Dadar Club - Matunga Gym Open Snooker Tournament 2014
10 January 2014 to 24 January 2014

Left Winner Faisal Khan & Runner - up Kamal Chawla

  • Venue

    Matunga Gym - Dadar Club

    Matunga Gymkhana
    Lakhamshi Napoo road,
    Mumbai - 400 019

    Dadar Club
    Lokmanya Tilak Colony,
    Dadar, Mumbai - 400 014

  • Entry Fees

    RS : 600/-

  • Game Format

    Knock - Out

  • Description


    Dadar Club - Matunga Gymkhana

    Open Snooker Tournament

    10th - 24 th January 2014 TOURNAMENT RULES  DRAW  RESULT



    Kamal Chawla V/S Faisal Khan

    3 - 6

    Khan stuns Chawla for title

    Underdog Faisal Khan shocked former world No. 3 Kamal Chawla to win the title, in the Matunga Gymkhana-Dadar Club Open Snooker Tournament.

    Inter Railways runner-up Khan of Khar Gymkhana capitalized on the chances that came his way to romp to a 6-3 triumph in the best-of-11 championship round between quality cueists. In the process, Khan ended a long drought after winning the Islam Gymkhana title in March 2012 where he beat twice Asian champion Yasin Merchant.

    Though not at his best, Khan dominated the final, relying on small but significant breaks to stay ahead of his accomplished opponent. Railways No. 1 Chawla of Bhopal, the more sanguine of the two cueists, opened up with a break of 60 in the opening frame and added a 52 and an unfinished 42 in the fifth frame to set the stage for an exciting finish.

    But Khan, though cautious like Chawla, chose to go for his shots and was rewarded with a 3-2 lead that included a break of 55 in the fourth. He returned after the interval to make it 4-2 with a break of 38 and though Chawla pulled one back to trail 3-4, Khan made the most of the openings in the next two frames to take the match away.

    “I did not play too well,” admitted Khan. “In fact, I played really well upto the semi-finals, with consistent breaks. I just took advantage of the chances I got and held on.”

    “I too got some good chances but I did not capitalized on them,” said Chawla. “Anyway, this tournament was a nice warm-up before the nationals.”

    Results: Final: Faisal Khan (Khar Gym) bt Kamal Chawla (Bhopal) 1-79(60), 68-37, 64-45, 87(55)-15, 27-105(54,42unf), 72(38)-1, 38-76, 59-16, 75-37.

    Chawla, Khan in title clash

    Kamal Chawla and Faisal Khan registered contrasting wins to set up a title clash, in the Matunga Gymkhana-Dadar Club Open Snooker Tournament on Friday.

    Bhopal-based Railway cueist Chawla halted Pushpinder Singh of Delhi 5-0 that included a delightful break of 91 in the second frame of the best-of-nine semi-final.

    Railway cueist Khan ended the winning streak of former national 6-Red champion Shivam Arora with a 5-3 win in an all-Khar Gymkhana contest that included a slew of significant breaks which proved decisive for the former.

    Arora surprised Khan with a swift 2-0 lead that included a break of 85 in the second frame which reflected the former’s fluency. But Khan recovered brilliantly to surge to a 3-2 lead which included breaks of 55 in the fourth and an unfinished 95 in the fifth that ended when he missed the second last red while on course for an unfinished 138.

    Arora won the sixth frame to draw level and set the stage for a humdinger. But Khan returned to fire a break of 66 to go 4-3 up and added a 46 in the crucial eighth to seal the issue.

    Results: Semi-finals: Kamal Chawla (Bhopal) bt Pushpinder Singh (Delhi) 90-1, 91(91)-0, 89-39, 100(48,40)-32, 68-67(49); Faisal Khan (Khar Gym) bt Shivam Arora (Khar Gym) 59-60, 0-93(85), 79(34)-37, 92(55)-20, 95(95)-1, 23-62, 81(66)-15, 74(46)-16.

    Kamal Chawla fires 123 break

    Rawat, Shahbaz crash

    Title contenders Shahbaz Khan and Laxman Rawat were shocked on a dramatic day of upsets, in the Matunga Gymkhana-Dadar Club Open Snooker Tournament on Thursday.

    Khan of Bharat Petroleum lost to Railway cueist Dilip Kumar of Tamil Nadu 2-4 in the best-of-seven frames pre-quarter-finals that triggered an ominous day for the favourites which included the premature exit of twice Asian champion Yasin Merchant who went down to Faisal Khan in the quarter-finals.

    Asian 6-Red bronze medallist Laxman Rawat of CCI went down to state selection sub junior champion Ishpreet Singh Chadha in another pre-quarter-final. But Chadha’s challenge ended in the last eight where he lost to Pushpinder Singh of Delhi in a 4-3 thriller even after constructing breaks of 74 in the first frame and 93 in the third.

    It was also a day of the big breaks with Kamal Chawla of Bhopal firing the competition’s highest of 123 while ending Dilip Kumar’s campaign in the quarter-finals. Chawla was on course for an unfinished 136 until he missed the pink in the second frame.

    The other big breaks came from Rawat who hit a brilliant 106 against Rawat in the last 16, while Shivam Arora fired 88 en route to a 4-3 win over Nitesh Madan of Delhi in the last eight.

    Results: Quarter-finals: Shivam Arora (Khar Gym) bt Nitesh Madan (Delhi) 51-43, 77-5, 38-57, 58-46, 30-65, 55-71, 88(88)-1; Kamal Chawla (Bhopal) bt Dilip Kumar (TN) 60-33, 123(123)-0, 54-20, 9-71, 75-5; Faisal Khan (Khar Gym) bt Yasin Merchant (Khar Gym) 63-57, 74-53, 67(57)-33, 34-67, 61-52; Pushpinder Singh (Delhi) bt Ishpreet Singh Chadha (Bombay Gym) 45-83(74), 68(53)-14, 4-93(93), 63(42)-67, 64(35)-1, 63-30, 62-33.

    Pre-quarter-finals: Dilip Kumar (TN) bt Shahbaz Khan (PSPB) 66-38, 49-21, 27-58(44), 50-36, 1-96, 45-23; Yasin Merchant (Khar Gym) bt Siddharth Parikh (PJ Hindu Gym) 52-62, 65-19, 104-6, 73(55)-28, 69-47; Kamal Chawla (Bhopal) bt Nikhil Ootam (CCI) 47-58, 63-7, 73-24, 76-25, 45-61, 70-47; Ishpreet Singh Chadha (Bombay Gym) bt Laxman Rawat (CCI) 65-41, 0-110(106), 70(49)-63, 57-49, 0-88(64), 73-40.

    Arora storms into quarters

    Former national 6-Red champion Shivam Arora registered exciting back-to-back wins to storm into the quarter-finals, in the Matunga Gymkhana-Dadar Club Open Snooker Tournament on Wednesday.

    Arora endured a gruelling day when he was taken the distance in both, the round of 32 and the pre-quarter-finals on an action-packed day of snooker.

    He faced a strong challenge from formidable R. Girish of Railways who surged to an envious 3-1 lead in the pre-quarter-finals. But Arora changed the script with a late burst, winning the last three frames on-the-trot to seal a nail-biter. Arora, who fired a break of 40 in the second frame, hit an inspired 57 in the fifth that helped him find his form.  

    The others to enter the last eight were, Faisal Khan of Khar Gymkhana and Delhi cueists Nitesh Madan and Pushpinder Singh.

    Earlier, Arora rallied from 1-2 to halt India junior No. 4 Vishal Vaya of Indian Snooker Academy in the round of 32. Vaya kept his hopes alive in the decider until he chose to opt for a snooker with 25 points on the table that would have helped him to a tie.

    In another round of 32, former state champion Nikhil Ootam of CCI recovered brilliantly, after being twice in arrears, to overcome Aditya Agrawal of PJ Hindu Gymkhana 4-3. Ootam rallied from 1-2 and 2-3 deficits and his effort included two significant breaks of 46 and 30 in the fourth frame.

    Results: Pre-quarter-finals: Pushpinder Singh (Delhi) bt Rafath Habib (Rlys) 10-71, 68-29, 69-38, 29-79, 87(45)-0, 72(40)-34; Nitesh Madan (Delhi) bt Waseem Shah (Pune) 47-76,74-25, 88(46)-17, 70-31, 49-65, 67-19, Faisal Khan (Khar Gym) bt Hasan Badami (CCI) 61-39, 59(55)-16, 54(48)-21, 82(61)-4; Shivam Arora (Khat Gym) bt R. Girish (Rlys) 15-76(44), 63(40)-7, 11-67, 4-55, 81(57)-0, 60-2, 68-41.

    Round of 32: Pushpinder Singh (Delhi) bt Rovin D’Souza (PJ Hindu Gym) 41-64, 52-13, 76-22, 29-77, 62-53, 67-14; Shahbaz Khan (PSPB) bt Deepak Khubchandani (Khar Gym) 71-18, 89-20, 67-29, 72-52; Shivam Arora (Khar Gym) bt Vishal Vaya (ISA) 76-6, 0-23, 37-64, 74-36, 64-46, 8-69, 71-48; Siddharth Parikh (PJ Hindu Gym) bt Arun Agrawal (Matunga Gym) 84-56, 54-39, 66-24, 68-58; Kamal Chawla (Bhopal) bt Abhimanyu Gandhi (Guj) 84(60)-29, 69(42)-8, 68-30, 64-33; Nikhil Ootam (CCI) bt Aditya Agrawal (PJ Hindu Gym) 59-13, 42-60, 58-86, 92(46,30)-12, 23-58(31), 52-66, 88(60)-1; Dilip Kumar (TN) bt Zubin Patel (JVPG) 58(46)-17, 63-10, 61-53, 46-75, 26-65, 62-57; Ishpreet Singh Chadha (Bombay Gym) bt Devendra Joshi (PSPB) 71-45, 15-65, 67-53, 75-20, 26-59, 71-39.

    Faisal Khan rallies

    Fancied Faisal Khan of Khar Gymkhana rallied from a 1-2 deficit to enter the pre-quarter-finals, in the Matunga Gymkhana-Dadar Club Open Snooker Tournament on Tuesday.

    Playing his first match with a direct entry into the round of 32, Railway cueist Khan initiated a late burst to overcome Rohal Sakalkar of PYC, Pune 4-2 in the best-of-seven frames contest.

    Khan led the other fancied players into the last 16 as twice Asian champion Yasin Merchant, Asian 6-Red bronze medallist Laxman Rawat, Tamil Nadu-based Rafath Habib of Railways and state selection runner-up Hasan Badami sailed through.

    Waseem Shah of Pune overcame Malkeet Singh of CCI in a 4-3 thriller after leading 3-1 in the closest match of the day, while Nitesh Madan of Delhi halted Kabil Badami of Bombay Gymkhana with a 4-0 win.

    Results: Round of 32: Rafath Habib (Rlys) bt Farhad Tengra (Elphinstone CC) 63-19, 43-66, 59-41, 66-14, 69(32)-4; Nitesh Madan (Delhi) bt Kabil Badami (Bombay Gym) 58-45, 66-38, 93-56, 85-45; Waseem Shah (Pune) bt Malkeet Singh (CCI) 71(38)-17, 63-76, 57-37, 55-48, 38-63, 1-63, 68-59; Laxman Rawat (CCI) bt Sunil Jain (Elphinstone CC) 68(41)-6, 58-26, 49-18, 61-27; Yasin Merchant (Khar Gym) bt Abhinay Edke (Dombivli Gym) 81-45, 75-8, 56-15, 77-17; Hasan Badami (CCI) bt Sanjay Gamre (Bombay Gym) 61-50, 79-66, 65-11, 59-46; R. Girish (Rlys) bt Meherzad Bhagwagar (Elphinstone CC) 79-28, 67-7, 61-77, 66-19, 66-19; Faisal Khan (Khar Gym) bt Rohan Sakalkar (PYC, Pune) 41-63, 63-9, 35-50, 89-0, 55-2, 74-24.

    Round of 64: Arun Agrawal (Matunga Gym) bt Ramesh Sadarangani (Matunga Gym) 38-74, 61-2, 42-19, 46-12; Vishal Vaya (ISA) bt Aashit Pandya 69-38, 73-8, 80-66.

    Lelinwalla stuns Dhingra

    Former junior national champion Zubin Lelinwalla shocked junior state selection champion Jaiveer Dhingra to storm into the round of 32, in the Matunga Gymkhana-Dadar Club Open Snooker Tournament on Monday.

    Lelinwalla, of Juhu Vile Parle Gymkhana halted Dhingra of PJ Hindu Gymkhana 79-52, 59-46, 36-50, 75-38 in a best-of-five contest for one of the most significant upsets in the competition.

    The other surprise losers in the round of 64 were V. ‘Raja’ Subramanian and Nikhil Ghadge, both of Matunga Gymkhana, and Vilas Upsham of Vashi who went down to Bombay Gymkhana marker Sanjay Gamre.

    The significant winners to enter the round of 32 were, India junior No. 4 Vishal Vaya of Indian Snooker Academy, Farhad Tengra of Elphinstone Cricket Club, Aditya Agrawal and Rovin D’Souza, both of PJ Hindu Gymkhana, Abhimanyu Gandhi of Gujarat, and sub junior state selection champion Ishpreet Singh Chadha and Kabil Badami, both of Bombay Gymkhana. Badami’s effort included a significant break of 80.

    Results: Round of 64: Vishal Vaya bt Aashit Pandya 69-38, 73-8, 80-66; Waseem Shah (Pune) bt V. ‘Raja’ Subramanian (Matunga Gym) 47-44, 68-25, 64-26; Rohan Sakalkar (PYC, Pune) bt Akshay Waghchaure 12-54, 54-29, 54-20, 62-22; Farhad Tengra (Elphinstone CC) bt Ibrahim Shaikh 53-47, 42-53, 67-40, 42-63, 57-48; Kabil Badami (Bombay Gym) bt Sumit Saldurkar (MCF) 64-27, 80(80)-0, 57-22; Rovin D’Souza (PJ Hindu Gym) bt Akash Padalikar (Pune) 72-6, 44-34, 75(59)-9; Meherzad Bhagwagar (Elphinstone CC) bt Nikhil Ghadge (Matunga Gym) 75-45, 49-52, 63-24, 81-59; Abhimanyu Gandhi (Guj) bt Chintamani Jadhav 66-14, 63-51, 64-9; Zubin Lelinwalla (JVPG) bt Jaiveer Dhingra (PJ Hindu Gym) 79-52, 59-46, 36-50, 75-38; Ishpreet Singh Chadha (Bombay Gym) bt Arun Barve (PYC, Pune) 62-49, 62-20, 63-33; Aditya Agrawal (PJ Hindu Gym) bt Ankit Thacker (Matunga Gym) 56-16, 56-15, 52-75, 74-48; Sanjay Gamre (Bombay Gym) bt Vilas Upsham (Vashi) 60-20, 44-57, 57-45, 64-9; Abhinav Edke (Dombivli Gym) bt Akash Asrani (Khar Gym) 46-14, 55-47, 54-16.

    3rd Rd: Meherzad Bhagwagar (Elphinstone CC) bt Anand Raghuvanshi (Pune) 28-52, 64-43, 49-35, 9-51, 68-33; Aashit Pandya bt Gaurav Jaisinghani (Vashi) 66-14, 51-41, 60-48; Akash Asrani (Khar Gym) bt Mangesh (TN) 46-64, 45-36, 72-50, 43-64, 85-39; Vishal Vaya bt Amandeep Kohli (Khar Gym) 21-54, 54-3, 62-19, 56-41; Farhad Tengra (Elphinstone CC) bt Shailesh Rao (Matunga Gym) 74-70, 71-18, 85-60; Ankit Thacker (Matunga Gym) bt Rahul Narang (North Indian Assn) 71-28, 22-69, 67-39, 55-43; Ishpreet Singh Chadha (Bombay Gym) bt Amit Sapru (Park Club) 54-44, 66-25, 72-36; Sanjay Gamre (Bombay Gym) bt Arun Kumar (Thane) 71-35, 63-72, 61-38, 53-12; Arun Agrawal (Matunga Gym) bt Prathamesh Sawant (Thane) 50-59, 53-44, 62-23, 59-47; Abhinav Edke (Dombivli Gym) bt Manav Panchal (Malabar Hill Club) 42-69, 40-22, 73-20, 85-51; Kabil Badami (Bombay Gym) bt Sanjiv Shah 69-30, 48-27, 18-52, 1-55, 58-21; Sumit Saldurkar (MCF) bt Parag Paithankar (Matoshree) 71-27, 81-45, 52-33; Meherzad Bhagwagar (Elphinstone CC) bt Avenish Shah (MCF) 23-62, 60-32, 60-50, 28-63, 65-39; Ibrahim Shaikh (MCF) bt Ronnie Daruwala (PJ Hindu Gym) 52-39, 38-49, 65-12, 54-50.

    Khubchandani, Jain advance

    Deepak Khubchandani and Sunil Jain registered back-to-back wins to advance, in the Matunga Gymkhana-Dadar Club Open Snooker Tournament on Friday.

    Khubchandani of Khar Gymkhana eased past Mukund Bharadia of Spring Club 3-1 in the third round and halted his club marker Manoj Kasare with a 3-0 win in the fourth round.

    Jain endured a strong challenge against Mahesh Jagdale before snatching a 3-2 win in an all-Elphinstone Cricket Club third round encounter, before overcoming Yogesh Pawar of Pune 3-1 in the fourth round.

    Maharashtra State Selection junior champion Jaiveer Dhingra, who won his second round 3-2, survived another scare when he rallied from 0-2 to beat Islam Gymkhana marker Amit Jadhav 3-2 in the third round.

    Fancied Aditya Agrawal of PJ Hindu Gymkhana was also taken the distance before escaping to a 3-2 win over Mayank Bhavsar that included a decisive break of 50 in the decider.

    The other significant winners were, Arun Agrawal, Rovin D’Souza, Zubin Leninwala and Pune’s Rohan Sakalkar.

    Results: 4th Rd: Deepak Khubchandani (Khar Gym) bt Manoj Kasare (Khar Gym) 62-50, 63-35, 69-49; Sunil Jain (Elphinstone CC) bt Yogesh Pawar (Pune) 33-57, 64-32, 57-19, 81-41.

    3rd Rd: Deepak Khubchandani (Khar Gym) bt Mukund Bharadia (Spring Club) 10-79, 85-54, 50-40, 62-58; Zubin Leninwala (JVPG) bt Nikhil Saigal (Khar Gym) 47-28, 67-40, 54-13; Manoj Kasare (Khar Gym) bt Rajwardhan Joshi (Elphinstone CC) 69-21, 59-45, 65-27; Sunil Jain (Elphinstone CC) bt Mahesh Jagdale (Elphinstone CC) 31-65, 86-41, 87-77, 47-71, 82-57; Jaiveer Dhingra (PJ Hindu Gym) bt Amit Jadhav (Islam Gym) 43-52, 44-45, 56-7, 70-30, 67-31; Rohan Sakalkar (PYC, Pune) bt Nalin Patel (Bombay Gym) 47-55, 56-22, 59-50, 51-30; Rovin D’Souza (PJ Hindu Gym) bt Shahbaz Khan (Elphinstone CC) 36-62, 53-25, 57-9, 58-46; Aditya Agrawal (PJ Hindu Gym) bt Mayank Bhavsar 74-19, 39-50, 80-34, 15-67, 69(50)-1.

    2nd Rd: Arun Kumar (Thane) bt Nishit Chandan (Matunga Gym) 13-62, 53-26, 62-30, 20-81, 47-42; Arun Agrawal (Matunga Gym) bt Sandeep Doshi 81-8, 52-53, 57-12, 38-32.

    Sadarangani rolls on

    Jagdale stretched

    Ramesh Sadarangani fashioned impressive back-to-back wins to storm into the fourth round, in the Matunga Gymkhana-Dadar Club Open Snooker Tournament on Thursday.

    Sadarangani of Matunga Gymkhana enjoyed a rewarding day when he won his second round 3-0 and later upset Shekhar Surve of Shivaji Park Gymkhana 3-1 in the third round.

    Joining Sadarangani in the fourth round were, V. ‘Raja’ Subramanian, Raj Khandwala and Pune cueists Yogesh Pawar and Waseem Shah.

    In contrast, Mahesh Jagdale of Elphinstone Cricket Club lived dangerously before snatching a 3-2 win over a gallant Carl Serrao of Catholic Gymkhana, after winning the opening frame with breaks of 55 and 33 and trailing 1-2, in the second round.

    The other significant second round winners were, Shailesh Rao, Sunil Jain, Avenish Shah, Rajwardhan Joshi, Amit Sapru and Vishal Vaya.

    Results: 3rd Rd: V. ‘Raja’ Subramanian (Matunga Gym) bt Kunal Rokade (Thane) 76(37)-62, 67(40)-38, 67(41)-43; Raj Khandwala (CCI) bt Baban Solanki (DPCG) 37-61, 65-31, 61-25, 57-27; Ramesh Sadarangani (Matunga Gym) bt Shekhar Surve (SPG) 66-4, 60-23, 16-55, 70-29; Vilas Upsham (Vashi) bt Santosh Pawar 46-20, 61-35, 64-20; Waseem Shah (Pune) bt Santosh Dharmadhikari (Pune) 57-37, 45-55, 76(44)-45, 69-19; Yogesh Pawar (Pune) bt Rebanta Sahijwani (Khar Gym) 74-18, 61-35, 29-53, 72-12.

    2nd Rd: Shailesh Rao (Matunga Gym) bt Arpit Shah (MCF) 49-36, 66-18, 12-80, 75-29; Mahesh Jagdale (Elphinstone CC) bt Carl Serrao (Catholic Gym) 101(55, 33)-28, 30-61, 58-69, 64-13, 74-14; Sunil Jain (Elphinstone CC) bt Akash Ajmera 52-12, 68-10, 59-22; Avenish Shah (MCF) bt Karan Chaddha 9-63, 67-7, 65-25, 62-34; Ramesh Sadarangani (Matunga Gym) bt Kewal Mahadeshwar 54-21, 51-27, 51-29; Abhinav Edke (Dombivli Gym) bt Bhushan Shahade (Dadar Club) 67-30, 36-5, 20-59, 46-40; Rohit Jadhav bt Ashit Pandya 27-57, 61-12, 55-45, 63-17; Akshay Waghchaure bt Mehernosh Billimoria (Bombay Gym) 53-12, 52-2, 34-68, 46-59, 63-3; Rajwardhan Joshi (Elphinstone CC) bt Ameya Soman 61-17, 46-34, 30-43, 72-28; Amit Sapru (Park Club) bt Akash Ramteke 53-38, 67-46, 70-44; Vishal Vaya bt Akhil Syed 70-20, 21-53, 79-27, 60-20; Aakash Padalikar bt Rajit Mehta 72-36, 65-33, 66-23.

    Pune’s Barve enters 4th round

    Arun Barve of PYC, Pune registered an impressive win to advance to the fourth round, in the Matunga Gymkhana-Dadar Club Open Snooker Tournament on Wednesday.

    Barve, 53, overcame young Dev Dongre of Juhu Vile Parle Gymkhana 80-47, 44-70, 48-35, 35-33 to become the first cueist in the competition to reach the fourth round.

    After a flying start in the opening frame, Barve surprisingly struggled in the second to drop the frame in the best-of-five contest. But he recovered in time to win the third and fourth in close finishes against an opponent who is less than half his age.

    “I played quite a decent game. I made some mistakes but made amends later. Winning or losing does not matter to me. I don’t think I’ll progress much. But I come all the way from Pune to participate because I love snooker,” reasoned Barve.

    In contrast, fancied Kabil Badami of Bombay Gymkhana was taken the distance by Chandu Kansodaria of Mandpeshwar Civic Federation, Borivali before snatching a 40-56, 60-31, 57-25, 33-51, 55-29 win in an exciting second round.

    The other significant second round winners were Ronnie Daruwalla of PJ Hindu Gymkhana, Ankit Thacker and Nikhil Ghadge of Matunga Gymkhana, Nalin Patel of Bombay Gymkhana, Raj Khandwala of CCI, Zubin Leninwala of Juhu Vile Parle Gymkhana, Rohal Sakalkar of PYC, Pune and Ibrahim Shaikh of MCF who fired a 72 for the highest break of the day.

    Results: 3rd Rd: Arun Barve (PYC, Pune) bt Dev Dongre (JVPG) 80-47, 44-70, 48-35, 35-33.

    2nd Rd: Kabil Badami (Bombay Gym) bt Chandu Kansodaria (MCF) 40-56, 60-31, 57-25, 33-51, 55-29; Ankit Thacker (Matunga Gym) bt Avjeet Singh (Kalyan) 63-17, 22-35, 77-2, 45-36; Ronnie Daruwalla (PJ Hindu Gym) bt Nimish Kulkarni (PYC, Pune) 61-54, 90-52, 50-34; Kunal Rokade (Thane) bt Bhargav Patel (Pune) 57(32)-12, 69(35)-33, 53-40; Nikhil Ghadge (Matunga Gym) bt Amol Abdagiri (Deccan Gym, Pune) 53-19, 54-31, 51-17; Nalin Patel (Bombay Gym) bt Ritesh Joshi (Spring Club) 65-21, 38-59, 63-1, 54-2; Sumit Saldurkar (MCF) bt Anupam Jha (Pune) 78-22, 53-26, 41-43, 69-37; Raj Khandwala (CCI) bt Piyush Limbad 57-50, 64-19, 42-47, 52-21; Rohan Sakalkar (PYC, Pune) bt Sahil Khan (Islam Gym) 59-73, 65-24, 67-61, 62-23; Zubin Leninwala (JVPG) bt Sonu Matang (Pune) 76-47, 69-9, 63-25; Ibrahim Shaikh (MCF) bt Bapu Gaikwad (BPGC) 68-26, 86(72)-6, 45-21; Srinivas M. (Vikhroli) bt Porus Shah (Elphinstone CC) 50-22, 59-56, 22-74, 17-58, 60-53; Sanjay Gamre bt Ajay Makwana 65-24, 55-26, 55-23.

    Jaiveer survives scare

    Maharashtra State Selection junior champion Jaiveer Dhingra survived a scare before advancing to the third round, in the Matunga Gymkhana-Dadar Club Open Snooker Tournament on Tuesday.

    Playing his opening match in the competition after earning a second round bye, Dhingra initiated a late burst to overcome Sanjiv Bijlani of Park Club 66-23, 29-45, 41-54, 80-8, 65-29 in the most absorbing contest of the day.

    Dhingra got off to a good start with a break of 48 in the opening frame. But the formidable Bijlani came back strongly to surprise his opponent by winning the next two frames that included a tight third.

    Dhingra finally found the form that deserted him midway and fired significant breaks of 51 in the fourth and 39 in the decider to end Bijlani’s determined challenge.

    In another close second round encounter, Waseem Shah of PYC, Pune upset Deependra Pinkyar of Shivaji Park Gymkhana in a 3-2 thriller. Pinkyar frittered away a 2-1 lead and was on the brink of sealing a win in the crucial fourth frame when he trailed 57-75 and endured an unfortunate pink in-off that changed his fortunes.

    V. ‘Raja’ Subramanian of Matunga Gymkhana recovered from the loss of the opening frame to also enter the third round.

    The other significant winners were, Bhushan Shahade of Dadar Club, Rovin D’Souza and Aditya Agrawal of PJ Hindu Gymkhana, Manoj Kasare and Amandeep Kohli of Khar Gymkhana, and Nikhil Ghadge of Matunga Gymkhana who rallied from a 0-2 deficit to win 3-2 in the first round.

    Results: 2nd Rd: Waseem Shah (PYC, Pune) bt Deependra Pinkyar (SPG) 57-54, 56-70, 7-58, 82-57, 52-8; V. ‘Raja’ Subramanian (Matunga Gym) bt Mitesh Thakkar (Spring Club) 46-73(33unf), 62-23, 61-26, 47-36; Jaiveer Dhingra (PJ Hindu Gym) bt Sanjiv Bijlani (Park Club) 66(48)-23, 29-45, 41-54, 80(51)-8, 65(39)-29; Aditya Agrawal (PJ Hindu Gym) bt Rohit Khatavkar (Kalyan) 60-47, 30-57, 66-38, 57-23; Amandeep Kohli (Khar Gym) bt Hardik Vyas (North Indian Assn) 65-18, 59-13, 51-12; Yogesh Pawar bt Chandresh Shah (PJ Hindu Gym) 77-51, 57-22, 24-58, 64-8; Rovin D’Souza (PJ Hindu Gym) bt Sparsh Pherwani (Khar Gym) 65-27, 60-26, 2-66, 73-60; Vilas Upsham (Vashi) bt Sagar Jain (North Indian Assn) 29-51, 60-40, 61-39, 47-39; Manoj Kasare (Khar Gym) bt Rajan Gupta (North Indian Assn) 54-39, 42-55, 60-42, 58-22.

    1st Rd: Gaurav Jaisinghani (Vashi) bt Rajesh Mehta (Matunga Gym) 57-26, 64-36, 34-49, 68-10; Sanjiv Shah bt Nikhil Sapre (Dadar Club) 53-3, 60-16, 57-29; Rajit Mehta (Dadar Club) bt Vikram Sanap 66-9, 48-13, 29-43, 57-21; Meherzad Bhagwagar (Elphinstone CC) bt Samar Khandelwal (PYC, Pune) 64-46, 38-65, 2-56, 50-31, 71-47; Bhushan Shahade (Dadar Club) bt Vivek Nepali (Vashi) 51-40, 58-72, 52-12, 60-10; Parag Paithankar (Thane) bt Salman Attarwala 58-23, 39-19, 41-23; Bhargav Patel bt Kapil Pawar 71-40, 52-17, 49-25; Anupam Jha (Pune) bt Jigar Shah (Borivali) 72-4, 50-79, 69-2, 45-56, 61-7; Prathamesh Sawant (Thane) bt Nadeem Md. 43-19, 44-69, 45-76, 53-13, 68-42; Nikhil Ghadge (Matunga Gym) bt Amol Pandhare 15-50, 34-36, 66-47, 62-14, 62-22.

    Chandan wins decider

    Nishit Chandan of Matunga Gymkhana was taken the distance before advancing to the second round, in the Matunga Gymkhana-Dadar Club Open Snooker Tournament on Monday.

    Chandan experienced indifferent form and a roller-coaster ride against anonymous Rohan Fernandes even after surging to a 2-1 lead after dropping the second frame in the best-of-five contest. A rusty Chandan was forced into the decider by a determined Fernandes who refused to give up. Only a significant lead in the final frame gave Chandan the edge.

    The other significant first round winners were Sagar Jain (North Indian Association), Amit Jadhav (Islam Gymkhana), Deependra Pinkyar (Shivaji Park Gymkhana), Gaurav Jaisinghani of Vashi and Akash Asrani of Khar Gymkhana who was let off the hook by Dhaval Kenia of Matunga Gymkhana.

    Meanwhile, Arun Barve of PYC, Pune enjoyed a rewarding day with back-to-back wins to enter the third round, along with Shahbaz Khan of Elphinstone Cricket Club and Deepak Khubchandani of Khar Gymkhana.

    Apart from Barve, the other Pune cueists to win were, Rohan Sakalkar and Akash Padalikar who entered the second round.

    Results: 2nd Rd: Arun Barve (PYC, Pune) bt Karan Mangat (Vashi) 62-24, 39-62, 48-11, 49-40; Shahbaz Khan (Elphinstone CC) bt Ibrahim Motiwala (Solapur) 61-56, 21-69, 78-52, 55-26; Deepak Khubchandani (Khar Gym) bt Manjit Singh Bhomer (North Indian Assn) 48-12, 64-8, 47-56, 51-2.

    1st Rd: Nishit Chandan (Matunga Gym) bt Rohan Fernandes 50-34, 32-49, 69-23, 21-39, 62-36; Santosh Pawar (Chembur) bt M.H. Gavit (Dadar Club) 80-24, 61-20, 68-29; Chandu Kansodaria (MCF) bt J. Parikh 54-21, 57-14, 44-53, 70-5; Arpit Shah (MCA) bt Nikhil Sansar (Spring Club) 69-29, 61-30, 47-54, 88-15; Akash Ajmera (Elphinstone CC) bt Jatin N.S. (Matunga Gym) 31-43, 67-45, 31-58, 54-20, 52-31; Mitesh Thakkar (Spring Club) bt Abhay Amin (Matunga Gym) 62-40, 44-6, 36-17; Akash Asrani (Khar Gym) bt Dhaval Kenia (Matunga Gym) 57-56, 64-49, 56-16; Gaurav Jaisinghani (Vashi) bt Rajesh Mehta (Matunga Gym) 57-26, 64-36, 24-49, 68-10; Sonu Matang bt Rajiv Adani (Dadar Club) 22-59, 25-69, 71-29, 58-15, 69-43; Arun Barve (PYC, Pune) bt Sachin Dedhia (Dadar Club) 62-31, 47-5, 59-39; Amar Raikar bt Chirag Kenia (Matunga Gym) 62-23, 62-40, 8-42, 42-56, 60-38; Rohan Sakalkar (PYC, Pune) bt Prashant Mhatre (SPG) 45-29, 50-19, 56-22; Sagar Jain (North Indian Assn) bt Om Prakash (Dadar Club) 64-22, 51-17, 59-35; Ritesh Joshi (Spring Club) bt Shail Badami 50-6, 57-29, 27-48, 57-29; Amit Jadhav (Islam Gym) bt Sanket Bapat (SPG) 65-56, 53-45, 76-56; Deependra Pinkyar (SPG) bt Kreishh Gurbaxani (Khar Gym) 48-21, 49-40, 52-24; Kewal Madeshwar bt Abhijeet Kamble 24-58, 32-46, 35-30, 56-4, 56-35; Akash Padalikar (Pune) bt Israr Khan (Islam Gym) 54-16, 56-13, 74-20;

    Pune’s Joshi escapes to victory

    Rajwardhan Joshi of ECC survived a scare before escaping to an exciting 3-2 win, in the first round of the Matunga Gymkhana-Dadar Club Open Snooker Tournament on Sunday.

    Joshi, the junior billiards runner-up in the Maharashtra State Selection tournament, led 2-1 after dropping the opening frame against a determined Sushrut Pandia of PJ Hindu Gymkhana.

    Ignoring the deficit, Pandia forced the decider in brilliant fashion when he snatched the crucial fourth frame in a thrilling black-ball finish to keep his hopes alive. Only a slender lead gave Joshi the edge in the final frame of the best-of-five contest.

    In contrast, state selection sub junior snooker champion Ishpreet Singh Chadha of Bombay Gymkhana began his campaign in the competition with a 3-0 win.

    The significant losers were Rishad Bharda and Rayyan Razmi, both of Elphinstone Cricket Club.

    Results: 2nd Rd: Ishpreet Singh Chadha (Bombay Gym) bt Junaid Syed 55-30, 67-56, 57-26.

    1st Rd: Nadim Mullani bt Ashwin Deshmukh (Dadar Club) 46-28, 14-60, 65-44, 51-43; Ajay Makwana bt Rishad Bharda (Elphinstone CC) 25-39, 56-44, 55-44, 65-13; Carl Serrao (Catholic Gym) bt Anil Choudhari 53-12, 66-32, 61-23; Chintamani Jadhav bt Rayyan Razmi (Elphinstone CC) 56-3, 42-51, 54-45, 68-36; Rajwardhan Joshi (ECC) bt Sushrut Pandia (PJ Hindu Gym) 50-60, 64-22, 63-18, 56-63, 51-34; Ramesh Sadarangani (Matunga Gym) bt Anil Sagar 46-74, 63-30, 53-43, 49-75, 62-13; Amit Thakkar (Matunga Gym) bt Hardik Vyas (North Indian Assn) 56-26, 54-44, 64-51; M. Billimoria bt Amogh Bandichod 59-13, 51-15, 52-30; Darshan Shah bt Pramod Pol 55-54, 74-62, 52-64, 62-54; Karan Mangat bt Rohit Pandlaskar 72-34, 50-20, 71-15; Abhishek Doshi bt Akil Syed 73-49, 59-41, 43-57, 47-60, 65-21; Rebanta Sahijwani (Khar Gym) bt Surya Prakash 56-39, 62-42, 54-48; Amol Abdagiri (Deccan Gym, Pune) bt Chandrashekhar Singh 50-36, 41-18, 50-65, 82-62; Ashit Pandya (Dombivli Gym) bt Mazhar Roowala 61-49, 58-43.

    Bijlani snatches black-ball thriller

    Sanjiv Bijlani of Park Club rallied from a 1-2 deficit to win the decider on the black ball in a nail-biting first round, in the Matunga Gymkhana-Dadar Club Open Snooker Tournament on Saturday.

    Bijlani was taken by surprise when Ameya Kalekar of Kolhapur went ahead after winning the first and third frames in the best-of-five contest. He relied on experience to prevent an upset as he forced the decider and took the match away on the black in a thrilling finish.

    In another first round encounter that went the distance, 14-year-old schoolboy Sparsh Pherwani of Podar International and Khar Gymkhana endured a strong challenge before overcoming Neeta Sanghavi, the only lady cueist in the competition, after trailing 1-2.

    The significant first round winners were Farhad Tengra of Elphinstone Cricket Club, Ankit Thacker of Matunga Gymkhana and Nimish Kulkarni of PYC, Pune. The notable loser was Jeet Gawde of Shivaji Park Gymkhana.  

    Results: 1st Rd: Waseem Shah (ISA) bt Naresh Sadarangani (Matunga Gym) 62-28, 43-63, 57-13, 56-8; Bapu Gaikwad bt Anwar Shaikh 55-36, 36-43, 57-10, 40-74, 44-30; Ankit Thacker (Matunga Gym) bt Darryl Dias 75-31, 56-22, 54-31; Akshay Waghchaure bt Deepak Ahire 53-49, 60-27, 73-15; Sanket Bapat (SPG) bt S.B. Shinde 40-24, 39-30, 37-33; Farhad Tengra (Elphinstone CC) bt Mandar Joshi 60-27, 57-2, 63-31; Nimish Kulkarni (PYC, Pune) bt Umesh Bhogle 51-7, 48-2, 60-16; Rajan Gupta bt Navnath Waghmare 58-26, 59-27, 56-45; Rohit Khatavkar bt Chinmay Gawde 57-11, 37-29, 53-40; Ibrahim Motiwala (Solapur) bt Rohit Sardeshmukh (Thane) 59-37, 61-6, 63-59; Sanjiv Bijlani (Park Club) bt Ameya Kalekar (Kolhapur) 18-65, 58-34, 26-59, 45-30, 53-50; Yogesh Pawar bt Ambarish Gharpure 51-11, 61-21, 57-5; Sparsh Pherwani (Khar Gym) bt Neeta Sanghavi (Willingdon SC) 12-51, 49-14, 11-66, 71-41, 56-44; Karan Cheddha bt Jeet Gawde (SPG) 36-60, 53-29, 45-35, 55-29.

    Bhomar rallies

    Manjit Singh Bhomar of North Indian Association rallied from 0-2 to snatch a 3-2 thriller, in the opening round of the Matunga Gymkhana-Dadar Club Open Snooker Tournament that got under way on Friday.

    The formidable Bhomar’s opponent Viraj Joshi squandered an envious lead and needed just one more frame in the best-of-five contest for the first upset of the competition before Bhomar utilized experience to change the script.

    In contrast, state selection junior No 2 Nikhil Saigal of Khar Gymkhana registered a comfortable 3-0 win over R. Tarang of Thane after winning the second frame in a black-ball finish and the third with breaks of 24 and 21.

    Results: 1st Rd: Avjeet Singh bt Divyana Chauhan 49-21, 49-33, 64-30; Manjit Singh Bhomar (North Indian Assn) bt Viraj Joshi 23-58, 32-49, 49-21, 54-21, 64-47; Nikhil Saigal (Khar Gym) bt R. Tarang (Thane) 51-40, 65-52, 74-9. 

    This is to inform you that Matunga Gymkhana and Dadar Club are jointly hosting the Open Snooker tournament between 10th to 24th January 2014,

    It would be played on a Knock out basis with the initial rounds being of best of 5 gradually moving up to best of 11 finals.
    The total prize money is as under :
    Winner                             50,000/-
    Runner up                         30,000/-
    Semi finalists                    30,000/-     (15,000 x 2)
    Quarter finalists                 30,000/-     ( 7,500 x 4)
    Pre quarter finalists            20,000/-     ( 2,500 x 8)
    Highest Break                     5,000/-
    Total Prize Money            1,65,000/-
    The last date for entry would be 3.30 pm on 4th January 2014.  Entry fee would be Rs 600/-.  Entries can be submitted to Matunga Gymkhana, Dadar Club, Mr Siddharth Parikh & to Sachin Mali at BSAM.  

    Contact :
    Dadar Club :
    The Entries for the same can be given to Mr. Rajit Mehta :- 9821108048, And Mr. Sachin Dedhia :- 9820093708, Mr. Nikhil Sapre ;- 9920755975 and  Sachin Suryavanshi :- 24150590 timing :- 8.00am to 3.30pm  or Mr. Fransis :- 24143627 timing :- 3.30pm to 12.00pm
    Matunga Gymkhana :
    Mr. V. Subramanian (Raja)     -     9819890401
    Mr. Naresh G.                 -     9930752328   (e-mail:
    Mr. Siddharth Parikh  - 9920970153
    Chief Tournament Co-ordinator    -    Mr. Siddharth Parikh  (e-mail: