Citilights Radio Club All India Open Handicap Snooker & Invitation Billiards Tournament 2014
18 April 2014 to 10 May 2014

Left Winner Shakil Ahmed & Runner up Mukund Bharadia

  • Venue

    The Bombay Presidency Radio Club Ltd.

    157, Arthur Road,
    Mumbai - 400 005

    Tel : 228451521 / 23

  • Entry Fees

    Rs. 650 /-

  • Price Money

    WINNER 50,000 25,000
    RUNNER UP 30,000 15,000
    SEMI FINALIST 15,000 (each) 8,000 (each)
    QUARTER FINALIST 5,000 (each) 5,000 (each)

    (Depending on entries & Collection we may

    give a prize to the pre - quarter finalist as well)



    5,000/- for Handicap 0f - 5 to +25 

    5,000/- for handicap  of +30 & Above



  • Description

    Citilights Radio Club All India Open Handicap Snooker

    & Invitation Billiards Tournament

    Handicap Snooker 18-04-2014   to 10-5-2014 Draw Result
    Invitation Billiards 04 - 5-2014  to 06-5-2014 Draw Result



    Parikh snatches billiards crown in thriller

    Former Railways champion Siddharth Parikh survived a late scare and snatched a nail-biting 3-2 win to help himself to the billiards crown, in the Citilights Radio Club All India Open Handicap Snooker & Invitation Billiards Tournament. Parikh, who fired the tournament’s highest break, an unfinished 153 against senior state selection champion Arun Agrawal in the semi-finals, got off to a dream start against formidable world bronze medallist Ashok Shandilya that included another unfinished break of 150 in the second frame for a 2-0 lead. The seasoned Shandilya ignored the early setback and lived up to his reputation with a spectacular recovery that forced the decider in a mouth-watering 150-up best-of-five frames final. Treating the audience to vintage billiards, the never-say-die Shandilya brought the championship round to life in the crucial fourth frame while staring at certain defeat. Parikh needed just seven points to take away the frame and title while leading 143-107 when he muffed a sitter red pot. Shandilya brought all his experience to the fore and forced Parikh to rue the blemish with a stunning break of 43 to stretch the tie into the final frame. Parikh surged to a substantial 134-51 lead in the decider, aided by significant breaks, before Shandilya issued another threat when he fired a worthy break of 67 to narrow the margin to 134-118. As Shandilya closed in, both missed opportunities until Parikh embraced his chance to win the frame by a narrow 14 points in a tight finish.

    Result: Billiards (Final): Siddharth Parikh (CCI) bt Ashok Shandilya (Rlys) 150-111, 150(150unf)-4, 40-150, 143-150, 150-136.

    Shakil Ahmed wins snooker title

    Veteran Shakil Ahmed of Kolkata fashioned a thrilling 3-2 win to snatch the snooker title, in the Citilights Radio Club All India Open Handicap Snooker & Invitation Billiards Tournament.Twice in arrears, Railway cueist Ahmed rallied to a 75-96, 97-59, 71-107, 96-60, 92-62 championship round win over Mukund Bharadia of Cue Masters Academy, Dahisar.

    Ahmed dropped the opening frame and trailed 1-2 before snatching the crucial fourth and forcing the decider where he held on to a vital lead to take the frame and match away.

    “It was a close final. My opponent played well. I capitalized on my chances especially in the fourth and fifth frames where I got leads that proved decisive,” said Ahmed.

    Ahmed earned a winner’s prize of Rs. 50,000, while Bharadia received Rs. 30,000.

    Result: Snooker (Final): 75-96, 97-59, 71-107, 96-60, 92-62.

    Ahmed enters snooker final 

    Shakil Ahmed of Kolkata and Mukund Bharadia of Mumbai registered contrasting wins to set up the snooker title clash, in the Citilights Radio Club All India Open Handicap Snooker & Invitation Billiards Tournament on Sunday. 

    While Bharadia of Cue Masters Academy ended the winning streak of Vashi lad Kartikeya Sharma with a 4-0 win in the best-of-seven frames semi-finals, Railway cueist Ahmed rallied from 1-2 and 2-3 to snatch a 4-3 thriller that also ended the winning run of Radio Club cueist Rahul Bhatnagar in the other semi-final. 

    Ahmed won the crucial sixth frame by a narrow margin that forced the decider and changed his fortunes as he went on to surge to a vital lead in the final frame and held on.

    Results: Snooker: Semi-Finals: Mukund Bharadia (CMA) bt Kartikeya Sharma (Vashi) 95-40, 103(40)-51, 118-92, 101-98; Shakil Ahmed (Kol) bt Rahul Bhatnagar (Radio Club) 78-92, 96-54, 91-48, 83-107, 96-105, 86-77, 95-60. 

    Kartikeya rallies to enter semis 

    Kartikeya Sharma of Vashi rallied to a 4-3 thriller to storm into the semi-finals, in the Citilights Radio Club All India Open Handicap Snooker & Invitation Billiards Tournament on Saturday. Trailing 1-3 and staring at defeat after narrowly dropping the first, second and fourth frames, Sharma initiated a late burst to rattle the well-set Anees Jumani of the host club as he snatched three frames in a row with relative ease to take the match away in a riveting best-of-seven quarter-final. Sharma set up a last four clash with Mukund Bharadia of Cue Masters Academy who shocked compatriot Vishal Vaya 4-0. Kolkata’s Shakeel Ahmed of Railways and Rahul Bhatnagar of Radio Club will contest the other semi-final. Ahmed halted Manav Panchal of Malabar Hill Club 4-2, while Bhatnagar continued his winning streak with a 4-1 win over CMA’s Kushal Galaiya.

    Results: Snooker: Quarter-Finals: Rahul Bhatnagar (Radio Club) bt Khushal Galaiya (CMA) 102-67, 104-66, 97-84, 74-103, 107-97; Shakeel Ahmed (Kol) bt Manav Panchal (Malabar Hill Club) 88-78, 86-64, 89-55, 65-91, 61-107, 87-45; Mukund Bharadia (CMA) bt Vishal Vaya (CMA) 82-65, 95-47, 102-41, 93-45; Kartikeya Sharma (Vashi) bt Anees Jumani (Radio Club) 74-87, 74-85, 85-59, 89-98, 80-55, 93-51, 92-73.

    Panchal escapes to victory 

    Seasoned Manav Panchal escaped to a thrilling 3-2 win to storm into the snooker quarter-finals, in the Citilights Radio Club All India Open Handicap Snooker & Invitation Billiards Tournament on Friday. Playing with a +25 handicap Panchal surprising fell behind early when he trailed 0-2 against Neville Razmi of the host club, in the best-of-five frames pre-quarter-finals. Dark horse Razmi, playing with a +55 handicap, was in a good position to fashion what would have been a significant upset. But he buckled under pressure, as Panchal forced the decider with a stunning recovery.Razmi frittered another golden opportunity when he led by a slender 17 points in the fifth and final frame after potting three blacks. To his dismay he forfeited 18 points via the foul-and-miss that allowed Panchal the leeway to take away the frame and match in the most absorbing duel. In other pre-quarter-final ties, Kolkata-based Railway cueist Shakeel Ahmed upset Siddharth Parikh and Rahul Bhatnagar of Radio Club extended his winning streak with a win over fancied Kunal Rokade of Thane.

    Results: Snooker: Pre-Quarter-Finals: Anees Jumani (Radio Club) bt Mehernosh Billimoria (Bombay Gym) 81-100, 123-88, 106-74, 111-70; Mukund Bharadia (CMA) bt Rajwardhan Joshi (Elphinstone CC) 118-51, 102-101, 60-89, 103-67; Khushal Galaiya (CMA) bt Amit Thakkar (Matunga Gym) 112-100, 59-104, 110-76, 111-96; Rahul Bhatnagar (Radio Club) bt Kunal Rokade (Thane) 46-110, 103-63, 109-86, 106-83; Shakeel Ahmed (Kol) bt Siddhart Parikh (CCI) 97-10, 62-89, 73-17, 71-30; Manav Panchal (Malabar Hill Club) bt Neville Razmi (Radio Club) 61-101, 70-91, 105-86, 90-81, 109-67; Kartikeya Sharma (Vashi) bt Siddharth Shah (Elphinstone CC) 78-101, 117-71, 93-55, 108-76; Vishal Vaya (CMA) bt Yash Jain (Byculla) 83-72, 89-49, 99-69.

    Rajwardhan stuns Ronnie

    Upcoming junior Rajwardhan Joshi shocked seasoned Ronnie Daruwalla to storm into the pre-quarter-finals, in the Citilights Radio Club All India Open Handicap Snooker & Invitation Billiards Tournament on Thursday. Joshi of Elphinstone Cricket Club kicked off a riveting day of thrilling encounters, most of which went down to the wire, with a 3-2 win over Daruwalla for one of the biggest upsets in the competition. Joshi surged to a surprise 2-1 lead after dropping the opening frame in the best-of-five contest before Daruwalla forced the decider and lost his way. Joshi triggered off an ominous day for the favourites as Yash Jain of Byculla extended his winning streak with a shock 3-2 win over Marzdi Kalyaniwala of Bombay Gymkhana. Jain, the find of the tournament, also led 2-1 after recovering from the loss of the opening frame and won the decider by a whisker at 92-73. The other cueists who entered the pre-quarter-finals via 3-2 verdicts were, Khushal Galaiya of Cue Masters Academy, Amit Thakkar of Matunga Gymkhana, Rahul Bhatnagar of Radio Club who upset Aditya Agrawal, Siddharth Shah of Elphinstone Cricket Club and Kartikeya Sharma of Vashi.

    Results: Snooker: Round of 32: Khushal Galaiya (CMA) bt Vilas Upsham (Vashi) 3-2; Amit Thakkar (Matunga Gym) bt Prabdeep Singh (MIG) 3-2; Kunal Rokade Thane) bt Merzi Screwala (Radio Club) 3-0; Rahul Bhatnagar (Radio Club) bt Aditya Agrawal (PJ Hindu Gym) 3-2; Siddharth Parikh (CCI) bt Nikhil Sapre (Dadar Club) 3-1;  Neville Razmi (Radio Club) bt Devesh Gangwani (North Indian Assn) 3-1; Manav Panchal (Malabar Hill Club) bt Ajinkya Yelve (Radio Club) 3-1; Siddharth Shah (Elphinstone CC) bt Prathamesh Sawant (Thane) 3-2; Kartikeya Sharma (Vashi) bt Karan Mangat (Vashi) 3-2; Anees Jumani (Radio Club) bt Yogesh Sharma (Pune) 3-0; Mehernosh Billimoria (Bombay Gym) bt Arun Kumar (Thane) 3-1; Mukund Bharadia (CMA) bt Gaurav Prabhu (MIG) 3-0; Rajwardhan Joshi (Elphinstone CC) bt Ronnie Daruwalla (PJ Hindu Gym) 3-2; Vishal Vaya (CMA) bt Nitesh Madan (Rlys) 3-1; Yash Jain (Byculla) bt Marzdi Kalyaniwala (Bombay Gym) 3-2.

    Parikh, Shandilya in billiards final

    Dhruv Sitwala shocked

    World bronze medallist Ashok Shandilya and former Railways champion Siddharth Parikh registered impressive semi-final wins to set up a billiards title clash, in the Citilights Radio Club All India Open Handicap Snooker & Invitation Billiards Tournament on Wednesday. Shandilya overcame state selection junior champion Jaiveer Dhingra 3-0 that included breaks of 96 and 99, while Parikh halted state selection senior champion Arun Agrawal 3-1 after dropping the second frame in the 150-up best-of-five frames contest. Parikh’s effort included a brilliant unfinished break of 153, the highest in the competition that eclipsed Nalin Patel’s 119, in the third frame and missed a century break in the fourth by just three points to seal the issue against Agrawal. Parikh was the toast of the day when earlier he shocked twice world runner-up Dhruv Sitwala 3-0 in the quarter-finals for the competition’s biggest upset. Parikh survived an intense opening two frames in the 150-up best-of-five contest as Sitwala faltered and lost by just five points the opening frame he should have won and bungled again in the second frame in which he had two opportunities to keep his hopes alive. In other quarter-final matches, Arun Agrawal overcame Nalin Patel of Bombay Gymkhana 3-0 that included a break of 95 which ended when Agrawal missed a red pot that rattled the jaw, while Dhingra prevailed over Aditya Agrawal 3-1. 

    Results: SF: Ashok Shandilya (Rlys) bt Jaiveer Dhingra (PJ Hindu Gym) 3-0; Siddharth Parikh (PJ Hindu Gym) bt Arun Agrawal (Matunga Gym) 3-1. QF: Arun Agrawal (Matunga Gym) bt Nalin Patel (Bombay Gym) 3-0; Siddharth Parikh (PJ Hindu Gym) bt Dhruv Sitwala (PJ Hindu Gym) 3-0; Jaiveer Dhingra bt Aditya Agrawal (Rlys) 3-

    Sitwala survives scare 

    Twice world runner-up Dhruv Sitwala snatched a pulsating decider and recorded back-to-back wins to sneak into the billiards quarter-finals, in the Citilights Radio Club All India Open Handicap Snooker & Invitation Billiards Tournament on Tuesday. Playing his opening Group B match against Kolkata based Railway cueist Shakeel Ahmed, Sitwala utilized his vast experience to stage a spectacular recovery from a 0-2 deficit in the 150-up best-of-five frames round robin. Buoyed by the narrow escape, Sitwala returned to beat Marzi Screwala of Radio Club and junior state selection champion Jaiveer Dhingra via identical 3-0 margins to top the group, where Dhingra finished second to qualify. In a similar thriller, Aditya Agrawal snatched a crucial 3-2 win over V. ‘Raja’ Subramanian of Matunga Gymkhana to qualify for the quarter-finals from Group D along with Nalin Patel of Bombay Gymkhana. Trailing 0-2, Agrawal initiated a brilliant recovery to force the decider and snatched the final frame and match by just eight points in a nail-biting finish. Aditya’s father, senior state selection champion Arun Agrawal overcame world bronze medallist Devendra Joshi 3-1 to top Group C, where Joshi finished second to qualify for the quarter-finals. Agrawal fired a break of 94, while Joshi hit 83. 

    Results: Round Robin: Group B: Dhruv Sitwala (PJ Hindu Gym) bt Shakeel Shakeel Ahmed (Rlys) 3-2; Dhruv Sitwala bt Marzi Screwala (Radio Club) 3-0; Dhruv Sitwala bt Jaiveer Dhingra 3-0. 

    Group C: Arun Agrawal (Matunga Gym) bt Devendra Joshi (PSPB) 3-1; Malkeet Singh (CCI) bt Vicky Jagtiani (Radio Club) 3-0.

    Group D: Aditya Agrawal (Rly) bt V. ‘Raja’ Subramanian (Matunga Gym) 3-2; Aditya Agrawal bt Nalin Patel (Bombay Gym) 3-0. 

    Joshi, Shandilya in quarters

    World bronze medallists Devendra Joshi and Ashok Shandilya won back-to-back ties to qualify for the billiards quarter-finals, in the Citilights Radio Club All India Open Handicap Snooker & Invitation Billiards Tournament on Monday.  The elite cueists kicked off their campaigns in the billiards competition with a delightful treat of big breaks, the highest coming from the man in form Nalin Patel of Bombay Gymkhana who fired 119 in his second Group D tie in which he beat V. ‘Raja’ Subramanian of Matunga Gymkhana 3-0. Earlier, Patel, who had hit five century breaks in the recently concluded Bombay Gymkhana Premier League, won his opening tie against Joe Hasanali of Radio Club 3-0. Shandilya won three consecutive ties while overcoming Yasin Merchant, Siddharth Parikh and Hitesh Kotwani to seal his place in the last eight from Group A. Shandilya’s effort included breaks of 94 each against Parikh and Kotwani. Devendra Joshi also impressed with two straight wins to qualify from Group C along with senior state selection champion Arun Agrawal who also hit 83. Joshi’s effort included a break of 95 against Malkeet Singh of CCI and two breaks of 92 against Vicky Jagtiani of Radio Club. In the closest match of the day, state selection junior champion Jaiveer Dhingra rallied to a thrilling 3-2 win over Kolkata-based Railway cueist Shakeel Ahmed after trailing twice in Group B.

    Results: Group A: Ashok Shandilya (Rly) bt Yasin Merchant (Khar Gym) 3-0; Ashok Shandilya bt Siddharth Parikh (PJ Hindu Gym) 3-1; Ashok Shandilya bt Hitesh Kotwani (Radio Club) 3-0; Siddharth Parikh bt Hitesh Kotwani 3-0. 

    Group B: Jaiveer Dhingra (PJ Hindu Gym) bt Marzi Screwala (Radio Club) 3-0; Shakeel Ahmed bt Marzi Screwala (Radio Club) 3-0; Jaiveer Dhingra bt Shakeel Ahmed 3-2.

    Group C: Arun Agrawal (Matunga Gym) bt Malkeet Singh (CCI) 3-0; Devendra Joshi (PSPB) bt Malkeet Singh 3-0; Arun Agrawal bt Vicky Jagtiani (Radio Club) 3-0; Devendra Joshi (PSPB) bt Vicky Jagtiani 3-0.

    Group D: Nalin Patel (Bombay Gym) bt Joe Hasanali (Radio Club) 3-0; Nalin Patel bt V. ‘Raja’ Subramanian (Matunga Gym) 3-0; V. ‘Raja’ Subramanian bt Joe Hasanali 3-0; Aditya Agrawal (Rly) bt Joe Hasanali 3-0.

    Yash Jain in pre-quarters 

    Little known cueist Yash Jain won two back-to-back ties against formidable opponents to storm into the pre-quarter-finals, in the Citilights Radio Club All India Open Handicap Snooker & Invitation Billiards Tournament on SundayJain, an upcoming youngster from Byculla, made a surprise entry into the last 16 when he first shocked Nalin Patel 2-1 in the best-of-three frames fifth round and later upset Marzdi Kalyaniwala 3-2 in a thrilling best-of-five round of 32 for his most significant wins in his brief career. After edging Patel in a nail-biting black ball finish in the decider, Jain led 2-1 against Kalyaniwala before being forced into the decider and winning it by a narrow margin. Rahul Bhatnagar of Radio Club caused the other upset when he beat Hitesh Kotwani of CCI 2-1 in the fifth round, while Kunal Rokade of Thane sustained his winning streak to join Jain in the last 16. 

    Results: Round of 32: Yash Jain (Byculla) bt Marzdi Kalyaniwala (Bombay Gym) 63-98, 88-74, 114-103, 78-92, 92-73; Kunal Rokade (Thane) bt Marzi Screwala (Radio Club) 99-64, 83-44, 92-51. 

    5th Rd: Yash Jain bt Nalin Patel (Bombay Gym) 101-70, 79-111, 96-88; Rahul Bhatnagar (Radio Club) bt Hitesh Kotwani (CCI) 91-82, 74-94, 94-48; Anant Mehta (NSCI) bt Chandu Shah (PJ Hindu Gym) 68-95, 182-77, 96-72.

    4th Rd: Viraf Besania (Parsi Gym) bt Mayank Bhavsar (CMA) 103-66, 99-69.

    D’Souza, Leninwala crash 

    Fancied Rovin D’Souza and Zubin Leninwala were among a host of favourites who crashed out on a dramatic day of upsets, in the Citilights Radio Club All India Open Handicap Snooker & Invitation Billiards Tournament on Saturday.Neville Razmi of the host club kicked off an ominous day for the seeds as he continued his winning streak with a stunning 2-1 win over D’Souza to storm into the round of 32. In other fifth round upsets, Vashi lad Kartikeya Sharma prevailed over former junior national champion Zubin Leninwala, Karan Mangat, also of Vashi, beat Kabil Badami of Bombay Gymkhana and Anees Jumani of Radio Club shocked Sunil Jain of Elphinstone Cricket Club. The other significant losers in the fifth round were Abdur Rehman of Islam Gymkhana and Kaizad Fitter of Bombay Gymkhana, who paid the price for missing the green in the decider against Marzi Screwala of Radio Club. But Rajwardhan Joshi of Elphinstone Cricket Club was the toast of the day, winning three matches back-to-back to join the elite in the round of 32. The snooker tournament will resume on Wednesday, May 7, after the invitation billiards tournament from May 4 to 6 that will feature elite cueists, former world professional No. 7 Nalin Patel, world bronze medalists Ashok Shandilya and Devendra Joshi, state selection champion Arun Agrawal, V. ‘Raja’ Subramanian, twice world runner-up
    Dhruv Sitwala, state selection junior champion Jaiveer Dhingra, Aditya Agrawal, former Railways champion Siddharth Parikh, Shakeel Ahmed of Kolkata, Yasin Merchant and Malkeet Singh of Railways.

    Results: 5th Rd: Marzdi Kalyaniwala (Bombay Gym) bt Vishal Singh (CMA) 100-74, 97-77; Neville Razmi (Radio Club) bt Rovin D’Souza (PJ Hindu Gym) 95-63, 62-96, 104-57; Marzi Screwalla (Radio Club) bt Kaizad Fitter (Bombay Gym) 98-86, 97-54; Mukund Bharadia (CMA) bt Anupam Jha (Bihar) 88-56, 56-93, 89-35; Anees Jumani (Radio Club) bt Sunil Jain (Elphinstone CC) 90-58, 82-80; Kartikeya Sharma (Vashi) bt Zubin Leninwala (JVPG) 90-31, 76-93, 100-50; Karan Mangat (Vashi) bt Kabil Badami (Bombay Gym) 83-96, 95-64, 100-89; Yogesh Sharma (Pune) bt Vimal Mariwala (Radio Club) 81-80, 57-93, 110-46; Prathamesh Sawant (Thane) bt Abdur Rehman (Islam Gym) 72-86, 79-48, 98-91; Rajwardhan Joshi (Elphinstone CC) bt Rahul Narang (Triace) 90-115, 103-73, 107-52. 
    4th Rd: Rajwardhan Joshi (Elphinstone CC) bt V. ‘Raja’ Subramanian (Matunga Gym) 107-62, 97-99, 92-63; Mukund Bharadia (CMA) bt Meherzad Bhavnagar (Elphinstone CC) 98-84, 96-90; Vilas Upsham (Vashi) bt Yash Rungta (Kandivli) 127-99, 106-80; Siddharth Shah (Elphinstone CC) bt Abhishek Soparkar (Thane) 115-94, 110-86; Anees Jumani (Radio Club) bt Abhishek Doshi (Parel) 104-90, 107-93. 

    3rd Rd: Rajwardhan Joshi (Elphinstone CC) bt Yusuf Nazrullah (Radio Club) 110-71, 116-85.

    Ronnie rallies 

    Formidable Ronnie Daruwalla rallied to an exciting 2-1 win to advance to the fifth round, in the Citilights Radio Club All India Open Handicap Snooker & Invitation Billiards Tournament on Friday. Playing with a handicap of +40, the experienced Daruwalla dropped the opening frame and snatched the second by a whisker on the black against Deependra Pinkyar of Shivaji Park Gymkhana. He staged a brilliantly recovery in the third and final frame to stay ahead by a
    significant 90-65 lead and had the game in control. Pinkyar, playing with a +55 handicap, kept his hopes alive until Daruwalla snatched the frame and match on the pink. In other fourth round matches, Rohan Fernandes of Bandra Gymkhana upset Rohan Jambusaria of MCF, while Kushal Galaiya of Cue Masters
    Academy stunned favourite Malkeet Singh of Railways. Raj Khandwala of CCI and Kaizad Fitter of Bombay Gymkhana were other fourth round winners. Thane cueist Kunal Rokade continued his winning streak with a 2-0 win over Aditya Deshpande of Pune to advance to the round of 32. 

    Results: Round of 32: Kunal Rokade (Thane) bt Aditya Deshpande (Pune) 101-53, 98-65. 4th Rd: Raj Khandwala (CCI) bt Mustafa Khozem (Bandra) 123-90, 100-71; Yash Jain (Byculla) bt Sahil Khan (Islam Gym) 79-106, 100-99, 107-79; Rohan Fernandes (Bandra Gym) bt Rohan Jambusaria (MCF) 102-116, 103-61, 93-80; Ronnie Daruwalla (PJ Hindu Gym) bt Deependra Pinkyar (Shivaji Park Gym) 66-103, 91-90, 119-92; Kushal Galaiya bt Malkeet Singh (Rlys) 94-84, 65-97, 114-56; Kaizad Fitter (Bombay Gym) bt Shailesh Sukhija (Radio Club) 102-106, 112-102, 110-77. 3rd Rd: Amit Thakker (Matunga Gym) bt Badar Karimi (Radio Club) 108-118, 118-102, 103-73.

    Sharma wins decider on black

    Vashi lad Kartikeya Sharma fashioned an exciting 2-1 win to storm into the fifth round, in the Citilights Radio Club All India Open Handicap Snooker & Invitation Billiards Tournament on Thursday.Sharma rallied to overcome another youngster Amol Abdagiri of Deccan Gymkhana, Pune 45-88, 90-85, 93-85 after dropping the opening frame. Sharma forced the decider with a narrow five-point win in the second frame and was rewarded with the match following a brilliant blue cannon and an impressive black pot in the final frame.Joining Sharma in the fifth round were significant winners, Prathamesh Sawant of Thane, Rajeev Sharma of Malabar Hill Club, Radio Club duo Neville Razmi and Ajinkya Yelve, and Dadar Club’s Nikhil Sapre who registered back-to-back wins.

    Results: 5th Rd: Kunal Rokade (Thane) bt Chintamani Jadhav (Pune) 96-92, 72-102, 119-95. 4th Rd: Neville Razmi (Radio Club) bt Abhinay Edke (Dombivli) 83-91, 95-51, 103-74; Ajinkya Yelve (Radio Club) bt Jatinder Dawer (NSCI) 86-76, 100-87; Kartikeya Sharma (Vashi) bt Amol Abdagiri (Pune) 45-88, 90-85, 93-85; Rajeev Sharma (Malabar Hill Club) bt Arpit Shah (CMA) 107-77, 93-46; Nikhil Sapre (Dadar Club) bt Nikhil Ghadge (Matunga Gym) 81-111, 107-81, 112-104; Prathamesh Sawant (Thane) bt Vishal Yelve (Club Aquaria) 106-96, 116-105. 3rd Rd: Abhishek Soparkar (Thane) bt Zareer Shroff (Bomaby Gym) 81-106, 96-65, 110-103; Shailesh Sukhija (Radio Club) bt Zeeshan Siddique (Khar Gym) 101-96, 84-99, 103-64; Yash Jain (Byculla) bt (Bandra) bt Kersi Gandhi (Elphinstone CC) 112-99, 132-104; Rohan Fernandes (Bandra Gym) bt Claver Fernandes (Radio Club) 88-115, 105-97, 109-98; Mehernosh Billimoria (Bombay Gym) bt Pramod Pol (Vashi) 112-72, 105-102; Nikhil Sapre (Dadar) bt Sukhvender Singh (Kalyan) 86-112, 101-86, 112-92.

    Wadikar goes down in thriller 

    Marker Mukesh Wadikar of the host club went down fighting in a thrilling fourth round, in the Citilights Radio Club All India Open Handicap Snooker & Invitation Billiards Tournament on Wednesday. Wadikar’s winning streak came to a premature halt when he lost to compatriot Rahul Bhatnagar 86-97, 94-102 with both frames ending in exciting black ball finishes in one of the closest encounters. In another tight fourth round match, Vimal Mariwala, also of Radio
    Club, prevailed over Rishabh Kumar of Bombay Gymkhana after dropping the opening frame and snatching a close decider. Amol Abdagiri of Pune, Rajvardhan Joshi of Elphinstone Cricket Club and Deependra Pinkyar of Shivaji Park Gymkhana were significant third round winners.
    Results: 4th Rd: Karan Mangat (Vashi) bt Gaurav Bhatiya (Radio Club) 97-59, 84-118, 101-55; Vimal Mariwala (Radio Club) bt Rishabh Kumar (Bombay Gym) 74-101, 108-64, 102-92; Kushal Galaiya (CMA) bt Anuj Mahajan (Radio Club) 115-79, 101-124, 105-66; Prabdeep Singh (MIG) bt Satish Karad (Pune) 84-53, 100-74; Rahul Bhatnagar (Radio Club) bt Mukesh Wadikar (Radio Club) 97-86, 102-94. 
    3rd Rd: Amol Abdagiri (Pune) bt Anil Sagar (Matoshree) 67-103, 111-106, 109-69; Abhishek Doshi (Parel) bt Ranjit Negi (Vashi) 106-11, 123-109, 118-82; Rishabh Kumar (Bombay Gym) bt H. Jain 113-85, 119-72; Rajvardhan Joshi (Elphinstone CC) bt Shekhar Surve (Shivaji Park Gym) 107-56, 103-101; Meherzad Bhagvaghar (Elphinstone CC) bt Amogh Bandichode (Pune) 111-79, 91-101, 96-79; Deependra Pinkyar (Shivaji Park Gym) bt Vivek Nepali (Vashi) 110-70, 103-123, 113-101; Vishal Singh (CMA) bt Arwiend Lakhmana (Wodehouse Gym) 112-75, 116-72. 
    2nd Rd: Amol Abdagiri (Pune) bt Hamza Valiullah (NSCI) 100-91, 100-91; Amogh Bandichode (Pune) bt Mobin Jumani (Radio Club) 108-78, 105-112, 120-82; Vishal Yelve (Club Aquaria) bt Rajesh Bhatia (Radio Club) 123-95, 98-108, 102-91. 
    1st Rd: Yusuf Nazrullah (Radio Club) bt Alex Fernandes (Radio Club) 96-113, 119-100, 117-92.

    Parikh extended 

    Formidable Siddharth Parikh of Railways was taken the distance before progressing in the Citilights Radio Club All India Open Handicap Snooker & Invitation Billiards Tournament on SundayPlaying his opening match in the competition, Parikh looked rusty as he dropped the first frame and relied on experience for a late recovery to halt Sumit Saldulkar of Cue Masters Academy 2-1 that ended in a tight decider. The other significant winner was Parikh’s Railway compatriot Aditya Agrawal who overcame another CMA cueist Avenish Shah in straight frames. Arjun Ragani of Indian Snooker Academy ended MCF’s Chandu Kansodaria’s campaign in the third round, while the other notable loser was Ramesh Sadarangani of Matunga Gymkhana. 
    Results: 5th Rd: Siddharth Parikh (Rlys) bt Sumit Saldulkar (CMA) 53-84, 105-55, 79-61; Aditya Agrawal (Rlys) bt Avenish Shah (CMA) 100-75, 98-71. 
    4th Rd: Sumit Saldulkar (CMA) bt Parag Paithankar (Thane) 116-92, 61-94, 92-81; Devesh Gangwani (NIA) bt Vicky Jagtiani (Radio Club) 105-72, 114-87; Avenish Shah (CMA) bt Arjun Ragani (ISA) 92-90, 102-88. 
    3rd Rd: Arjun Ragani (ISA) bt Chandu Kansodaria (MCF) 96-106, 106-80, 126-96; Rahul Porecha (CMA) bt Jai Makhijani (Radio Club) 109-83, 120-108; Anil Sagar (Matoshree) bt Mufaddal (Radio Club) 101-106, 106-94, 110-71; Nikhil Saigal (Khar Gym) bt Ramesh Sadarangani (Matunga Gym) 126-110, 116-100.
    2nd Rd: Sukhvender Singh (Kalyan) bt Sagar Jain (NIA) 120-96, 101-85; Ramesh Sadarangani (Matunga Gym) bt Rohit Sardeshmukh (Thane) 100-84,104-96; Zareer Shroff (Bombay Gym) bt Ish Bawa (NSCI) 111-83, 100-82. 
    1st Rd: Rohit Sardeshmukh (Thane) bt Siddharth Sogani (Radio Club) 109-62, 100-67.

    Razmi, Mangat move up 

    Neville Razmi and Karan Mangat registered hard-fought wins to enter the fourth round, in the Citilights Radio Club All India Open Handicap Snooker & Invitation Billiards Tournament on Tuesday. Razmi of the host club made the most of familiar conditions to prevail over Ashit Pandya of Dombivli 2-1 after dropping the second frame, while Vashi lad Mangat recovered from the loss of the opening frame to oust Abhishek Bajaj of NSCI. Fancied Abhishek Soparkar of Thane was also forced into the decider before snatching a 2-1 win over Prateek Nihalani of Khar Gymkhana in the second round. PJ Hindu Gymkhana’s Heena Khandelwal, the lone female cueist in action, went down in straight frames in the second round, while Claver Fernandes of the host club won his first round. 

    Results: 3rd Rd: Karan Mangat (Vashi) bt Abhishek Bajaj (NSCI) 96-118, 105-98, 108-99; Neville Razmi (Radio Club) bt Ashit Pandya (Dombivli) 105-56, 79-106, 116-47; Vishal Singh (CMA) bt Hatim Kothari (Radio Club) 110-73, 120-95. 

    2nd Rd: Abhishek Soparkar (Thane) bt Prateek Nihalani (Khar Gym) 105-133, 97-88, 106-70; Arwiend Lakhmana (Wodehouse Gym) bt Chetan Hemadi (PJ Hindu Gym) 96-74, 120-102; Arpit Shah (CMA) bt Rajan Pathak (MbPT) 108-64, 106-55; Nikhil Sapre (Dadar Club) bt Mitul Parekh (Radio Club) 107-74, 99-91; Abhishek Doshi (Parel) bt Heena Khandelwal (PJ Hindu Gym) 113-78, 115-84; Saurabh Mehrotra (Radio Club) bt Rahat Khan (Islam Gym) 73-107, 102-93, 114-73; Yash Jain (Byculla) bt Sachin Kelkar (Triace) 110-70, 120-99; Mustafa Khozem (Bandra) bt Abdur Attarwalla (Islam Gym) 117-86, 121-81.

    1st Rd: Amar Tambawalla (Radio Club) bt Gaurav Pratap (Garware Club House) 109-69, 104-63; Claver Fernandes (Radio Club) bt Sunny Kelkar (Triace) 138-124, 117-82.

    Pinkyar, Gandhi win thrillers blush

    Fancied Deependra Pinkyar and veteran Kersi Gandhi snatched thrilling black ball wins in deciders to advance to the third round, in the Citilights Radio Club All India Open Handicap Snooker & Invitation Billiards Tournament on MondayPinkyar of Shivaji Park Gymkhana kicked off a day of close encounters that stretched into the final frame when he overcame Ashad Mehta of Bombay Gymkhana 2-1 after dropping the opening frame on the black and recovering brilliantly to clinch the decider in a nail-biting black ball finish.Elphinstone Cricket Club’s Kersi Gandhi endured the same pressure after winning the opening frame and snatched the decider over Prashant Mhatre of Shivaji Park Gymkhana in another tight finish.Pramod Pol of Vashi halted Mahesh Tolani of the host club in another second round tie that stretched into the decider and ended on the pink. Rajvardhan Joshi of Elphinstone Cricket Club was a significant second round winner following a 2-0 win over Islam Gymkhana marker Amit Jadhav.

    Results: 3rd Rd: Rakesh Trivedi (Garware Club House) bt Sameer Sanghvi (Bombay Gym) 113-82, 84-97, 118-59. 2nd Rd: Deependra Pinkyar (Shivaji Park Gym) bt Ashad Mehta (Bombay Gym) 101-105, 110-68, 104-95; Pramod Pol (Vashi) bt Mahesh Tolani (Radio Club) 112-87, 98-111, 111-100; Meherzad Bhagvaghar (Elphinstone CC) bt M. Srinivas (Godrej) 111-71, 105-65; Rajvardhan Joshi (Elphinstone CC) bt Amit Jadhav (Islam Gym) 100-88, 108-63; Vivek
    Nepali (Vashi) bt Abdullah Kapadia 115-76, 116-102; Rohan Fernandes (Bandra) bt Haji Usman (Islam Gym) 115-90, 102-82; Kersi Gandhi (Elphinstone CC) bt Prashant Mhatre (Shivaji Park Gym) 113-76, 97-120, 108-104.
    1st Rd: Mahesh Tolani (Radio Club) bt Tushar (Dosti Acres) 113-73, 109-79.

    Mayavanshi, Besania advance smiley 

    Ratilal Mayavanshi and Viraf Besania registered exciting wins to advance to the fourth round, in the Citilights Radio Club All India Open Handicap Snooker & Invitation Billiards Tournament on Saturday. Radio Club marker Mayavanshi extended his winning streak when he rallied to a 2-1 win after dropping the pening frame against Rushabh Desai, while Besania of Parsee Gymkhana halted Imran Khan of Cue Masters Academy 2-0 with a black ball finish in the second frame. The other significant third round winner was Yash Rungta of Kandivli who overcame Shailesh Rao of Matunga Gymkhana 2-1, while Prashant Mhatre of Shivaji Park Gymkhana was a notable second round winner. 

    Results: 3rd Rd: Ratilal Mayavanshi (Radio Club) bt Rushabh Desai (Radio Club) 69-112, 107-85, 129-102; Devesh Gangwani (NIA) bt Percy Patel (Matunga Gym) 125-53, 105-71; Viraf Besania (Parsee Gym) bt Imran Khan (CMA) 105-97, 102-101; Yash Rungta (Kandivli) bt Shailesh Rao (Matunga Gym) 85-101, 110-85, 104-76. 2nd Rd: Rahul Porecha (CMA) bt Hormuz Daruwalla (Parsee Gym) 135-107, 105-86; Prashant Mhatre (Shivaji Park Gym) bt Raj Seth (PJ Hindu Gym) 100-62, 99-91; Amit Thakker (Matunga Gym) bt Tejas Shah (PJ Hindu Gym) 106-75, 92-107, 119-89.

    Pandya, Gurbaxani bow out sad

    Fancied Sushrut Pandya and Kreishh Gurbaxani made early exits in the Citilights Radio Club All India Open Handicap Snooker & Invitation Billiards Tournament on FridayPandya of PJ Hindu Gymkhana went down to Jai Makhijani of the host club after dropping the second frame on the black, while talented  11-year-old Gurbaxani of Khar Gymkhana lost to Arjun Raghani of Indian Snooker Academy by identical 0-2 margins in the second round. Chandu Kansodaria of MCF was a significant second round winner, while Amogh Bandichode of Pune and Chetan Hemadi of PJ Hindu Gymkhana were notable first round winners, while Neeta Sanghvi of Dadar Club, the only lady cueist in action on Friday, lost in the opening round. Results: 2nd Rd: Badar Karimi (Radio Club) bt Kaustubh Kuperkar (Thane) 114-92, 113-100; Arjun Raghani (ISA) bt Kreishh Gurbaxani (Khar Gym) 100-117, 116-88, 109-71; Jai Makhijani (Radio Club) bt Sushrut Pandya (PJ Hindu Gym) 114-74, 98-90; Chandu Kansodaria (MCF) bt Bhushan Shahade (Dadar Club) 94-79, 98-93.

    1st Rd: Meherzad Bhagwagar (Elphinstone CC) bt Neeta Sanghvi (Dadar Club) 103-72, 96-92; Arpit Shah (CMA) bt Luv Boricha (Dadar Club) 86-111, 119-100, 110-76; Mufaddal (Radio Club) bt Miraj Doshi (CMA) 106-64, 92-124, 104-84; Abhishek Doshi (Parel) bt Nadeem Mulani (CMA)107-72, 112-100; Amogh Bandichode (Pune) bt Akhil Sayed (Vashi) 93-110, 109-75, 107-66; Chetan Hemadi (PJ Hindu Gym) bt Rajesh Mehrotra (Radio Club) 105-91, 115-76.

    Rokade storms into 4th round yes

    Kunal Rokade of Thane registered exciting back-to-back wins to storm into the fourth round, in the Citilights Radio Club All India Open Handicap Snooker & Invitation Billiards Tournament on WednesdayFormidable Rokade kicked off a rewarding day when he first halted talented Dev Dongre of Indian Snooker Academy with an exciting 2-1 win in the second round, and later overcame young Jackson Fernandes of Cue Masters Academy 2-0 in the third round to join the elite in round four. After dropping the opening frame on the blue in the best-of-three against Dongre, Rokade snatched the second on the pink and won the decider with a substantial lead. Also winning back-to-back ties to enter round four was Satish Karad of Pune and Radio Club marker Ajinkya Yelve who beat Matunga Gymkhana’s Dhaval Kenia 2-1 in the second round and Rohan Sakalkar of PYC, Pune 2-0 in the third. A significant loser was Khar Gymkhana marker Manoj Kasare who went down to little known Ranjit Negi of Vashi 0-2 in the first round. The competition will resume on Friday after a rest day on Thursday
    Results: 3rd Rd: Mukesh Wadikar (Radio Club) bt Umesh Barve (CRMI) 100-105, 126-88, 113-67; Parag Paithankar (Thane) bt Prem Mirchandani (Radio Club) 87-100, 112-109, 88-82; Kushal Galaiya (Khar Gym) bt Parimal Barot (Thane) 112-81, 114-113; Ajinkya Yelve (Radio Club) bt Rohan Sakalkar (PYC, Pune) 112-84, 107-77; Kunal Rokade (Thane) bt Jackson Fernandes (CMA) 112-87, 119-74; Satish Karad (Pune) bt Chandrashekhar Singh (CRMI) 105-84, 105-112, 102-78. 

    2nd Rd: Divesh Gangwani (NIA) bt Akash Asrani (Khar Gym) 121-107, 123-70; Rohan Sakalkar (PYC, Pune) bt Dilip Rathod (Radio Club) 78-90, 117-89, 114-65; Ajinkya Yelve (Radio Club) bt Dhaval Kenia (Matunga Gym) 100-88, 80-112, 101-65; Satish Karad (Pune) bt Avjeet Singh 104-88, 115-89; Kunal Rokade (Thane) bt Dev Dongre (ISA) 74-98, 111-63, 101-69; Poras Shah (Matunga Gym) bt Govind Rathod (Radio Club) 121-79, 112-85.

    1st Rd: Ranjit Negi (Vashi) bt Manoj Kasare (Khar Gym) 113-92, 100-94; Pramod Pol (Vashi) bt Suresh Sawant (MCF) 109-104, 103-66.

    Kansodaria wins black-ball tie wink

    Chandu Kansodaria of MCF, Borivli snatched a thrilling black-ball tie in the decider to advance to the second round, in the Citilights Radio Club All India Open Handicap Snooker & Invitation Billiards Tournament on TuesdayIn the most absorbing match of the day, Kansodaria, playing with a handicap of +45, rallied to overcome Mithil Shinde (+50) of Thane 87-97, 105-67, 116-109 in a first round contest between fancied cueists. After dropping a close first frame in the best-of-three, Kansodaria won the second with ease to force the decider where he trailed 96-109 and potted the pink and black to force the tie. Sanskar Rane of Thane prevailed over Naresh Rathod of Radio Club, Hamza Valliulah of NSCI beat Thane marker Jagdish Khade and Nakul Parker of MIG ousted Vishal Malhotra of PYC, Pune by identical 2-1 margins in other first round matches that ended in black ball finishes.In another close contest, Nimesh Thakker of the host club rallied from  the loss of the opening frame which he dropped on the black, to recover brilliantly for a 2-1 upset win over fancied Viraj Joshi of Dosti Acres. Radio Club marker Mukesh Wadikar completed an exciting day of close encounters with thrilling back-to-back wins that ended with the black.In the first round he beat Ali Asgar Surti of Mazagaon 2-1 and prevailed over PYC cueist Salil Deshpande 2-0 in the second round with the second frame ending in another black ball finish. 

    Results: 2nd Rd: Mukesh Wadikar (Radio Club) bt Salil Deshpande (PYC, Pune) 108-59, 101-97; Umesh Barve (CRMI) bt Kurush Billimoria (Radio Club) 115-103, 110-91; Chandrashekhar Singh (CRMI) bt Nainesh Ghosalia (Matoshree) 113-79, 110-75. 1st Rd: Nimesh Thakker (Radio Club) bt Viraj Joshi (Dosti Acres) 124-128, 112-69, 109-67; Govind Rathod (Radio Club) bt Tarun Singhania (Garware Club House) 109-99, 108-89; Henil Jain (Parel) bt Salil Mohite (Elphinstone CC) 86-119, 116-81, 109-82; Kaustuk Kuperkar (Thane) bt Avinash Gaikwad (Mazagaon) 68-106, 103-90, 107-98; Sanskar Rane (Thane) bt Naresh Rathod (Radio Club) 110-96, 110-105; Hamza Valliulah (NSCI) bt Jagdish Khade (Thane) 103-64, 78-101, 78-76; Nakul Parker (MIG) bt Vishal Malhotra (PYC, Pune) 66-103, 109-59, 106-98; Akash Asrani (Khar Gym) bt Arun Barve (PYC, Pune) 107-75, 86-77; Kunal Rokade (Thane) bt Wasim Shah (Pune) 95-89, 109-89; Chandu Kansodaria (MCF) bt Mithil Shinde (Thane) 87-97, 105-67, 116-109; Satish Karad (Pune) bt Aniket Bansode (Thane) 124-101, 117-114; Rishabh Rajani (Radio Club) bt Prem More (Elphinstone CC) 111-87, 102-126, 102-95; Mukesh Wadikar (Radio Club) bt Ali Asgar Surti (Mazagaon) 95-107, 101-93, 98-97; Deependra Pinkyar (Shivaji Park Gym) bt Ritesh Joshi (CMA) 89-112, 122-94, 121-94.

    Saigal in second round

    Fancied Nikhil Saigal of Khar Gymkhana registered an impressive win to advance to the second round, in the Citilights Radio Club All India Open Handicap Snooker & Invitation Billiards Tournament on MondayState selection junior snooker runner-up Saigal warmed up for sterner tests ahead when he kicked off his campaign in the competition with a 102-85, 98-88 win over Hardik Vyas of North Indian Association (NIA) in the opening round. “Being the first day, it will take time to get used to the conditions. It was a good start and I hope to make much progress,” said Saigal. It was an ominous day for NIA cueists with formidable Manjit Singh Bhomar also making a premature exit after going down to Radio Club marker Govind Ratilal in straight frames. Joining Ratilal in the
    second round were his contemporaries Dilip Rathod and Ajinkya Yelve. The other significant first round winners were Dev Dongre of Indian Snooker Academy and Poras Shah of Matunga Gymkhana. Dongre won a hard-fought battle against a determined Rohit Pandloskar of Central Railway after brilliantly potting the blue and black in the decider, while Shah also eked out an exciting 2-1 win over Manan Desai of Cue Masters Academy (CMA) after clinching the decider in another thrilling black ball finish.

    Results: 2nd Rd: Karan Mangat (Vashi) bt Karan Chugani (Bombay Gym) 69-104, 110-108, 116-68. 1st Rd: Viraf Besania (Parsee Gym) bt Ashwin Deshmukh (Elphinstone CC) 77-95, 120-107, 106-93; Prem Mirchandani (ISA) bt Himanshu Chawla (Vashi) 108-119, 136-76, 108-91; Govind Ratilal (Radio Club) bt Manjit Singh Bhomar (NIA) 120-78, 105-85; Dev Dongre (ISA) bt Rohit Pandloskar (CRMI) 92-104, 103-74, 102-88; Dilip Rathod (Radio Club) bt Harmehr Mago (Khar Gym) 124-105, 107-97; Nikhil Saigal (Khar Gym) bt Hardik Vyas (NIA) 102-85, 98-88; Poras Shah (Matunga Gym) bt Manan Desai (CMA) 95-67, 66-97, 104-101; Dakshesh Shah (Radio Club) bt Sachet Yadav (CMA) 98-99, 109-95, 109-93; Ajinkya Yelve (Radio Club) bt Jigar Shah (CMA) 98-59, 104-95; Jignesh Thakkar (PJ Hindu Gym) bt Vijay Mallah (MCF) 104-118, 123-86, 108-76. 

    Mixed fortunes for Razmis 

    The father and son duo of Neville Razmi and 11-year-old Rayaan experienced mixed fortunes, in the Citilights Radio Club All India Open Handicap Snooker & Invitation Billiards Tournament on SundayPlaying their second round matches, Neville of the host club lived dangerously before advancing to the third round, while Rayaan of St. Mary’s ICSE crashed in straight frames. After dropping the opening frame after missing the green, Neville forced the decider against Himanshu Mehta of NSCI that ended in an exciting finish. In a neck-and-neck final frame, the scores were level at 108-all until Neville potted the blue and snatched the match on the pink. In another thriller, Shailesh Sukhija of Radio Club rallied to a 2-1 win over Ankit Thakkar of Matunga Gymkhana following a thrilling black ball finish in the decider. After dropping the opening frame, Sukhija recovered brilliantly from a 34 point deficit to snatch the second frame on the pink and clinched the decider with the blue, pink and black. The significant winners in the first round were, Sushrut Pandya of PJ Hindu Gymkhana who hit a break of 43 and Percy Patel of Matunga Gym. 

    Results: 2nd Rd: Neville Razmi (Radio Club) bt Himanshu Mehta (NSCI) 108-113, 115-88, 119-108; Shailesh Sukhija (Radio Club) bt Ankit Thakkar (Matunga Gym) 107-75, 87-104, 105-100; Parag Paithankar (Thane) bt Chinmay Gawde (Dadar Club) 105-79, 127-106; Anand Mehta (NSCI) bt Rayaan Razmi (Radio Club) 103-84, 108-86. 1st Rd: Ankit Thakkar (Matunga Gym) bt Keval Mahadeshwar (CRMI) 93-110, 119-99, 108-89;  Sushrut Pandya (PJ Hindu Gym) bt Nerio Vakil (Bombay Gym) 127(43)-59, 103-96; Rahul Porecha (CMA) bt Ashok Asrani (Radio Club) 121-97, 128-92; Anil Sagar (Matoshree) bt Vikram Sanap
    (Godrej) 105, 77, 106-94; Jackson Fernandes (CMA) bt M. Ali (Mazagaon) 107-117, 102-89, 129-96; Anand Mehta (NSCI) bt Kishore Laungani (Khar Gym) 88-110, 122-83, 114-84; Yash Jain (Byculla) bt Mikhail Shahani (Radio Club) 126-87, 132-83; Percy Patel (Matunga Gym) bt Vimal Thakker (Dadar Club) 99-68, 66-121, 100-88. 

    Narula, Rao advance
    Fancied Satbir Narula and Shailesh Rao registered impressive 2-0 wins to advance to the second round, in the Citilights Radio Club All India Open Handicap Snooker & Invitation Billiards Tournament on SaturdayCCI’s Narula prevailed over Nikhil Sansare 115-89, 98-84, while Rao of Matunga Gymkhana overcame Nadeem Khan 116-88, 103-93 after enduring close second frames. The other significant winners were Yash Rungta of Kandivli, who dropped the opening frame on the pink against Rishabh Amin of CCI before snatching the next two in close finishes, and Tejas Shah who prevailed over Joe Thomas of Central Railway 2-0. 

    Results: 1st Rd: Nainesh Gosalia (Matoshree) bt Jiten Thakrani (CMA) 100-63, 100-87; Imran Khan (CMA) bt Mithun Merchant (CCI) 120-111, 107-73;

    C. Singh (CRMI) bt L. Mirchandani (Radio Club) 115-81, 105-71; Satbir Narula (CCI) bt Nikhil Sansare (CMA) 115-89, 98-84; Shailesh Rao (Matunga Gym) bt Nadeem Khan (CMA) 116-88, 103-93; Kersi Gandhi (Elphinstone CC) bt Vinay Nachankar (CMA) 122-93, 104-90; Vishal Singh (CMA) bt Kekoo Nicholson (CCI) 95-69, 109-72; Yash Rungta (Kandivli) bt Rishabh Amin (CCI) 102-121, 107-93, 111-81; Tejas Shah (PJ Hindu Gym) bt Joe Thomas (CRMI) 113-85, 110-84; Lavkik Pathare (Chembur) bt Mikhail Mehra (Radio Club) 112-97, 110-76.

    10-yr-old Kreishh rallies
    Ten-year-old Kreishh Gurbaxani of Khar Gymkhana kicked off his campaign with an exciting 2-1 win to steal the opening day’s honours, in the Citilights Radio Club All India Open Handicap Snooker & Invitation Billiards Tournament. Upcoming Gurbaxani of Jasudben ML school, narrowly dropped the opening frame in the best-of-three first round against Jatin Sadarangani of Matunga Gymkhana, before recovering brilliantly to win the next two and the match.Training under twice Asian champion Yasin Merchant, Gurbaxani struggled at the start while adjusting to alien conditions and won the second frame in thrilling fashion with a spectacular long black pot to force the decider. Learning from his blemishes, Gurbaxani held on to a substantial lead in the final frame and ensured a well deserved place in the second round. In contrast, Gurbaxani’s contemporary, 14-year-old Sparsh Pherwani of Podar International frittered away a dream start after winning the opening frame by a substantial margin and went down to Sagar Jain of North Indian Association 1-2. The significant winners were Neville Razmi of Radio Club, Dhaval Keniya of Matunga Gymkhana, Umesh Barve of Central Railway Mechanical Institute and Parag Paithankar of Thane. 
    Results: 1st Rd: Neville Razmi (Radio Club) bt Jagdish Yende (MbPT) 113-82, 109-88; Sukhvender Singh (Kalyan) bt Naresh Sadarangani (Matunga Gym) 110-100, 102-76; Mubin Jumani (Radio Club) bt Rahul Pachpute (CRMI) 131-112; Kreishh Gurbaxani (Khar Gym) bt Jatin Sadarangani (Matunga Gym) 102-117, 99-94, 124-82; Avjeet Singh (Kalyan) bt Ausaf Sheikh (ISA) 111-60, 116-98; Sagar Jain (NIA) bt Sparsh Pherwani (Khar Gym) 74-108, 113-73, 112-88; Dhaval Keniya (Matunga Gym) bt Kaustabh Thawate (Thane) 113-87, 101-91; Karan Mangat (Vashi) bt Sahil Kakkad (Khar Gym) 113-89, 120-94; Umesh Barve (CRMI) bt Alam Mirza (Radio Club) 112-80, 109-89; Parag Paithankar (Thane) bt Vivek Modi (CCI) 95-75, 116-85.

    Radio Club snooker

    The Radio Club All India Open Handicap Snooker & Invitation Billiards Tournament will be held from April 18 to May 10.

    Twice Asian champion Yasin Merchant is the top seed in the snooker competition that includes second seed Faisal Khan, Ishpreet Singh Chadha, Siddharth Parikh, Devendra Joshi, Zubin Leninwala, Kabil Badami, Hasan Badami, Jaiveer Dhingra, Aditya Agrawal, Ashok Shandilya, Vishal Vaya, Laxman Rawat and IBSF World Women’s Team gold medallist Arantxa Sanchis among the formidable cueists. Entries have also been received from Delhi, Bihar and Pune.

    The invitation billiards tournament will be held from May 4 to 6 and will include former world professional No. 7 Nalin Patel, twice world runner-up Dhruv Sitwala, world bronze medalists Devendra Joshi and Ashok Shandilya and senior state selection billiards champion Arun Agrawal.


    Rules for Dress Code:

    Players Shall be appropriately attired in shirts, trousers, jeans, smart casuals and covered formal or smart casual shoes during the competition. players shall not be allowed to play their matches in Round - neck T Shirts, Torn Jeans, Sandals / Chappals.


    Entry Form



    (Please check your entries. In case of any discrepancy, please contact Mr. Arun Agrawal )

    Format in Snooker

    ·         Till last 64: Best of 3

    ·         Pre-Pre QF & Pre QF: Best of 5

    ·         QF & SF: Best of 7

    ·         Finals: Best of 9

     Format in Billiards

    ·         Round Robin matches: 150+ Best of 5

    ·         QF & SF: 150+ Best of 7

    ·         Final: 150+ Best of 9

    For entries:  

    Entries can be submitted to  The Bombay Presidency Radio Club , Mr Arun Agrawal  & to Sachin Mali at BSAM.

    Contact :

    Mr. Arun Agrawal : 9969927698

    Mr.Sachin Mali  : - 9773568058 / 22840054
    Tournament Committee:
    1.      Mr. Shailesh Sukhija: 9820268762
    2.      Mr. Derek Sippy: 9820095688
    3.      Mr. Shekar Surve: 9930388703
    4.      Mr. Merzi Screwvala: 9820439148
    5.      Mr. Rajesh Bhatija: 9870010000
    6.      Mr. Cherag Ramakrishnan: 9820628724
    7.      Mr. VimalMariwalla: 9820051342
    8.      Mr. Neville Razmi: 9820053037
    9.      Mr. Rajesh Mehotra: 9821040400
    10.     Mr. Arun Agarwal : 9969927698