PYC – Guardian Pune Snooker Ranking June 2014
12 June 2014 to 18 June 2014

Winner Abhijit Ranade

  • Venue

    PYC Hindu Gymkhana

    766 Bhandarkar Road, Pune 411004.

  • Game Format

    Knock Out

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    Mr. Salil Deshpande : 9822064230
    Mr. Arun Barve
    Mr. Ashok Shetty
    Mr. Vishal Malhotra

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    PYC- Guardian Pune Snooker Ranking June 2014
     Snooker 12-06-2014 to 18-06-2014 Rules & Regulations



    Ranade wins Snooker ranking tournament

    Pune, June 18: Top seeded Abhijit Ranade of Deccan Gymkhana made easy work of Poona Club’s Sherry Singh to win in straight four frames and clinch the title in the inaugural PYC-Guardian Snooker Ranking Tournament at the PYC Hindu Gymkhana on Wednesday. In a match that lasted two-and-a-half hours, Ranade, who also had an easy semifinal win in the morning, used his reserve energy to race through the final, winning it 78-38, 67-36, 77-38, 68-26. In the semifinal, Ranade defeated host cueist Yogesh Sharma, the eighth seed, assimilating two good breaks of 51 and 78 before winning 66-58, 64 (51)-22, 82-46, 82 (78)-22; On the other hand, Sherry Singh was completely out of sorts after having made to go through 6-hour-marathon semifinal against unseeded Samar Khandelwal of Deccan Gymkhana.The match went to seven frames with Khandelwal winning the first, third and sixth frame putting Sherry into corner every time he tried to wriggle out from it. Sherry finally won 52-58, 66-58, 42-52, 64-52, 72-24, 40-52, 71-26 in just over six hours and almost went straight into playing the final. Former cricketer Sanjay Date and the Secretary of the Billiards and Snooker Association of Maharashtra Salil Deshpande gave away the prizes. 


    Final: 1-Abhijit Ranade (Deccan Gymkhana) bt Sherry Singh (Poona Club) 78-38, 67-36, 77-38, 68-26.

    Semi-final: 1-Abhijit Ranade (Deccan Gymkhana) bt 8-Yogesh Sharma (PYC) 66-58, 64 (51)-22, 82-46, 82 (78)-22;

    Sherry Singh (Poona Club) bt Samar Khandelwal (Deccan Gymkhana) 52-58, 66-58, 42-52, 64-52, 72-24, 40-52, 71-26.

    Khandelwal scores upset win over Gadgil; makes it to semifinals Snooker ranking tournament

    Pune, June 17: Unseeded Samar Khandelwal of Deccan Gymkhana scored an upset win over fifth-seeded Manoj Gadgil of AP’s in four frames to storm into the semifinals of the inaugural PYC-Guardian Snooker Ranking Tournament at the PYC Hindu Gymkhana on Tuesday. Khandelwal raced to 2-0 lead against Gadgil before he lost the third, but the Deccan Gymkhana cueist snapped up the fourth to win his deserved semifinal berth. He won 59-30, 54-38, 33-63, 59-35. Top seeded Abhijit Ranade, also of Deccan Gymkhana, shut out seventh seed Kumar Shinde of Poona Club 65-58, 87-36, 47-59, 72-34 in the first quarterfinal face-off. PYC Hindu Gymkhana’s Yogesh Sharma, the eighth seeded, too made it to the semifinals with a 68-34, 58-51, 39-66, 69-29 win over fellow PYV cueist Rajwardhan Joshi. In the bottom half of the draw, Sherry Singh of Poona Club defeated Sonu Matang of Corner Pockets 57-27, 85-52, 29-58, 82-19 to complete the semifinal lineup. The final will be played on Wednesday at 1:30 pm in a best-of-7-frame format. 


    Quarterfinals: 1-Abhijit Ranade (Deccan Gymkhana) bt 7-Kumar Shinde (Poona Club) 65-58, 87-36, 47-59, 72-34; Samar Khandelwal (Deccan Gymkhana) bt 5-Manoj Gadgil (AP’s) 59-30, 54-38, 33-63, 59-35; 8-Yogesh Sharma (PYC) bt Rajwardhan Joshi (PYC) 68-34, 58-51, 39-66, 69-29; Sherry Singh (Poona Club) bt Sonu Matang (Corner Pockets) 57-27, 85-52, 29-58, 82-19. 

    Pre-Quarterfinals: 1-Abhijit Ranade (Deccan Gymkhana) bt Sameer Bidwai 43-54, 45-36, 22-59, 75-46, 61-28; 8-Yogesh Sharma (PYC) bt Abhishek Bora (Corner Pockets) 31-57, 32-64, 45-30, 80-44, 57-41; Sonu Matang (Corner Pocket) bt 6-Akash Padalikar (AP’s) 20-52, 60-17, 27-60, 75-45, 70-38; Samar Khandelwal (Deccan Gymkhana) bt 3-Aditya Deshpande (PYC) 52-42, 33-68, 53-32, 65-15.

    Rajwardhan scores upset win over Zubin in Snooker ranking tournament

    Pune, June 15: PYC Hindu Gymkhana cueist Rajwardhan Joshi caused a major upset when he knocked out fourth seeded Zubin Registrar of Turf Club and stormed into the pre-quarterfinals of the inaugural PYC-Guardian Snooker Ranking Tournament at the PYC Hindu Gymkhana on Sunday.

    Joshi lost the first frame, but he composed himself to take the next two before Zubin evened the scored by taking the fourth. In the decider, Joshi scored heavily at the start to compile quick points before closing the match in two hours and 45 minutes for a well-deserving win. Joshi won 42-66, 62-32, 69-47, 23-69, 73-47.

    Sixth seeded Akash Padalikar of AP’s, however, survived Mihir Gokhale’s resilience to win 55-17, 32-46, 7-59, 62-46, 63-7. In another marathon match, Corner Pockets’ Abhishek Bora defeated Yogesh Lohiya of PYC Hindu Gymkhana 57-26, 19-58, 59-70, 66-40, 55-45.


    Second Round: Sherry Singh (Poona Club) bt Vishal Malhotra (PYC) 78-00, 63(60)-9, 59-19; Rajwardhan Joshi (PYC) bt 4-Zubin Registrar (Turf Club) 42-66, 62-32, 69-47, 23-69, 73-47; Sachin Sancheti (PYC) bt Chaitanya Halbe (Palazo) 71-33, 57-25, 61-34; 6-Akash Padalikar (AP’s) bt Mihir Gokhale (Deccan Gymkhana) 55-17, 32-46, 07-59, 62-46, 63-7; Sahil Gadiya (Deccan Gymkhana) bt bt Yogesh Pawar (Club Palazo) 50-60, 60-42, 48-23, 40-38; Sameer Bidwai bt Gaurav Patange (Deccan Gymkhana) 61-18, 50-59, 63-25, 61-08; Samar Khadelwal (Deccan) bt Vishal Kadam (PYC) 83-49, 60-33, 21-53, 92-0; 8-Yogesh Sharma (PYC) bt Pankaj Parmar (Poona Club) 63-23, 54-26, 65-25; Abhishek Bora (Corner Pockets) bt Yogesh Lohiya (PYC) 57-26, 19-58, 59-70, 66-40, 55-45.

    Mihir, Yogesh and Manoj rally to win in snooker ranking tournament

    Pune, June 14: Mihir Gokhale of Deccan Gymkhana, Yogesg Sharma of Corner Pockets and Manoj Kadam of PYC Hindu Gymkhana scored come from behind wins in the first round contests in the inaugural PYC-Guardian Snooker Ranking Tournament at the PYC Hindu Gymkhana here on Saturday. Mihir lost the first frame 27-67 and then survived in the second by winning it on black ball before taking lead in the third against Manoj Bari of Palajo. Mihir won 27-67, 48-42, 53-40, 47-68, 61-57.Yogesh Sharma too lost the first frame against Naresh Ahir of New Club 38-62 before making a comeback. He took the next three frames 52-36, 58-18, 50-78, 77-16 only losing in the fourth.  Manoj Kadam defeated Bupesh Takur of Pimpri 44-46, 67-24, 69-40, 56-70, 64-31.


    First round: Gaurav Patange (Deccan Gymkhana) bt Ranjit Pande (PYC) 53-19, 38-5, 61-10; Pankaj Parmar (Poona Club) bt Arun Barve (PYC) 16-63, 42-26, 59-22, 61-47; Mihir Gokhale (Deccan Gymkhana) bt Manoj Bari (Palajo) 27-67, 48-42, 53-40, 47-68, 61-57; Akash Padalikar (AP’s) bt Ajay Vanzare (New Club) 79-46, 47-30, 63-14; Chaitanya Halbe (Palajo) bt Udyan Bhagwat (PYC) 49-40, 78-35, 59-19; Yogesh Sharma (Corner Pockets) bt Naresh Ahir (New Club) 38-62, 52-36, 58-18, 50-78, 77-16; Manoj Kadam (PYC) bt Bupesh Takur (Pimpri) 44-46, 67-24, 69-40, 56-70, 64-31; Yogesh Lohiya (PYC) bt Madhav Joshi (Deccan Gymkhana) 69-55, 84-39, 83-46; Sachin Sancheti (PYC) bt Rana Kadolkar (PYC) 56-46, 57-38, 67-30; Manoj Gadgil (Deccan Gymkhana) bt Alex Rego (Horizon) 20-61, 61-14, 44-55, 40-35, 83-64; Abhishek Bora (Corner Pockets) bt Darshan Gajbhiye (AP’s) 70-41, 64-34, 45-43.

    Salil, Rajwardhan win for PYC in ranking snooker

    Pune, June 13: Seasoned Salil Deshpande and Rajwardhan Joshi scored first round wins for PYC Hindu Gymkhana to move into the second round, in the PYC-Guardian Snooker Ranking tournament here on Friday. Deshpande was at his best against fellow PYC player Deepak Sabnis winning 57044, 58-47, 56-8, but Joshi was made to work hard for his win in five full frames. Playing against Santosh Dharmadhikari of Deccan Gymkhana, Joshi traded points till the fourth frame before finding his line and touch to close in for the deserving win. Joshi won 50-17, 56-62, 53-8, 20-54, 60-29 after having lost the second frame in a contest that was decided on the black-ball. Yogesh Lohiya, also of PYC, beat Madhav Joshi of AP’s Academy to move forward with a straight-frame win 69-55, 84-39, 83-46.


    First round: Yogesh Lohiya (PYC) bt Madhav Joshi (AP’s) 69-55, 84-39, 83-46; Sahil Gadia (AP’s) bt Mohan Jagtap (PYC) 64-34, 39-49, 44-31, 37-63, 53-37; Yogi More (AP’s) bt Ashok Shetty (PYC) 56-43, 49-56, 60-47, 53-41; Kumar Shinde (Poona Club) bt Vishal Panchal (New Club) 58-33, 57-38, 49-12; Zubin Registrar (Turf Club) bt Tejas Pawar (TSHS) 65-22, 26-54, 59-17, 62-20; Salil Deshapnde (PYC) bt Deepak Sabnis (PYC) 57-44, 58-47, 56-8; Samer Bidwai (TSHS) bt Amar Raikar (AP’s) 57-22, 50-21, 66-40; Rajwardhan Joshi (PYC) Santosh Dharmardhikari (Deccan Gymkhana) 50-17, 56-62, 53-8, 20-54, 60-29.

    Ninad, Samar score interesting wins in snooker ranking tournament Pune,

    June 12, 2014: Ninad Ghag of Tables and Samar Khandelwal of Deccan Gymkhana scored contrasting wins after both went through an intriguing frame that went to the wire, in the first round matches in the inaugural PYC-Guardian Snooker Ranking Tournament at the PYC Hindu Gymkhana here on Thursday.

    Ninad was up against Siddharth Tembe of Deccan Gymkhana and in the first frame itself the game went to the distance before he won it on black ball, winning the frame 59-54. Ninad wrapped up next two frames 46-34, 52-43 to make it to the second round.

    In contrast, Samar Khandelwal of Deccan Gymkhana raced to 2-0 lead winning the first two frames 54-24, 63-25 before his opponent Sachin Biche made a comeback.

    The third frame went to black-ball decider which Sachin won 51-49, but Samar took the fourth 61-34 to win the match.

    Earlier, National Basketball player Shirin Limaye and the Chief Marketing Office of Guardian Corporation, Kajal Malik, inaugurated the tournament.


    First Round:

    Vishal Kadam (PYC) bt Jawahar Mankar (AP’s Club) 58-26, 72-37, 71-23; Satish Karad (Deccan Gymkhana) bt Suyash Mulbagal (Deccan Gymkhana) 54-45, 39-31, 56-23; Ninad Ghag (Tables) bt Siddharth Tembe (Deccan Gymkhana) 59-54, 46-34, 52-43; Girish Dangat (AP’s Club) bt Amol Abdagiri (Deccan Gymkhana) 55-37, 38-28, 58-49; Samar Khandelwal (Deccan Gymkhana) bt Sachin Biche 54-24, 63-25, 49-51, 61-34.


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    Mr. Salil Deshpande : 9822064230
    Mr. Arun Barve 
    Mr. Ashok Shetty
    Mr. Vishal Malhotra