03 January 2013 to 14 January 2013

Runner Up Chandrakant Dehrikar (ARC) Left & Winner Amit Jadhav (IG)

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    75, A Netaji Subhas Road,
    Mumbai - 400 002
    Phone - 22813292

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    Knock Out

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    5th EDITION OF










    Amit downs Chandrakant  to  bag  Pro Snooker Classic title

    Mumbai: Playing on home table brought the best out of third seeded Amit Jadhav as he scored a thrilling 5-4 win over Andheri Recreation Club’s Chandrakant Dehrikar in the final of the Islam Gymkhana’s 5th Pro Snooker Classic 2013 for Markers at Islam Gymkhana here today.

     Amit, who was a bit too tentative in the beginning, took time to his bearing, resulting in Chandrakant going 2-0 up.. The tide however, turned in the third which Amit won with ease, only to see Chandrakant taking the fourth, Though still trailing, Amit struck a purple patch in the fifth as he reduced the margin by taking it hollow. Once Amit made it 3-all, he truly looked like a winner to lead 4-3. Chandrakant, however, fought back to catch him again at 4-all.  The deciding frame,  brought the best in Amit as he went on to clinch it to emerge a 22-46, 25-38. 48-21, 31-39, 40-6, 48-21, 41-23, 29-38, 38-28.

    RESULTS  (Final): 3- Amit Jadhav bt Chandrakant Dehrikar  (Andheri Rec Club) 22-46, 25-38, 38-21, 31-39, 40-6, 48-21, 41-23, 29-38, 38-28.

    Mahadeo Bhogle ousts Walter Vaz

    Mumbai: JVPGC’s Mahadeo Bhogle downed Bombay Gymkhana’s Walter Vaz in a engrossing tie 3-1 to advance into the pre-quarterfinals of the  Islam Gymkhana’s 5th Pro Snooker Classic 2013 for Markers at Islam Gymkhana on Saturday. Mahadeo was in such a fine touch that after winning first frame, he fired a break of 36 in the second which left Walter stranded. Walter did put up good fight in the third before Mahadeo wrapped up the tie 31-20, 40-0, 17-37,37-28.Santacruz Gymkhana Santosh Mane continued his good form as he outplayed anther Bombay Gymkhana ‘cueist’ Pramod Ruke 34-63, 34-25,38-36, 26-23, 39-6., while Dombivali Gymkhana’s Mahendra Dehrikar had to bring out his best while getting the better of Poona Club’s Kumar Shinde 19-25, 35-25, 25-23, 23-31, 41-24.

    Results (R0und of 32): 

    Geet Gawade (Shivaji Park Gym) bt Ajinkya Yelve (Cath Gym) 26-37, 27-15, 28-13, 1-42, 31-22; 

     Anand Yelve (Jolly Gym) bt Vishnu Shivpurkar (JVPGC) 29-7,29-35, 49-13, 41-12;

    Mahadeo Bhogle (JVPGC) bt Walter Vaz (Bom Gym) 31-20, 40-0, 17-37,37-28;

    Santosh Mane (Santactruz Gym) Pramod Ruke (Bom Gym) 34-63, 34-25,38-36, 26-23, 39-6;

    Chandrakant Dehrikar (Andheri RC) bt Jhonny Kane (Pune) 37-11, 42-15, 37-32;

    Mahendra Dehrikar (Dombivali Gym) bt Kumar Shinde (Poona Club) 19-25,35-25, 25-23, 23-31, 41-24.

    Suraj Shirke  shocks 4th see Suresh Mahadik

    Mumbai:The MIG’s markers appeared to be set to make their marks emphatically in the ongoing Islam Gymkhana’s 5th Pro Snooker Classic 2013 for Markers at Islam Gymkhana. On Friday, Suraj Shirke followed his clubmate’s Sunil Khude deeds by knocking out fourth seeded Suresh Mahadik of Gregaon Sports Club  3-2 to join Sunil in the last of the event here on Friday. Only on Tuesay, Sunil had sent the top seed Liladhar Mhatre out of the competition.Inspite of trailing 1-2, Suraj was the dominant of the two as he went to win the tie 23-46, 32-11,13-34,42-16,32-5.The two Menezes,Joseph from Otters and Anthony from NSCI, maintained their form intact, by beating their respective rivals, Sanjay Ambre (17-25, 43-8, 32-20,29-14) and Santosh Pawar (13-39, 18-39, 41-20,36-18,36-19). Third seeded, Amit Jadhav from hosts Islam Gymkhana, , the lone surviving seed, got the better of P.J.Hindu Gymkhana’s Ajit Kobnak 40-50, 31-22, 35-7, 46-30. 

    Results (R0und of 32): 

    Joseph Menezes (Otters) bt Sanjay Ambre (Bom Gym) 17-25, 43-8, 32-20,29-14;

    Suresh Dehrikar (ECC) bt Narendra More (WSC) 38-23, 31-15, 31-39, 19-11; 

    Ratilal Mayavanshi (Radio Clu) bt Vishal Yelve (Dadar Parsee) 44-5, 6-36, 41-15, 35-19; 

    Sunil Khude (MIG) bt Prakash Solanki (MbPT) 29-34, 25-12, 41-20, 38-6;  

    Anthony Menezes (NSCI) Santosh Pawar (KG) 13-39, 18-39, 41-20,36-18,36-19;
    (3)Amit Jadhav (Islam Gym) bt Ajit Kobnak (PJHG) 40-50, 31-22, 35-7,46-30; 

    Sunil Jadhav (PJHG) bt Girish Pramana (Bom Gym) 42-13, 32-22,27-35,27-15; 

    Suraj Shirke (MIG) bt (4) Suresh Mahadik (Goregaon SC) 23-46, 32-11,13-34,42-16, 32-5; 

    Sunil Shedge (PJHG) bt Pankaj Mayavanshi (Radio Club) 40-20, 32-16, 40-16.

    Satish Mane sends 2nd see Manoj Kasare packing

    Mumbai: It was one of those days when nothing went  right for the second seeded Manoj Kasare of Khar Gymkhana as he was  sent packing by Santacruz Gymkhana’s unassuming Satish Mane in a tie that saw fancied Manoj totally off-colour as Satish romped home with a 37-28, 1-40, 34-2, 44-2 win   to make  the  pre-quarterfinals of the Islam Gymkhana’s 5th Pro Snooker Classic 2013 for Markers atIslam Gymkhana here on Thursday. Radio Club’s Pankaj Mayavanshi after blanking out his opponent Santosh Abhirane of CCI in the first frame,  surprisingly lost the nextd two frames before rallying to take the fourth and fifth to  make the 16 stage with a 41-0, 18-42, 7-39, 37-17, 34-3 win. In a closely contested tie, Shivaji Park Gymkhana’s Geet Gawade won an engrossing battle of wits against Nilesh Kobnak of Willington SC 27-25, 23-24, 22-38, 37-22, 42-29.
    Results (R0und of 32): 

    Ajit Jadhav (Islam Gym) bt Chinmay Gawade (ECC) 31-6, 26-5, 34-9;

    Sunil Shedge (PJHG) bt Mobin Patel (Thane) 19-33,42-10, 32-15, 40-10;

    Pankaj Mayavanshi (Radio Club) bt Santosh Abhirane (CCI) 41-0, 18-42, 7-39, 37-16, 34-3;

    Geet Gawade (Shivaji Park Gym) bt Nilesh Kobnak (WSC)  27-25, 23-24, 22-38, 37-22, 42-29;
    Walter Vaz (Bom Gym) bt Sameul Selvan (Otters) 41-10, 26-37, 34-0, 41-29;

    Narendra More (WSC) bt Sudhir Pawar (Cath Gym) 25-27, 47-37, 33-10, 38-16; 

    Anand Yelve (Jolly Gym) bt Pravin Jadhav (WSC)  12-47, 43-6, 35-15, 30-13; 

    Mahendra Dehrikar (Dombivli Gym) bt Satish Surati (Radio Club) 32-18, 32-41, 10-36, 40-6, 31-26;

    Satish Mane (Santacruz Gym) upset (2) Manoj Kasare (Khar Gym) 37-28, 1-40, 34-2, 44-2; 

    Pramod Ruke (Bom Gym) bt Manish Gaikwad (Cath Gym) 35-4, 29-17, 28-5.

    Sunil Khude knocks out top seed LS Mhatre

    Mumbai: Champion for the last two years, Liladhar Mhatre came a cropper against the spirited challenge of MIG (Bandra)’s Sunil Khude and made an quick exit as Sunil won 48-34, 5-32, 38-26, 34-28  to move into  the  pre-quarterfinals of the Islam Gymkhana’s 5th Pro Snooker Classic 2013 for Markers atIslam Gymkhana here on Tuesday. Juhu Vile Parle Gymkhana’s Mahadev Karande played steadily to down Subhash Vodgaonkar 36-8, 19-28, 34-6, 35-28 to join Sunil in the round of 16.  Yet another Dehrikar – this time it is Mahendra from Dombivli,  who was up 2-0 but had to waite little longer as his opponent Dasrath Sable from CCI put up a spirited fight before Mahendra won 48-25,44-37, 25-32, 20-28,48-11. 

    Results (R0und of 32): Prakash Solanki (MbPT) bt Sakharam Ghudi (CRMI) 33-19, 29-5, 39-7;

    Santosh Pawar (Khar Gym) bt Vijay Mallya (MCF) 42-19 21-30, 50-21,25-19;

    Sunil Shedge (PJHG) bt Arvind Achrekar (CRMI) 25-16, 33-27, 33-7;

    Anand Yelve (Jolly Gym) 31-23,31-13,66-33-6;

    Sunil Khude (MIG) bt Liladharm Mhatre (Tata SC) – 3-1: 48-34, 5-32, 38-26, 34-28;

    Mahendra Karande (JVPJV)  bt Subhash Vadgaonkar (CCI) 36-8, 19-28, 34-6, 35-38.

    Pune ‘cueists’ Kane, Shinde in pre-quarters

    Mumbai: Coming all the way from Pune, two of the three  Pune ‘cueists’  made their presence felt as they stromed into the  pre-quarterfinals of the Islam Gymkhana’s 5th Pro Snooker Classic 2013 for Markers at Islam Gymkhana here Monday. Jhonny Kane rallied from two frames down to send Satish Mayavanshi, of GMC, packing with a 13-20, 27-31, 32-13, 32-16, 27-14 win and Kumar Shinde from Poona Club, outplayed Hindu Gymkhana’s Sanjay Joshi 39-20, 34-15, 32-14. The Dehirikar trio of  Chandrakant, Suresh and Vasant, too, shared the day’s limelight. However, whereas Chandrakant and Suresh are still in the fray, Vasant was beaten by Walter Vaz of Bombay Gymkhana 40-12, 41-8, 20-44, 44-7. Walter next takes on Jeet Shinde, of Shivaji Park Gymkhana, who  went on to beat Chembur’s Golf Club’s Vilas Gaekwad 34-8, 34-24, 32-22, in the pre-quarters.

    Results (R0und of 32): Vishal Yelve (Dadar Parsee) bt Kashinath Dhotre (Bom Gym) 15-42, 42-25, 34-19, 33-25;

    Jhonny Kane (Pune) bt Satish Mayavanshi (GMC) 13-20, 27-31, 32-15, 32-16, 27-14;

    Walter Waz (Bom Gym) bt Vasant Dehrikar (Royal Bom Yacht) 40-12, 41-8, 20-44, 44-7;

    Jeet Gawade (Shivaji Park) bt Vilas Gaekwad (Golf Club,Chembur) 34-8,34-24, 32-22;

    Chandrakant Dehrikar (Andheri RC) Vishal Kadam (PVC,Pune) 26-34, 37-11, 41-33, 20-28, 44-23;

    Kumar Shinde (Poona Club) bt Sanjay Joshi (PJHG) 39-20, 34-15, 32-14.

    Vishnu rallies to overpower Anant

    Mumbai: Gritty Vishnu Shivpurkar of Juhu Vile Parle Gymkhana, rallied splendidly after down 0-2 to get the better of Anant Patil, of Chembur Gymkhana 3-2, to advance into the  pre-quarterfinals of the Islam Gymkhana ‘s 5th Pro Snooker Classic 2013 for Markers at Islam Gymkhana here Sunday.Nothing seems to go Vishnu’s way initially as Anant won the first two frames, but Vishnu, fought back tellingly as he went on to capture the next three frames to send Anant out of the competition. Vishnu triumphed 10-35, 33-44, 35-23, 29-23, 27-18. Sudhir Pawar from Catholic Gymkhana was another player, who trailed 1-2 against Vilas Arondekar of JVPGC, before he asserted himself to join Vishnu in the round of 16. Sudhir won 26-16, 8-27, 4-31, 34-13, 33-33.  Otters’ Samuel Selvan, lost the first frame, before he beat Sandee Teli , of PJHG, 19-45, 4=38-26, 34-2, 35-26. 

    Results (R0und of 32): Rahul Dokade (MIG) bt Ramesh Mayavanshi (DAdar Parsee) 44-15, 35-15, 29-3;

    Samuel Selvan (Otters) bt Sandeep Teli (PJHG) 19045, 38-26, 34-2, 35-26;

    Sudhir Pwar (Cath.Gym) bt Vilas Arondekar (JVPGC) 26-16, 8-27, 4-31, 34-13, 33-22;

    Chandrakant Dehrikar (Andheri RC) bt Upendra Ruke (Wodehouse Gym) 9-50, 30-26, 42-29, 30-22;

    Rajesh Mayavanshi bt Bahan Solanki (Dadar Parsee) 34-23, 27-6, 59-8;  

    Vishnu Shivpurkar (JVPGC) 10-35, 33-44, 35-23, 29-23,27-18.

    Vishal fights back to down Naresh in a thriller

    Fri, 01/04/2013 - 22:33 Mumbai: Dadar Parsee Gymkhana’s Vishal Yelve was down 0-2 against  Matunga Gymkhana’s Naresh Shengule, but he showed his fighting

    qualitfies as he fought back to turn the table on Naresh 32-42, 5-33, 43-28, 34-27, 42-17  to make the second round of the Islam Gymkhana ‘s 5th Pro Snooker Classic 2013 for Markers at Islam Gymkhana here Friday.  Narendra More, of Wllington Sports Club took the first frame against Golf Club’s Bapu Gaekwad, but seems to have relaxed a bit as Bapu hit back to take the next two frames.  However, he produced his best in the fourth which he won  with ease and did not look back to clinch the tie 29-24, 17-31, 11-33, 4-38-17, 34-22.  P.J.Hindu Gymkhana’s Sanjay Joshi, however, was in his element as he outplayed hosts Islam Gymkhana’s Ajay Jadhav 35-3, 25-5, 36-27. 


    Vishnu Shivpurkar (JVPGC) bt Dnyaneshwar Sawant (Mat Gym) 37-1, 44-7, 35-2;

    Narendra More (Willington SC) bt Bapu Gaekwad (Golf Club,Chembur) 29-24, 17-31, 11-33, 4-38-17, 34-22;  

    Vishal Yelve (DPG) bt Narsh Shengule (Mat Gym) 32-42, 5-33, 43-28, 34-27, 42-17;

    Chenmay Gawde (ECC) Chandev Pachrane (CCI) 32-30, 25-12, 33-8;

    Ajit Kobnaik (PJHG) bt Narsh Mayavanshi (Radio Club) 32-29, 16-47, 37-3; 29-21;

    Sanjay Joshi (PJHG) bt  Ajay Jadhav (Islam Gym)35-3, 25-5, 36-27.

    Fancied Parmar floored by Menezes

    Mumbai: Seasoned Anthony Menezes, of NSCI, sprang a surprise when he sent fancied Hemant Parmer of Tata Sports Club packing with a stunning 3-2 win to move into the second round of the Islam Gymkhana ‘s 5th Pro Snooker Classic 2013 for Markers at Islam Gymkhana here Saturday. Showing all his experience, Anthony right from the beginning had Hemant on his toes as he took the first frame with ease. He did lose the second and fourth frames, but stayed ahead to emerge a creditable 30-18, 34-37, 43-21, 8-30,49-26 winner.  Ajinkya Yelve, of Catholic Gymkhana  was given a jolt initially by Dinesh Jhumal of Matunga Gymkhana, as the Matunga marker ran away with first two frames, but thereafter he seems to have lost his focus to let Ajinkya take the next three frames and the tie (13-29, 18-31, 38-17, 40-17, 41-8). While Islam Gymkhana’s Arvind Jadhav did not waste much of his time as he routed Santosh Abhanav of CCI, 35-9 40-8, 35-26. 
    Ajinkya Yelve (Catholic Gym) bt Dinesh Jhumal (Matunga Gym) 13-29,18-31, 38-17,40-17,41-8; Suraj Shirke (MIG) bt Pranay More (MHC) 29-42, 37-18, 44-27, 32-6; Nilesh Kobnuk (Willingdon SC) bt Bipin Kapadia (Parsee Gym) 43-18, 25-15, 34-21; Anthony Menezes (NSCI) bt Hemant Parmar (Tata SC) 30-18, 34-37, 43-21, 8-30, 49-26; Arvind Jadhav (Islam Gym ) bt Santosh Abhanav (CCI) 35-9, 40-8, 35-26; Girish Premana (Bombay Gym) bt Uday Gawade (Wodehouse Gym)37-29, 28-18,34-17; Joseph Menezes (Otters) bt Sudhankar Kemble (Matunga Gym)36-1, 15-35, 36-1, 38-1. 
    Vishnu Shivpurkar (JVPGC) bt Dnyaneshwar Sawant (Mat Gym) 37-1, 44-7, 35-2; Narendra More (Willington SC) bt Bapu Gaekwad (Golf Club,Chembur) 29-24, 17-31, 11-33, 4-38-17, 34-22;  Vishal Yelve (DPG) bt Narsh Shengule (Mat Gym) 32-42, 5-33, 43-28, 34-27, 42-17; Chenmay Gawde (ECC) Chandev Pachrane (CCI) 32-30, 25-12, 33-8; Ajit Kobnaik (PJHG) bt Narsh Mayavanshi (Radio Club) 32-29, 16-47, 37-3; 29-21; Sanjay Joshi (PJHG) bt Ajay Jadhav (Islam Gym)35-3, 25-5, 36-27.                                                   

    Joseph Menezes  struggles to down Ramesh Kasare

    Mumbai: Otters Joseph Menezes took time to find his rhythm and potting skill before he settled the pretensions of Khar Gymkhana’s Ramesh Kasare to advance into the second round of the Islam Gymkhana ‘s 5th Pro Snooker Classic 2013 for Markers at Islam Gymkhana here today. Joseph, who lost the opening frame, took the next two only to lose the fourth before managing to win the decider to  prevail at 16-38, 36-20, 51-27, 15-38, 39-34. In another closely contested tie, Radio Club’s Dilip Rathod trailed 1-2 before he turned the tables on Juhu Vile Parle Gymkhana’s Uttam Dahikamble 35-13, 12-29,25-33, 38-15, 41-21.


    Vijay Chavan (ECC) bt Murpat Nilore (PJHG) 44-7, 31-23, 41-32; Ratilal Mayavatinshi (Radio Club) bt Ugene Fernandes (MCA) 15-35, 40-27, 49-30; 32-9; Dilip Rathod (Radio Club) bt Uttam Dahikamble (JVPGC) 35-13, 12-29,25-33, 38-15, 41-21; Joseph Menezes (Otters)  Ramesh Kasare (Khar Gym) 16-38, 36-20, 51-27, 15-38, 39-34; Sudhakar Kermble (Mat Gym) bt Sunil Naik (Wodehouse Gym)34-36, 38-27, 23-8, 43-5; Milind Divekar (PJHG) bt Kumlakar Khade (Bom Gym) 40-4, 33-9, 25-14; Kailash Padtil bt Prakash Karande (CCI) 45-14, 26-34, 35-28, 39-3.