Asian Billiards and Asian Under 21 Snooker Championships 2013
01 April 2013 to 07 April 2013

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    Madhya Pradesh,

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    Under 21 Snooker From Maharashtra Players


    Asian Billiards Draw


    Asian Under 21 Snooker Draw


    Alok, Rupesh, Praput and Thawat into Asian Billiards semi finals


    The former Asian Champion Alok Kumar confirmed medal for the country by entering into Semi finals of 12th ONGC Asian Billiards championship 2013 ongoing in Indore Tennis Club, Indore, Madhya Pradesh in India.

    After finishing as third seed in Round Robin stage, Alok was placed in Quarter Finals to play with his compatriot and sixth seed B. Bhaskar.

    In the opening game, Bhaskar cracked with a break of 70 points to win the first game. Alok immediately countered the same and set the match on level 1-all by winning the next game.

    Alok was eyeing to start leading thereon but in third game he missed a dicey cannon on 79 points and Bhaskar scored remaining 58 points and took lead 2-1.

    After that Alok geared up himself and produced three consecutive breaks of 96, 74 and 88 points in next three games to knockout Bhaskar and confirm his berth in medal round.

    In semi final match Alok Kumar will play against Thailand's Praput Chaithanasukan who outplayed K. Venkatesham of India in straight set of games 4-Nil. Venkatesham hardly got any chance and had no other option rather bowing down to Thai challenge.

    Next semi final match will be played between reigning world champion Rupesh Shah of India vs. Thawat Sujaritthurakarn (Thailand).

    Despite leading 3-2 Rupesh and was under threat of losing the match against Asian Games Silver medalist Nay Thway Oo. After winning 6th game, Nay Thway Oo elevated the score 87-20 in decider. There was nothing much left in the match but Nay Thway unexpectedly played a loose centre pocket in-off and missed to give a last chance to Rupesh.

    Rupesh was 80 points behind and started afresh like a champion and scored break of 80 points to knockout Nay Thway Oo.

    In 14th Asian Under-21 Snooker Championship, Round Robin stage ended today morning and total 16 players from four groups are selected for Pre-Quarter finals line up. All three players from China and Thailand have entered into Last 16 alongwith players from UAE, Paksitan, Hong Kong & Myanmar. Three Indian players out of 6 have also got berth in Last 16.

    The Pre-Quarter finals matches have just started while filing this report.

    Pre-Quarter Line up (Asian Under-21 Snooker).

    Zhu Yinghui (China) vs. Dhvaj Haria (India)

    Hamza Akbar (Pakistan) vs. Zhou Yuelong (China)

    Lu Ning (China) vs. Rahul Sachdev (India)

    Mohd. Majid Ali (Pakistan) vs. Malkeet Singh (India)

    Ratchayothin Yotharuck (Thailand) vs. Maung Maung (Myanmar)

    Wan Nansen Sin Man (Hong Kong) vs. Khalid Kamali (UAE)

    Boonyarit Keattikul (Thailand) vs. Ko Htet (Myanmar)

    Noppon Saengkham (Thailand) vs. Badr Obaid Khalifa (UAE)


    Billiards  Result 2-4-2013::

    Aung Htay (Myanmar) beat K. Venkatesham (India) :: 4-2 (100-81, 101-35, 37-101, 100(100)-00, 56-103, 102(87)-15)
    Nguyen Thanh Binh (Vietnam) beat Mohd. Yousef (Pakistan) :: 4-0 (101-42, 100(96)-90, 100-82, 100-80)
    Nguyen Thanh Long (Vietnam) beat Fan Kian Sang (Singapore) :: 4-0 (100-20, 100-43, 100-30, 101-79)
    Nay Thway Oo (Myanmar) beat Surya Suwannasinh (Thailand) :: 4-2 (101(101)-00, 20-101(52), 100(37)-05, 100(59)-04, 89-100, 100-38)
    Alok Kumar (India) beat Dhvaj Haria (India) :: 4-1 (62-102, 101-37, 100(65)-41, 102-09, 100(32)-54)
    Snooker (Under-21) Result 2-4-2013::
    Boonyarit Keattikul (Thailand) beat Zhou Yuelong (China) :: 4-0 (91(79)-23, 72(58)-23, 85-27, 76-50)
    Mohammad Majid Ali (Pakistan) beat Nitesh Madan (India) :: 4-0 (54-03, 85(64)-00, 80-41, 77(55)-09)
    Maung Maung (Myanmar) beat Leong Nanhoi (Hong Kong) :: 4-2 (67-10, 23-58, 28-67, 48-24, 77(56)-39, 73(40)-47)
    Ratchayothin Yotharuck (Thailand) beat Ko HHtet (Myanmar) :: 4-1 (120(91)-00, 62(21)-40, 72(61)-30, 54-60, 55-43)

    Malkeet Singh (India) beat Vishal Vaya (India) :: 4-1 (62-27, 37-48, 51-43, 60-17, 70-08)