Manisha National Billiards & Snooker Championship 2014
14 February 2014 to 07 March 2014

  • Venue

    Shubham Banquets

    Wireless Roundabout - Mahanagar
    Lucknow - Uttar Pradesh

  • Entry Fees



    (Send entries thru your State Associations)



    Senior (Main)

    Rs.1000 (per event)


    Rs.500 (per event)

    Senior (Qualifying)

    Rs.1000 (per event)


    Rs.300 (per event)

    Junior (Main)

    Rs.500 (per event)


    Rs.300 (per event)

    Junior (Qualifying)

    Rs.500 (per event)


    Sub Junior

    Rs.300 (per event)



  • Description

        Manisha National Billiards & Snooker Championship 2014


    39th Junior National Billiards & Snooker Championship DRAW & Playing Schedule
    10th Sub-Junior National Billiards & Snooker Championship
    Sub-Junior Billiards (1 Hr) 14 - 17 February 2014 DRAW
    Sub-Junior Snooker (B/O 3 frames) 14 - 18 February 2014 DRAW
    Junior Billiards Qualifying (90 Min) 15 - 17 February 2014 DRAW
    Junior Billiards Knock-out & 18 - 21 February 2014 DRAW    //  RESULT
    League (top 4) (90 Mins; Final 2 Hrs)
    Junior Snooker Qualifying (B/O 5) 17 - 19 February 2014 DRAW
    Junior Snooker Knock-out & 18 - 22 February 2014 DRAW
    League (top 4) (B/O 5 Frames)
    81st Senior National Billiards & Snooker Championship DRAW & Playing Schedule
    Billiards Qualifying (100 UP; B/O 5) 18 - 21 February 2014 DRAW
    Billiards Main Draw (100 UP; B/O 5) 21 - 25 February 2014 DRAW
    Snooker Qualifying (B/O 5 Frames) 24 February - 01 March 2014 DRAW
    Snooker Main Draw (B/O 5 Frames) 01 - 07 March 2014 DRAW
    23rd Ladies & 7th Junior, Sub-Junior Girls DRAW & Playing Schedule
    National Billiards & Snooker Championship
    Ladies Billiards & Snooker 03 - 04 March 2014 (Billiards) LADIES: Senior Billiards
    (50 UP; B/O 3) 05 - 07 March 2014 (Snooker) LADIES: Senior Snooker



    2014 National Billiards and Snooker Championship – Lucknow, UP


    It was blessing in disguise for Pankaj Advani for having not progressed in the Welsh Open beyond 1st round which would have ended on March 2nd only, enabled him to participate in the Indian Nationals.


    After regaining his crown, which he won last in 2010, his 6th and overall 24th title in his illustrious career, he flies today China to participate in Haikou Open from March 10th to 16th.


    Pankaj started his campaign in the Indian Nationals – Snooker with a 145 clearance and ended with a 139, a record in itself. Pankaj representing (ONGC) took on Kamal Chawla (Railways) a dark horse and a tenacious player, who rose to the occasion but, who again had to settle for Silver. Pankaj Advani beat Kamal Chawla 6-3.

    85(84)-00, 38-88, 70-15, 90 (69)-03, 36-64, 100 (61)-05, 23-85 (85), 86 (64)-00, 139-00.


    If score lines are any indication of 1st, 3rd, 4th 6th 7th and 9th all the winning frames of Pankaj, it proves his dominance.


    Kamal Chawla whose best was No.2 finish in Pune in 2012 had to be content with the fight he put in by taking 3 frames.


    Contrary to established custom, next table, the women put on an enthralling show, but all too familiar in the end, with aggressive Chitra taking 2 frames lead, a calm, composed Vidya waging her own battle, especially in the 4th frame, with her and proving game of Snooker can also be exciting and go to last ball win, this case a sevener – Black ball in the deciding 7th frame, giving Vidya her 8th National Snooker title, which will take a very long time to be broken and Chitra her second time runner up position in both Billiards and Snooker.


    Vidya Pillai beat Chitra Magimariaj 4 -3

    38-67, 16-55, 63-29, 96 (76)-08, 36-70, 56-42, 56-47.

    The Snooker Nationals at Lucknow has reached the final stages and results as of now:

    Men Finals at 2 pm on 7.3.14 &

    Women Finals at 3 pm on 7.3.14

    Exclusive coverage on DD sports.


    Women Snooker

    Semi final – 10 am and final – 3 pm on 7.3.14


    Quarter Finals line up

    Vidya Pillai vs Umadevi Nagaraj

    Amee Kamani vs Meenal Thakur

    Chitra.M vs Arantxa Sanchis

    Neeta Sanghvi vs Neena Praveen


    Pre-Quarter Finals

    Vidya Pillai (KTK) beat Judy Walia (KTK) :: 2-1 (40-74, 69-48, 66-15)

    R. Umadevi (KTK) beat Neeta Kothari (WB) :: 2-0 (44-32, 60-09)

    Amee Kamani (MH) beat Varsha Sanjeev (KTK) :: 2-1 (54-37, 29-57, 52-21)

    Meenal Thakur (MH) beat Sunita Khandelwal (MP) :: 2-0 (48-13, 64-34)

    Chitra M. (KTK) beat Indira Gowda (KTK) :: 2-0 (71-48, 51-09)

    Arantxa Sanchis (MH) beat Suniti Damani (WB) :: 2-1 (20-55, 57-13, 56-30)

    Neeta Sanghvi (MH) beat Heena Khandelwal (MH) :: 2-0 (66-43, 49-43)

    Neena Praveen (TN) beat Jagruti Patel (MH) :: 2-0 (75-25, 53-20)



    Men Snooker

    Semi Final line up

    Kamal Chawla vs Brijesh Damani

    Pankaj Advani vs Dharminder Lilly


    Quarter Finals

    Kamal Chawla (RLY) beat Laxman Rawat (MH) :: 5-3

    (74-43, 35-65, 67-24, 67(62)-02, 28-68, 45-55, 82(50)-04, 93(76)-00)

    Brijesh Damani (PSPB) beat Faisal Khan (RLY) :: 5-1

    (69-24, 59-49, 58-52, 49-73, 69-60, 55-13)


    Pankaj Advani (PSPB) beat Sundeep Gulati (DL) :: 5-1

    (80-25, 38-76, 63-39, 67-37, 72(63)-16, 90-02)

    Dharminder Lilly (PB) beat Shivam Arora (BH) :: 5-4

    (67(37)-57, 18-73, 28-69, 40-65, 72-47, 73-59, 38-78, 76-52, 81-09)


    Pre-Quarter Finals

    Kamal Chawla (RLY) beat Shyam Jagtiani (WB) :: 4-0

    (92-29, 77-27, 89-40, 72-13)

    Laxman Rawat (MH) beat Lalrina Renthlei (MZ) :: 4-0

    (61-37, 61-36, 91-33, 68-62)

    Brijesh Damani (PSPB) beat Rupesh Shah (PSPB) :: 4-3

    (45-77, 20-84, 72-31, 09-49, 68-43, 87-02, 70-15)

    Faisal Khan (RLY) beat Nitesh Madan (RLY) :: 4-2

    (69-61, 10-87(49), 76-57, 97(86)-00, 53-62, 69-01)

    Sundeep Gulati (DL) beat Sumit Talwar (CH) :: 4-3

    (01-69, 52-59, 73-01, 60-36, 36-57, 72-00, 62-34)

    Pankaj Advani (PSPB) beat Sourav Kothari (PSPB) :: 4-0

    (68-13, 84(72)-01, 58-15, 66-35)

    Dharminder Lilly (PB) beat Divya Sharma (HR) :: 4-0

    (79-15, 61-39, 83-39, 69-25)

    Shivam Arora (BH) beat Manan Chandra (PSPB) :: 4-3

    (64-13, 27-54, 72-42, 65-17, 43-73, 42-50, 104-12)


    Round of 32

    Shyam Jagtiani (WB) beat Alok Kumar (PSPB) :: 4-3 (00-130(78,48), 29-58, 73-47, 71-40, 32-48, 88-19, 67-61)

    Kamal Chawla (RLY) beat Shahbaaz Adil Khan (PSPB) :: 4-0 (92(92)-14, 69(57)-16, 91(62)-39, 67-25)

    Laxman Rawat (MH) beat Siddharth Parikh (RLY) :: 4-1 (69-56, 55-19, 83(51)-26, 54-58, 65-38)

    Lalrina Renthlei (MZ) beat Akshay Kumar (UP) :: 4-0 (57-47, 85-36, 86(86)-24, 73-42)

    Brijesh Damani (PSPB) beat A. Arvind Kumar (RLY) :: 4-2 (72-22, 61-81, 37-85, 96-39, 60-16, 64-22)

    Rupesh Shah (PSPB) beat Varun Madan (DL) :: 4-1 (93-59, 61-14, 41-91(61), 88(88)-17, 62-41)

    Nitesh Madan (RLY) beat Manish Jain (WB) :: 4-3 (05-70, 67-34, 73-61, 13-63, 68-36, 39-50, 62-33)

    Faisal Khan (RLY) beat K. Venkatesham (RLY) :: 4-1 (82-01, 35-66, 78-11, 68-00, 61-22)

    Sumit Talwar (CH) beat S. Dilip Kumar (RLY) :: 4-2 (48-51, 61-42, 59-51, 27-63, 76-35, 77-25)

    Sundeep Gulati (DL) beat Abhimanyu Gandhi (GJ) :: 4-3 (14-61, 53-58, 36-62, 72-38, 65-17, 91-01, 96-11)

    Sourav Kothari (PSPB) beat I.V. Rajeev (AP) :: 4-2 (43-77, 63-50, 11-71, 67-57, 56-13, 102(102)-00)

    Pankaj Advani (PSPB) beat Aayush Kumar (PB) :: 4-0 (71-20, 77-13, 74-69, 85(63)-03)

    Dharminder Lilly (PB) beat M. Yogesh Kumar (KTK) :: 4-1 (60-46, 78-45, 79-26, 00-74, 66-16)

    Divya Sharma (HR) beat Hasan Badami (MH) :: 4-1 (41-75, 70-30, 54-51, 60-47, 57-04)

    Shivam Arora (BH) beat Rafath Habib (RLY) :: 4-3 (70-05, 83-01, 75-48, 25-64, 62-66, 03-69, 74-09)

    Manan Chandra (PSPB) beat Balaji Reddy (KTK) :: 4-1 (67-18, 78(53)-37, 55-41, 59-69, 68-43)

    Pankaj Advani stormed into the Senior Men Snooker final 

    Lucknow, March 6: Petroleum Sports Promotion Board’s Pankaj Advani stormed into the Senior Men Snooker final of the Manisha Billiards and Snooker Nationals at the Shubham Banquets here today. Pankaj defeated Punjab’s Dharminder Lilly by 5-3 (53-59, 61-70, 90-00, 86-00, 62-16, 22-75, 66-44, 65-39)    in the semi-finals.   

    The event, which is powered by the State Bank of India, is being organised by the Uttar Pradesh Billiards and Snooker Association.

    In women senior Snooker, Tamil Nadu’s Neena Praveen, Maharashtra’ s Neeta Sanghvi, Maharashtra’s Arantxa Sanchis, Karnataka’s R. Umadevi, Madhya Pradesh’s Amee Kamani, Karnataka’s Vidya Pillai, Karnataka’s Chitra M and Maharashtra’s Meenal Thakur  enter into the quarterfinals.

    In the Senior Men Snooker quarterfinals, Punjab’s Dharminder Lilly defeated Bihar’s Shivam Arora 5-4,PSPB’s Brijesh Damani brushed aside Faisal Khan  of  Railway 5-1, Railway’s Kamal Chawla knocked out Maharashtra’s Laxman Rawat, whereas, PSPB’s Pankaj Advani beat Sundeep Gulati of Delhi 5-1.

    In the very first frame of Quarterfinal match, Punjab’s Dharminder Lilly outplays Bihar’s Shivam Arora, Dharminder made a good start with a break of 37 points and so winning the frame by 1-0.

    Bihar’s star player Shivam didn’t give much chance to the opponent and continued his victory in next three frames making 73, 69 and 65 points in second, third and fourth frame respectively.

    After loosing last three frames, Dharminder made a safe come back, winning fifth and sixth frames by 72 and 73 points respectively. But Shivam easily won seventh frame by 78 points. Dharminder picked up from there. He didn’t miss any chance  and won the eighth frame by 76 points. Now the match went to its peak with the score of 4-4 each.

    In the last decisive ninth frame, Dharminder didn’t give any chance to the opponent Shivam and won the match with 81 points by the score of 5-4, thus confirming his place in semi-finals.

    In the women pre-quarterfinals,  Young Amee Kamani, who scored a thrilling 2-1 win against Varsha Sanjeev of  Karnataka, Neena Praveen outplaying Jagruti Patel of Maharashtra 2-0, Heena Khandelwal shocked by her state mate Neeta Sanghvi 2-0, Arantxa Sanchis win against West Bengal’ Suniti Damani, 2-1, R Umadevi defeated Neeta Kothari of West Bengal Neeta Kothari 2-0, Vidya Pillai brushed aside her stalemate Judy Walia 2-1, Chitra M also beat her state mate  Indira Gowda 2-0, while Meenal Thakur knocked out Madhya Pradesh Sunita Khandelwal 2-0.   

    Tomorrow senior men snooker and senior women  billiards final would be played at 2.00pm


    Senior men snooker quarterfinals

    Dharminder Lilly (PB) bt Shivam Arora (BH) 5-4.

    Brijesh Damani (PSPB) bt Faisal Khan (RLY) 5-1

    Kamal Chawla (RLY) bt Laxman Rawat (MH) 5-3

    Pankaj Advani (PSPB) bt Sundeep Gulati (DL) 5-1

    Senior women Snooker  Pre-Quarterfinals

    Neena Praveen (TN) bt Jagruti Patel (MH) 2-0.

    Neeta Sanghvi (MH) bt Heena Khandelwal (MH) 2-0.

    Arantxa Sanchis (MH) bt Suniti Damani (WB) 2-1

     R. Umadevi (KTK) bt Neeta Kothari (WB) 2-0

    Amee Kamani (MP) bt Varsha Sanjeev (KTK) 2-1

    Vidya Pillai (KTK) bt Judy Walia (KTK) 2-1

    Chitra M. (KTK) bt Indira Gowda (KTK) 2-0

    Meenal Thakur (MH) bt Sunita Khandelwal (MP) 2-0

    Pankaj starts with win in style

    Lucknow, March 2: Seven-time world billiards champion Pankaj Advani hogged the limelight on the second day of the main draw of the Manisha Billiards and Snooker Nationals here today, when he registered his career-best break of 145 in snooker, at the Shubham Banquets here.

    The State Bank of India powers the event being organised by the Uttar
    Pradesh Billiards and Snooker Association.

    Petroleum Sports Promotion Board’s Advani was in his full flow against young Anurag Giri of Madhya Pradesh in his first league match  scripting 86-22, 108-00, 145-0 win before a huge crowd.

    In the break of 145 Pankaj was forced to pot pink twice as he went out of the position for the black. Otherwise the break would have been the maximum 147.

    The break remained Pankaj’s best so far in snooker as his the previous one was 143, but in practice he owns the pride of having a break of 147.

    But for defending champion Manan Chandra also from PSPB, it wasn’t an easy start as he had to struggle a bit before outplaying Paunjab’s Anmoldeep Singh 3-2 (73-28, 72-29, 14-66, 40-62, 64-40).

    Runners-up Brijesh Damani of Petroliam Sports Promotion Board also scored a thrilling win 3-2 win against West Bengal’s Rahul Berlia.

    UP’s Akshay Kumar won his match of the day, brushing aside Aditya Agarwal from Railways 3-2. In the other matches of the main draw, Shivam Arora of Bihar had a straight game win against Assam’s Varghav Lakhar 3-0, while Aayush Kumar of Punjab outplayed Vinayak Agarwal of Uttar Pradesh. 

    On the other table, Sundeep Gulati of Delhi showed no mercy as he defeated Aneesh Saini of Haryana 3-0, Sahil Nayyar of Punjab knocked out Karnataka’s Balaji Reddy 3-2, Kanishk Jhanjharia of Madhya Pradesh beat Mundir Sherazi of Karnataka 3-0, PSPB’s Devendra Joshi defeated Railways Malkeet Singh 3-0 and Sourav Kothari of PSPB beat Subrat Das of Odisha 3-0.


    Manan Chandra (PSPB) beat Anmoldeep Singh (PB) :: 3-2 (73-28, 72-29, 14-66, 40-62, 64-40) 

    Brijesh Damani (PSPB) beat Rahul Berlia (WB) :: 3-2 (44-51, 50-65, 112(51)-00, 55-41, 57-17)

    Brijesh Damani (PSPB) beat Abhimanyu Gandhi (GJ) :: 3-1 (77(67)-17, 76(60)-34, 41-80, 91-05)

    Gundip Singh (MZ) beat Lalsangzela (MZ) :: 3-1 (70-42, 19-69, 69-62, 74-30) 

    Divya Sharma (HR) beat Younis Kutchey (J&K) :: 3-1 (66-26, 76-12, 52-53, 60-15)Divya Sharma (HR) beat Shahbaaz Adil Khan (PSPB) :: 3-2 (78-26, 32-71, 34-75, 73-61, 72-36) 

    Shivam Arora (BH) beat Varghav Lakhar (ASM) :: 3-0 (65-40, 53-06, 68-13)

    Akshay Kumar (UP) beat Aditya Agrawal (RLY) :: 3-2 (70-17, 32-44, 50-68, 59-51, 65-32) 

    Alok Kumar (PSPB) beat James Sunderraj (AP) :: 3-0 (70-44, 67-16, 64-33)

    Alok Kumar (PSPB) beat S. Mumtaz Ali (JHK) :: 3-0 (59-12, 81-06, 69-29) 

    Laxman Rawat (MH) beat Sheetal Kumar (KTK) :: 3-1 (36-68, 65-37, 61-08, 65-58)

    Aamer Hussain (WB) beat S. Dilip Kumar (RLY) :: 3-2 (68-17, 36-78, 75-17, 42-83, 61-26) 

    Lalrina Renthlei (MZ) beat Anuj Uppal (DL) :: 3-1 (86(64)-13, 54-77, 58-47, 100(52)-00)

    Lalrina Renthlei (MZ) beat Jaswinder Singh (RJ) :: 3-1 (26-93(53), 82-26, 61-45, 61-36) 

    I.V. Rajeev (AP) beat I.H. Manudev (KTK) :: 3-0 (53-11, 60-20, 57-42)

    Kamal Chawla (RLY) beat Anuj Bhargav (UP) :: 3-2 (68-13, 20-69, 48-57, 96(57)-23, 114(67,47)-01) 

    Sumit Talwar (CH) beat Amarnath Sharma (MGH) :: 3-0 (79-43, 82-00, 81-23)

    Shyam Jagtiani (WB) beat Khizar Raoof (AP) :: 3-2 (15-94, 80-17, 66-18, 41-83, 96-46) 

    Faisal Khan (RLY) beat Arif Akhtar (CH) :: 3-0 (78-16, 69-42, 121-09)

    Sahil Nayyar ((PB) beat Balaji Reddy (KTK) :: 3-2 (70-57 38-78, 76-09, 55-56, 66-07) 

    Sundeep Gulati (DL) beat Aneesh Saini (HR) :: 3-0 (56-20, 57-54, 78-36)

    Kanishk Jhanjharia (MP) beat Mundir Sherazi (KTK) :: 3-0 (75-45, 67-10, 61-60) 

    Devendra Joshi (PSPB) beat Malkeet Singh (RLY) :: 3-0 (60-32, 69-52, 59-19)

    Aayush Kumar (PB) beat Vinayak Agarwal (UP) :: 3-2 (49-55, 70-18, 33-65, 59-10, 71-14) 

    K. Venkatesham (RLY) beat Sumesh Turki (J&K) :: 3-2 (40-60, 28-57, 78-20, 57-36, 66-29)

    Pankaj Advani (PSPB) beat Anurag Giri (MP) :: 3-0 (86-22, 108(70)-00, 145(145)-00) 

    Rafath Habib (RLY) beat Manish Tank (RJ) :: 3-0 (69-16, 61-20, 69-10) 

    Sourav Kothari (PSPB) beat Subrat Das (OR) :: 3-0 (72-36, 58-17, 74-13)

    LUCKNOW, 27 February 2014:  PSPB’s Sourav Kothari picked up his maiden senior billiards national title at the Manisha Billiards and Snooker Nationals, at the Shubham Banquets here today.

    The State Bank of India powers the event being organised by the Uttar Pradesh Billiards and Snooker Association.

    Sourav captured his maiden national billiards title by beating Alok Kumar 5-3. Pounce Kothari clinched the title in great style, with an unbeaten break of 126, that left Alok stranded on three national titles. Kothari swooped on an Alok mistake when on 61 and produced an unbeaten 126-break to clinch the issue at 17-152 (62,56),150(73)-71,104-151 (112),151(59,83)-56 (56),150(110)- 58,147(136)-151 (120),151(78)-81 (62),151(126)-61.

     In the senior snooker qualifiers two upsets were seen on the second day of the event. The first was a shocker as the young lad from Punjab Nitin Gupta ousted veteran Railway’s cueist R.Grish, though till the end it was any body’s game. The decider farme was a lesson for any Lucknowite as top how the concept of “pahle aap, pahle app”. Both the players insisted that they would be not left behind as both players gave away fouls one after the other. If Grish gave a foul then Nitin insisted on returning the favor but ultimately it was Grish who had to bid “adieu” to the city of Nawabs.


    At the same time on table no. 4 it was Maharastra’s Jaivir Dhingra who said goodbye to the tournament. With the home crowd cheering the local lad Anubhav Gerg on it was a much easier win then expected. Though he won 3-2 Anubhav should have won 3-0. In 2nd frame after potting the brown, blue and pink he missed a sitter black and not only did he miss the black but playing a role shot left the black on. But all is well that ends black

     Alok Kumar in action

    Lucknow: Defending champion Alok Kumar of Petroleum Sports Promotion Board marched into the semi-finals of the senior men billiards of the Manish Billiards and Snooker Nationals, defeating Railways’ Malkeet Singh 4-0, at the Shubham Banquets here today.

    Sourav Kothari, Dhruv Sitwala and B Bhaskar joined him too in the last four, scoring contrasting wins. Kothari defeated Brijesh Damani 4-0, before Dhruv scoring a similar win against Jaiveer Dhingra, but Bhasker had to fight hard to beat Rupesh Shah 4-3 in the most thrilling encounter of the day.

    Both snooker and billiards champions of Asia in the past Alok, who hails from Punjab, proved too superior to local cueist Malkeet, who never looked in command against the experienced campaigner. Malkeet though tried to catch up with Alok in the first and the third frames, it was Alok at the end with 150-119, 152-37, 150-110, 151-58 win.

    “I didn’t do anything special. I just played my natural game and I was focused to my game only,” said Alok later.

    Sourav Kothari also from the PSPB too looked confident against his team mate Brijesh Damani from the very start while scripting 152-89, 150-32, 151-82, 150-23 win, where as 2010 world professional billiards runners-up Dhruv of PSPB also didn’t do much to brush aside Jaiveer Dhingra of Maharshtra 150-9, 150-55, 151-05, 150-43.

    But the day’s biggest match was between B Bhasker and Rupesh Shah. In the best of seven frames, the two were locked in 3-3 draw at one moment this evening, and after losing the sixth frame by 82-150, no one had expected Bhasker to come up with scintillating performance in the decider. Playing cautiously, he potted the ball with elegance and wrested the frame and tie by 150-21.

    The semi-finals will be played tomorrow afternoon, where as the final is to start at6.00 p.m.


    Senior men billiards (quarter-finals): Dhruv Sitwala (PSPB) bt Jaiveer Dhingra (Mah) 4-0 (150-9, 150-55, 151-05, 150-43); Sourav Kothari (PSPB) bt Brijesh Damani (PSPB)  4-0 (152-89, 150-32, 151-82, 150-23); Alok Kumar (PSPB) bt Malkeet Singh (Rly)  4-0 (150-119, 152-37, 150-110, 151-58); B Bhaskar (Ktk) bt Rupesh Shah (PSPB) 4-3 (151-97, 24-150, 150-43, 48-150, 151-8, 82-150, 150-21).

     Dhruv Sitwala of Petroleum Sports Promotion Board continued his winning spree 
    Lucknow, February 24: Dhruv Sitwala of Petroleum Sports Promotion Board continued his winning spree in the senior billiards of the Manisha Billiards and Snooker Nationals here today.

    Former world No 2 Dhruv today played phenomenal game of billiards against Railway’s Ashok Shandilya, while scripting 3-0 win against Ashok. Jaiveer Dhingra of Maharashtra also carved out an easy 3-0 win against Devendra Joshi of Railway 3-0. By virtue of their wins both made it to the quarterfinals.

    The State Bank of India powers the event being organised by the Uttar Pradesh Billiards and Snooker Association.

    Day’s biggest highlight was the victory of Railway’s Malkeet Singh who defeated IH Manudev of Karnataka 3-2.

    PSPB’s Alok Kumar, who scored a thrilling  win against  Aditya Agarwal of Railway’s in pre-quarterfinals earlier in the day, showed no mercy to Aditya while crushing him by 3-1.

    World billiards champion Rupesh Shah PSPB also stormed into the quarterfinals, defeating D Raj Kumar of Karnataka 3-1.

    Joining him in the quarterfinals were Brijesh Damani of PSPB, Karnataka’s B Bhaskar and Sourav Kothari of PSPB. Brijesh beat Railway’s K Venkatesham 3-2, B Bhaskar knocked out West Bengal’s Manish Jain 3-1, where as Sourav Kothari brushed aside Siddharth Parikh of Railway3-1.

    LUCKNOW, 23 February: Odisha’s Ashutosh Padhy picked up the junior snooker national title at the Manisha Billiards and Snooker Nationals, at the Shubham Banquets here today. The State Bank of India powers the event being organised by the Uttar Pradesh Billiards and Snooker Association. After completing a golden double of snooker and billiards titles in sub-junior category in this tournament, he added the junior snooker title to his collection.  

    He showed no mercy as he defeated all three of his opponents in the round robin matches. Ashutosh beat Gujarat's Dhvaj Haria 4-1 in the final round of the semifinal league. 

    Gujarat’s Dhvaj Haria become India no. two while, Punjab’s Sahil Nayyar and Maharashtra’s Ishpreet Chadha finished third and fourth, respectively. Sahil defeated Ishpreet 4-3.

    In senior billiards men, Ashok Shandilya of Railways kept enjoying his easy sailing to the pre-quarterfinals, outplaying Sagar Yadav of Gujarat 3-0 at ease. 

    Day’s biggest highlight was the entry of Dhruv Sitwala into Last 16 despite losing the decider against Dhvaj Haria of Gujarat. Dhruv was required only a frame to qualify from group stage and he did the same by winning opening game. After that Dhvaj capitalized and won 3-2 but all efforts went in vain as he finished No.3 in group D. Rajasthan’s Jaswinder Singh, who defeated Durga Prasad of Railways 3-0 to make it to the billiards Pre- quarterfinals earlier in the day, looked confident against Durga in Billiards from the very start.

    Karnataka’ B Bhaskar defeated favourites Birjesh Damani of Petroliam Sports Permotion Board 3-0.

    Joining him in the Pres-quarterfinals, include Ashutosh Padhy, IH Manudev and Alok Kumar.

    Rupesh and Dhruv faced shock defeat on the day of upsets

    Lucknow: Karnataka's IH Manudev hogged the limelight in theManisha Billiards and Snooker nationals being played here at the Shubham Banquets here today as he defeated former world No 2Dhruv Sitwala of Petroelum Sports Promotion Board by 3-1 in senior men's billiards.

    Batter known as one tfh key players in snooker, Manudev today played phenomenal game of billiards against Dhruv. The event is being organized by the Uttar Pradesh Billiards and Snooker Association in the patronage of the Billiards and Snooker Federation of  India.

    Without giving many chances, Manudev kept scoring slow but steady to pocket first two games. However, Dhruv managed to recover by wining third game and narrowed the deficit, Manudev conquered the next game again sealed the match 3-1 in his favour.

    Dhruv regained his form in his second match of the day and defeated young lad from Odisha, Ashutosh Padhy in the straight set of games 3-0. He also scored an unfinished 101 points break in second game.

    A sea-saw battle in the decider game of match between Manish Jain of West Bengal and Durga Prasad of Railways ended in the favour of Prasad where he registered an important win by mere two points.

    Both the players were under pressure and gave multiple chances to each other. The most important chance Manish got when Durga missed on 96 and Manish started from 67. Playing each shot very precisely, Manish went closer and when it was appearing clear win for him, he went out of position on 98 leaving another dicey chance for Durga. After picking 2 more points Manish again got back to the table but had a dry shot leaving another difficult position for Durga which he attempted for cannon but got lucky white in-off to seal the match 3-2.

    On the other table, Railway’s Kamal Chawala had a straight game win against Deepinder Singh of Punjab3-0, while Jaiveer Dhingra of PSPB also had a 3-0 win against Yash Rungta of Maharashtra.

    In junior snooker, the last league match will be played tonight at 7 PM where Dhvaj Haria (Gujarat) will play against Ashutosh Padhy (Odisha) for title where as Sahil Nayyar will take on Ishpreet Chadha for 3rd and 4th position match. However all four cueists have already qualified for the up next Asian Under-21 Snooker Championship to be held in Chandigarh during 4th – 10th April 2014.

    Brijesh Damani fought hard to secure opening match win

    Lucknow: February 21: A hectic schedule of the matches continued to mark the day eight of the Manisha Billiards and Snooker Nationals, at the Shubham Banquets here in Mahanagar today.The State Bank of India powers the event being organised by the Uttar Pradesh Billiards and Snooker Association. The kind of enthusiasm shown by the senior specialists of the cue sport on a cool day was a treat to watch for the moderate gathering. 

    Defending champion Brijesh Damani of Petroliam Sports Promotion Board, who scored a thrilling 3-2 win against Tamil Nadu Sri Krishnathe way with a break of 51, had to fight hard for his win, though in the decider it was Brijesh all way with a break of 51. Where as, Nitin Kohli had it easy as he outplay Sagar Yadav of Gujarat 3-0 to book his place in the senior billiards main draw.  The other two UP players both lost the first matches while Kankan Shamsi won his second match of the day betting Anshul Mittal from Haryana. Akshay Kumar was unfortunate as he broke his cue in practice shoots and had to play with the borrowed cue.

    In the other matches of the main draw I.V. Rajeev of Andhra Pradesh had a straight frame win against Uttar Pradesh Kankan Shamsi 3-0, while Kamal Chawla of Railways also had a straight frame win against Sanjay Alaudia of Rajasthan 3-0.

    In the junior billiards, top four cueist were Gujarat’s Dhvaj Haria picked up the junior billiards third national title in a row. He showed no mercy as he defeated all three of his opponents in the round robin matches. Maharastra’s Ishpreet Chadha become India no. tow while,  Karnatka’s ML Laxman and Tamil Nadu’s Jagadesh B had be content three and four respectively.

    In the junior snooker championship, the four Dhvaj Haria, Sahil Nayyar, Ishpreet Chadha and Ashutosh Padhy will play the round robin stating tonight and continue tomorrow.


    Rupesh Shah (PSPB) beat Anshul Mittal (HR) :: 3-0 ; I.V. Rajeev (AP) beat Kankan Shamsi (UP) :: 3-0 ; Siddharth Parikh (RLY) beat Amit Sharma (DL) :: 3-0 ; B. Bhaskar (KTK) beat Ankit Kariwala (WB) :: 3-0  ; Simhachalam S. (RLY) beat Divya Sharma (HR) :: 3-0 ; Brijesh Damani (PSPB) beat Sri Krishna (TN) :: 3-2 ; Ashok Shandilya (RLY) beat Anseth Pareira (JHK) :: 3-0 ; D. Raj Kumar (KTK) beat Subrat Das (OD) :: 3-1 ; Nittin Kohli (UP) beat Sagar Yadav (GJ) :: 3-0 ; I.H. Manudev (KTK) beat Shivam Arora (BH) :: 3-1 ; Dhruv Sitwala (PSPB) beat Shankar Rao (AP) :: 3-0 ; Ashutosh Padhy (OD) beat Dhvaj Haria (GJ) :: 3-1 ; Alok Kumar (PSPB) beat Yash Rungta (MH) :: 3-0 ; Jaiveer Dhingra (MH) beat Deepinder Singh (PB) :: 3-0; Kamal Chawla (RLY) beat Sanjay Alaudia (RJ) :: 3-0 ; Devendra Joshi (PSPB) beat Durga Prasad (RLY) :: 3-0  ; Manish Jain (RLY) beat Jaswinder Singh (RJ) :: 3-0 

    Junior Billiards

    Dhvaj Haria (GJ) 698-311 bt M.L. Laxman (KTK). 698-311 ;  Ishpreet Chadha (MH) bt Jagadesh B (TN) 445-260

    Junior snooker

    Dhvaj Haria – GJ bt Kunal Kothekar - DL 3-1 ; Sahil Nayyar – PB bt Nikhil Saigal – MH 3-0; Ishpreet Chadha – MH bt Vikrant Kapoor – PB 3-1 ; Ashutosh Padhy – OR bt Hritik Jain – MP 3-1 ; 

    Ishpreet Chadha of Maharashtra

    stormed into the junior boys billiards top-4

     Lucknow, 20 February: Ishpreet Chadha of Maharashtra stormed into the junior boys billiards top-4 of the Manisha Billiards and Snooker Nationals, outplaying his state mate Jaiveer Dhingra 543-266, at the Shubham Banquets here today. The State Bank of India powers the event being organised by the Uttar Pradesh Billiards and Snooker Association. Playing true to his reputation, the young cueist Ishpreet was right on target from the very start and didn’t give Jaiveer a chance to stage a comeback in the game. Joining him in the top-4, include ML Laxman of Karnataka, Gujarat’s Dhvaj Haria  and Tamil Nadu Jagadesh B. Laxman beat Rohit Yadav of Assam 516-212, Dhvaj Haria brushed aside Ashutosh Padhy of Odisa 313-272, whereas , Jagadesh B. knocked out Maharashtra’s Nikhil Pise 299-259. While in the junior boys snooker event the spectators  witnessed some thrilling battles on day seven of the 21-day event today. Sub-junior snooker and billiards champion Ashutosh Padhy of Orissa scored straight frames win against Sundar Raj of Tamil Nadu 3-0 to make it to the quarterfinals and will meet Delhi lad in the next round . Prateek Singhla of Haryana was shocked by Gujarat’s Dhvaj Haria. He lost to Prateek 3-0. But another boy from Andhra Pradesh, scored 3-1 win against his state mate Arjun Mehta to book a place in the quarterfinals. The other players making in the next round Kunal Kothekar, Nitul Saigal, Sahil Nayyar, Ishpreet Chadha,  Vikrant Kapoor, Hardik Bhatt and Hasneet kohli.


    Junior Billiards- Quarterfinals

    M.L. Laxman – KTK bt Rohit Yadav – ASM 516- 212, ; Dhvaj Haria - GJ bt Ashutosh Padhy OR 313-272 ; Ishpreet Chadha – MH bt Jaiveer Dhingra – MH  543-266, ; Jagadesh B. – TN bt Nikhil Pise – MH 299-259 

    Junior snooker – Pre-quarterfinals 

    Ashutosh Padhy – OR bt Sundar Raj E – TN 3-0 ; Suyash Moorpana – DL bt Mark Menezes – UP 3-2.. ; Hasneet Kohli – DL bt Anurag Gupta – HP 3-0 ; Hritik Jain – MP bt Mani Kishore – AP 3-1 ; Hardik Bhatt – PB bt Jaiveer Dhingra – MH 3-0 ; Vikrant Kapoor – PB bt Sri Krishna – TN 3-2 ; Ishpreet Chadha – MH bt Bhavesh Jalla – RJ 3-0 ; Shobhit Sethi – PB bt Mandeep Singh – UP 3-0 ; Sahil Nayyar – PB bt Digvijay Kadyan – HR 3-0 ; Nikhil Saigal – MH bt Utkarsh – BH 3-2 ; M.B. Ashutosh – AP bt Arjun Mehta – AP 3-1 ; Gurdit Singh – DL bt Md. Saif Khan – WB 3-0 ; Tridip Deka – ASM bt Piyush Kushwaha – ASM 3-1 ; Dhvaj Haria – GJ bt Prateek Singhla – HR 3-0

    Dhvaj Haria of Gujarat continued his winning spree 

    Lucknow, February 19: Defending champion Dhvaj Haria of Gujarat continued his winning spree in the junior boys billiards of the Manisha Billiards and Snooker Nationals being organised by the Uttar Pradesh Billiards and Snooker Association at Shubham Banquet Mahanagar.

    Young cueist, who had wrested the title at Gwalior nationals last year, proved too tough to handle for Maharashtra’s Rajwardhan Joshi before scripting a facile 423-179 win. Last year’s runners-up Jagadesh B of Tamil Nadu also carved out an easy 314-129 win against Bharath Sharma of Haryana. By virtue of their wins both made it to the quarterfinals.

    Day’s biggest highlight was the victory of Maharashtra’s Ishpreet Chadha, who defeated Tanurag Gautam of Chandigarh 547-198.

    In snooker, Shobhit Sethi of Punjab had a straight frame win against Mandeep Singh of Uttar Pradesh 3-0, while Gurdit Singh of Delhi also had a straight frames win against Md Saif Khan of West Bengal 3-0 to enter the pre-quarterfinals.

    Odisha’s Ashutosh Padhey, who had a golden double in the sub-junior category yesterday, when he claimed both snooker and billiards title, continued his winning spree by beating Sahil Nayyar of Punjab 148-290 in pre-quarters. But in the junior snooker main draw it was quite the opposite. After having come through the qualifiers, his first match was against yesterday’s sub junior runner up Johnson Narsidani of Gujarat and as they say the qualifier is the most dangerous player in the group was true today too. Though Johnson did win a frame but it was a win for the Punjab lad as he closed the proceedings 3-1.

    Junior boys billiards (Pre-quarter finals):

    Dhvaj Haria  (GJ) bt Rajwardhan Joshi (MH) 423-179 ; Ashutosh Padhy (OR) bt Sahil Nayyar (PB) 290-148 ; Rohit Yadav (ASM) bt Hritik Jain (MP) 279-266 ; Ishpreet Chadha (MH) bt Tanurag Gautam (CH) 547-198 ; Jaiveer Dhingra (MH) bt Sunder Raj E (KTK) 270-267 ;Nikhil Pise (MH) bt Kunal Kothekar (DL) 266-250 ; Jagadesh B (TN) bt Bharath Sharma HR 314-129

    Junior boys snooker (round-32):

    Shobhit Sethi (PB) bt Mandeep Singh (UP).  3-0 ; Hardik Bhatt (PB) bt Jaiveer Dhingra (MH). 3-0 ; Gurdit Singh (DL) bt Md. Saif Khan (WB). 3-0 ; Dhvaj Haria (GJ) bt Prateek Singhla (HR) 3-0 ; Ashutosh Padhy (OD) bt Sundar Raj E. (TN)  3-0 ; M.B. Ashutosh (AP) bt Arjun Mehta (KTK) 3-1

    Double Crown for Ashutosh Padhy

     in Nationals 2014 

    Lucknow, February 18: Orissa's Ashutosh Padhy won the sub-junior snooker title, defeating Johnson Narsidani of Gujarat by a good margin at the Manisha Billiards and Snooker Nationals, at the Shubham Banquets here today. In the final Ashutosh showed no mercy to Johnson while crushing him by 3-0.
    Ashutosh Padhy who had won the sub junior Billiard title yesterday picked up his 2nd title by beating Jhonson in the finals of subjunior snooker. Like yesterday this final too was totally one side as if Jhonson was content by reaching in the finals only. In the first two frams Jhomsonmanaged to pot only 2 balls and the audience went to sleep. In the do or die frame he managed was to get on the score board was 37 against Ashutosh’s 60. This is Ashutosh’s fifth title in the very young career.  

    The State Bank of India powers the event being organised by the Uttar
    Pradesh Billiards and Snooker Association.
    Young Padhy, who scored a thrilling 2-0 win against Uttar Pradesh's
    Mandeep Singh, where as Johnson Narsidani knocked out UP's Shobhit
    Chandra 2-1 in the semi-finals earlier in the day.
    "I am happy with my game, and I wasn't expecting an easy match against Johnson." Ashutoshsaid after his win. "My wise come true for me in the final", he added.

    Results :

    Sub Junior Snooker Final Result

    Orissa's Ashutosh Padhy bt Gujarat’s Johnson Narsidani 3-0 (67-01,62-00,60-37)  

    Odisha’s Ashutosh Padhy

    won the sub-junior billiards title 

    Odisha’s Ashutosh Padhy won the sub-junior billiards title, defeating Arjun Mehta of Karnataka by a good margin here at the National Billiards and Snooker Championship 2014. The State Bank of India powers the event being organized by the Uttar Pradesh Billiards and Snooker Association at Lucknow.

    Young Padhy, who scored a thrilling 251-203 win against ML Laxman also of Karnataka in the semi-final earlier in the day, showed no mercy to Mehta while crushing him by 251-121 during the 60-minutes final. He had a break of 49 followed by another break of 59 during the play that helped him to retain decent lead throughout the match.

    "It was like a dream come true for me," Ashutosh said after his win. "In the final, I didn’t want my rival even to think about a comeback once I took a handsome lead," he added.

    Though Mehta lost in the final, he had the honour of outplaying the defending champion Ishpreet S. Chadha of Maharashtra in other semi-final 186-168.

    In Sub-Junior snooker, 2 out of 3 Uttar Pradesh lads entered into semi finals. Unfortunately, Mark Manenzes, though he fought hard, had to be content by being in the top 8 only as he went down to Ashutosh Padhy 2-1.

    The other two, Shobit Chandra and Mandeep Singh, both students of Lucknow Cue Sports Academy, stormed into the semi finals. This is the first time since sub juniors began that 2 players from U.P. have reached the semis.


    The other semi finalists are Ashutosh Padhy of Odisha and Johnson Narsidani of Gujarat.


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