13 December 2012 to 22 December 2012

Winner : Amit Sapru (PCL)

  • Venue

    SPG - Park Club

    Shivaji Park Gymkhana
    Keluskar Road, Shivaji Park,
    Dadar, Mumbai - 400 28
    Phone - 24453811


    Park Club Ltd.
    Keluskar Road No.9, Shivaji Park,
    Dadar, Mumbai - 400 028
    Phone - 26440912, Fax - 26462438

  • Entry Fees

    Entry fee Rs.600/- per player.

  • For more details contact

    1) Amit Sapru: 9920321211, (2)Shekhar Surve: 9930388703,

  • Price Money

    WINNER : RS. 25000/-

    RUNNER UP : RS. 14000/-

    SEMI FINALIST : RS. 8000/-






  • Description




    Qualifying Round Break Group Stage Break Knock - Out Stage Break
    1. Mahesh Jagdale (ECC)  :: 107


    1. Siddharth Parikh (PJHG) :: 222


    2. Dhruv Sitwala (PJHG) :: 180*


    3. Devendra Joshi (SPG) :: 122

     1. Nalin Patel (BG) :: 266

    Amit Sapru storms into quarter-finals

    Mumbai: Park Club cueist Amit Sapru (+90 handicap) defeated his club mate Sanjiv Bijlani (+110) 513-391 in a pre-quarter-final round match of the Shivaji Park Gymkhana and Park Club Open Handicap Billiards Tournament on Saturday.

    In the quarter-finals, Sapru will cross swords with Mahesh Jagdale (ECC), who early this month won the state selection billiards title. Jagdale (-80) dashed the challenge from P.J. Hindu Gymkhana’s Jaiveer Dhingra (+30) winning by a comfortable 320-188 margin.

    In a battle between professionals, Nalin Patel (-200) of Bombay Gymkhana and Devendra Joshi (-250) of Shivaji Park Gymkhana, the former who compiled a 266 break, the highest in the tournament so far, won the contest at 291-162.

    Meanwhile, Matunga Gymkhana’s Nikhil Ghadge (+80) continued with his good run of form as he overcame World billiards number three Dhruv Sitwala (-250) to progress to the quarter-finals. Sitwala found the handicap quite stiff against Ghadge who played consistently and went down 223-303.

    Young Rohan Jambusaria (+90) of MCF also made the round of eight when he snuffed of the fight from Shekhar Surve (+120) of SPG winning by a close 383-356 margin.

    Results – pre-quarter-finals: Rohan Jambusaria +90 (MCF) beat Shekhar Surve +120 (SPG) 383-356, Nikhil Ghadge +80 (MG) beat Dhruv Sitwala -250 (PJHG) 303-223, Nalin Patel -200 (BG) beat Devendra Joshi -250 (SPG) 291(266)-162, Mahesh Jagdale -80 (ECC) beat Jaiveer Dhingra +30 (PJHG) 320-188, Deepak Khubchandani +100 (KG) beat Kekoo Nicholson +120 (CCI) 419-404, Amit Sapru +120 (PCL) beat Sanjiv Bijlani +110 (PCL) 513-319, Vishal Madan -50 (CG) beat Kabil Badami + 90 (BG) 322-307.

    Shekar Surve with 2 wins tops Group-B

    Mumbai: Shekar Surve of Shivaji Park Gymkhana topped Group-B by winning both his round-robin matches and qualify for the knockout round of the Shivaji Park Gymkhana and Park Club Open Handicap Billiards Tournament. Playing to a handicap of (+ 120) he defeated Dhruv Sitwala (-250) 244-213 and Prabdeep Singh (+100) of MIG 401-351.

    Meanwhile, Siddharth Parikh and Dhruv Sitwala, both of P.J. Hindu Gymkhana, and playing with heavy handicaps of minus 250 did well to also make the knockout stage.

    In the round-robin group matches, Parikh enjoyed a superb roll of the balls as he compiled a double century break (222) and two century (132, 124) efforts in his Group-D matches, while world number three Sitwala compiled three century breaks (160, 161 and an unfinished 180) in Group-B.

    They both, with a win and a loss each finished in second position in their respective three-player group. Nikhil Ghadge of Matunga Gymkhana topped Group-D.

    Results – Group-A: Devendra Joshi -250 (SPG) Farhad Tengra +30 (ECC) 430-267, Mahesh Jagdale -80 (ECC) Farhad Tengra 410-331; Group-B: Shekhar Surve +120 (SPG) beat Dhruv Sitwala -250 (PJHG) 244-213(83, 160), Dhruv Sitwala (PJHG) beat Prabdeep Singh +100 (MIG) 360 (161,180*)-195, Shekhar Surve (SPG) beat Prabdeep Singh (MIG) 401-351; Group-C: Deepak Khubchandani +100 (KG) Vishal Madan -50 (CG) 470-246, Vishal Madan (CG) beat Arun Agrawal -250 (ECC) 341-64, Group-D: Nikhil Ghadge +80 (MG) beat Aditya Agrawal -40 (BG) 464(85)-394(82), Siddharth Parikh -250 (PJHG) beat Nikhil Ghadge (MG) 352(132, 124)-304, Aditya Agrawal (BG) beat Siddharth Parikh (PJHG) 275-234(222); Group-E: Amit Sapru +120 (PCL) beat V.Subramanian -200 (MG) 477-80;Group-F: Nalin Patel -200 (BG) beat Chandu Shah SCR (JVPG) 424-210, Chandu Shah (JVPG) beat Sanjiv Bijlani +110 (PCL) 564(71)-454; Group-G: Ronnie Daruwalla + 100 (PJHG) beat Kekoo Nicholson +120 (CCI) 476-390, Ronnie Daruwalla (PJHG) beat Subhash Agrawal -125 (SPG) 495-210; Group-H: Yasin Merchant -175 (KG) beat Jaiveer Dhingra +30 (PJHG) 314-289, Rohan Jambusaria +90 (MCF) beat Yasin Merchant (KG) 403-317, Jaiveer Dhingra (PJHG) beat Rohan Jambusaria (MCF) 419-360.

    Rohan qualifies for main draw

    Mumbai: Rohan Jambusaria (MCF - +70) beat Iqbal Rokadia (ECC - +90) 320-186 in the knockout draw of the Shivaji  Park Gymkhana andPark Club Open Handicap Billiards Tournament. He has now qualified for the round-robin main drawof the competition.

    Meanwhile, Mahesh Jagdale, the reigning state billiards champion, playing with a scratch handicap rolled in a 104effort on way to a 370-205 victory against Arvind Bhadbade (+90) of Park Club, while Amit Sapru (+80), also of   Park Club scored a close 267-233 win over Jal Singaprewala +100 of DPGC.

    Results: Rohan Jambusaria (MCF) +70 beat Iqbal Rokadia (ECC -+90) 320-186, Amit Sapru (PCL - +80) beat Jal Singaporewala (DPCG - +100) 267-233, Ronnie Daruwalla (PJHG - +70) beat Sunil Jain (ECC - +80) 238-212, Mahesh Jagdale (ECC – SCR) beat Arvind Bhadbade (PCL - +90) 370(104)-205.

    Ronnie Daruwalla make main draw

    Mumbai: Ronnie Daruwalla of P.J. Hindu Gymkhana played consistently to score an all-win record and top Group-K in the Shivaji Park Gymkhana and Park Club Open Handicap Billiards Tournament. He has now qualified for the main draw of the competition.

    The P.J. Sultans cueist Daruwalla after winning the opening two matches, finished off in style by defeating Sanjay Patil of Shivaji Park Gymkhana by a handsome 328-140 margin. He had a good run of 61 during the win.

    Results -Group-K: Ronnie Daruwalla (PJHG) beat Vikram Nerlekar (SPG) 228-155, R Daruwalla beat Jeet Gawde (SPG) 183-182, R Daruwalla beat Sanjay Patil (SPG) 328(61)-140.

    Group-L: Ankit Thakkar (MG) beat Manjit Singh Bhomer (NIA) 344-171, Sunil Jain (ECC) beat Amit Bhadbade (SPG) 185-135, Ankit Thakkar (MG) beat Sunil Jain (ECC) 199-188, Ankit Thakkar (MG) beat Amit Bhadbade 310-189.


    Jagdale wins all three group ties

    Mumbai: Mahesh Jagdale of Elphinstone Cricket Club, the billiards champion, of the recently concluded Malabar Hill Mahatrastra State Selection Tournament continued his good run of form by recording an all-win in Group-Pof the Shivaji Park Gymkhana and Park Club Open Handicap Billiards Tournament.

    While Jagdale topped the group, Deepak Kubchandani of Khar Gymkhana with two wins to his credit finished second.

    Meanwhile, Aniket Thakkar of Matunga Gymkhana and Jaiveer Dhingra of P.J. Hindu Gymkhana, also won all their three group matches to also progress to the next round.

    Nikhil, Rohan score two wins

    Mumbai: Nikhil Ghadge of Matunga Gymkhana had a very successful outing winning both his matches in Group-C of the Shivaji Park Gymkhana and Park Club Open Handicap Billiards Tournament. He first defeated Surshrut Pandya (PJHG) 284-199 and then got the better of Chintan Jhaveri (BG) by a comfortable 204-170 margin. Rohan Jambusaria (MCF) also enjoyed a good run winning both his matches to enhance his hopes of making it to the next stage of this event. He had small but useful breaks of 84, 72, 50 and 44 en route to defeat Vishal Gehani (PCL) 312-126 and later scored over Kaizad Mehta (MG) 191-175.

    Results - Group-A: Raajeev Sharma (MHC) beat Prashant Gawade (SPG) 294-168, Raajeev Sharma (MHC) beat Prashant Mhatre (SPG) 345-137, Ishpreet Singh Chadha (KG) Prashant Gawade (SPG) 225-110;Group-B: Rishad Bharda (ECC) Mohan Varde (SPG) 167-149, Prabdeep Singh (MIG) Rishad Bharda (ECC) 251-167, Group-C: Nikhil Ghadge (MG) beat Surshrut Pandya (PJHG) 284-199, Nikhil Ghadge (MG) Chintan Jhaveri (BG) 204-170, Group-D: Chandu Kansodaria (MCF) Kazaan Talib (CCI) 214-152, Farhad Tengra (ECC) beat Chandu Kansodaria (MCF) 287-118, Satbir Narula (CCI) Farhad Tengra (ECC) 217-179, Kazaan Talib (CCI) beat Satbir Narula (CCI) 176-167.

    Joshi, Sitwala star attractions for SPG-Park Club billiards

    Mumbai: Asian Games bronze medallist Devendra Joshi and Dhruv Sitwala, winner of the bronze medal at recently concluded World Billiards Championship in London are the star attractions of the Shivaji Park Gymkhana and Park Club Open Handicap Billiards Tournament 2012 to be held from December 13 to 22..

    The other top contenders include Siddharth Parikh, V. Subramaniam, Arun Agrawal, Subhash Agrawal, Nalin Patel and Yasin merchant.

    The Tournament format is interesting, with a combination of both, round- robin and knock out stages and all matches will be played on time format basis.

    The winner stands to pocket a purse of Rs 25,000 and the runner-up Rs 14,000. The losing semi-finalists and quarter-finalists will also be rewarded for their efforts. In addition there will a cash award for the highest break.


  • Rules



    The Tournament format is very interesting / unique with a combination of both round - robin and  Knock - out stages. ( In different stages ). All matches will be played on time - format basis.

    Description: 10dot3c.gif  Stage 1 :  Round Robin with 16 groups of 4 players each ( 1 hr. format ) . 2 top players from each group to quality for next stage.

    Description: 10dot3c.gif  Stage 2 :  Knock out round ( 1 hr. format ) . In this stage, suitable handicaps will be given to the respective players who have qualified for this stage. Handicaps (same or revised ) will continue up to the final stage.

    Description: 10dot3c.gif  Stage 3 : Introduction of 8 invitees . Round - Robin involving 16 players who have qualified from Stage 2 + 8 invitees  divided into 8 groups of 3 players each. 2 top players from each to qualify for the Pre quarter final. (1 ½  hrs. format )

    Quarters, Semis & Finals ( 2 hrs. format ) Pre-Quarters onwards Knock out

     Description: 10dot3c.gif  Dress Code : Players are permitted to wear casuals including jeans (not torn & patched up) accompanied by leather / sports shoes upto the pre - quarter final stage. From the quarter - final stage onwards, Formals

    Entry fees will be Rs.600/- per player and can be given to the following people: