Samar Khandelwal of Deccan Gymkhana 61-32, 52-82, 73-45, 24-65, 77-70, 56-34.

     Results:  Snooker:

    Round Robin (Best of 7 Frames):

    Kapil Panjabi (Poona Club) bt Vitthal Dhamale (Deccan Gymkhana) 55-2, 11-67, 65-40, 46-67, 60-6, 60-10; Shivam Arora (Bihar) bt Anand Raghuwanshi (PYC) 57-69, 65-58, 19-59, 90-5, 6-55, 94-0, 61-11; Siddharth Parekh (Mumbai) bt Samar Khandelwal (Deccan Gymkhana) 61-32, 52-82, 73-45, 24-65, 77-70, 56-34; Aditya Deshpande (PYC) bt Yogesh Sharma (PYC) 5-70, 46-63, 35-49, 61-54, 72-1, 60-56; Shivam Arora (Bihar) bt Sameer Bidwai (Trick Shots) 49-54, 44-37, 61-32, 67 (62)-16, 119 (89)-10; Vipin Premi (Lucknow) bt Abhijit Ranade (Deccan Gymkhana) 55-56, 71-10, 67-42, 47-36, 49-72, 50-16; Hassan Badami (Mumbai) bt Akash Padalikar (AP’s) 68-20, 58-12, 57-29, 95-8; Samar Khandelwal (Deccan Gymkhana) bt Vipin Premi 27-69, 67-42, 66-59, 72-21, 75-28.

    Siddharth Parekh wins Billiards title

     Pune, July 22: Siddharth Parekh won the Kumar Khandelwal Memorial Open Billiards title beating Aditya Agarwal 557-317 in an all-Mumbai final at the Deccan Gymkhana here on Tuesday. In what expected to be a close finish, international cueist Parekh built up steadily with half-century breaks to keep Agarwal always in the chase in the match played over 120-minute time format. Parekh reeled out breaks of 85, 78, 62 to raise himself to the occasion, while Agarwal struggled to keep pace. Parekh earned Rs 20,000 as winner’s cheque and a trophy, while Agarwal got richer by Rs 10,000.

     Mumbai cueists excel in snooker


    Hassan Badami and Siddharth Parekh kept Mumbai’s stranglehold on green baize alive by scoring important wins in snooker tournament here. Playing over ‘best-of-7-frames’, Badami defeated Yogesh Sharma of PYC Hindu Gymkhana 44-52, 69-12, 58-27, 71-10, 48-19 before Siddharth Parekh got the better of Vipin Premi of Lucknow 39-20, 53-27, 51-7, 87-29 in the round robin of top 16 players. In other matches, Anand Raghuwanshi of PYC beat Sameer Bidwai of Trick Shots 61-39, 50-14, 79-10, 56-30; Johnson Narsidani of Gujarat defeated Sushil Dhonsale of Deccan Gymkhana 71-43, 62-17, 58-48, 31-57, 47-21 and Akash Padalikarn of AP’s won against Aditya Deshpande of PYC 60-6, 51-27, 46-39, 42-65, 37-82, 66-39.


    Results: Billiards:

    Final (120-min format):

    Siddharth Parekh (Mumbai) bt Aditya Agarwal (Hindu Gymkhana, Mumbai) 557 (85, 78, 62)-317.



    Round Robin (Best of 7 Frames):

    Hassan Badami (Mumbai) bt Yogesh Sharma (PYC) 44-52, 69-12, 58-27, 71-10, 48-19; Siddharth Parekh (Mumbai) bt Vipin Premi (Lucknow) 39-20, 53-27, 51-7, 87-29; Anand Raghuwanshi (PYC) bt Sameer Bidwai (Trick Shots) 61-39, 50-14, 79-10, 56-30; Johnson Narsidani (Gujarat) bt Sushil Dhonsale (Deccan Gymkhana) 71-43, 62-17, 58-48, 31-57, 47-21; Shivam Arora (Bihar) bt Siddharth Baran (Deccan Gymkhana) 66-21, 62-54, 48-74, 67-25, 64-57; Akash Padalikarn (AP’s) bt Aditya Deshpande (PYC) 60-6, 51-27, 46-39, 42-65, 37-82, 66-39.

    Parekh cruises through in snooker; Subramanyam misses century break by a whisker  

    Pune, July 19: International cueist Siddharth Parekh cruised through his fourth round match with a straight-frame win over Sushil Rasal of Deccan Gymkhana, in the Kumar Khandelwal Memorial Open Snooker tournament at the Deccan Gymkhana here on SaturdayMumbai cueist Parekh opened his campaign by taking the first frame 58-10 before he assimilated a break of 57 to win the second 87-29. The third was a cakewalk as Parekh raced through the frame before closing at 61-15. In other matches, Akash Padalikar of AP’s beat Salman Mohammad of Aurangabad 65-9, 7-59, 52-27, 9-65, 63-8 and Hassan Badami of Mumbai defeated Rahul Laddad of Karad 63-38, 39-56, 67-45, 62-18. Subramanyam makes 92 Raja Subramanyam of Matunga Gymkhana, Mumbai, put together a break of 92 in his 341-259 win over Sagar Shelar of Deccan Gymkhana in the round robin match played over 90 minutes, in the billiards tournament being simultaneously played. In other high-profile action, Samar Khandelwal of Deccan Gymkhana defeated clubemate Shrivatsa Shevde 384-271 and Anand Raghuwanshi of PYC Hindu Gymkhana sneaked ahead of Rajiv Khandke of Poona Club 316-282.

    Results: Snooker (9-ball):

    Fourth Round: Anand Raghuwanshi (PYC) bt Mohan Jagtap (PYC) 63-19, 59-43, 61-52; Akash Padalikar (AP’s) bt Salman Mohamaad (Aurangabad) 65-9, 7-59, 52-27, 9-65, 63-8; Hassan Badami (Mum) bt Rahul Laddad (Karad) 63-38, 39-56, 67-45, 62-18; Kapil Panjabi (Poona Club) bt Tahaa Khan (Palazo) 72-15, 44-34, 63-35; Vitthal Dhamale (Deccan Gymkhana) bt Akshay Waghchoure (Nashik) 33-48, 50-51, 67-41, 65-29, 57-17; Samar Khandelwal (Deccan Gymkhana) bt Kaivalya Chavan (Karad) 76-60, 58-25, 42-67, 6-55, 41-15; Siddharth Parekh (Mum) bt Sushil Rasal (Deccan Gymkhana) 58-10, 87(57)-29, 61-15.

    Billiards (90 min format)

    Round Robin: Samar Khandelwal (Deccan Gymkhana) bt Shrivatsa Shevde (Deccan Gymkhana) 384-271; Anand Raghuwanshi (PYC) bt Rajiv Khandke (Poona Club) 316-282; Pankaj Khatri (Nashik) bt Johnson Narsidani (Gujarat) 423-336; Shivam Arora (Bihar) bt Rajiv Khandke (Poona Club) 326-283; Yogesh Lohiya (PYC) bt Shrivatsa Shevde (Deccan Gymkhana) 369-264; Vignesh Sangavi (Poona Club) bt Nishad Chougule (PYC) 389-202; Raja Subramanyam (Matunga Gymkhana, Mum) bt Sagar Shelar (Deccan Gymkhana) 341(92)-259.

    Ranade wins, Lohiya’s resistance fizzles in all-PYC face-off 

    Pune, July 18: Abhijit Ranade of Deccan Gymkhana scored an easy win, but Yogesh Lohiya of PYC Hindu Gymkhana, who has had an excellent run so far, met his match and lost to his clubmate Aditya Deshpande, in the fourth round of the Kumar Khandelwal Memorial Open Snooker tournament at the Deccan Gymkhana here on MondayRanade made easy work of Jai Desai of Satara, winning 68-40, 52-24, 44-6 in the fourth round clash. But it was the match between Deshpande and Lohiya that attracted more eyeballs. Deshpande won the first frame lost the next two before he made a rally to grab the fourth and fifth frames to win the match 74-67, 47-72, 32-52, 69-31, 71-39. In the Billiards action that resumed on Friday, Sagar Shelar scored two wins to improve his standings. Deccan Gymkhana’s Shelar first defeated clubmate Anupam Jha 267-265 in one of the closest match before downing Satish Karad, also of Deccan Gymkhana 411-252, quite comprehensively. In other match, Satish Karad of Deccan Gymkhana defeated Anupam Jha, also of Deccan Gymkhana 282-246. 

    Results: Snooker (9-ball):

    Fourth Round: Siddharth Baran (Deccan Gymkhana) bt Vijay Ghule (Manjari) 53-30, 68-24, 67-17; Shivam Arora (Bihar) bt Sonu Matang (Corner Pockets) 78-19, 3-69, 76-0, 63-26; Sameer Bidwai (Trick Shots) bt Shoaib Khan (WB) 65-7, 46-36, 73-49; Yogesh Sharma (PYC) bt Gaurav Jaisinghani (Washi) 48-64, 11-50, 61-49, 61-26, 83-64; Johnson Nardisani (Gujarat) bt Pankaj Khatri (Nashik) 56-26, 24-59, 63-29, 62-43; Sushil Dhonsale (Deccan Gymkhana) bt Alex Rego (Corner Pockets) 56-36, 54-22, 64-58; Abhijit Ranade (Deccan Gymkhana) bt Jai Desai (Satara) 68-40, 52-24, 44-6; Aditya Deshapnde (PYC) bt Yogesh Lohiya (PYC) 74-67, 47-72, 32-52, 69-31, 71-39.


    Billiards (90 min format)

    Round Robin: Sagar Shelar (Deccan Gymkhana) bt Anupam Jha (Deccan Gymkhana) 267-265; Sagar Shelar (Deccan Gymkhana) bt Satish Karad (Deccan Gymkhana) 411-252; Shivam Arora (Bihar) bt Anand Raghuwanshi (Deccan Gymkhana) 340-290; Satish Karad (Deccan Gymkhana) bt Anupam Jha (Deccan Gymkhana) 282-246.

    Dhonsale, Lohiya, Jaisinghani score hard-fought third round wins 

    Pune, July 16: Sushil Dhonsale of Deccan Gymkhana, Yogesh Lohiya of PYC Hindu Gymkhana and Gaurav Jaisinghani of Washi scored hard-fought wins to make it to the fourth round of the Kumar Khandelwal Memorial Open Snooker tournament at the Deccan Gymkhana here on Wednesday. Dhonsale recovered from a tense first frame that went to the wire before he won by a mere one point against Saurabh Ayyagari of Palazo. The second too was fiercely fought which he lost, but Dhonsale surged ahead by taking the third. Ayyagari took the fourth in yet another close finish before Dhonsale raced through the decider. He won 69-68, 43-54, 58-19, 44-55, 46-4. PYC’s Lohiya was up against Mihir Gokhale of Deccan Gymkhana and rallied after losing the first frame 15-62. Lohiya took the next three frames 53-21, 50-32, 54-38 to seal his win. In other action, Washi’s Gaurav Jaisinghani defeated Girish Dangat of AP’s 62-60, 71-45, 57-14 and Akash Padalikar of AP’s got the better of Vishal Kadam of PYC Hindu Gymkhana 57-64, 68-25, 61-39, 38-61, 49-39.

     Results: Snooker (9-ball):

    Third round: Sushil Rasal (Satara) bt Prathamesh Sawant (Thane) 61-34, 25-55, 59-38, 37-26; Sushil Dhonsale (Deccan Gymkhana) bt Saurabh Ayyagari (Palazo) 69-68, 43-54, 58-19, 44-55, 46-4; Shivam Arora (Bihar) bt Jayant Sajgure (Deccan Gymkhana) 80-9, 50-15, 55-59, 67-44; Vitthal Dhamale (Deccan Gymkhana) bt Manoj Gadgil (Deccan Gymkhana) 32-70, 33-59, 68-57, 57-36, 62-25; Yogesh Lohiya (PYC) bt Mihir Gokhale (Deccan Gymkhana) 15-62, 53-21, 50-32, 54-38; Salman Mohammad (Aurangabad) bt Abhimanyu Gandhi (Gujarat) 55-54, 44-66, 55-22, 62-2; Akash Padalikar (AP’s) bt Vishal Kadam (PYC) 57-64, 68-25, 61-39, 38-61, 49-39; Gaurav Jaisinghani (Washi) bt Girish Dangat (AP’s) 62-60, 71-45, 57-14; Kaiwalya Chavan (Karad) bt Sahil Gadiya (Snook Club) 49-41, 54-21, 52-35; Vipin Premi (Lakhnow) bt Abhishek Soparkar (Thane) 29-45, 46-22, 54-16, 57-33.

    Patange, Sajgure score contrasting wins to make it to third round 

    Pune, July 14: Deccan Gymkhana cueists Gaurav Patange and Jayant Sajgure took different routes to make it to the third round of the Kumar Khandelwal Memorial Open Snooker tournament at the Deccan Gymkhana here on Monday. Patange defeated Rohit Sardeshmukh of Thane 50-32, 59-45, 74-38 in straight frames, while Sajgure lost one frame before closing the contest in four frames to beat Rohan Sakalkar, also of Deccan Gymkhana. Sajgure won the first frame 53-12 but lost the high-scoring second 48-80, but rallied brilliantly to take the next two 71-42, 35-47. In other matches, Sameer Bidwai was stretched to five frames by his fellow Trick Shots cueist Amit Dahale 73-37, 41-65, 53-48, 21-53, 47-13. Deccan Gymkhana’s Jaideep Khandekar defeated Mehul Laddad of Karad 57-9, 36-60, 61-65, 68-49, 62-38 to make it to the third round. 

    Results: Snooker (9-ball):

    Second Round: Sameer Bidwai (Trick Shots) bt Amit Dahale (Tirck Shots) 73-37, 41-65, 53-48, 21-53, 47-13; Jaideep Khandekar (Deccan Gymkhana) bt Mehul Laddad (Karad) 57-9, 36-60, 61-65, 68-49, 62-38; Gaurav Patange (Deccan Gymkhana) bt Rohit Sardehsmukh (Thane) 50-32, 59-45, 74-38; Sahil Gadiya (Snook Club) bt Abhishek Bora (Corner Pockets) 44-53, 71-35, 30-58, 65-1, 94-13; Sanker Mutha (Corner Pockets) bt Ashish Dagat (Trick Shots) 64-22, 64-56, 58-49; Jai Desai (Satara) bt Manoj Kadam (PYC) 56-35, 29-48, 48-31, 66-48; Jayant Sajgure (Deccan Gymkhana) bt Rohan Sakalkar (Deccan Gymkhana) 53-12, 48-80, 71-42, 35-47, 56-26; Anand Raghuwanshi (PYC) bt Bhupesh Thakur (Pimpari) 55-32, 49-26, 57-9; Akash Padalikar (AP’s) bt Vinay Jagtap (Cue Ball) 66-41, 56-25, 57-26.

    Vitthal Dhamale, Ajinkya Mehta score contrasting wins to make it to third round 

    Pune, July 13: Vitthal Dhamale and Ajinkya Mehta took different routes to make it to the third round of the Kumar Khandelwal Memorial Open Snooker tournament at the Deccan Gymkhana here on Sunday. The Deccan Gymkhana cueists had a great day cruising into the third round and their charge was led by Dhamale and Mehta. Up against Jawahar Mankar of AP’s Dhamale needed three straight frames to win even as the second became a close affair. Dhamale won 50-36, 54-48, 61-4. Mehta on the other hand had a face-off with Meher Bhagwagar of Mumbai and won the first two frame 72-40 and 50-44—the second going into the black ball decider. Mehta lost the third quite tamely 6-45 before taking control of the match and winning the fourth 65-30. In other matches, Siddharth Baran of Deccan Gymkhana beat Tejas Pawar of Trick Shots 41-46, 51-32, 61-35, 66-57 and Surendra Kataria, also of Deccan Gymkhana, overpowered Vivek Velhekar of AP’s 51-24, 61-20, 56-24.

     Results: Snooker (9-ball):

    Second Round: Vitthal Dhamale (Deccan Gymkhana) bt Jawahar Mankar (AP’s) 50-36, 54-48, 61-4; Chintamani Jadhav (Corner Pockets) bt Mahesh Paigude (AP’s) 44-67, 59-10, 67-21, 56-23; Surendra Kataria (Deccan Gymkhana) bt Vivek Velhekar (AP’s) 51-24, 61-20, 56-24; Vishal Kadam (PYC) bt Mandar Joshi (Palazo) 54-39, 48-43, 52-21; Dhiraj Adgale (Satara) bt Ajit Gindi (Deccan Gymkhana)  27-50, 59-12, 42-40, 47-17; Siddharth Baran (Deccan Gymkhana)  bt Tejas Pawar (Trick Shots) 41-46, 51-32, 61-35, 66-57; Mihir Gokhale (Deccan Gymkhana) bt Nikhil Lokhande (Satara) 54-5, 56-21, 47-8; Manoj Gadgil (Deccan Gymkhana) bt Bilal Siddaqui (Aurnagabad) 55-44, 32-56, 45-17, 54-45; Girish Dangat (AP’s) bt Pramod Badekar (Trick Shots) 51-16, 71-9, 56-32; Ajinkya Mehta (Deccan Gymkhana) bt Meher Bhagwagar (Mumbai) 72-40, 50-44, 6-45, 65-30.

    Adhav stays on course with two wins

    PUNE, July 12, 2014: Rajendra Adhav of Deccan Gymkhana won two matches in a row to enter the third round of the Kumar Khandelwal Memorial Open Snooker tournament at the Deccan Gymkhana, here on Saturday. Pitted against Mustafa Khozem (Mumbai, Adhav had no difficulty whatsoever to force a result in three straight frame 52-33, 54-40, 44-30. Later in the day, in a rare instance of returning to play another round, Adhav posted a fluent three frame win over Ninad Ghag of Tables 67-37, 55-38, 81-57. Adhav’s counterpart Siddharth Thembhe was however not lucky to move further into the competition. Taking on Gurjarat’s Johnson Narsidani, Thembhe fell into arrears by losing two frames on the trot. However, a fight back in the third (70-54) kept Thembhe in fray, but could not keep up the good work in the fourth to lose 54-35, 63-33, 54-70, 62-52.

    RESULTS Round 1:

    Amit Dahale (Trick Shots) bt Bharat Jain (Satara) 58-36, 72-42, 23-47, 58-50;

    Salman Mohammad (Aurangabad) bt Ganesh Chougule (Satara) 46-38, 54-06, 58-21;

    Rajendra Adhav (Deccan Gymkhana) bt Mustafa Khozem (Mum) 52-33, 54-40, 44-30;

    Chintamani Jadhav (Corner Pockets) bt Ashish Shah (Baroda) 56-34, 63-45, 15-55, 73-44;

    Johnson Narsidani (Guj) bt Yogesh Mori (Satara) 61-36, 57-30, 27-48, 65(58)-04;


    Johnson Narsidani (Guj) bt Siddharth Thembhe (Deccan Gymkhana) 54-35, 63-33, 54-70, 62-52;

    Rakesh Chordia (Nashik) bt Sachin Biche (AP’s) 04-59, 69-48, 41-48, 62-59, 72-65;

    Rajendra Adhav (Deccan Gymkhana) bt Ninad Ghag (Tables) 67-37, 55-38, 81-57;

    Sanu Matang (Corner Pockets) bt Luv Baricha (Mum) 65-19, 59-07, 73-07;

    Deccan’s Abdagiri makes it to third round 

    Pune, July 10: Deccan Gymkhana’s Amol Abdagiri scored a come from behind win to beat Satara’s Ganesh Jadhav and stormed into the third round of the Kumar Khandelwal Memorial Open Snooker tournament at the Deccan Gymkhana hereon ThursdayAbdagiri lost the first frame 41-50 in a close battle before winning the second 52-10, but the Satara cueist again got ahead by taking the third. The Deccan Gymkhana cueist, however, got his act together and took the next two to win 41-50, 52-10, 16-44, 69-10, 54-11. In the first round matches Rohan Sakalkar of Deccan Gymkhana needed five frames to get better of Nitin Jinzur of Snook Club. Sakalkar won 51-15, 53-26, 8-49, 30-56, 61-40. Surendra Kataria of Deccan Gymkhana defeated Nikhil Waanjari of Nashik 48-25, 51-39, 44-30 and Dhiraj Adgale of Satara blanked Hossain Khan of Snook Club 51-39, 64-15, 60-25.

     Results: Snooker (9-ball):

    Second Round: Amol Abdagiri (Deccan Gymkhana) bt Ganesh Jadhav (Satara) 41-50, 52-10, 16-44, 69-10, 54-11.

    First round: Surendra Kataria (Deccan Gymkhana) bt Nikhil Waanjari (Nashik) 48-25, 51-39, 44-30; Dhiraj Adgale (Satara) bt Hossain Khan (Snook Club) 51-39, 64-15, 60-25; Siddharth Shah (Mumbai) bt Kumar Shinde (Poona Club) 56-43, 44-64, 54-41, 59-16; Rohan Sakalkar (Deccan Gymkhana) bt Nitin Jinzure (Snook Club) 51-15, 53-26, 8-49, 30-56, 61-40.

    Mankar, Algude score hard-fought wins  

    Pune, July 9: Kiran Algude of Deccan Gymkhana and Jawahar Mankar of AP’s scored hard-fought wins to move into the second round of the Kumar Khandelwal Memorial Open Snooker tournament at the Deccan Gymkhana here on Wednesday. The home cueist was down by two frames playing against Rahul Sarda of Satara, but Algude found his lines on the green baize in time to make a recovery before winning 17-48, 40-57, 58-20, 63-16, 65-24. In another first round match, Jawahar Mankar defeated Sagar Khole of Satara 19-58, 77-39, 70-25, 21-59, 57-32, in yet another five-frame contest.

    Results: Snooker (9-ball):

    First round: Yogesh Lohiya (PYC) bt Parimal Barot (Thane) 57-34, 64-30, 49-27; Meherzad Bhagwagar (Mum) bt Sandip Jaju (Deecan Gymkhana) 25-49, 51-8, 57-38, 61-13; Jawahar Mankar (AP’s) bt Sagar Khole (Satara) 19-58, 77-39, 70-25, 21-59, 57-32; Rohit Sardehsmukh (Thane) bt Nikhil Navkhede (AP’s) 65-24, 45-33, 51-3; Kapil Panjabi (Poona Club) bt Sunil Algude (Trick Shots) 56-47, 60-49, 65-38; Vinay Jagtap (Cue Club) bt Neel Joshi (AP’s) 42-13, 66-10, 59-30; Bilal Siddaque (Aurangabad) bt Mohsin Khan (Horizon) 50-19, 75-27, 73-59; Kiran Algude (Deecan Gymkhana) bt Rahul Sarda (Satara) 17-48, 40-57, 58-20, 63-16, 65-24.

    Satara cueists Kurade, Ghodke score easy wins  

    Pune, July 7: Milind Kurade and Sagar Ghodke, both from Satara, scored easy first round wins over their Pune opponents and stormed into the second round, in the first round match of the Kumar Khandelwal Memorial Open Snooker tournament at the Deccan Gymkhana here on MondayKurade defeated Surendra Deshpande of Deccan Gymkhana 51-8, 62-38, 72-78, 61-56; while Ghodke triumphed over Pankaj Parmar of Poona Club in straight frames 70-69, 61-37, 74-60. In other first round action, Ajit Ginde of Deccan Gymkhana defeated Amit Lathe of Cue Snooker Destination 38-58, 47-35, 29-45, 60-28, 52-22. Deccan Gymkhana faced a reverse when Samar Chauhan of Cue Snooker Destination defeated Sanjeev Tatke 56-58, 53-33, 57-23, 59-45. 

    Results: Snooker (9-ball):

    First round: Ajit Gindi (Deccan Gymkhana) bt Amit Lathe (Cue Snooker Destination) 38-58, 47-35, 29-45, 60-28, 52-22; Samar Chauhan (Cue Snooker Destination) bt Sanjeev Tatke (Deccan Gymkhana) 56-58, 53-33, 57-23, 59-45; Girish Dangat (AP’s) bt Aniket Taware (Cue Time) 48-7, 62-17, 65-38; Rishi Ramaiya (RCBC) bt Amol Chavan (Cue Snooker Destination) 55-2, 52-14, 51-24; Taha Khan (Pallazo) bt Amey Tilak (Aurangabad) 55-19, 73-19, 71-30, 75-2; Nikhil Chavan (Trick Shots) bt Rana Kadolkar (PYC) 46-34, 48-57, 32-40, 71-11, 53-51; Mohan Jagtap (PYC) bt Mandar Joshi (Nashik) 28-50, 58-22, 55-42, 33-29; Sushil Rasal (Cue Snooker Destination) bt Suraj Rathi (Poona Club) 58-28, 56-67, 66-50, 70-51; Amogh Bandichode (Mumbai) bt Narendra Tilak (Aurangabad) 58-22, 63-53, 23-51, 59-19; Siddharth Baran (Deccan Gymkhana) bt Shri Pawar (Cue Snooker Destination) 56-42, 53-12, 60-32; Sagar Ghodke (Satara) bt Pankaj Parmar (Poona Club) 70-69, 61-37, 74-60; Milind Kurade (Satara) bt Surendra Deshpande (Deccan Gymkhana) 51-8, 62-38, 72-78, 61-56.

    Waghchure, Dharmadhikari win closely-fought duels 

    Pune, July 6: Santosh Dharmadhikari and Akshay Waghchure of Nashik scored identical 4-1 wins, but both were made to fight by their respective opponents in the 9-ball event, in the first round match of the Kumar Khandelwal Memorial Open Snooker tournament at the Deccan Gymkhana here on SundayWaghchure was up against Deccan Gymkhana’s Srivastav Shevde and won the first three frames before Shevde took the fourth and then trapped Waghchure in a safety-position. The Nashik cueist, however, held on to slight advantage and won the fifth frame 49-39. Dharmadhikari, on the other hand won the first frame and lost second on black ball 43-45, but he found his lines soon after and took the next three to win the first round match. In other matches, Sahil Gadiya of Snook Club beat Kunal Karanje of Horizon Club 63-21, 55-10, 36-54, 35-44, 59-22 and Vijay Ghule, also of Snook Club defeated Sagar Phapde of AP’s 71-58, 23-63, 42-14, 32-49, 59-32.

    Results: Snooker (9-ball):

    First round: Sagar Shelar (Deecan Gymkhana) bt Akshay Savarkar (Satara) 56-12, 75-24, 77-18; Vijay Ghule (Snook Club) bt Sagar Phapde (AP’s) 71-58, 23-63, 42-14, 32-49, 59-32; Santosh Dhamardhikari (Deecan Gymkhana) bt Ujwal Maraka (Karad) 65-40, 43-45, 66-22, 19-26, 75-59; Pramod Badekar (Tirck Short) bt Rajwardhan Joshi (PYC) 65-55, 24-53, 26-53, 46-38, 68-36; Mehul Laddale (Karad) bt Arun Barve (PYC) 59-49, 56-66, 57-12, 66-62; Adwait Lohakare (Tirck Short) bt Abhijit Chavan 43-22, 47-14, 56-20; Jayant Sajgure (Deecan Gymkhana) bt Nikhil Munde (Trick Shot) 76-59, 58-15, 32-65, 62-9; Yogi More (Cue Club) bt Sushrut Kale (Karad) 56-26, 49-29, 70-28; Akshay Waghchure (Nashik) bt Srivastav Shevde (Deccan Gymkhana) 53-60, 59-36, 61-53, 19-63, 49-39; Sahil Gadiya (Snook Club) bt Kunal Karanje (Horizon Club) 63-21, 55-10, 36-54, 35-44, 59-22.

    Arora, Raghuvanshi qualify for main draw in billiards 

    Pune, July 5: National player Shivam Arora and Anand Raghuvanshi of Deccan Gymkhana scored second round wins and qualified for the main draw of billiards event in the Kumar Khandelwal Memorial Open Billiards tournament at the Deccan Gymkhana here on Saturday. Raghuvanshi defeated Dr Dixit 247-174, while Arora got the better of Sushrut Pandiya of Mumbai 416-252 to earn their berths in the main draw.  Anupam Jha and Abhijit Ranade, team members for Deccan Gymkhana ‘A’ team in the just concluded RWITC Snooker Team event, were pitted against each other here. Jha scored 338-319 closely-fought win to make the grade. Also making it to the main draw were Sagar Shelar, Satish Karad, Vignesh Sangavi, Pankaj Khatri, Nishad Chougule, Yogesh Lohiya, Srivastav Shevde and Samar Khandelwal. The main comprises of top national players such as Devendra Joshi, Aditya Agarwal, Siddharth Parekh and Dilip Kumar, who have been given direct entry into the main draw. Deccan Gymkhana cueists excel In the snooker tournament which began on Saturday, Deccan Gymkhana cueists held sway and won their first round matches. Sushil Dhonsale defeated Rajesh Agarwal 58-15, 55-25, 80-17 in straight frames; Amol Abdagiri got the better of Ajay Vanjare of New Club 61-59, 37-50, 55-20, 59-37 and Jayant Sajgure won over Nikhil Munde 76-59, 58-15, 65-72, 68-9 in an all- Deccan Gymkhana clash.

     Results: Billiards (90-minute time format):

     Second Round: Anand Raghuwanshi (PYC) bt Dr Dixit 247-174; Yogesh Lohiya (PYC) bt Rajendra Adhav (Deccan Gymkhana) 272-222; Vignesh Sangavi (Poona Club) bt Ajinkya Mehta (Deccan Gymkhana) 322-196; Shivam Arora bt Sushrut Pandiya (Mumbai) 416-252; Anupam Jha (Deecan Gymkhana bt Abhjit Ranade (Deccan Gymkhana) 338-319.

     Snooker: Knockout Round 1: Best of 5 Frames:

    Sushil Dhonsale (Deccan Gymkhana) bt Rajesh Agarwal (9 ball) 58-15, 55-25, 80-17; Amol Abdagiri (Deccan Gymkhana) bt Ajay Vanjare (New Club) 61-59, 37-50, 55-20, 59-37; Jayant Sajgure (Deccan Gymkhana) bt Nikhil Munde (Deccan Gymkhana) 76-59, 58-15, 65-72, 68-9; Ganesh Jadhav (Satara) bt Krish Gurubakshani (Khar Gymkhana, Mumbai) 32-58, 32-51, 69-32, 61-38, 59-20.

    Shevale scores big in all-Deccan Gymkhana clash 

    Pune, July 4: Srivastava Shevale scored big breaks and played a fast game as did his competitor Prashant Pawar before the former emerged winner in the all-Deccan Gymkhana second round clash in the Kumar Khandelwal Memorial Open Billiards tournament at the Deccan Gymkhana here on Friday. Shevale posted 675-345 win to storm into the third round in the so far highest-scoring contest of the tournament. In other second round matches, Pankaj Khatri of Nashik defeated Yash Deshpande of Deccan Gymkhana 279-236, while Satish Karad of Deccan Gymkhana got the better of Rana Kadolkar of PYC Hindu Gymkhana 310-180.

     Results: Billiards (90-minute time format):

    Second Round: Pankaj Khatri (Nashik) bt Yash Deshpande (Deccan Gymkhana) 279-236; Satish Karad (Deccan Gymkhana) bt Rana Kadolkar (PYC) 310-180; Srivastva Shevale (Deccan Gymkhana) bt Prashant Pawar (Deccan Gymkhana) 675-345.


    First round: Anand Raghuwanshi (PYC) bt Sudhakar More (Deccan Gymkhana) 297-100; Sushrut Pandiya (PJ Hindu Gymkhana, Mumbai) bt Rajwardhan Joshi (PYC) 355-312; Abhijit Ranade (Deccan Gymkhana) bt Salil Deshpande (PYC) 248-119; Shivam Arora bt Akash Padalikar (AP’s) 434-285; Kumar Shinde (Poona Club) bt Amol Abdagiri (Deccan Gymkhana) 329-225.

    Shelar cruises in third round beating Tatke 


    Pune, July 2: Sagar Shelar assimilated a break of 51 in beating Sanjeev Tatke 377-214 in an all-Deccan Gymkhana second round clash in the Kumar Khandelwal Memorial Open Billiards tournament at the Deccan Gymkhana here on Wednesday. In the matches being played over 90-minutes, Shelar held his firm and that half-century break helped him score a comprehensive win. In the first round matches Arun Barve defeated Ashay Shekatkar 241-170 in an all-PYC Hindu Gymkhana clash, while Ajinkya Mehta of Deccan Gymkhana beat Ashok Shetty of PYC 264-193. Deccan Gymkhana cueists held sway on the second day too with Rajendra Adhav winning over Mahesh Kulkarni of Nashik 231-124 including a break of 51.


    Billiards (90-minute time format):

    Second round: Sagar Shelar (Deccan Gymkhana) bt Sanjeev Tatke (Deccan Gymkhana) 377 (51)-214.


    First round: Arun Barve (PYC) bt Ashay Shekatkar (PYC) 241-170; Ajinkya Mehta (Deccan Gymkhana) bt Ashok Shetty (PYC) 264-193; Rajendra Adhav (Deccan Gymkhana) bt Mahesh Kulkarni (Nashik) 231 (51)-124; Sushil Dhonsale (Deccan Gymkhana) bt Arun Karnik (Deccan Gymkhana) 339-159

    Deccan Gymkhana cueists rule on Day 1

    Pune, July 1: Sanjay Tatke of Deccan Gymkhana defeated Chintamani Jadhav of Corner Pockets to give his club a sweeping win on the first day of the Kumar Khandelwal Memorial Open Billiards tournament at the Deccan Gymkhana here on Tuesday. Being played on 90-minute time format, Tatke beat Jadhav 280-216 assimilating his round with red pots and canons. In other matches, all between Deccan Gymkhana players, Anupam Jha, Sagar Shelar and Satish Karad won. Earlier, Rahul Khandelwal, Director of Tileart, inaugurated the tournament.


    Billiards (90-minute time format): Anupam Jha (Deccan Gymkhana) bt Surendra Deshpande (Deccan Gymkhana) 201-108; Sagar Shelar (Deccan Gymkhana) bt Ashley D’souza (Deccan Gymkhana) 365-80; Satish Karad (Deccan Gymkhana) bt Subhash Dixit (Deccan Gymkhana) 292-231; Sanjay Tatke (Deccan Gymkhana) bt Chintamani Jadhav (Corner Pockets) 280-216.

    Contact :


    Mr. Satish Karad : 9561596597