National Billiards & Snooker Championship 2012
Organised by BSAM
12 January 2012 to 04 February 2012

  • Venue

    PYC Hindu Gymkhana

    PYC Hindu Gymkhana, CTS No.766, Bhandarkar Road, Pune – 411 001.

  • For more details contact

    Tournament committee
    Mr. Michael Ferreira - President
    Mr.Rajan Khinvasara - Chairman
    Mr.Manish Sabade - V.Chairman
    Mr.Derek Sippy - Tournament Director
    Mr.Salil Deshpande - Tournament Secretary
    Mr.Shekhar Surve - Treasurer
    Mr.Devendra Joshi - Tournament Co - ordinator
    Mr.Ajay Rastogi - Chief Referee
    Mr.Manav Panchal - Member
    Mr.Rohinton Daruwalla - Member
    Mr.Arun Barve - Member - Printing in charge
    Mr.Vishal Malhotra - Member

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    Manisha Construction National Billiards & Snooker Championship 2012 Draw & Shedule Results
    Event ( Sub-Junior Boys ) Date    
    Sub-Junior Billiards 12 - 14 January 2012 DRAW RESULT
    Sub-Junior Snooker 13 - 15 January 2012 DRAW RESULT
    Event (Junior Boys ) Date    
    Junior Billiards Qualifying 12 - 13 January 2012 DRAW RESULT
    Junior Billiards Main 14 - 17 January 2012 DRAW RESULT
    Junior Snooker Qualifying 15 - 17 January 2012 DRAW RESULT
    Junior Snooker Main 18 - 21 January 2012 DRAW RESULT
    Event (Girls ) Date    
    Sub-Junior Billiards 21 - 24 January 2012 DRAW RESULT
    Sub-Junior Snooker 21 - 24 January 2012 DRAW RESULT
    Junior Billiards 21 - 24 January 2012 DRAW RESULT
    Junior Snooker 21 - 24 January 2012 DRAW RESULT
    Event ( Ladies ) Date    
    Ladies Billiards 24 - 28 January 2012 DRAW RESULT
    Ladies  Snooker 24 - 28 January 2012 DRAW RESULT
    Event ( Men ) Date    
    Senior Billiards Qualifying 20 - 21 January 2012 DRAW RESULT
    Senior Billiards Main 22 - 27 January 2012 DRAW RESULT
    Senior Snooker Qualifying 24 - 29 January 2012 DRAW RESULT
    Senior Snooker Main 30 Jan - 4 February 2012 DRAW RESULT






    Aditya Mehta (77,13,80(69),94,93(41)

    PSPB 4 Aditya Mehta            (PSPB) {71,60(50),70,78(51) 4 Aditya Mehta (PSPB) 84,67,85(82),    80(55),76(40) 5

    Aditya Mehta (PSPB) 71,75(68),




    5 Aditya Mehta (PSPB) 
      2 Neeraj Kumar (33,46,21,25,24)  RSPB 1
    3 Rafat Habib (18,72,69,36,58,20,65) RSPB 3 Sarang Shroff                 (MAH)             {01,49,50,0} 0
    4 Sarang Shroff (67,41,25,65,13,84,49) MAH 4
    5 Lalrina Renthlei (82,51,1,16,56,34) MIZ  2 Pulkit Thukral             (DLI)              {10,66,49,40,34)  1 Siddharth Parikh (RSPB) 1,34,0,7,23 0
    6 Pulkit Thukral (50,68(52),100(73),78,42,58) DLI 4
    7 Rupesh Shah (45,17,67,37,36) PSPB 1 Siddharth Parikh          (RSPB)            {68,54,73,71,88} 4
    8 Siddharth Parikh  (55,98(67),25,67,76) RSPB 4
    9 Shivam Arora (0,13,33,73,67(33),59,60) BIH 3 Shivam Arora             (BIH)    {69,26,46,74,63,59,54 } 3 Himanshu Jain (AP)      33,33,71,        52,69,58,42,16 3

    Shahbaaz Khan (PSPB) 43,1,7,20




    10 Sumit Talwar (117(60,52),82,81,0,1,42,52) CH 4
    11 Himanshu Jain (63,67,51,52,68) AP 4 Himanshu Jain            (AP)   {25,55,82,23,17,63,64} 4
    12 R. Girish  (40,27,38,68,7) RSPB 1
    13 Pankaj Advani (50,80,62,76) PSPB 4 Pankaj Advani        (PSPB) {29,60,37,104(65),23,43} 2 Shahbaaz Khan (PSPB) 94,67,29,62,  00,22,70,72(68) 5
    14 Devendra Joshi  (36,39,42,22) PSPB 0
    15 Divya Sharma (51,10,47,51) HAR 0 Shahbaaz Khan     (PSPB) {75,48,68(61),29,70,83} 4
    16 Shahbaaz Khan (76,63,67,61) PSPB 4




    Brijesh Damani (88,3,99,59,80) WB 4 Brijesh Damani                   (WB)              {71,88(60),15,76(49),78} 4 Brijesh Damani   (WB)      90,27,41,  77,91,59,58 5

    Brijesh Damani (WB) (7,64,70,32,


    2 Kamal Chawla (RSPB) 
    18 Dhvaj Haria (8,66,9,38,38) GUJ 1
    19 Vijay Nichani (85(55),72,54,73,68) TN 4 Vijay Nichani                           (TN)                     {57,10,63,15,27} 1
    20 Durga Prasad (02,81,42,13,15)  RSPB 1
    21 Manan Chandra (47,73,76,60) PSPB 4

    Manan Chandra                       (PSPB) {46,139(139),74(42),64(42),0,61}

    4 Manan Chandra  (PSPB)    8,62,84(52),  22,18,49,50 2
    22 Rajat Khaneja (35,9,27,10) CH 0
    23 Yogesh Kumar (51,8,61,21,73,11,17) KAR 3 Sourav Kothari                     (PSPB)      {60,0,18,33,74(74),47} 2
    24 Sourav Kothari (35,65(53),48,65,55,61,84) PSPB 4
    25 I.V.Rajiv      (61,82,65,83) AP 4 I.V.Rajiv                                      (AP)                         {50,6,69,18,50} 1 Lucky Vatnani               (AP)                  44,30,68,25, 60,108(78),0,5 3

    Kamal Chawla (RSPB) (70,19,35,



    26 Rovin D'souza  (45,8,58,6) MAH 0
    27 Shankar Rao (7,51,14,16) AP 0 Lucky Vatnani                          (AP)                  {53,65(52),39,74,62} 4
    28 Lucky Vatnani (73(52),62,67,48) AP 4
    29 Alok Kumar (64,66,66,104) PSPB 4 Alok Kumar                          (PSPB)  {41,90(89),72,62,68,27,17} 3 Kamal Chawla                     (RSPB)       42,66,13,68(63), 66,23,90(86*),56 5
    30 Sunil Kumar (32,45,17,04) HP 0
    31 Sandeep Gulati (60,30,1,61,48,1) DLI 2 Kamal Chawla                       (RSPB) {66,29,62,64,16,56,115(98) 4
    32 Kamal Chawla (56,69,72(71),15,58,103(90) RSPB 4

    Aditya Mehta (PSPB) Beat Kamal Chawla (RSPB) (6-2) {0-60, 48-65, 72-49, 69-38, 80-9, 71-27, 67(58)-1, 80(80)-0 }

    Winner - Aditya Mehta (PSPB)

    Runner Up - Kamal Chawla (RSPB)


    Adtiya crowned National snooker champion

    The Mumbai-based cueist beats Kamal Chawla 6-2 after being down 0-2 to complete a back-to-back title wins; Shahbaaz Adil Khan finishes third for bronze

    Pune February 4 : Aditya Mehta won his second National snooker title in a space of six months as the Mumbai-based cueist showed that he has matured into a class player after beating the IBSF World No 3 Kamal Chawla 6-2 at the 78th Manisha-National Snooker championship final at the PYC Hindu Gymkhana here on Saturday.

    Though the final lacked the quality that had been evident in the past, but given the diverse style of play of the finalists, it nonetheless was a contest worth debating for some days to come. The championship was organized by the Billiards and Snooker Association of Maharashtra and the PYC Hindu Gymkhana that began on January 14 with junior and sub-junior events.

    Down 0-2, Mehta of Petroleum Sports Promotion Board (PSPB) took his chances once Chawla let go possible pots and crawled his way back into the match to take the next six frames in a row to close out the affair in just under four hours.

    Playing his maiden National final Chawla began confidently as the two tried to test each other in the beginning. Chawla was tad bit clearer in his focus as he kept earning small but crucial breaks to take the first frame 60-2 and the second 65-48 before the toil began.

    The Railways cueist was on the go and had a clear pot in the centre of the table when he bumped the pink that put Mehta back on to the table to take the frame forward. This was the opening Mehta was probably looking for after both tried to play safe with snooks.

    A crucial break of 30-odd put Mehta ahead and he grabbed that opportunity to take the frame 72-49. Again in the fourth frame, Chawla missed a simple red down the table when he was on a break of 20-odd. Had Chawla potted that red, the table would have got open for him to clear, but that chance landed in Mehta’s lap and he lapped it up.

    With the frames tied 2-2, it was Mehta who showed better composure as he held his nerves well to edge ahead frame by frame before a break of 80 in the eighth frame. Mehta broke the red triangle with a long pot and then went about clearing reds to make that break, the highest of the final. His cue ball was at the top table cushion while the only remaining red too was close to the cushion. His attempt to pot that red failed as the ball twirled over the hole and remained on the table.

    Chawla was yet to open the account in the eight frame and knowing that technically only 35 points were on the table unless off course he could force a series of snooks and make Mehta comit fouls, there was no point in carrying on. Chawla gracefully decided to shake hands to take the runner-up trophy.


    The prizes were given away at the hands of Rajan Khinvsara of Manisha Constructions and Capt PVK Mohan , President of BSFI and Michael Ferreira President BSAM. Tournament secretary Salil Deshpande welcomed and Tournament Director Derek Sippy proposed the vote of thanks


    Men: Snooker:

    Final: Aditya Mehta (PSPB) bt Kamal Chawla (Rlys) 6- 2-(60, 48-65, 72-49, 69-38, 80-9, 71-27, 67 (58)-1, 80 (80)-0).


    For 3-4 position: Shahbaaz Adil Khan (PSPB) bt Brijesh Damani (Ben) 3-1 (33-61,76-21, 94 (71)-7, 67-28).

    5-8 placing matches: Lucky Vatnani (AP) bt Manan Chandra (PSPB) 2-0 (53 (42)-45, 67-23); Himanshu Jain (AP) bt Siddharth Parikh (Rlys) 2-0 (63 (40)-57, 64-24).

    For 5-6 position: Himanshu Jain (AP) bt Lucky Vatnani (AP) 2-0 (65 (43)-56 (47), 60-4).

    For 7-8 position: Manan Chandra (PSPB) bt Siddharth Parikh (Rlys) 2-1 (103 (103)-0, 33-66, 73(60)-24).


    Final standings:

    1. Aditya Mehta (PSPB)

    2. Kamal Chawla (Rlys)

    3. Shahbaaz Adil Khan (PSPB)

    4. Brijesh Damani (Ben)

    5. Himanshu Jain (AP)

    6. Lucky Vatnani (AP)

    7. Manan Chandra (PSPB)

    8. Siddharth Parikh (Rlys)


    Mehta to clash with Chawla in  final of Manisha. National snooker championships
    Pune, February 3: Aditya
    Mehta will clash with Kamal Chawla in  final of Manisha. National
    snooker championships
    In the semifinals Kamal Chawla bt Brijesh Damani 5-2 ( 70-7, 19-64,
    35-70, 67-32, 90-15, 103(67)-0, 70(51)-45;
    While Aditya Mehta put out  Shahabaz Adil Khan 5-4 71-43, 75(68)-1,
    105 (56,49)-7, 70-20, 30-69, 28-61, 33-71, 38-67, 86(66)-1.


    Kamal Chawla (RSPB)                                                                                             Brijesh Damani (WB)

    Defending champion Mehta , Chawla  , Damani  and Khan  in semis of Manisha National Snooker

    Pune, Feb 3: Defending champion Aditya Mehta’s ,  Brijesh Damani, and Shahbaaz Khan, stormed into the semifinals of the 78th Manisha National Snooker championship at the PYC Hindu Gymkhana here on Friday. India No 1 Mehta, who opened the defence of his title with a massive break of 134, needed no special efforts to subdue Parikh, who best at the Nationals has been No 4—way back in 2003 Jammu. On Friday, Mehta began with taking the first frame 84-1 before some resistance from Parikh delayed the inevitable, in the championship being organized by the Billiards and Snooker Association of Maharashtra (BSAM) and the PYC Hindu Gymkhana. Mehta’s reading of the lines on the green baize clearly reflected the grueling training he has been through as he plays on the English proTour this season. He took the second frame 67-34,which was the only aberration. With breaks of 82, 55 and 40 in the next three, Mehta, representing Petroleum Sports Promotion Board (PSPB), blanked Parikh of Railways in an all-Mumbai quarterfinal. Kamal Chawla, meanwhile, climbed up the ladder with sheer determination that saw him bulldoze veteran Alok Kumar, the runner-up of the last edition held in Chennai. Up against Andhra Pradesh’s Lucky Vatnani, who despite being a class player was forced to play qualifying tournament as he failed to get direct qualification from his state, Chawla came back from the dead, almost. Vatnani took the first frame on black ball 44-42, before Chawla crawled his way back into the match by winning the second 66-30. Vatnani again got lucky with the positions and took the third frame 68-13, but a break of 63 in the fourth saw Chawla leveling the frame scores before the Madhya Pradesh cueist moved 3-2 ahead by winning the fifth 66-22. The battle continued into the sixth wherein Vatnani posted a break of 78 to win the frame 108-23, but Chawla finally had the last laugh when he posted a break of 86 to take the seventh frame 90-0 before winning the eighth 56-5 for a well-deserving 5-3 win. 

    Chawla now meets Brijesh Damani of Bengal, who scored an upset win over 2006 champion Manan Chandra of PSPB. Manan, who has been out of circuit for a while, clearly struggled against Damani, who too made it to the main draw as a qualifier. In the fourth quarterfinal, Shahbaaz Adil Khan, who knocked out Pankaj Advani last evening, kept his winning form and beat Andhra Pradesh’s Himanshu Jain 94-33, 67-33, 29-71, 62-52, 0-69, 22-58, 70-42, 72-16. He will play Aditya Mehta in the semifinals. 

    Advani, Alok bite dust

    In the pre-quarterfinals last evening, four-time National champion Pankaj Advani’s run came to a shuddering halt after fellow Petroleum Sports Control Board’s cueist Shahbaaz Adil Khan scored an upset win in the pre-quarterfinals. It came out of the blue when Shahbaaz put Advani on the mat with his precise plan after he was given no chance against former world champion. Kamal Chawla too proved his credentials when he shut out seasoned Alok Kumar, the runner-up of the last edition, even as their contest went to the wire over full seven frames. Shahbaaz took the first frame 75-29, but Advani rallied to take the second before the wily Shahbaaz pocket the third with a break of 61. Advani counterattacked with a break of 65 to win the fourth, but then Shahbaaz had learnt the lines well on the green baize to win the remaining frames. He won 75-29, 48-60, 68 (61)-37, 29-104 (65), 70-23, 83-43. In the bottom half of the draw, Chawla showed his brief stint in England was not a waste as he upped the ante and defeated Alok, who has a reputation of hanging on for eternal time. On Thursday though, this Punjab cueist found his match in Madhya Pradesh’s Chawla, who represents Railways. Chawla won 66-41, 29-90 (89), 62-72, 64-62, 16-68, 56-27, 115 (98)-17, and will now meet Andhra Pradesh’s Lucky Vatnani in the quarterfinals. 


    Sarang Shroff (MAH)                                                                                            Pulkit Thukral (DLI)

    Advani blanks Joshi; Chawla meets Alok

    Pune February 3 : Four-time champion Pankaj Advani was at his best—without exerting too much—in blanking former Asian billiards champion Devendra Joshi to storm into the pre-quarterfinals of the 78thManisha-National Snooker championship at the PYC Hindu Gymkhana here on Thursday.

    There were no high breaks as the two players involved in the tussle have been through so much in the past, but the Bangalore-based Advani had tricks up his sleeve and he took the first two frames 50-36, 80-39 before Joshi really tried to come back into the match.

    But after having stayed close to Advani in the third frame, Joshi struggled to find the lines he was looking for on the green baize before losing the frame by 20 points. In the fourth, Advani went about assimilating a break of 75 which was enough to earn him the win.

    Petroleum Sports Promotion Board’s (PSPB) Advani won 50-36, 80-39, 62-42, 76-22) in the championship being organized by the Billiards and Snooker Association of Maharashtra

    Also moving into the last 16 were top-seeded and defending champion Aditya Mehta, qualifier Brijesh Damani, Siddharth Parikh of Railways, who shut out seasoned Rupesh Shah and Manan Chandra.

    But the best match of the day was played by PSPB’s Sourav Kothari and Karnataka cueist M Yogesh Kumar. Both traded the first six frames before Kothari found a break of 46 to take the decider 84-17 and win the match that spilled over well beyond four hours.

    With the pre-quarterfinals slated for the evening, Kothari will be fatigued when he takes on former champion Manan Chandra. Playing against Yogesh, Kothari had to rally after losing the first frame 35-51 and he replied well by putting up a break of 53 to take the second frame 65-8 and even the scores.

    Yogesh was up for the task and he won the third 61-48 before the Kolkata-based Kothari against evened the match. The excitement grew as none were giving up before it was Kothari who held his nerves well to come out of it and win 35-51, 65-8, 48-61, 65-21, 55-73, 61-11, 84-17.

    In the bottom half of the draw, last year’s runner-up Alok Kumar showed his impeccable form in beating Sunil Kumar, while Kamal Chawla, the IBSF World No 3, too won 4-0 as the two set up an enticing pre-quarterfinal match-up.


    Chopra scores second century break at Manisha National Snooker

    Former champion Alok Kumar shocked by Delhi’s Pulkit Thukral; Aditya Mehta, Kamal Chawla and Pankaj Advani keep their slate clean

    Pune February1 : Punjab cueist Vivek Chopra became the second player  to record a century  as he went on to table clearing attempt and posted exact 100 in the Group F league match that stretched into the decider at the 78th Manisha-National Billiards and Snooker championship being organized by the Billiards and Snooker Association of Maharashtra and the PYC Hindu Gymkhana Playing against Rajat Khaneja of Chandigarh, Chopra had to make rally twice before their encounter entered into the fifth frame, which he cleaned up with the century break. Khaneja won the first frame 64-41, while Chopra took the second 73-37. The Chandigarh cueist found early break in the third and he went on to take it 72-35. in the fourth before he assimilated a break of 74 to take that frame 81-5 and force the match into the decider which he lapped up 100 (100)-0); Much action was witnessed in lower groups that are surely going to dish out some new faces in the knock-out round of 32-player draw.This was Chopra’s second win in three matches that improves his chances of making through along with four-time champion Pankaj Advani, who won his third match on the trot. Also scoring wins were Kamal Chawla, Sourav Kothari and qualier Brijesh Damani—all ensuring there places in the knockout draw. Pankaj Advani defeated Nikhil Ootam of Maharashtra 71-15, 61-71, 15-68, 61-34, 92-5; while Kothari scored two wins, both against Karnataka players, Deepak A and AR Arjun. Also winning his third match in a row was Aditya Mehta, who hardly broke a sweat in beating Sunil Kumar of Himachal Pradesh 94-16, 66-16, 60-52. But there was a setback of No 2 seed Alok Kumar, who lost his third league match to Pulkit Thukral of Delhi in well-contested five frames.

    Alok, the runner-up of the last Nationals in Chennai, led 2-1 at one point of time after winning first and third frames. But Thukral shot back and took the fourth 55-6,  In the decider, both cueists played cautiously, collecting points only when there clear lines. But as the table got free of reds, the excitement increased wherein Thukral was able to open up slender lead before taking the crucial higher value colour balls and the frame 69-57.



    Huge century break sets Mehta apart

    Brijesh Damani scores back-to-back wins;

    Durga Prasad shock Devendra Joshi

    Pune, Jan 31: An outstanding table-clearing break of 134 by defending champion Aditya Mehta set him apart from the rest of the cueists on the second day of the 78th National Snooker championship at the PYC Hindu Gymkhana here on Tuesday. The Petroleum Sports Control Board (PSPB) cueist Mehta won his second game in as many days in Group A of the league phase in the 78th Manisha-National Billiards and Snooker championship being organized by the Billiards and Snooker Association of Maharashtra and the PYC Hindu Gymkhana. Playing against qualifier Yogesh Sharma of Maharashtra, the Mumbai-based Mehta was tentative at the start when Sharma attempted escapes to keep his opponent at bay in the first frame. There was slow progress before table opened up and Mehta was able to pot better colour balls than Sharma to take the frame 68-55. Again, Sharma tried to find escapes in the second frame, but once Mehta found a clear line he went on to clean the reds before taking the frame 71-3. Not allowing to get locked in snooks, Mehta, who has been playing on the proTour in England this season, dished out an amazing table-clearance of unfinished 134 to post his second win in the league. In snooker, maximum break possible is 144 and Mehta was just 10 below—showing his control over the green baize and the lines right from the start of the championship. He won 68-55, 71-3, 134-0.

    Last year’s runner-up, Alok Kumar, also of PSPB, scored his first win—a 3-0 victory of Lalsanzela of Mizoram in Group B. Alok had just one notable break, a 50, in the third frame before he won 68-40, 50-11, 76-39.But it was qualifier Brijesh Damani who let known his intentions by winning back-to-back matches, including one against No 3 seed Neeraj Kumar of Railways. Bengal cueist Damani in fact scored straight-frame win against Neeraj, who had finished third at the last Nationals in Chennai. Earlier, Damani had beaten Sajan Bopanna of Karnataka 70-16, 62-4, 59-49.Another qualifier showed that he too was ready for the big game as Durga Pradesh of Railways defeated Devendra Joshi of PSPB 3-1 as the Railways cueist scored two wins to stake claim for the knock-out phase.

    Durga Prasad first defeated Akshay Kumar of Uttar Pradesh 62-53, 66-23, 52-83, 41-61, 60-22 in tough five frames before he found his bearings and let the cue do talking against Devendra Joshi despite losing the first frame. He won 14-52, 54-41, 54-42, 63-36, in Group I.

    Meanwhile, Kamal Chawla of Railways and four-time champion Pankaj Advani of PSPB recorded easy wins in their second league matches. Chawla defeated Anand Raghuvanshi of Maharashtra 71-34, 53-47, 59-14, while Advani blanked Dhawal Mackwana of Gujarat  83-36, 75-20, 67-26, including a break of 56 in the first frame.

    However, former champion and No 7 seed Manan Chandra, playing in Group G, was taken to the distance by fellow Delhi cueist Rishit Jain before the Petroleum Board cueist prevailed 3-2. Manan won 73-8, 59-57, 36-57, 19-61, 69-32—clearing showing that he is out of touch with the sport that he dominated during his junior days with his great potting.


    Manisha National Billiards and Snooker

    Mehta cruises, Advani stretched to distance 

    IBSF World No 3 Kamal Chawla opens with comprehensive win

    Pune: Defending champion Aditya Mehta made it look so easy, but four-time champion Pankaj Advani survived a scare against unheralded Rajat Khaneja of Chandigarh before winning in the deciding fifth frame in the league phase of the Manisha National Snooker championship at the PYC Hindu Gymkhana here on Monday.

    Mehta’s stint in England on the pro-Tour clearly reflected in his play as he took out Sumesh Turki without making any fuss in the 78th Manisha-National Billiards and Snooker championship being organised by the Billiards and Snooker Association of Maharashtra and the PYC Hindu Gymkahana. Playing in Group A, Mehta took the first frame 84-28 and then came up with a break of 90 to take the second 90-0 before a break of 54 helped him to win the third frame 64-14. Sunil Kumar, Yogesh Sharma and Aneesh Saini are the other three cueists in the group with top two finishers at the end of the league phase from each of 16 groups will make it to the knockout draw of 32 players.

    Advani stretched Playing in Group F after he finished No 6 at the last Nationals in Chennai, Advani was in a tricky situation before he wriggled out of it on his sheer experience. Playing against Rajat Khaneja, in the ‘best-of-five’ frame league match, Advani found himself 0-2 down as the Chandigarh cueist took the first two frames 75-10, 91-10 including a break of 65 in the second.Advani was made to start afresh and he replied with panache. With a break of 88 in the third, Advani (88-8) bridged the gap to1-2 before to even the match by taking the fourth 60-25. In the decider though Advani was in his elements and once he got a favourable position, he went on to clean the table and take the frame 61-16 for a 3-2 win. Also pushed to the limit was seasoned Maharashtra cueist Sarang Shroff, who, however, could not make a rally and lost against M Yogesh Kumar of Karnataka. Shroff was leading 2-0 after taking the first two frames 87-22, 71-32, but Yogesh rallied brilliantly and wrapped up the match by taking the next three 72-26, 62-31, 76-36. In Group E, Railways’ Kamal Chawla, who finished No 3 in the World snooker championship last year, opened his campaign with a swift 80-22, 72-35, 110-7 win against Anuj Sharma of Goa, including a break of 61 in the third frame. In the same group, local lad  Anand Raghuvanshi defeated Kunal Manchanda of Rajasthan in straight frames 50-39, 61-11, 69-32. Anand, third year engineering student at the MIT College, who practices at Panchashil Club and recently trained under England’s Dell Hill, who had come down to Mumbai for a few days. The Pune player has been playing Nationals since 2008, but this is for the first time that he made it to the main draw of snooker event.


    Gorup A: 

    Aditya Mehta (PSPB) bt Sumesh Turki (J and K) 3-0 (84-28, 90 (90)-0, 64 (54)-14);

     Aneesh Saini (Har) bt Yogesh Sharma (Mah) 3-0 (61-29, 60-42, 78-64).

    Group B:

    Alok Kumar (PSPB) bt Peter Lalrintluanga (Miz) 3-0 (61-6, 48-34, 55-2).

    Group C:

     Bhadresh Panchal (Guj) bt Neeraj Kumar (Rlys) 3-1 (78-46, 38-59, 62-29, 70-6).

    Group D:

     IH Manudev (Kar) bt Pratik Jain (MP) 3-0 (91-33, 82-14, 69-26);

     M Yogesh Kumar (Kar) bt Sarang Shroff (Mah) 3-2 (22-87, 32-71, 72-26, 62-31, 76-36).

    Group E:

     Kamal Chawla (Rlys) bt Anuj Sharma (Goa) 3-0 (80-22, 72-35, 110 (61)-7);

     Anand Raghuvanshi (Mah) bt Kunal Manchanda (Raj) 3-0 (50-39, 61-11, 69-32).

    Group F:

     Pankaj Advani (PSPB) bt Rajat Khaneja (Chd) 3-2 (10-75, 10-91 (65), 88 (88)-8, 60-25, 61-16);

     Vivek Chopra (Pun) bt Dhawal Mackwana (Guj) 3-0 (60-15, 67-9, 63-42).

    Group G:

     Manan Chandra (PSPB) bt Dhruv Varma (Pun) 3-0 (64-21, 78-33, 93 (59)-3);

     Rishit Jain (Del) bt Jeet Kishore Das (Ori) 3-0 (70-21, 73-58, 66-45).

    Group H: Rafath Habib (Rlys) bt Sukumar Barman (Asm) 3-0 (88 (50)-1, 61-20, 92 (91)-2).

    Group I: Rupesh Shah (PSPB) bt Mridul Das (Asm) 3-1 (28-58, 67-63, 72-17, 53-43).

    Group J: Sumit Talwar (Chd) bt AR Arjun (Kar) 3-0 (79 (51)-2, 54-17, 63-43).

    Group K: Pushpinder Singh (Rlys) bt Rahul Bhargava (Raj) 3-1 (64-1, 78-31, 30-58, 76 (54)-12).

    Group L: Devendra Joshi (PSPB) bt Rupesh Chauhan (HP) 3-0 (68-34, 70 (69)-1, 63 (40)-7).

    Group M: Shahbaaz Adil Khan (PSPB) bt Valney Gomendis (Goa) 3-0 (97 (75)-0, 86-1, 66-22); Shankar Rao (AP) bt Kamal Rohmetra (J and K) 3-2 (63-19, 71-14, 30-72, 79-93, 81-38).

    Group N: Imran Ganj (TN) bt Sundeep Gulati (Del) 3-0 (22, 79 (51), 24-87, 12-77); Lalrina Renthlei (Miz) bt Rishabh Pandya (Mah) 3-1 (50-57, 68-34, 59-43, 58-57).

    Group O: Siddharth Parikh (Rlys) bt Hasan Badami (Mah) 3-2 (14-71 (70), 1-58 (53), 58-23, 69-33, 79-49); Dhvaj Haria (Guj) bt Rushabh Jain (Mah) 3-1 (69-8, 71-61, 40-48, 53-40).

    Group P: Faisal Khan (Rlys) bt Anupam Jha (Bih) 3-0 (58-31, 74-4, 90-21); R Girish (Rlys) bt Manish Jain (Ben) 3-0 (84-33, 64 (50)-23, 64-29).



    CHITRA M. (KAR) Winner

    NEENA PRAVEEN (TN ) Runner Up

    Chitra wins her maiden National crown
    Pune’s Arantxa Sanchis falls short of making a double after losing to eventual winner in the semifinals. Pune: Former world billiards champion M Chitra finally redeemed herself after years of toil and won her maiden national title, winning the women’s snooker championship beating Neena Praveen of Tamil Nadu at the Manisha-National Billiards and Snooker championship organized
    by the Billiards and Snooker Association of Maharashtra (BSAM) and the PYC Hindu Gymkhana here on Saturday.It has been Chitra’s dream to win national title for a long time, but somehow she would lose nerves at crucial junctures. Even after she won the world title in 2007, her confidence at the national would always flicker—something that she overcame with her confident potting on
    Saturday at the PYC Hindu Gymkhana.Starting her game tentatively, Chitra opened up good lead against Neena, also the first time finalist, before taking the first frame 58-43. The Bangalore cueist, who had an easy outing in the league stages, then wrapped up the second frame 57-28 to give herself a good cushion to bank on. Neena resorted to safety play in the third frame that became too dour as no player was taking chance of potting reds and clearing the table. Instead, snooking the cue ball behind a colour ball became routine before the frame meandered into a position wherein black-ball came into play. Neena took the black ball to take the frame 35-32, but Chitra was ready to start afresh in the fourth frame as she raced to a comfortable lead before wrapping up the frame 44-9 for a worthy 3-1 win. Sanchis loses podium finish Pune girl Arantxa Sanchis, who became national billiards champion a couple of days ago, was unlucky to find podium in the snooker championship after she lost the placing match for the No 3 position to Delhi youngster Keerath Bhandaal. Arantxa in fact took crucial 1-0 lead by winning the first frame 42-37, but then Keerath rallied brilliantly to take the next two 51-21, 52-48 with the deciding frame going into the black ball.
    Women: Snooker:
    Final: Chitra M (Kar) bt Neena Praveen (TN) 3-1 (58-43, 57-28, 32-35, 44-9).
    For 3 and 4 Position: Keerath Bhandaal (Del) bt Arantxa Sanchis (Mah)
    2-1 (37-42, 51-21, 52-48).




    Chitra to meet  Neena in Manisha National women's snooker final

    Pune January 28 : Former world billiards champion M Chitra  set-up a summit clash with Tamil Nadu’s Neena Praveen in the women's snooker final at the Manisha-National Billiards and Snooker championship organized by the Billiards and Snooker Association of Maharashtra (BSAM) and the PYC Hindu Gymkhana here on Saturday. In the semifinals played in the morning, Chitra overcame an in-form Arantxa 3-1, but she always had the control over the match unlike in the past when she struggled at the crucial moments.  In thesecond semifinal  Neena Praveen prevailed over Delhi youngster Keerath Bhandaal 3-2. Chitra who plays at the Kartnataka State Billiards Association (KSBA) regularlymade sure that she did not get bogged down by Arantxa’s slow and safety play to win 65-15, 64-29, 48-64, 56-13 . In the second semifinal Neena Praveen scraped past the Delhi girl Keerath Bhandaal (Del) 3-2 (52-31, 36-62, 53-51, 47-58, 61-23  the third frame was decided on the black ball, something that is rarely seen in women’s snooker.  In the placings matches, former champion R Uma Devi finished fifth beating Maharashtra’s Meenal Thakur 59-55, 67-47, while Heena Khandelwal of Maharashtra took the seventh position beating Varsha Sanjeev of Karnataka 45-34, 72-42. 


    Women: Snooker:

     5 to 8 Placing: 

    R Uma Devi (Kar) bt Varsha Sanjeev (Kar) 2-0 (50-16, 46-36); 

    Meenal Thakur (Mah) bt Heena Khandelwal (Mah) 2-1 (47-59, 67-30, 61-30).

    For 5 and 6 Position:

     R Uma Devi (Kar) bt Meenal Thakur (Mah) 2-0 (59-55, 67-47).

    For 7 and 8 Position:

     Heena Khandelwal (Mah) bt Varsha Sanjeev (Kar) 2-0 (45-34, 72-42).


    Arantxa Sanchis (Mah) bt Varsha Sanjeev (Kar) 3-0 (65-29, 54-47, 63-26);

    Chitra M (Kar) bt R Uma Devi (Kar) 3-0 (64-11, 18-59, 64-11, 84-15);

    Keerath Bhandaal (Del) bt Heena Khandelwal (Mah) 3-0 (55-33, 53-15, 68-48);

    Neena Praveen (TN) bt Meenal Thakur (Mah) 3-0 (48-11, 46-38, 60-15).

    Semi-finals: Chitra M (Kar) bt Arantxa Sanchis (Mah) 3-1 (65-15, 64-29, 48-64, 56-13);

    Neena Praveen (TN) bt Keerath Bhandaal (Del) 3-2 (52-31, 36-62, 53-51, 47-58, 61-23).













    16 B.BHASKAR KAR 3

    THIRD PLACE :- SOURAV KOTHARI (PSPB)                                                       FOURTH PLACE :- ALOK KUMAR (PSPB) 

    SOURAV KOTHARI (PSPB) BEAT ALOK KUMAR (PSPB) (2-1)  {150(59*)-107, 62-150(111*), 150(70*)-45 }    




    Advani retains Billiards Title at Manisha  National Billiards championship.*

     * *Pune girl Arantxa wins Women’s Billiards crown*

    *Pune January 27: Pankaj Advani of  PSPB  scored a  5-0 win over Bhalchandra Bhaskar of  Karnataka to retain the Mens national billiards championships at the  the Manisha-National Billiards and Snooker championship organized by the Billiards and Snooker Association of
    Maharashtra (BSAM) and the PYC Hindu Gymkhana.*
    Former world champion Pankaj Advani was back to his supreme form scoring a 151(151)-31,152(59)-26,153(151)-0,150(150)-0,150(62)-36 win over Bhaskar .*Advani,  won his sixth  billiards national title ,
     In the semi-final earlier , Advani blanked Sourav Kothari 4-0 to set up a repeat final against B Bhaskar of Karnataka,whom he had beaten in 2011 to win the trophy.*
    On the side table though Alok Kumar and B Bhaskar were involved in a keen tussle trading the first four games to be at 2-2. The Punjab cueist, who represented Petroleum Sports Promotion Board, however, shot back with a break of 124 in the fifth game to take that game 151-19 and move up 3-2.*
    *Bhaskar then found his bearing and a century break of 114 to win sixth
    game 151-118 and force the match into decider that he won 150-103 after assimilating a break of 108 in response to Alok Kumar’s 85.*
    *Kothari takes bronze position***
    *Bengal cueist Sourav Kothari, who is more of a snooker player, showed his maturity in adapting to billiards as he finished third ahead of Alok Kumar in the National Billiards championship by winning the play-off for the third position.*
    *Alok, who lost to B Bhaskar in a titanic semifinal that stretched to full
    seven games, looked fatigued. Kothari took advantage of the circumstances as she took the first game 150-107 with a break of 59 before Alok assimilated a Nelson’s figure—111—in the second game to even the score in the three-game placing match.*
    *Kothari, however, took advantage in the third game when he reached the top table with a canon and continued to play on and post a break of 70 to take the match out of Alok’s grasp.*
     * *Pune girl Arantxa wins Women’s Billiards crown*
    *Pune girl Arantxa Sanchis, who carries an astonishingly similar name of a tennis legend from Spain, etched her name for the first time on the Women’s National Billiard trophy when she beat multiple champion Meenal Thakur of Mumbai in a tight five-game all-Maharashtra final here** on Thursday.***
    *Arantxa, who emerged on the national scene only a few years ago, finally found her groove on the green baize sport that otherwise is dominated by the cueists from Mumbai and Bangalore. Losing the first game 51-75 wasn’t going to demoralize Arantxa as she worked her way through Meenal, who opted  for safety play once she realized that her Pune opponent had good potting game.***
    *Taking the next two games, 76-38 and 76-32, Arantxa made her intentions clear before Meenal rallied to even the scores and take the match into the final fifth game. Realising that if she would give even an inch, Meenal would sneak through, so when Arantxa got her chance, she went on to assimilate sizable breaks to take the decider 75-1 and her maiden women’s title.***
    *Arantxa advances in snooker too*
    *Arantxa Sanchis made her way to winning a double crown by making it to the quarterfinals of the women’s national snooker championship when she defeated seasoned Jagruti Patel in straight frame here this morning.**Young blood was at work on most tables as veteran players were made to work hard before being shot down. Varsha Sanjeev, who won three title last  week in junior and sub-junior championships, also made it to the last eight stage with a 49-36, 67-31 beating of her Karnataka state mate Judy Walia.*
    *Multiple national champion R Uma Devi will meet former world champion M Chitra in the other quarterfinal match in the top half of the draw, while Delhi youngster Keerath Bhandaal meets veteran Heena Khandelwal in the bottom half of the draw.
    Defending champion Meenal Thakur faces Neena Praveen of Tamil Nadu, who came off a tough three-frame battle against
    Indira Gowda of Karnataka 41-50, 58-7, 62-39, in the last quarterfinal match.*
    The prizes were given away at the hands of Rajan Khinvsara , Vice President of BSFI .


    Maharashtra cueists subdue seeded players

    Sourav Kothari, Siddharth Parikh stretched to the distance before making it to quarterfinals; defending champion Pankaj Advani also through to last 8 stage

    Pune: Maharashtra cueists had a field day at the National Billiards championship when Arun Agarwal caused the biggest upset of the day by beating Brijesh Damani, who had beaten Geet Sethi on the way to making knock-out stage in the Manisha-National Billiards and Snooker Championship being organized by the Billiards and Snooker Association of Maharashtra and the PYC Hindu Gymkhana at the PYC Hindu Gymkhana indoor hall here on Wednesday.

    Joining Agarwal in the quarterfinals was Mumbai-based V Subramanian, who was lucky to have sneaked into the knockout from group stages after Geet Sethi withdrew from the championship despite having made the grade.

    In the pre-quarterfinal match, Subramanian played with confidence despite losing the first frame 123-155 to seasoned Prem Prakash. That was a tight contest, but then on this one-eyed wonder eked out good breaks to wrap up the match and quarterfinal berth winning the next three 152-124, 152-98, 150-32, that included a break of 64 in the second frame.

    In the quarterfinals, Subramanian will meet Sourav Kothari, who made it to his first National billiards quarters with a hard-fought 3-2 win over Railways cueist S Simachalam. Both traded the first four frames—Sourav winning the first and third while Simachalam taking the second and fourth. In the third, Kothari had a brake of 112 to take in 152-7, before the match went into the decider wherein both played for safety before Kothari managed a break of 25 to take the frame and the match 152-18.

    Also making it to the quarterfinals were, defending champion Pankaj Advani, former champions Rupesh Shah and Alok Kumar, who accounted for Devendra Joshi, Siddharth Parikh and the last year’s runner-up B Bhaskar.

    All-Maharashtra ladies final

    Mumbai’s Meenal Thakur and Pune cueist Arantxa Sanchis will face-off in the final of the Ladies Billiards championship after they came through their semifinal encounters rather easily.

    Former champion Meenal Thakur made an easy work of I Lahiri of Andhra Pradesh before winning her semifinal encounter in three straight frames—76-48, 78-17, 75-17.

    On the other table, Arantxa defeated Karnataka’s Varsha Sanjeev, who won three titles last week in junior and sub-junior section, 77-56, 76-67, 77-31. That Varsha managed to reach the semifinals itself was an achievement given that she defeated seasoned and former champion R Uma Devi in the quarterfinals.

    Pune girl Arantxa too defeated former world snooker champion M Chitra, winning her quarterfinal 34-50, 53-27, 51-31, while Meenal edged past Neena Praveen of Tamil Nadu 50-29, 51-21.



    Varsha wins triple crown, Advani notches three century breaks in a day, Damani Shocks Sethi at Manisha National Billiards & Snooker Championship 
    Pune, January 23:Bengaluru girl Varsha  Sanjeev notched a creditable triple crown winning the junior girls snooker event at the Manisha National Billiards & Snooker Championship organised by the Billiards and Snooker Association of Maharashtra (BSAM) and played the PYC Hindu Gymkhana

    Varsha who won the sub junior billiards and snooker title added the Girls Junior Snooker title to her kitty scoring a ( 2-1) 26-73, 69-22, 66-41 win over I. Lahiri;
    Varsha was in line for the fourth title but was edged out by arch rival Keerat Bhandal of Delhi. Bandal won the
    Girls Junior Billiards title stopping Varsha Sanjeev (Kar) 132-126in the finals.

    In a group A encounter former world champion Pankaj Advani scored a century break to first outplay UP's Kankan Shamshi (3-0) { 102(102)-5, 100(61)-13, 102(51)-34 } and then registering   two century breaks to oust RSPB's Durga Prasad (3-0) { 100(102)-2, 100(76)-15, 100(100)-0 }.   

    Brijesh Damani showed great form scoring a three on trot win in the Group C encounter, Damani accounted for former world champion Geet Sethi registering a century break to win 100(100)-37, 101(51)-42, 100(56)-90(51). In the second match he edged V. Subramaniam 102-27, 102-84, 98-102, 80-100, 102-68. In the third match the Kolkatta player scored a 101(48*)-35, 104(56)-49, 100(71)-82 3-0 win over AP's I.V.Rajiv

    Other players who registered century breaks included West Bengal's Shakeel Ahmed     and Ashok Shandilya of RSPB who ended up on the loosing side inspite of the breaks, while PSPB'sSourav Kothari notching 102 ending on the winning side  

    In two mini upsets in league matches in a  
    Group H encounter host state player Vishal Madan scored a 3-1 win over fancied Alok Kumar of PSPB winning 61-102(77), 100(98)-84, 101(73)-62(56), 101(68)-8, while Gujarat's Parthiv Jhaveri accounted for Railway player Rafat Habib (3-2) 23-102, 100-73, 102(50)-97, 10-101(48), 102(62)-58

    Following are the results : Girls Sub-Junior Snooker: Final Round:
    Varsha Sanjeev (Kar) bt Arya Pimple (Mah) 58-8, 67(24)-4;

    Girls Junior Billiards: Final round:

    Keerat Bhandal(Del) bt Varsha Sanjeev(Kar) 132-126(52);

    Girls junior Snooker: Final round:

    Varsha Sanjeev(Kar) bt I. Lahiri( AP)( 2-1) 26-73, 69-22, 66-41:


     Advani starts campaign with century break at Manisha National Billiards & Snooker Championship
    Pune, January 22: Former World Champion Pankaj Advani started his campaign with a century break at the Manisha National Billiards & Snooker Championship organised by the Billiards and Snooker Association of Maharashtra (BSAM)and played the PYC Hindu Gymkhana 
    In the round robin league for the national billiards championship the Bengaluru lad Advani representing PSPB scored a (3-1) {32-100, 103-22, 100(100)-0, 101-35}
     win over Tamil Nadu's Bhuvaneshwaran in a Group A league match.
    Another former world champion in fray Geet Sethi scored two back to back wins in Group C encounter
    Sethi representing Gujarat thumped Anmoldeep Singh of Punjab (3-0) { 101(47)-20, 100(98)-2, 101(59)-24 } and then Shekar Surve of Railway Sports Board (3-0) { 101-31, 101(78)-24, 102-82(52) }
     Former world professional billiards silver medalist Devendra Joshi also started his campaign on a winning note in Group G, Joshi thrashed Assam's Mridul Das (3-0) { 100(95)-0, 102(86)-0, 101(63)-12 }; 
    In a Group D encounter  another former. IBSF world professional billiards silver medalist, Dhruv Sitwala scored a ( 3-0) { 102 (52,50)-30, 100-57, 100-63 } win over MS Reddy of RSPB
    In a group H encounter Asian gold Medalist Rafath Habib of RSPB ousted junior player Himanshu Jain of AP (3-1) { 100-63, 64-101(53), 100-28, 101-37 };
    Following are the results: Senior Billiards Group: Round Robin: Main Draw:
    Group A: DURGA PRASAD (RSPB) BEAT KANKAN SHAMSHI (3-0) { 100-39, 101-61, 101(54)-33 };
    PANKAJ ADVANI (PSPB) BEAT BHUVANESHWARAN . D(TN) (3-1) {32-100, 103-22, 100(100)-0, 101-35};
    Group B: B.BHASKAR(KAR) BEAT ANUPAM JHA (BIH) (3-0) { 102(69)-12, 100(57)-2, 101(56)-6 };
    S.SIMHACHALAM(RSPB) BEAT NITIN KOHLI (UP) {101-40, 63-100(54), 100-84, 100-85 };
    Group C: GEET SETHI (GUJ) BEAT ANMOLDEEP SINGH (PUB) (3-0) { 101(47)-20, 100(98)-2, 101(59)-24 };
    I.V. RAJIV (AP) BEAT SHEKHAR SURVE (RSPB) (3-0) { 100-25, 100-44, 100-31 };
    BRIJESH DAMANI (WB) BEAT V. SUBRAMANIAM (MAH) (3-2) { 102-27, 102-84, 98-102, 80-100,102-68};
    GEET SETHI (GUJ) BEAT SHEKHAR SURVE (RSPB) (3-0) { 101-31, 101(78)-24, 102-82(52) }
    Group D: ARUN AGRAWAL (MAH) BEAT D.RAJ KUMAR (KAR) (3-1) 100(49,48)-2, 85-101, 101(56)-73(57),100-2};
    PREM PRAKASH (TN) BEAT SUBRAT DAS (ORI) (3-1) { 101-44, 62-102, 101-96, 101(52)-62 };
    DHRUV SITWALA (PSPB) BEAT M.S.REDDY (RSPB) ( 3-0) { 102 (52,50)-30, 100-57, 100-63 };
    Group E: MANISH JAIN (WB) BEAT RAJAT KHANEJA (PUB) (3-0) { 101(38)-7, 101(59)-31, 102-20 };
    ASHOK SHANDILYA (RSPB) BEAT FARHAD TENGRA (MAH) (3-0) { 100-82, 104(85)-12, 100-45 };
    SOURAV KOTHARI (PSPB) BEAT AHSAN-UL-HAQUE (ORI) (3-1) { 87-101, 102(53,49)-39, 100(44)-13, 100-56 );
    Group F: RUPESH SHAH (PSPB) BEAT SASHA SAMBI (KAR) (3-0) { 101(62)-65, 101(95)-0, 102(54)-40 };
    SHIVAM ARORA (BIH) BEAT SIDDHARTH PARIKH ( 3-1 ) { 3-102(94*), 102(38)-65(39), 103-61, 104-15 };
    Group G: DEVENDRA JOSHI (PSPB) BEAT MRIDUL DAS (ASM) (3-0) { 100(95)-0, 102(86)-0, 101(63)-12 };
    SHYAM JAGTIANI ( WB) BEAT RAJESH SHARMA (DLI) (3-0) { 101(75)-21, 101(82)-2, 100-62 };
    SHAKEEL AHMED (WB) BEAT KUNWARDEEP SINGH (PUB) (3-0) { 101(44)-49, 102-4, 100-52 }
    Group H: RAFAT HABIB (RSPB) BEAT HIMANSHU JAIN (AP) (3-1) { 100-63, 64-101(53), 100-28, 101-37 };
    K. VENKATESHAM (RSPB) BEAT PARTHIV JHAVERI (GUJ) (3-2) { 80-100, 100(57)-66, 101(76)-0, 80-101, 101-66(57) }.
    Local girl Pimpale in finals at Manisha National Billiards & Snooker Championship

    Pune, January 22: Pune girl Arya Pimpale will clash with holder Varsha Sanjeev in the finals of the Girls Sub Junior Snooker event at the Manisha National Billiards & Snooker Championship organised by the Billiards and Snooker Association of Maharashtra (BSAM)and played the PYC Hindu Gymkhana In the semifinals Arya Pimple outplayed I. Lahari Sinaprra of AP 57-46, 34-40, 62-30 , while Bengaluru girl Varsha Sanjeev(Kar) scored a 80-16, 70-71win over Delhi's Keerat Bhandal. Sanjeev also put herself in line for a triple crown reaching the finals of the Girls Junior Billiards event. In the semifinals Varsha Sanjeev outplayed  Arya Pimple 162-85, she will take on arch rival Keerat Bhandal who potted out I. Lahari Sinaprra 154-109.

    Girls Sub Junior Snooker: Semi Final:Varsha Sanjeev(Kar) bt Keerat Bhandal(Del) 80-16, 70-71;

    Arya Pimple(Mah) bt I. Lahari Sinaprra(AP) 57-46, 34-40, 62-30;
    Girls Junior Billiards: Semi final:
    Varsha Sanjeev(Kar) bt Arya Pimple(Mah) 162-85;
    Keerat Bhandal(Del) bt I. Lahari Sinaprra(AP) 154-109.


    WINNER  - LAXMAN RAWAT (DELHI) JUNIOR SNOOKER           Giving the Prizes (From L to R) Mr. Salil Deshpande, Suvarna Limaye, Keerat Bhandal, Varsha Sanjeev and I.Lahiri, Mr. Derek Sippy.


    Round Robin Result Junior Snooker -2012

      Name A B C D MP MW FW FL AVG POS
    1 4 3 3 2 9 9 0 3
    4 3 3 2 11 7 4 1
    2 3 0 7 12 -5 4
    D HIMANSHU JAIN (AP) 4 2 4
    3 2 10 9 1 2










    Rawat wins first snooker title

    There was plenty of action and tense moments before a new winner was identified in the junior (under-21) snooker event of the Manisha Constructions National Billiards & Snooker championships at the PYC Gymkhana here on Saturday. And notwithstanding a loss in the round robin league Delhi’s Laxman Rawat won his first national snooker title. He was palpably anxious waiting for the outcome of the last round-robin league match between the defending champion and top seed Mizoram’s Lalrina Renthlei and Andhra Pradesh’s Himanshu Jain. Renthlei won the match 4-2 and a simple arithmetical calculation based on frames won and lost following a three-way tie, gave a superior frame-average and the title to Rawat. He received a trophy and cash prize of Rs. 10,000 for showing some excellence in a sport he took to five years ago.

    Not long ago, Rawat had taken the big stage for a day in style defeating English professional Jimmy White in an invitational prize money snooker tournament at the Cricket Club of India (CCI), Mumbai. But a national title, or for that matter a title in any tournament had eluded him. He had finished runner-up in the sub-junior event two years ago here and lost in the quarter-finals of the junior event. Last year he missed an opportunity to take part in the World Under-21 event in Montreal because he failed to get a visa.

    Rawat began the round-robin with a facile 4-1 win against Renthlei on Friday evening, but soon he went down 3-4 to Jain. Renthlei miraculously stayed in the fray defeating Lalit Dahiya potting the black following a black-ball tie in the seventh frame. Jain beat Dahiya and Rawat and hence he emerged as a strong contender for the title before his last league match against Renthlei. ``But he (Jain) made mistakes and gave it up,’’ said Sanjay Sawant, coach of Rawat, Jain, Renthlei and Dahiya at his Snooker Academy at Malad, Mumbai.

    It was Rawat’s third shot at the junior title in as many years; a fine achievement for a youngster who opted to hold his college education in abeyance after passing class XII in 2009. ``I will be taking admission for commerce in March,’’ said Rawat, initially coached by the late Mukesh Rehani.

    Rawat, Jain, Renthlei and the fourth placed Dahiya received cash awards from the chief guest and BSFI Vice-President, Rajan H. Khinvasara.

    Results (junior snooker round robin league): Lalrina Renthlei (Miz) bt Lalit Dahiya (Del) 4-3 (48-57, 72-16, 56-60, 47-60, 69-43, 74-41, 69-62), Himanshu Jain (AP) bt laxman Rawat (Del) 4-3: 49-10, 3-72, 58-62, 61-47, 63-30, 2-56, 73-64, Laxman Rawat (Del) bt Lalit Dahiya (Del) 4-2 (62-23, 46-61, 98-8, 47-37, 44-54, 64-14), Lalrina Renthlei (Miz) by Himanshu Jain (AP) 4-2: 83-23, 36-61, 67-15, 56-43, 36-75, 76-8. (Rawat won 11 frames and lost 7, Jain won 10 and lost 9, Renthlei won 9 and lost 9 and Dahiya won 7 and lost 12).


    Rawat edges out topseed in round robin of Junior Snooker at  Manisha National Billiards & Snooker Championship  

    Pune, January 20:  Laxman Rawat of Delhi  scored a 4 frames to 1 win over top seeded Lalrina Rentheli  in a round robin encounter  in the junior snooker semifinal stage at the Manisha Constructions National Billiards & Snooker Championship organised by the Billiards and Snooker Association of Maharashtra (BSAM) and played the PYC Hindu Gymkhana here today.  
    In the first league match of the semifinals stage  Rawat played a calculated game to edge out the top seed   Rentheli 106(31,45)-14, 69-61, 14-96, 89-14, 68-29 . 
    In the second league encounter Andhra player Himanshu Jain scored a 41-52, 72-13, 40-64(43), 63(31)-15, 70(45)-52, 70-1 win over Delhi's   Lalit Dahiya  
    Rawat (Del),Rentheli,  Jain and Dahiya made it to the last four stage of the junior snooker event. The winner will be decided tommorrow at the end of the round robin stage. 
    In the Senior Billiards qualifying rounds which began today Pune's Anand Raghuvanshi scored a100-41, 102(31)-38, 100-33 win over Tamil Nadu's  N. Suryanarayan to enter the third round.
    Following are the results: 
    Junior Snooker Group:  Quarter final Round:
    Himanshu Jain (AP) bt Ketan Chawla(MP) 65(37)-21, 68(44)-4, 66-19, 58-22;
    Laxman Rawat(Del) bt Kabil Badami(Mah) 46-53, 71-18, 29-60, 103(74)-10, 51-27, 64-26;
    Lalit Dahiya(Del) bt Ishpreet Chadha(Mah) 14-63, 58-22, 55-28, 71-13, 42-63, 20-74, 84-45;
    Lalrina Rentheli(Mizoram) bt Rishit Jain(Del) 74(40)-1, 70(54)-18, 46-57, 29-75(22), 57-33, 52-38;
    Round Robin:( League Matches)
    Laxman Rawat (Del) bt Lalrina Rentheli(Mizoram) 106(31,45)-14, 69-61, 14-96, 89-14, 68-29;
    Himanshu Jain(AP) bt Lalit Dahiya(Del) 41-52, 72-13, 40-64(43), 63(31)-15, 70(45)-52, 70-1;
     Senior  Billiards Group: Qualifying round:(Second round)
    Shakil Ahmed(WB) bt Hitesh Kotwani(Mah) 100(51)-86, 100-83, 100(44)-45;
    Satya Acharya(Orissa) bt Parth Marathe(Mah) 101-74, 100-61, 101-48;
    Kabil Badami(Mah) bt Vijay Kumar(TN) 100-81, 102-73, 101-53;
    Vighnesh Sanghvi(Mah) bt Jay Ganesh(TN) 100-81, 101-73, 101-53;
    Rafat Habib(RSPB) bt Subodh Lahiri(UP) 101-51, 101-48, 101(47)-18;
    Anand Raghuvanshi(Mah) bt N. Suryanarayan(TN) 100-41, 102(31)-38, 100-33;
    Arun Agarwal(Mah) bt Dr.Sinfra(AP) 100-56, 100(53)-35, 100-42.



    Lalrina Rentheli (Mizoram)

    Himanshu Jain(AP)



    Lalrina, Jain enter last eight at Manisha National Billiards & Snooker Championship

    Pune, January 19: Topseeded Lalrina Rentheli of Mizoram scored a 3-1 win over Assam's Mridul Das to enter the quarterfinals of the Junior snooker at the Manisha Constructions National Billiards & Snooker Championship organised by the Billiards and Snooker Association of Maharashtra (BSAM) and played the PYC Hindu Gymkhana here today. 

    Lalrina scored a 56-14, 59-9, 16-60, 53-28 win over Das. 

    Qualifier Rishit Jain of Delhi also made it to the last eight potting out Goa's Nigel D’souza 59(33)-29, 59-2, 48-12) 

    The Delhi qualifier also ended the winning run of triple crown winner Dhvaj Haria in the third round of the event. Jain edged out Dhwaj Haria 3-2 ) 47-36, 38-65, 1-64(55), 49-36, 56-47 in a close third round match. 

    Another Delhi player Laxman Rawat scored a century break to outplay state player Rahul Sachdev 120(56)-0, 74(41)-1, 59(37)-9) 

    Following are the results:

    Junior Snooker Group: Pre quarter final Round: 

    Laxman Rawat(Del) bt Rahul Sachdev(Mah) 3-0 (120(56)-0, 74(41)-1, 59(37)-9) 

    Kabil Badami(Mah) bt Jaiveer Dhingra(Mah) 3-0( 71-26, 74-0, 70-16) 

    Himanshu Jain(AP) bt Peter Paul(TN) 3-1 69-12, 74-15, 63-14; 

    Rishit Jain(Del) bt Nigel D’souza(Goa)3-1 ( 59(33)-29, 59-2, 48-12) 

    Ishpreet Chadha(Mah) bt Samay Vadhawan(Mah) 3-1 (58-22, 57-38, 35-69, 67-23) 

    Lalrina Rentheli(Mizoram) bt Mridul Das(Asam)3-1 ( 56-14, 59-9, 16-60, 53-28) 

    Lalit Dahiya(Del) bt Sumit Kataria(Mah) 3-1 ( 55-30, 75-38, 43-70, 57-35) 

    Ketan Chawla(MP) bt Ashutosh Padhi(Orissa) 3-1 ( 75-35, 62-39, 50-64, 76-26.)


    Qualifiers  Sachdev , Jain in round 2 of Junior Snooker at  Manisha Constructions   National Billiards & Snooker Championship 

    Pune, January 18: Qualifiers Rahul Sachdev of Maharashtra and Rishit Jain of Delhi scored 3-1 wins to enter the second round of the   junior snooker event at the    Manisha Constructions National Billiards & Snooker Championship   organised by the Billiards and Snooker Association of Maharashtra (BSAM) and played the PYC Hindu Gymkhana.  Maharashtra boy Rahul Sachdev who a qualified into the main draw  scored a first round win over Andhra’s  Ashutosh Madhuraj winning   67-57, 11-65, 48-10, 46-16.  Delhi boy Rishit Jain who scraped into the main draw the event registering a 3 frames to 2  win against Suraj Singh in the finals round the qualifying played a much more  composed game to score a 52-39, 47-40, 41-73, 61-37 win over Madhya Pradesh’s  Anurag Giri. 

    Assam’s Dheeman Borah , West Bengal’s  Gurubachan Singh and Sarfraz Uddin , Punjab’s  Sahil Sharma and Orrisa’s Chirag Arora also moved into the second round of the event . 

    Junior Snooker Group: Qualifying Round:

    Rishit Jain (Dli) bt Suraj Singh  3-2 (23-59,69-10,70-21,0-90(50,31),55-54);
    Rahul Sachdev (Mah) bt Raj Khandwala (Mah)  3-1  ( 60(54)-2, 54-59,59-36,62-2)
    Kapil Badami (Mah) bt Kunwardeep Singh (Punjab) 3-1  10-66(46),84-55,89-71,71-38;
    Manish P (Kar) bt Gurdeep Singh (Dli) 3-0  67-28,56-39,53-0;
    Ishpreet Chadha(Mah) bt Abhinav Kripalu (Mah)  3-2 57-28, 51-59, 56-69, 81-44, 81-24;

    Sumit Kataria(Mah) bt Yash Bansal(MP) 3-1 72-62, 75-2, 54-42;  

    Junior Snooker Group: Main Draw: First Round:

    Dheeman Borah (Asam) bt Avanish Shah (MP) 3-1 58-39, 60-34, 17-67, 65-59;

    Gurubachan Singh(WB) bt Ashish Nadda(Cha)  3-2 40-28, 38-46, 52-56, 54-32, 54-35;

    Sarfraz Uddin (WB) bt Sahil Sharma(Punjab)  3-2 28-53, 47-22, 35-65, 81-69, 64-52;

    Rishit Jain(Del) bt Anurag Giri (MP)   3-1 52-39, 47-40, 41-73, 61-37;

    Rahul Sachdev(Mah) bt Ashutosh Madhuraj(AP)  3-1 67-57, 11-65, 48-10, 46-16;

    Chirag Arora(Orissa) bt Bhanu Sharma(Rajasthan)  3-1 60-39, 65-38, 36-64, 54-53.


    Dhvaj Haria receiving award from Mr. Bharat Desalda. Others in the picture (From L to R) Mr. Desalda, Ketan Chawla, Dhvaj Haria and Malkeet Singh.

    Sub-Junior Snooker Group Photo. (From L to R) Mr. Salil Deshpande, Mr. Bharat Desalda, Jaiveer Dhingra, Dhvaj Haria, Ishpreet Chaddha, Mr. Manish Sabade, Mr. Derek Sippy.

    Haria asserts supremacy at Manisha Constructions National Snooker and Billiards Championships.

    Pune, January 17: The tables at the PYC Gymkhana in Pune are turning out to be successful hunting ground for the  teen sensation Dhvaj Haria as he annexed the sub junior snooker and the junior billiards crown in one day in addition to sub junior billiards crown 

    The Eighteen year old Dhvaj Haria won  the Sub – Junior Snooker: Final outplaying  Jaiveer Dhingra of Maharashtra  60(41)-12, 60-52, 69-44 at the Manisha Constructions. Snooker and Billiards Chmapionships being organised by BSAM and played at PYC Hindu Gymkhana

    The Sports club of Gujarat player tutored by  billiard coach,Subhash Agarwal and England's  Nick Barrow in snooker , Dhvaj won all his 3 matches in the Junior Billiards  with an  average of  +448 to win the third title .

    Ketan Chawla of MP finished  2nd ,while Malkeet Singh of UP finished 3rd

    The 18 year old 12th standard  commerce  student of Delhi Public school who also has been awarded the Indian Oil Scholarship also has set an unique record representing his state in 6 events at this tournament.

    Haria will now be seen in action at the junior snooker event and the Men's Open Junior and Snooker events.

    The prizes were given away at hands of Mr. Bharat Desalda, director of Rohan Builders.

    Following are the results: Sub – Junior Snooker: Final Round:
    Dhvaj Haria (Gujarat) bt Jaiveer Dhingra(Mah) 60(41)-12, 60-52, 69-44;

    Junior Billiards: Round Robin:
    Dhvaj Haria(Gujrat) bt Malkeet Singh(UP) 794(56,64,83,61)-453;
     Malkeet Singh(UP) bt Ketan Chawla(MP) 635(50,44)-534(69,38);
    Dhvaj Haria(Gujrat) bt Himanshu Jain(AP) 660(61,47)-611(43,47).
    Dhvaj won all 3 matches with avg +448



    Haria- Dhingra to clash in  sub junior snooker final at   Manisha   National Billiards & Snooker Championship  

    Maharashtra’s Ishpreet finishes third

    Pune, January 16: Gujarat’s Dhvaj Haria will take on Maharashtra’s Jaiveer Dhingra in the finals of the sub junior snooker event at the    Manisha National Billiards & Snooker Championship   organised by the Billiards and Snooker Association of Maharashtra (BSAM) and played the PYC Hindu Gymkhana.

     In the semifinals played today  Haria winner of the sub junior billiards crown scored a 53-25, 85(30)-20, 47-18  win over Maharashtra’s Ishpreet Chadha, Haria will now take on arch rival Jaiveer Dhingra who potted out Punjab’s  Sahil Nair  44-34, 58-51, 56-36;

    Ishpreet Chadha scored a   22-63, 73-34, 62-47 win over   Nair to capture the third spot in the event.

    In the junior billiards round robin AP player Himanshu Jain registered a century break scoring a 596(71,110)-560 (61,42), over UP’s  Malkeet Singh,  in the second match MP player  Ketan Chawla however felled  Jain  920(62, 51, 76)-619 ; Gujarat  lad Haria put out  Chawla 716(55,47,43)-658(45) to keep the contest alive

    The finals of the Sub junior snooker will be played at 9.30am  on Tuesday.

    Following are the results: Sub – Junior Snooker: Semi final Round:

    Jaiveer Dhingra(Mah) bt Sahil Nair(Punjab)

    44-34, 58-51, 56-36; 

    Dhvaj Haria(Gujrat) bt Ishpreet Chadha(Mah)

    53-25, 85(30)-20, 47-18;

    Third Place:

    Ishpreet Chadha(Mah) bt Sahil Nair (Punjab)

    22-63, 73-34, 62-47;

    Junior Billiards: Round Robin: Semis

    Himanshu Jain(AP) bt Malkeet Singh(UP) 

    596(71,110)-560 (61,42), 

    Dhvaj Haria(Guj) bt Ketan Chawla(MP)

    716(55,47,43)-658(45) ; 

     Ketan Chawla (MP) bt Himanshu Jain(AP) 

    920(62, 51, 76)-619;


    Haria , Chawla, Singh , Jain, enter last four of junior Billiards at Manisha Billiards and Snooker National Chmapionships
    Pune, January 15 :   Gujarat's Dhvaj Haria , MP's Ketan Chawla, UP's Malkeet Singh and Andhra Pradesh's Himanshu Jain  made it to the last four stage in the Junior Billiards at Manisha National Snooker and Billiards championships organised by BSAM and being played at the PYC Hindu Gymkhana in Pune today
    Haria scored a 569-403 win over Delhi's Laxman Rawat, while Chawla scored a 690-387 win over TN player Peter Paul , Malkeet Singh also put out another TN player B Jagadish 466-329 , Hyderabad's Himanshu scored a 468-353 win over   Utsav Ramani of Gujarat in the quarter finals  
    The players will now play a round robin format .
     Local lad  Yash Deshpande was the lone player from the city to make it to the fourth round of the sub junior national snooker event  The 18 year old  Deshpande representing the state edged out Gujarat's  Utsav Ramani (2-1)  44-24,01-83, 51-43 in the third round .
    State junior champ Jaiveer Dhingra scored a   50-27,65-28 win over Rajshtan's Bhanu Sharma  , another state lad Ishpreet Singh Chada scored a 56-26,51-36 win over MP's Yash Bansal to move into round four of the event 
    Junior Billiards(Second Round)
    Laxman Rawat(DLI) bt Ishpreet Chada(Mah) 518-447
    Peter Paul(TN) bt Jaiveer Dhingra(Mah) 450-446
    Ketan Chawla(MP) bt Sahil Nayyar(Pun) 518-350
    Malkeet Singh (UP) bt Kabil Badami(Mah) 417-313
    B Jagadish(TN) bt Harshit Sharma(MP) 370-355
    Himanshu Jain(AP) bt Rishit Jain (DLI) 420-309
    Utsav Ramani (Guj) bt Gurbachan Singh(WB) 499-252
    Quarter Finals
    Dhvaj Haria (Guj) bt Laxman Rawat(Delhi) 569-403
    Ketan Chawla(MP) bt Peter Paul(TN) 690-387
    Malkeet Singh (UP) btB Jagadish(TN) 466-329
    Himanshu Jain (AP) bt Utsav Ramani (Guj) 468-353
    Sub Junior Snooker (3rd Round)
    Ashutosh Padhy(Ors) bt Nikhil Pise(Kar)26-56,70-15,78-32
    Sahil Nayyar(PUN) bt Suraj Singh(Kar) 60-29,55-16
    Jaiveer Dhingra(Mah) bt Bhanu Sharma (Raj) 50-27,65-28
    Yash Deshpande(Mah)bt  Utsav Ramani(Guj) 44-24,01-83, 51-43.
    Ishpreet Singh Chada(Mah) bt Yash Bansal (MP) 56-26,51-36
    Dhvaj Haria(Guj) bt Arjun Mehta(Kar) 71-65,65-24.



    Haria wins sub junior national billiards  title, starts junior campaign with century break at Manisha National Snooker and Billiards championships
    Pune,January 14: Reigning Champion Dhvaj Haria of Gujarat Captured the National Sub Junior Billiards championships at the Manisha National Snooker and Billiards championships organised by BSAM and being played at the PYC Hindu Gymkhana in Pune today
    In the finals played today the 18 year old 12th standard student of DPS Ahmedabad  Dhvaj Haria scored a 251-174 win over Maharashtra's Jaiveer Dhingra.Karnataka's ML Lakshman scored a 190-137 win over Orrisa's Ashutosh Padhy to clinch the third spot.
    The one hour final was going close with difference of just 17 points between Haria and Dhingra , a crucial break of 49 by Haria which included a pot and in off  at a crucial juncture turned the tables in Haria's favour taking him to the title
    Haria also started his campaign in the junior category with a century break of 104 and his career highest score of 529 in a nationals over Saransh Chaudary of Haryana  to move into the third round.
    The prizes were given away at hands of Anand Jog director Darode-Jog properties
    Sub Junior Billiards (Quarter Finals)
    Ashutosh Padhy(Ori)  bt Utsav Ramani (Guj) 250-145
    ML Lakshman (Kar) bt B Jagadish (TN) 183-151
    Dhvaj Haria(Guj) bt Ashutosh Padhy(Ori) 301-153
    Jaiveer Dhingra (Mah) bt ML Lakshman (Kar) 327-249
    Dhvaj Haria(Guj) bt Jaiveer Dhingra (Mah) 251-174
    Third Place
    ML Lakshman(Kar) bt Ashutosh Padhy(Ors)190-137
    Junior Billiards(Final Qualifying)
    Ishpreet Chadha(Mah) bt Arjun Mehta (kar) 400-311
    Harshit Sharma (MP) bt Umesh Barve (Mah) 391-332
    First round.
    Malkeet Singh (UP) bt Bharat Sharma (Har) 398-257
    Khalil Badami(Mah)bt Nikhil Pise 369-267
    Ketan Chawla (MP) bt ML Lakshman(Kar) 594-349
    Ishpreet Chada(Mah) bt Vicky Agarwal(AP) 615-231
    Second round (Main Draw)
    Dhvaj Haria(Guj) bt Saransh  Chaudary 529-106
    Sub junior Snooker (2nd round)
    Saransh Chaudari(Har) bt Dilip Akshaive (TN) 2-1
    Nikhil Pise(Kar) bt Abhinav Kripalu(Mah) 2-1
    B.Jagadish(TN) bt Suraj Rathi(Mah) 2-1
    Yash Bansal(MP)bt Mark Menezes(UP) 2-1
    Nikhil Arora(Har) bt Shivam Mehta (Mah) 2-1


    Ishpreet Chadha (Mah)                                                                                   Arjun Mehta (Kar)


    Haria , Dhingra enter semis  in Sub junior Billiards  at   Manisha   National Billiards & Snooker Championship 

    Pune, January 13: Dhvaj Haria of Gujarat and Jaiveer Dhingra of Maharashtra scored convincing wins to make it to the last four stage in the sub junior Billiards event at the Manisha National Billiards & Snooker Championship   organized by the Billiards and Snooker Association of Maharashtra (BSAM) and played  at the PYC Hindu Gymkhana. Dhvaj Haria scored two breaks of 51 and 56  in two outings to score a 330-153 win over Maharashtra’s Ishpreet  Chada , while Dhingra scored a 261-180 win over statemate Yash Deshpande to make it to the last four in the event. Chadha however managed to score a  524-374 win over Sanmay Vadhvan  in the Junior Billiards  Pre quarterfinal Qualifying round a inch closer towards  a place in the main draw

    Following are the results:  Sub- Junior Billiards: Quarterfinal round

    Dhvaj Haria(Gujrat ) bt Ishpreet Chadha(Mah) 330(51,56)-153;

    Jaiveer Dhingra(Mah) bt Yash Deshpande(Mah) 261-180

    Prequarter final round:

    Dhvaj Haria(Gujrat ) bt Mark  Menezes(UP) 236-76;

    Ishpreet Chadha (Mah) bt Nikhil Pise(Kar) 250-158;

    Ashutosh Padhye(Orissa) bt Suraj Singh(Kar) 276-100;

    Utsav Ramani(Gujrat ) bt  Bharat Sharma(Haryana) 265-82;

    M.L.Laxman (Kar) bt Suyash Moorpana (Del) 213-141;

    B.Jagdish (TN) bt Mandeep Singh(UP) 287-141;

    Yash Deshpande (Mah) bt Chirag Arora(Orissa) 158-108;

    Jaiveer Dhingra (Mah) bt Abhinav Kripalu (Mah) 278-132;

    Junior  Billiards: Qualifying round (Prequarterfinal round):

    Harsheet Sharma(UP) bt Abhinav Kripalu(Mah) 421-390;

    Umesh Barve(Mah) bt Vishal Vhaya(Mah) 442-421;

    Arjun Mehta(Kar) bt Rajvardha Joshi(Mah) 289-281;

    Ishpreet Chadha(Mah) bt Sanmay Vadhvan(Mah) 524-374;


    Kripalu lone state player into round two at    Manisha   National Billiards & Snooker Championship 

    Pune, January 12: Abhinav Kripalu was the lone player from Maharashtra to make it to the second round of the   sub junior Billiards event on the  opening day of the  the Manisha  National Billiards & Snooker Championship   organised by the Billiards and Snooker Association of Maharashtra (BSAM)  and played the PYC Hindu Gymkhana  

    Kripalu scored a 211-103 win over Aman Basvanal of Karnataka, in other well contested match Karnataka’s Arjun Mehta scored a close 313-307 win over Rohan Jambusaria of Maharashtra to move into the second round.

    Pune players on the table today Dev Phadke and Rana Kadolkar went down rather tamely. Kerala’s Abhay Antharaper scored a 133-86 win over Dev, while Karnataka’s Nikhil Pise scored an identical win over Kadolkar to move into the second round

    The tournament and the new BSAM logo were inaugurated at the hands of Mr . Rajan Khinvasara  Vice President of the BSFI , Vice President  BSAM Manish Sabade , Mr .Kumar Tamhane Hon. Secretary of PYC Hindu Gymkhana and Mr. Salil Deshpande the   secretary of the BSAM  

    The event will be played  on 13 new tables which have been sponsored by Wiraka of Singapore , the special international standard cloth has been sponsored by Hainsworth of England , while he ball sets have been sponsored by Aramith of Belgium  .

    Following are the results: Sub Junior Billiards: First Round:

    Abhinav Kripalu (Mah) bt Aman Basanwal(Kar) 211-103;

    Yash Bansal(MP) bt Ashish Nanda (Chandigarh) 140-111;

    Sagar Sachdeva (Del) bt Sevesh Suman (Haryana) 373-316;

    Swaransh Chaudhari (Haryana) bt Sahil Nair(Punjab) 135-130;

    Niranjan N.(Kar) bt  Zain Fezi(Mah) 343-253;

    Chirag Arora(Orissa) bt Kunal Lamba(Del) 212-62;

    Mandeep Singh(UP) bt Nikhil Saigal(Mah) 171-126;

    Arjun Mehtha(Kar) bt Rohan Jambhusaria(Mah) 313-307;

    Suyash  Moabana(Del) bt Tanuj Shukla(Mah) 208-60;

    Abhay Anthraper(Keral) bt Dev Phadke(Mah_ 133-86;

    Nikhil Pise(Kar) bt Rana Kadolkar(Mah) 133-86;

    Dilip K.(TN) bt Tanurag Gautam(Chandigarh) 154-65;

    Kavya Barath (TN) bt Vishal Duva(Del) 148-124;

    Mark Menezes(UP) bt Servesh Suman(Hariyana) 156-122;

    Suraj Singh(Kar) bt Sahil Thakur(Del) 132-117;

    Junior Billiards:  Qualifying round:

    Samay P.(Mah) bt Girish K.(Kar) 484-443;

    Suyash Morpana(Del) bt Irfan Mohammad(TN) 390-212;

    Ishpreet Chadha (Mah) bt  Ninad Pise(Kar) 506-286;

    Shrikrishna S.( TN) bt Amit Paradkar(Mah) 414-231;

    Dilip Akshvi(TN) bt Kundan (AP) 300-107;

    Avnish Shah(Mah) bt Manish P.(Kar) 416-293;

    Abhinav Kripalu(Mah) bt Supreeth YG(Kar) 392-352;

    Umesh Barve(Mah) bt  Nichal G.(Kar) 393-299.


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    The outlet shall be installed outside the Billiard Room of the PYC Hindu Gymkhana and shall commence from 12th Jan to 4th Feb.2012. All the above shall also be available online on our website
    Keep watching our site for many more exciting offers coming your way soon like special coaching camps for Juniors, tournaments etc all after the Nationals.




    Please note that all entries along with the entry fees should be sent to the BSAM office only by 14th Nov.2011. In case of Juniors & Sub-Juniors, all Entries have to accompanied by a copy of their birth certificates . Those whose entry fees have not been payed , will have to pay their entry fees before the start of their first match, failing which they shall not be allowed to play their game and in the event be scratched or replaced in the draw.

    This rule shall be strictly adhered to and no excuses shall be entertained.

    Sub-Junior All player should be below 19 yrs age as on 31st December 2011

    Juniors – All players should be below 21 years of age as on 31st December 2011

    For any clarifications with regards to the above please contact Mr.Ajay Rastogi (Chief referee-Mob.+919821132730)  Mr.Salil Deshpande-Tournament Secretary Mob.+919822064230) 


    Entry Form : Click Here



    SAVING A/C NO. 60050198753
    IFSC: MAHB0001144





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