Organised by BSAM
29 June 2015 to 07 August 2015

KG “Italian Stallions’

  • Venue

    P. J. Hindu Gymkhana

    Play Off Address :
    Parmanddas Jivandas Hindu Gym.
    Netaji Subhas Road,
    Mumbai - 400 002

  • Entry Fees

    Rs.4000/- per team

  • Price Money

    Winner :        Rs. 75000/- 

    Runner Up :  Rs. 45000/- 

    S. Finalist :    Rs. 20000/- (each) 

    Q. Finalist :   Rs.10000/- (each)


  • Description


    Mumbai Snooker League 2011,


    Mumbai Snooker League 2012,


    Mumbai Snooker League 2013,


    Mumbai Snooker League 2014,


    Mumbai Snooker League 2015,


    Winner :-  PJHG " Hustlers" Winner :- CCI " Snooker Kings" Winner :-  BG " PHANTOM" Winner :-  CCI " Snooker Kings" Winner :- KG "Italian Stallions"
    Runner Up :- Otters " Blazzers" Runner Up :- JVPG " Tigers" Runner Up :-  "PJ OCEAN SEVEN" Runner Up :- PJHG " Toofani Boys" Runner Up :- KG "Avengers"
    Semi Finalist :- KG " Rivals"                 Semi Finalist :-                  MCF " Dark Knights" Semi Finalist :- CCI "ROCKETS" Semi Finalist :-  CCI "X Men" Semi Finalist :-  KG "Fnatics"
    Semi Finalist :- ECC " Barracudas" Semi Finalist :- KG " Jaws"                  Semi Finalist :-                  ECC BAPPACHIBUM Semi Finalist :-  CS "Snookerites" Semi Finalist :- Santacruz "Sunrisers"







    PJHG Global Ocean Group Mumbai Snooker League 2015
     Snooker League 29-06-2015 TO 31-07-2015
     Knock - Out  01-08-2015 TO 07-08-2015



    KG Stallions win Mumbai Snooker League title

    Mumbai, August 8: KG “Italian Stallions’ displayed solid grit and determination to emerge Mumbai Snooker League champions. Stallions maintained a decent steady performances to overcome KG ‘Avengers’ in the grand finale of the PJHG Global Ocean Group-Mumbai Snooker League (MSL) – 2015, being played at the Wilson Jones Billiards Hall at the P.J. Hindu Gymkhana, late on Friday evening. The MSL is being conducted by the BSAM (Billiards and Snooker Association of Maharashtra).

    Taking optimum advantage of the difference in the handicaps, Stallions’ cueists Arjun Tejwani (+45) and skipper Rishabh Thakkar (+35) held their nerves and played confidently to put it across their more established opponents Shivam Arora (+5) and Yasin Merchant (scratch) respectively.

    In the first frame Tejwani after trailing at the start recovered well against Arora before he managed to pull through at 90-85 to give Stallions a 1-0 lead. Later, Thakkar put up a strong challenge to overcome Yasin by a close 78-68 margin and put Stallions 2-0 ahead.

    In the third frame, Stallions doubles combination of Sagar Kanjani and Mohit Lalwani (+50) managed to down Avengers teenage pair of 16-year-old Sparsh Pherwani and 17-year-old Harmehr Mago (+48) 91-82 to complete their victory.

    Chief Guest Brijesh Lohia, Managing Director of Global Ocean Group, presented the Champions Plaque and cash award of Rs 75,000 to Stallions captain Thakkar and the teammates. He also awarded runners-up plaque and cash prize of Rs 45,000 to Avengers’ skipper Yasin Merchant and his team.

    The losing semi-finalists, KG 'Fanatics' and Santacruz 'Sunrisers' received a purse of Rs 20,000 each while the losing quarter-finalists, NIA ‘Quarter-Pillars, PJHG ‘Hustlers’, PG ‘Cues’ and IG ‘Shockers’ got Rs 10,000 each.

    The award for the highest break was won by Rahul Sachdev of PJHG ‘Golmaal’, who had compiled a century break of 102 during the first phase of the competition.


    Results – Semi-finals: KG ‘Italian Stallions’ beat KG ‘Avengers’ 3-0 (Arjun Tejwani (+45) bt Shivam Arora (+5) 90-85, Rishabh Thakkar (+35) bt Yasin Merchant (scratch) 78-68, Sagar Kanjani/  Mohit Lalwani (+50) bt Sparsh Pherwani/ Harmehr Mago (+48) 91-82.

    Awards: Winners (Rs 75,000): KG ‘Italian Stallions’.

    Runners-up (Rs 45,000): KG ‘Avengers’.

    Losing semi-finalists (Rs 20,000 each):  KG 'Fanatics' and Santacruz 'Sunrisers'.

    Losing quarter-finalists (Rs10,000 each): IG ‘Shockers’, NIA ‘Quarter-Pillars, PJHG ‘Hustlers’, PG ‘Cues’.

    Vintage Yasin ensures Avengers make final

    Mumbai, August 7: Former two-time Asian Snooker champions, Yasin Merchant came up with a virtuoso, match-winning display, which helpedKhar Gymkhana team KG ‘Avengers’ after trailing 0-2, snatch an exciting 3-2 victory, against Santacruz ‘Sunrisers’ in a nail-biting semi-final match of the PJHG Global Ocean Group-Mumbai Snooker League (MSL) – 2015, being played at the Wilson Jones Billiards Hall at the P.J. Hindu Gymkhana, late on Thursday evening. The MSL is being conducted by the BSAM (Billiards and Snooker Association of Maharashtra).

    In the other semi-final, which was contested between two other Khar Gymkhana teams, the underdogs KG ‘Italian Stallions’ also came from a 0-2 deficit to overcome KG ‘Fanatics’ by a close 3-2 margin.

    Yasin (scratch handicap) and teammate Shivam Arora (+5), both suffered losses in the first two frames and Avengers were on the brink of elimination. However,  their doubles pair, of teenagers Sparsh Pherwani and Harmehr Mago (+48) saved the day for Avengers with another confident and steady performance to humble the Santacruz combine ofKalpesh Mevada and Alpesh Dedhia (+43) by a 102-69 margin in the third frame and turn things around for the team.

    Later, Arora ensured Avengers stayed in the fight with a win in the fourth frame against Pranav Desai (+40) to whom he had earlier lost in the opening frame. Arora cashed in on that lifeline and played with greater determination as he compiled small useful breaks and managed to win the frame at 78-51and take the tie to the deciding fifth frame.

    In the crucial decider, Yasin showed his class with a remarkable fight back against Vipul Shah (+40) who had earlier won the first meeting between them in the second frame. However, this time Yasin from the start made his intentions clear as he rolled in a 19 break at the start of the frame. But he faced quite a stiff challenge from Vipul who seized every opportunity to try and increase the lead and with only the last the balls remaining he had the advantage as Yasin lagged behind at 67-89.

    But the master craftsman lived up to his status as a genius by cleverly potting his way to a win. He trapped Vipul with a tight snooker as he sent the pink to the top of the table behind the spotted black and ensured hand ball stayed near the bottom cushion. Vipul fouled on the black giving away seven negative points and then left the pink open. Yasin grabbed the chance and potted the pink and the black to seal the win and trigger celebrations amongst his young teammates who jumped and screamed with joy.

    Results – Semi-finals: KG ‘Italian Stallions’ beat KG ‘Fnatics’ 3-2 (Rishabh Thakkar (+35) lost to Ishpreet Singh Chadha (+10) 73-86, Aman Kohli/ Sagar Kanjani (+48) lost to Deepak Khubchandani/ Pawan Kohli (+33) 76-106, Arjun Tejwani (+45) bt Nikhil Saigal (+25) 94-32, Rishabh Thakkar (+35) bt Ishpreet Singh Chadha (+10) 87-54, Arjun Tejwani (+45) bt Deepak Khubchandani (+30) 90-75).

    KG ‘Avengers’ beat Santacruz ‘Sunrisers’ 3-2 (Shivam Arora (+5) lost to Pranav Desai (+40) 56-82, Yasin Merchant (SCR) lost to Vipul Shah (+40) 69-78, Sparsh Pherwani/ Harmehr Mago (+48) bt Kalpesh Mevada/ Alpesh Dedhia (+43) 102-69, Shivam Arora (+5) bt Pranav Desai (+40) 78-51, Yasin Merchant (SCR) bt Vipul Shah (+40) 92-89).

    KG teens Kreish, Sparsh, Harmehr lead ‘Avergers’ into semis

    Mumbai, August 6: Khar Gymkhana teenagers, Kreish Gurbaxani, Sparsh Pherwani and Harmehr Mago, all protégés of former two-time Asian Champion Yasin Merchant, displayed a lot of maturity and confidence to successfully steer KG ‘Avengers’ to a comfortable 3-0 victory against PG ‘Cues’ in a quarter-final match of the PJHG Global Ocean Group-Mumbai Snooker League (MSL) – 2015, being played at the Wilson Jones Billiards Hall at the P.J. Hindu Gymkhana, late on Tuesday evening. The MSL is being conducted by the BSAM (Billiards and Snooker Association of Maharashtra).

    Joining Avengers in the semi-finals were Khar Gym’s other two teams KG ‘Fanatics’ and KG ‘Italian Stallions’. While Fanatics overcame IG ‘Shockers’ 3-1, Stallions prevailed over NIA ‘Quarter-Pillars’ by a 3-1 margin, in other quarter-final ties played on the adjacent tables.

    The experienced Shivam Arora (+5) set the ball rolling for Avengers when he convincingly defeated Kaizad Dandiwala (+40) 92-50 in the first frame. Thereafter, the three teens maintained the winning momentum in the next two frames to finish the best-of-5 frames match in a jiffy.

    In the second frame, Khar Gym’s doubles pair of 16-year-old Sparsh and 17-year-old Harmehr (+48) combined well to score an authoritative win against the Parsi Gym duo of Sohrab Nejabat and his 11-year-old partner Rayaan Razmi (+48) by coasting to a 113-71 win.

    In the third frame, Avengers captain Yasin in a bold move fielded 13-year-old Kreish to take on the seasoned Neville Razmi (+45) who was responsible for his team reaching the last 8. The young Kreish did not disappoint his skipper as he kept his cool and even after trailing throughout stayed composed before producing some steady pots towards the end sinking in the last three balls to clinch the frame 115-103 and complete win.

    Results – Quarter-finals: KG ‘Fnatics’ beat IG ‘Shockers’ 3-2 (Pawan Kohli/ Nikhil Saigal (+30) lost to Haji Usman/ Abdur Rehman (+33) 55-85, Ishpreet Singh Chadha (+10) bt Hasan Badami (+10) 74-34, Deepak Khubchandani (+30) bt Sahil Khan (+25) 90-62, Ishpreet Singh Chadha (+10) lost to Abdur Rehman (+20) 54-64, Nikhil Saigal (+25) bt Hasan Badami (+10) 77-40).

    Santacruz ‘Sunrisers’ beat PJHG ‘Hustlers’ 3-1 (Kalpesh Mevada/ Alpesh Dedhia (+43) lost to Shyam Kotak/ Kiriti Parikh (+50) 91-102, Pranav Desai (+40) bt Jignesh Thakkar (+45) 93-85, Vipul Shah (+40) bt Sanjay Jhaveri (+40) 98-70, Pranav Desai (+40) bt Jignesh Thakkar (+45) 95-52).

    KG ‘Avengers’ beat PG ‘Cues’ 3-0 (Shivam Arora (+5) bt Kaizad Dandiwala (+40) 92-50, Sparsh Pherwani/ Harmehr Mago (+48) bt Sohrab Nejabat/ Rayaan Razmi (+48) 113-71, Kreish Gurbaxani (+50) bt Neville Razmi (+45) 115-103).

    KG ‘Italian Stallions’ beat NIA ‘Quarter-Pillars’ 3-0 (Risabh Thakkar (+35) bt Divesh Gangwani (+45) 105-102, Arjun Tejwani (+45) bt Hardik Vyas (+50) 113-90, Sagar Kanjani/ Mohit Lalwani (+50) bt Manjeet Singh Bhoomer/ Rajan Gupta (+50) 104-68).

    Cool Hardik leads NIA into quarter-finals

    Mumbai, August 4: Exhibiting a cool composed demeanor Hardik Vyas produced match-winning performances to help NIA ‘Quarter-Pillars’ recover from 0-2 deficit to put it across home favorites PJHG ‘Golmaal’ in a pre-quarter-final match of the PJHG Global Ocean Group-Mumbai Snooker League (MSL) – 2015, being played at the Wilson Jones Billiards Hall at the P.J. Hindu Gymkhana, late on Monday evening. The MSL is being conducted by the BSAM (Billiards and Snooker Association of Maharashtra).

    After the home side won the opening two frames to take a 2-0 lead, the 23-year-old Vyas came to the table and turned things around. Playing with a handicap of +50 Vyas prevailed over Dhruv Sitwala (+25) 95-87 before his teammate Divesh Gangawani (+45) overcame the clever play of upcoming snooker star Rahul Sachdev (+10) to snatch a 84-76 win and level the scores at 2-all. In the deciding frame, Vyas once again kept his cool and showed steady nerves to stave off a strong fight back from seasoned Siddharth Parikh (+5) to clinch a close win and seal NIA’s place in the quarter-finals.

    Earlier, Sachdev stole the thunder compiling a neat run of 78 in his win against Gangwani in the first frame.

    In another match, former two-time Asian snooker champ Yasin Merchant (scratch handicap) won a crucial fifth frame of the black ball against Vishal Madan (+35) to secure a close 3-2 win for KG ‘Avengers’ against CG Gladiators’.

    Meanwhile, PG ‘Cues’ scrapped past DG ‘Untouchables’ 3-2 and KG ‘Italian Stallions’ outplayed Radio ‘The A Team’ 3-0.

    Results – Pre-quarter-finals: KG ‘Avengers’ beat CG ‘Gladiators’ 3-2 (Yasin Merchant / Sparsh Pherwani (+25) bt Vishal Madan/ Megh Shah (+40) 96-88, Shivam Arora (+5) lost to Vimal Thakkar (+40) 74-91, Harmehr Mago (+45) bt Loukic Pathare (+40) 85-93, Shivam Arora (+5) lost to Vimal Thakkar (+40) 47-80, Yasin Merchant (SCR) bt Vishal Madan (+35) 63-61).

    NIA ‘Quarter-Pillars’ beat PJHG ‘Golmaal’ 3-2 (Divesh Gangwani (+45) lost to Rahul Sachdev (+10) 54-99(78), Rajan Gupta/ Manjeet Singh Bhoomer (+50) lost to Siddharth Parikh/ Rovin D’Souza (+10) 56-89, Hardik Vyas (+50) bt Dhruv Sitwala (+25) 95-87, Divesh Gangwani (+45) bt Rahul Sachdev (+10) 84-76, Hardik Vyas (+50) bt Siddharth Parikh (+5) 84-72).

    PG ‘Cues’ beat DG ‘Untouchables’ 3-2 (Kaizad Dandiwalla (+40) bt Abhinay Edke (+30) 95-53, Neville Razmi (+45) bt Kiran Chedda (+45) 101-88, Sohrab Nejabat / Rayaan Razmi (+48) lost to Aditya Thakkar / Aashit Pandya (+40) 71-102, Kaizad Dandiwalla (+40) lost to Abhinay Edke (+30) 90-91, Neville Razmi (+45) bt Aashit Pandya (+30) 88-76).

    KG ‘Italian Stallions’ beat Radio ‘The A Team’ 3-0 (Rishabh Thakkar (+35) bt Rahul Bhatnagar (+40) 100-50, Arjun Tejwani (+45) bt Anees Jumani (+35) 98-67, Aman kohli/ Sagar Kanjani (+48) bt Mahesh Tolani/ Anuj Mahajan (+47) 104-94).

    Results – Pre-quarter-finals: KG ‘Avengers’ beat CG ‘Gladiators’ 3-2.

    NIA ‘Quarter-Pillars’ beat PJHG ‘Golmaal’ 3-2.

    PG ‘Cues’ beat DG ‘Untouchables’ 3-2.

    KG ‘Italian Stallions’ beat Radio ‘The A Team’ 3-0.

    Hustlers, Shockers take different routes to quarters

    Mumbai, August 5: Hosts P.J. Hindu Gymkhana side PJHG ‘Hustlers’ and Islam Gymkhana’s IG ‘Shockers’ took different routes to advance to the quarter-finals of the PJHG Global Ocean Group-Mumbai Snooker League (MSL) – 2015, being played at the Wilson Jones Billiards Hall at the P.J. Hindu Gymkhana, late on Tuesday evening. The MSL is being conducted by the BSAM (Billiards and Snooker Association of Maharashtra).

    In Round of 16 encounters, Hustlers playing in familiar conditions produced a domineering display to register a convincing 3-0 win against Park Club’s PC ‘Beach Boys’ while Shockers were taken the full distance before prevailing over Otters’ Club outfit Otters ‘Trail Blazers’ a 3-2 margin.

    Hustlers won the opening frame when Jignesh Thakkar (+45) potted steadily in making small but useful breaks to tame Vishal Gehani (+45) 126-45. Later, Sanjay Jhaveri (+40) also came up with a classy performance to tame Amit Sapru (+45) 94-51 to give Hustlers a solid 2-0 advantage. There was no let from Hustlers as the doubles combination of Shyam Kotak and Devansh Jariwala (+48) outplayed the Beach Boys’ doubles pair of Sanjiv Bijlani and Satyen Chabria (+45) by a 113-77 margin to complete win.

    On the adjacent table, Shockers after winning the first two frames were unable to consolidate on their 2-0 lead as Trail Blazzers putting up determined fight clawed their way back by winning the next two frames to restore parity and force the fifth frame. In the decider, Shockers’ Abdur Rehman despite playing with a handicap of +20 against Zaheer Ratansi +50 managed to come up with some decent breaks to take the frame away from his opponent and clinch the issue in favor of his team and confirm their place in the quarter-finals.

    Meanwhile, young talent Ishpreet Singh Chadha (+10) maintained his good run of form to win both his frames in guiding KG ‘Fanatics’ to a 3-1 win against ECC ‘Elfies Surprise’ in another last 16 match.

    Results – Pre-quarter-finals: Santacruz ‘Sunrisers’ beat Dadar ‘Dream Team’ 3-2 (Vipul Shah (+40) lost to Naman Agarwal (+45) 77-89, Pranav Desai (+40) lost to Bhushan Shahade (+45) 93-101, Kalpesh Mevada/Alpesh Dedhia (+43) bt Dipendra Pinkyar/Ahwin Deshmukh (+48) 109-72, Pranav Desai (+40) bt Naman Agarwal (+45) 101-73, Kalpesh Mevada (+40) bt Bhushan Shahade (+45) 98-68).

     IG ‘Shockers’ beat Otters ‘Trail Blazzers’ 3-2 (Haji Usman/Abdur Rehman (+33) bt Angad Bhatty/Yudi Jaising (+48) 101-88, Hasan Badami (+10) bt Zenul Arsiwala (+45) 108-81, Sahil Khan (+25) lost to Zaheer Ratansi (+50) 70-93, Hasan Badami (+10) lost to Zenul Arsiwala (+45) 83-93, Abdur Rehman (+20) bt Zaheer Ratansi (+50) 102-61).

     KG ‘Fnatics’ beat ECC ‘Elfies Surprise’ 3-1 (Ishpreet Singh Chadha (+10) bt Vilas Upsham (+40) 80-66, Deepak Khubchandani (+30) lost to Anurag Bagri (+40) 62-96, Pawan Kohli/Nikhil Saigal (+30) bt Kersie Gandhi/Pramod Pol (+50) 135-77, Ishpreet Sigh Chadha (+10) bt Anurag Bagri (+40) 89-69).

    PJHG ‘Husters’ beat PC ‘Beach Boys’ 3-0 (Jignesh Thakkar (+45) bt Vishal Gehani (+45) 126-45, Sanjay Jhaveri (+40) bt Amit Sapru (+45) 94-51, Shyam Kotak/Devansh Jariwala (+48) bt Sanjiv Bijlani/Satyen Chabria (+45) 113-77).

    Results – Pre-quarter-finals: Santacruz ‘Sunrisers’ beat Dadar ‘Dream Team’ 3-2.

    IG ‘Shockers’ beat Otters ‘Trail Blazzers’ 3-2.

    KG ‘Fnatics’ beat ECC ‘Elfies Surprise’ 3-1.

    PJHG ‘Husters’ beat PC ‘Beach Boys’ 3-0.

    Skipper Arsiwala leads Blazzers to pre-quarters

    Mumbai, August 2: Leading by example Zenul Arsiwala was instrumental in skippering Otters ‘Trail Blazzers’ to a tight 3-2 win against fancied BG ‘Champs’ in the round of 32 (knockout) match of the PJHG Global Ocean Group-Mumbai Snooker League (MSL) – 2015, being played at the Wilson Jones Billiards Hall at the P.J. Hindu Gymkhana, late on Saturday evening. The MSL is being conducted by the BSAM (Billiards and Snooker Association of Maharashtra).

    Arsiwala playing with a handicap of +45 exhibited a calm composure and potted steadily to win both his frames. The experienced Arsiwala easily overcame a young, edgy Nitesh Madan (+15) 90-52 in the first frame to give Blazzers the lead. However, BG ‘Champs’ came back strongly, with their ace cueist Malkeet Singh (+15) defeating Zaheer Ratansi (+50) 94-62 in the second frame and in the third their doubles combination of Samir Sanghavi and Prashant Aggarwal (+53) prevailed over the Otters’ pairing of Angad Bhatty and Yudi Jaising (+48) to grab a 2-1 lead. But, Arsiwala kept Blazzers in the fight when he produced another good performance to put it cross Malkeet Singh 93-56 to level scores at 2-all, before Jaising capitalised on the errors of Madan, who missed a couple of simple pots, to win the crucial decider 87-43and seal Blazzers’ win.

    In another exciting contest, PG ‘Cues’ rallied from the loss of the opening frame to quell the challenge from JVPG ‘Tigers’ by snatching a close 3-2 win. Neville Razmi (+45) was the hero of Cues victory as he won both his frames, including a match-winning display in the fifth frame against Rajesh Vora (+45) which he won quite comfortably at 118-63 to complete the win and carry Cues to the next round.

    In other matches, Radio ‘The A Team’ blanked ‘The Woody Woodpeckers’ 3-0 and CG ‘Gladiators’ got the better of CG ‘Dynamics’ 3-1.

    In the pre-quarter-finals, Blazzers will take on IG ‘Shockers on Tuesday, while PG ‘Cues’ will run into DG ‘Untouchables’ on Monday.

    Results – Round of 32: PG 'Cues' beat JVPG 'Tigers' 3-2 (Kaizad Dandiwalla (+40) lost to Anup Kedia  (+40) 121-85, Neville Razmi (+45) bt Rahil Patel (+35) 112-97, Sohrab Nejabat/ Rayaan Razmi (+48) bt Birju Kanani/ Ketan Shah (+50) 108-91, K. Dandiwalla (+40) lost to A. Kedia 109-102, N. Razmi bt Rajesh Vora (+45) 118-63).

    Otters 'Trail Blazzers' beat BG 'Champs' 3-2 (Zenul Arsiwala (+45) bt Nitesh Madan (+15) 90-52, Zaheer Ratansi (+50) lost to Malkeet Singh (+15) 62-94, Angad Bhatty/ Yudi Jaising (+48) lost to Samir Sanghavi/ Prashant Aggarwal (+53) 95-122, Z. Arsiwala bt M. Singh 93-56, Y. Jaising bt N. Madan 87-43).

    CG 'Gladiators' bt CG 'Dynamics' 3-1 (Vimal Thakkar (+40) lost to Ralph Fernandes (+45) 82-91, Vishal Madan/ Megh Shah(+40) bt Karl Vaz/Alex D'Cruz (+48) 118-80, Loukic Pathare (+40) bt Sachin Kelkar (+50) 111-74, V. Thakkar bt R. Fernandes 98-54).

    Radio 'The A Team' beat 'The Woody Woodpeckers 3-0 (Rahul Bhatnagar (+40) bt Cyrus Aga (+50) 97-63, Anees Jumani (+35) bt Kersi Aga (+50) 94-80, Anuj Mahajan/ Mahesh Tolani (+45) bt B. Aga/Xerxes Aga (+55) 102-61).

    PC ‘Beach Boys’ rally to down MG ‘Trend Followers’

    Mumbai, August 3: Park Club team PC ‘Beach Boys’ played with loads of determination and showed tremendous fighting spirit as they recorded a come from behind 3-2 win against Matunga Gymkhana side, MG ‘Trend Followers’ in the round of 32 (knockout) match of the PJHG Global Ocean Group-Mumbai Snooker League (MSL) – 2015, being played at the Wilson Jones Billiards Hall at the P.J. Hindu Gymkhana, late on Sunday evening. The MSL is being conducted by the BSAM (Billiards and Snooker Association of Maharashtra).

    After losing the opening two frames, Satyen Chabria (+50 handicap) turned things around for the Beach Boys when he defeated Dhaval Kenia (+50) by a convincing 106-64 margin in the third frame. Later in the fourth, Vishal Gehani (+45), who had earlier lost the second frame on the black ball (84-79) to Arun Agrawal (+25), avenged that defeat as this time he held his nerves to snatch a 92-89 win also on the black ball to level the scores 2-all and force the decider. In the fifth frame the experienced Amit Sapru (+45) did well to overcome Nikhil Ghadge (+30) 111-66 to ensure Beach Boys’ passage to the last 16.

    In other Round of 32 matches, NIA ‘Quarter-Pillars’ also recovered from a 1-2 deficit to overcome MG ‘Residuals’ while formidable KG ‘Fanatics’ produced another strong performance to blank MbPT ‘Cubs’ 3-0. Santacruz ‘Sunrisers’ also advanced to the next round after getting the better of  MCF ‘Dark Knights’ 3-1.

    Results – Round of 32: PC ‘Beach Boys’ beat MG ‘Trend Followers’ 3-2 (Sanjiv Bijlani/ Amit Sapru (+43) lost to Nikhil Ghadge/ Dharshan Shah (+35) 79-92, Vishal Gehani (+45) lost to Arun Agrawal (+25) 84-97, Satyen Chabria (+50) bt Dhaval Kenia (+50) 106-64, V. Gehani bt A. Agrawal 92-89, A. Sapru (+45) bt Nikhil Ghadge (+30) 111-66).

    NIA ‘Quarter-Pillars’ bt MG ‘Residual’ 3-2 (Divesh Gangwani (+45) bt Naresh G.S. (+50) 109-70, Hardik Vyas (+50) lost to Amit Thakkar  (+55) 106-113, Rajan Gupta/ Manjeet Singh Bhoomer (+50) lost to Nitin Kothari/ Jatin N.S. (+55) 80-84, D. Gangwani bt A. Thakkar  110-91, M.S. Bhoomer  (+50) bt Naresh G.S. 102-77).

    Santacruz ‘Sunrisers’ beat MCF ‘Dark Knights’ 3-1 (Vipul Shah (+40) bt Vatsal Ponda (+55) 95-72, Pranav Desai (+40) bt Mehul Sutaria (+50) 91-77, Kalpesh Mevada/Alpesh Dedhia (+43) lost to Amit Joshi/ Ketan Kansodaria (+55) 114-123, P. Desai D bt V. Ponda 96-71).

    KG ‘Fanatics’ beat MbPT ‘Cubs’3-0 (Ishpreet S. Chadha (+10) bt Sanjeev Sreevastav (+50) 99-54, Deepak Khubchandani (+30) bt Mangesh G (+50) 106-68, Nikhil Saigal/ Pawan Kohli (+30) bt G.D. Rane/ K.H. Vasta (+55) 134-66).

    Results – Round of 32: PC ‘Beach Boys’ beat MG ‘Trend Followers’ 3-2.

    NIA ‘Quarter-Pillars’ bt MG ‘Residual’ 3-2.

    Santacruz ‘Sunrisers’ beat MCF ‘Dark Knights’ 3-1.

    KG ‘Fanatics’ beat MbPT ‘Cubs’3-0.

    Yasin, Shivam guide ‘Avengers’ to victories

    Mumbai: Former two-time Asian Champion Yasin Merchant (scratch handicap) and Shivam Arora (+5) made light of their low handicaps and produced winning performances to guide KG ‘Avengers’ to 3-2 and 3-1 (home & away) victories against MG ‘Trend Followers’ in Section-L during the second week of the PJHG Global Ocean Group-Mumbai Snooker League (MSL) – 2015. The League is being conducted by the BSAM (Billiards and Snooker Association of Maharashtra).

    In the home fixture, Avengers trailed 1-2 before Arora and Merchant won the next two frames defeating Ramesh G.S. (+50) 98-63 and Ghadge (+30) 93-58 respectively to clinch the match 3-2. In the away tie, Arora lost the opening frame to Ghadge. But, in the second frame the vastly experienced Merchant quite comfortably overcame Dhaval Kenia (+5) 72-62 to level scores. Later the doubles pairing of Sparsh Pherwani and Harmehr Mago (+50) prevailed over the seasoned Trend Followers duo of Arun Agrawal and Darshan Shah (+33) 96-59 before Arora with a neat run of 52 put it beyond the reach of Ghadge winning the fourth frame 74-63 to complete a 3-1 win.

    Meanwhile, CG Dynamics (Section-K) and Willingdon ‘Wonders’ (Section-L) recorded identical 3-2 (home & away) wins against MbPT ‘Reynolds Racers’ and MbPT ‘Lions’ respectively.

    Results 2nd week – Sections G to L (home and away basis):

    Section G: DPCG 'Kamikaze's' vs Radio 'The A Team' (1-3, 0-3); MG Necromancers' vs PJHG 'Golmaal' (3-0, 1-3); CG 'Titans' bye.

    Section H: VPG 'Tigers' vs PJHG 'Seniors' (3-0, 3-1); NSCI 'Deadly Monk' vs KG 'Italian Stallions' (1-3, 0-3); WCG 'Willingdon Wizards' bye.

    Section I: NSCI ‘Young Brigade' vs Dadar Club 'Dream Team' (1-3, 1-3); PG 'Cues' vs SPG 'Executioners' (3-0, 3-2); Garware 'Mesmerisers' bye.

    Section J: CG 'Gladiators' vs PJHG 'Entertainers' (3-1, 3-0); 'The Woody Woodpeckers' vs MHC 'Cue Ballers' (3-1, 3-1).

    Section K: MBPT Reynolds 'Racer' vs CG 'Dynamics' (2-3, 2-3); MBPT 'Cubs' vs Garware 'Rising Stars' (3-1, 1-3).

    Section L: 'Willingdon Wonders' vs MBPT 'Lions' (3-2, 3-2); KG 'Avengers' vs MG 'Trend Followers' (3-2, 3-1); DG 'Fighters' bye.

    BG ‘Phantoms’, BG ‘Champs’ waltz to victories

    Mumbai, July 14: Former champions BG ‘Phantoms and BG ‘Champs’, both enjoyed an outstanding week winning their respective matches, home and away fixtures, by convincing 3-0 margins during the second week (ending July 12), in the PJHG Global Ocean Group-Mumbai Snooker League (MSL) – 2015. The League is being conducted by the BSAM (Billiards and Snooker Association of Maharashtra).

    Phantoms stunned defending champions CCI ‘Snooker Kings’ in Section-A, while Champs blanked CRMI ‘Yadaira’ in Section-B.

    Billiards ace Nalin Patel, playing to a handicap of +25, showed that he is equally proficient in the multi-coloured cue sport as he along with teammate, former National Junior champion, Laxman Rawat (+5) played stellar roles winning both their frames, at home and away, in leading Phantoms to victory. Meanwhile, the doubles combination of Vivek Wadhwa and Anaushak Sanjana (+53) also cruised to wins.

    Similarly, BG Champs were well served by Nitesh Madan (+15), Malkeet Singh (+15) and the doubles pair of Samir Sanghavi and Prashant Agrawal (+55) as they all won their respective frames to seal their win.

    R Girish (+15) of MIG ‘Feathers’ notched up a break of 71, which was the highest during the week. His effort came during his win against Mehul Sutaria of MCF ‘Dark Knights’ in the first frame of their away tie which they lost 1-3 in Section-E. However, Feathers won the home match 3-2.

    Ishpreet Singh Chadha (+10) of KG ‘Fanatics’ also had a good run compiling breaks of 38 and 52 in the second and fourth frames respectively which helped his team win the home match against PC ‘Beach Boys’. But despite Chadha continuing with his form by winning both his frames, Fanatics lost the away match 2-3.

    Results – Sections A to F (home and away basis) – 2nd week ending July 12:

    Section-A: CCI 'Super Kings’ vs MG 'Phantom' (home 0-3, away 0-3); KG 'Fanatics' vs PG 'Beach Boys' (3-1, 2-3); Radio 'Dikras' bye.

    Section B: JVPG 'Jugglers' vs MBPT Reynolds 'Challengers' (3-1, 2-3); BG 'Champs' vs CRMI 'Yadaira' (3-0, 3-0); DG 'Untouchables’ bye.

    Section C: IG 'Shockers' vs MG 'Residual' (3-1, 1-3); DPCG 'Rockets' vs CCI 'X Men' (3-2, 0-3); MCF 'Tough Men' bye.

    Section D: PJHG 'Shahenshahs' vs Garware 'Gunners' (3-1, 0-3); ECC 'Elfies Surprise' vs Otters 'Trail Blazers' (3-1, 3-2); NSCI 'Young Hawks' bye.

    Section E: CRMI 'Morning Star' vs PJHG 'Hustlers' (0-3, 0-3); MCF 'Dark Knights' vs MIG 'Feathers' (3-1, 2-3).

    Section F: ECC 'Elfies Titans' vs CRMI 'Star Blue' (1-3, 1-3); Matoshri 'Sabres' vs NIA 'Quarter-Pillars' (0-3, 3-1); Santacruz 'Sunrisers' bye.

    PJHG ‘Hustlers’ record tight wins

    Mumbai, July 7: PJHG ‘Hustlers’ produced a solid, fighting performance to record narrow 3-2 wins, in both their home and away matches, against MCF ‘Dark Knights’ in Section-E during the opening week (ending July 5), of the PJHG Global Ocean Group-Mumbai Snooker League (MSL) – 2015.

    DG ‘Untouchables’ and ECC ‘Elfies Surprise’ enjoyed easy outings scoring identical 3-0 wins in the home and away fixtures against CRMI ‘Adaira’ in Section-B and Garware ‘Gunners’ in Section-D respectively.

    In the home fixture between Hustlers and Dark Knights, Jignesh Thakkar (handicap +50) won the first frame defeating Mehul Sutaria (+50) 118-92 to give ‘Hustlers’ the lead. But they lost the next two frame, when Sanjay Jhaveri (+40) lost to Vatsal Ponda (+55) 64-97 and then in the doubles Devansh Jariwala/ Kirit Parikh (+50) also finished on the losing note going down to the ‘Dark Knights’ combination of Dharmesh Mistry/ Amit Joshi (+50) 99-113. With Hustlers trailing 1-2, Thakkar returned to the table for the fourth frame and easily accounted for Ponda winning 117-84 to put Hustlers of level terms. In the crucial decider Jhaveri potted steadily to tame Sutaria 107-62 and clinch the issue in favour of Hustlers 3-2.

    In the away encounter, Hustlers staged a splendid recovery after dropping the first two frames. Jhaveri lost to Sutaria 79-109 and then Thakkar went down fighting to Ponda by a close 98-106 margin. However, Hustlers showed great fighting spirit as they won the subsequent three frames. Sparking Hustlers’ recovery was the doubles pair of Kirit Parikh/ Dharmesh Parekh who won the tie against Dharmesh Mistry/ Amit Joshi 116-79 and in the fourth Thakkar scored a close 109-100 win over Ponda to force the deciding frame. The fifth frame was well fought before Jhaveri managed to edge past Sutaria winning 96-86 to wrap up the match for Hustlers 3-2.

    The highest break recorded during the first week was a 58 run by Malkeet Singh of BG ‘Champs’. His effort was in the win against Ravi Desai of Mbpt Reynolds in the away match in Section-B.

    Rahul Sachdev of PJHG ‘Golmaal’ also fired a half century break of 53 in his win against Ashish Goyal of CG ‘Titans’ in Section-G. In the same section, Anees Jumani of Radio ‘The A Team’ had a break of 40 during his win over Shailesh Rao of MG ‘Necromancers’.

    Results (Home and Away basis) – 1st week ending July 5:
    Section A: BG ‘Phantom’ Vs KG ‘Fanatics‘ (Home 3-1, Away 1-3); PC
    ‘Beach Boys’ Vs Radio ‘Dikras’ (0-3, 1-3); CCI ‘Snooker Kings’ bye.
    Section B: MBPT Reynolds ‘Challengers’ Vs BG ‘Champs’ (0-3, 2-3); CRMI
    ‘Adaira’ Vs DG ‘Untouchables’ (0-3, 0-3); JVPG ‘Jugglers’ bye.
    Section C: MG ‘Residual’ Vs DPCG ‘Rockets’ (3-2, 3-1); CCI ‘X Men’ Vs
    MCF ‘Tough Men’ (2-3, 1-3), IG ‘Shockers’ bye.
    Section D: Garware ‘Gunners’ Vs ECC ‘Elfies Surprise’ (0-3, 0-3);
    Otters’ ‘Trail Blazzers’ Vs NSCI ‘Young Hawks’ (3-1, 3-2); PJHG
    ‘Shahenshahs’ bye.
    Section E: PJHG ‘Hustlers’ Vs MCF ‘Dark Knights’ (3-2, 3-2); MIG
    ‘Feathers’ Vs CRMI ‘Morning Star’ (1-3, 3-0).
    Section F: CRMI ‘Star Blue’ Vs Matoshri ‘Sabres’ (3-2, 3-1); NIA
    ‘Quarter-Pillars’ Vs Santacruz ‘Sunrisers’ (3-1, 0-3); ECC ‘Elfies
    Titans’ bye.
    Section G: Radio ‘The ‘A’ Team’ Vs MG ‘Necromancers’ (3-1, 3-2); PJHG
    ‘Golmaal’ Vs CG ‘Titans’ (3-0, 3-1); DPCG ‘Kamikaze’s’ bye.
    Section H: PJHG ‘Seniors’ Vs NSCI ‘Deadly Monks’ (3-1, 2-3); KG
    ‘Italian Stallions’ Vs WCG ‘Willingdon Wizards’ (3-1, 3-2); JVPG
    ‘Tigers’ bye.
    Section I: Dadar Club ‘Dream Team’ Vs PG ‘Cues’ (2-3, 3-1); SPG
    ‘Executioners’ Vs Garware ‘Mesmerisers’ (3-2, 1-3); NSCI ‘Young
    Brigade’ bye.
    Section J: PJHG ‘Entertainers’ Vs ‘The Woody Woodpeckers’ (3-2, 1-3);
    MHC ‘Cue Ballers’ Vs CG ‘Gladiators’ (3-1, 2-3).
    Section K: CG ‘Dynamics’ Vs MBPT ‘Cubs’ (3-2, 2-3); Garware ‘Rising
    Stars’ Vs MBPT Reynolds ‘Racer’ (1-3, 3-1).
    Section L: MBPT ‘Lions’ Vs KG ‘Avengers’ (1-3, 0-3); MG ‘Trend
    Followers’ Vs DG ‘Fighters’ (3-0, 3-1); ‘Willingdon Wonders’ bye

    57 teams in Mumbai Snooker Leagues

    Mumbai: Leading cueists from Mumbai and Pune, representing their respective clubs, gymkhanas and associations, will be seen in action during the PJHG Global Ocean Group Mumbai Snooker League (MSL) 2015. A total of 57 teams, divided into 12 groups, will be battling it out for the top honours in this competition.

    At stake for the wining team, is a handsome cash award of Rs 75,000 and the Championship Trophy. The runners-up stand to receive a cash prize of Rs 45,000, while the losing semi-finalists will get Rs 20,000 each and the four losing quarter-finalists will get Rs 10,000 each.

    Defending champions CCI ‘Snooker Kings’ are drawn in Group-A and they have been given a bye in the first week, ending July 5.

    Meanwhile, hosts P.H. Hindu Gymkhana will be fielding 5 teams -  PJHG ‘Shahenshahs’ (Group-D), PJHG ‘ Hustlers’ (Group-E), PJHG ‘Golmaal’ (Group-G), PJHG ‘Seniors’ (Group-H) and PJHG ‘Entertainers’  (Group-J).

    Former two-time Asian snooker champion Yasin Merchant the captain of the Khar Gymkhana ‘Avengers’ team will play to a ‘scratch’ handicap which the lowest handicap that has been awarded to a player. His teammate Shivam Arora and Siddharth Parikh of PJHG ‘Goalmall’ will start with a handicap of +5 eash.

    The initial rounds, home and away basis, will be played on a round-robin league and two team from each group will qualify for the knockout phase which will be played at the Hindu Gymkhana billiards hall from August 3 to 7.

    Photo: Former two-time Asian snooker champion Yasin Merchant the captain of the Khar Gymkhana ‘Avengers’ team will play to a ‘scratch’ handicap which the lowest handicap that has been awarded to a player.

    For entries:  

    Please send us a Cheque & DD favouring The Billiards & Snooker Association of Maharashtra for Rs.4000/- to the BSAM address. 


    Contact :

    Kindly email your entries to 

    Mr.Sachin Mali  : - 9773568058